Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted | Teaser Trailer | PS VR

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted is a collection of VR experiences based on the original Five Nights at Freddy’s games, but it includes several new experiences as well.
    Unlike the PC or tablet, players will use either DualShock 4 or PS Move motion controllers to interact with the door and light controls in the offices, pick up objects in the repair games, press buttons on the video switcher, solve puzzles, and activate your flashlight.

    There are also new features. For the first time in a Freddy’s game you can earn collectibles that you can play with at the prize counter. Find plushies, bobbleheads, action figures and more!

    Five Nights at Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted will be available on PS VR this Spring.
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  • Daniel Diaz
    Daniel Diaz 3 days ago

    I honestly can’t wait for this game to come out! 😄😄

  • PVP_Gamer 2203
    PVP_Gamer 2203 8 days ago

    Whooo i love it

    TAJ SANDERS 9 days ago

    helps your constipation and gaming skills

  • Jahi Harvey
    Jahi Harvey 11 days ago

    Okay...where is this game? It was supposed to come out last month.

  • Crazy Reactions
    Crazy Reactions 12 days ago

    0:43-0:44 who’s that nightmare animatronic?

  • Chaotic Dog
    Chaotic Dog 17 days ago

    I must buy this NOW

  • Super Kitty Show
    Super Kitty Show 18 days ago

    is this game canned? April is about to end.. and where is it?

  • Valentin Cabral
    Valentin Cabral 21 day ago

    How much is it going to cost and will there be any content I can not play with Dualshock?

  • JinjaDragon 77
    JinjaDragon 77 23 days ago

    Why a Pegi 16?

  • Ramses production
    Ramses production 24 days ago


  • William Hobbs
    William Hobbs 24 days ago


  • Woah
    Woah 26 days ago

    When FNAF 1, 2 and 3 were out, I was hoping that they could be on PlayStation. Now, my dream is complete!
    *Proceeds to get jumpscared*

  • Expired Rubbish
    Expired Rubbish 27 days ago

    Seems... meh.

  • Mr Venom
    Mr Venom Month ago

    sorry MatPat you'll never rest

  • Rap Jesus games
    Rap Jesus games Month ago +1

    This looks so cool when it came out I'm going to get it

  • Fr4me_
    Fr4me_ Month ago

    Fnaf with a screen is enough thanks

  • Tim Orrall
    Tim Orrall Month ago

    thank you bro

  • Tim Orrall
    Tim Orrall Month ago +1

    How much is that?

    • Theo Jenkins
      Theo Jenkins Month ago

      Tim Orrall it’s gonna be 30$.
      But for the PSVR if you want it brand new from GameStop or something,it’s gonna be about 200$but you can get used ones on eBay for about 150$ so I recommend that.
      Also,you will need a PS4 which is another 200$.
      So,in total it will be about 430$ for a new console,the VR add on,and the game.
      Hope I was able to help.

  • Scythe Recon
    Scythe Recon Month ago +2

    10 likes and I'll buy this game and play it

  • Bambik studios001
    Bambik studios001 Month ago


  • Lynae Johnson
    Lynae Johnson Month ago

    Oh i will scram loud in vr i will go AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH when bonnie kills me

  • Turtle boy8765
    Turtle boy8765 Month ago

    Will this be on steam

    • Theo Jenkins
      Theo Jenkins Month ago

      Turtle boy8765 not sure yet,because this is a VR game,I doubt it,but hey,Scott May just have something up his sleeve!

  • willow the protogen

    Holy sheet I love it but wil, never play it cuz toooooooooooooooooooooo scary

  • Adrian Castillo
    Adrian Castillo Month ago

    Can someone make A the joy of creation mod please

  • Serris
    Serris Month ago

    I haven't heard that music and that jumpscare noise in a couple of years.

  • Kaisha Petion
    Kaisha Petion Month ago

    What about Xbox one Scott

  • funtimebonniegaming

    Can it be in other virtual reality head sets or is it only on ps4 virtual reality

  • Cheaply Made Gaming
    Cheaply Made Gaming Month ago +1


  • Kasim Kasim
    Kasim Kasim Month ago


  • Springlock Gamer
    Springlock Gamer Month ago +2

    Too many MatPat comments.

  • Toon World
    Toon World Month ago

    Every PS Channel This Game Is Released Is Nothing But R.I.P Mattpat

  • Micio Spaventato
    Micio Spaventato Month ago


  • Nicholas Sanchez
    Nicholas Sanchez Month ago +1

    Now i dont regret buying vr

  • Gmd St4rB0y 07
    Gmd St4rB0y 07 Month ago

    "Everything is working as intended"
    - Fazebear Entertainment

  • alva06100
    alva06100 Month ago

    Fred is back all right IM THE ROBOT AND IM BACK AGAIN

  • alva06100
    alva06100 Month ago +2

    Me:finally beat all the games and cod-
    Scott:your not just done yet
    Me:no,no,NOOOOOO why Scott

  • Charlotte Rhodes
    Charlotte Rhodes Month ago +6

    *MatPat joined the chat*
    This video:
    *MatPat has left the chat*

  • globes K
    globes K Month ago

    getting vr only 4 this

  • Dan Tash
    Dan Tash Month ago

    Yeah... Its epic

  • luis tejada sala
    luis tejada sala Month ago +2

    Pero por favor que ponga sin VR y con la Play station original

  • Computer games Игры и многое другое!

    Есть русские?

  • RainyCloud 10
    RainyCloud 10 Month ago

    Scott is just trolling MatPat at this point.

  • KVANTUR 2.0
    KVANTUR 2.0 Month ago +1

    От виндяйруса?

  • Marian Müller
    Marian Müller Month ago

    time to undust my vr ^^

  • Suha Atahan Üstünel

    İşte bu!

  • Fabian Chiriac
    Fabian Chiriac Month ago


  • PartyDave
    PartyDave Month ago

    Wait,, it's only in PSVR?
    Can't we just get it for PC?
    I don't have a VR why should I be screwed by this?
    At the very least allowing PS4 regardless of vr? I don't feel like buying VR yet, why should I get screwed for doing so?

    • Theo Jenkins
      Theo Jenkins Month ago

      PartyDave well,because this is a PSVR release this most likely won’t be on PC.
      And you aren’t getting “screwed” by not having a VR,its just that you can’t play the game without the system.
      When Spider-Man was released,it was a game only meant for PS4.
      Also,keep in mind,Scott isn’t really the person making this a game like all the other games,it’s a company working with Scott.
      So,this game will be a PSVR release and I doubt this will ever change,sorry,I don’t have PSVR either,so I know how it feels.😣😣😣

  • COD squad
    COD squad Month ago

    Will it function without the headset?

  • mohnad 8640
    mohnad 8640 Month ago


  • Carmela Napoli
    Carmela Napoli Month ago

    So guys we did it ☺👍

  • Deadly Ponys
    Deadly Ponys Month ago

    Oh Good luck Matpat

  • JTGamingYT
    JTGamingYT Month ago

    Apperantly I might be getting VR soon, so if i do, well i'm obviously getting this game

  • DZ gamer
    DZ gamer Month ago

    i think this is the first fnaf game that animatronics move smoothly

  • CaroFB
    CaroFB Month ago +1

    Rip Matpat

  • Kagisatu
    Kagisatu Month ago +2

    those jumpscares were awful

    • Lloyd kpo
      Lloyd kpo 26 days ago

      Agreed. But this trailer was made a few months ago and now this game is better

  • Amasirat
    Amasirat Month ago

    I like what they did with the puppet jumpscare but I'm not a fan of the sound that happens with it. I wasn't a fan of the jumpscares in Fnaf 2. Maybe it's different in VR. Only time will tell.

  • Роман Камбулов

    Russian here

  • wenloseN
    wenloseN Month ago

    Time to rewatch the whole series on game theory again

  • SuperGoo
    SuperGoo Month ago

    Is it a PlayStation exclusive?

  • Semitex
    Semitex Month ago

    Wanna know the truth? The jumpscares sucks....

  • paknot8 yolo
    paknot8 yolo Month ago

    Matpat is crying in agony

  • uzal4
    uzal4 Month ago

    Fnaf 6

  • Ben Maier
    Ben Maier Month ago

    *May we all take a moment in reverence for poor matpat and the countless brain cells he'll lose while re-configuring the entire story plot.*

  • Possessed Potato BirdTM

    I don't have play station pc reliese plz

  • Brooke Bean
    Brooke Bean Month ago

    How is FNAF still going

  • Zachar y
    Zachar y Month ago

    Please for oculus please for oculus

  • Musa Cairns
    Musa Cairns Month ago

    Hope it will be on oculus and HTC vr

  • Pototo Chips
    Pototo Chips Month ago +2

    0:15 DEADPOLL???

  • Demarius Pulman
    Demarius Pulman Month ago

    I need a vr for this iron man and spiderman

  • Demarius Pulman
    Demarius Pulman Month ago


  • OfillZ
    OfillZ Month ago +5

    فناف VR على البلايستيشن رح تكون جامده

  • Petty01
    Petty01 Month ago

    Omgggggggg this looks so good I’m playing this
    First I gotta get a VR headset and idk where lololololol

    • my life is a meme
      my life is a meme Month ago

      PSVR Headset is easily the cheapest out of all of them if you have a PS4, PSVR should only cost you 200, while the Vive is like 800

  • Muhammed Patel
    Muhammed Patel Month ago

    Time to beg my brother

  • Daniel Terlecki
    Daniel Terlecki Month ago

    Why fredbear is brown?

  • Milesmario08- Playz

    WAIT WHAT SO YOUR SAYING THIS GAME IS 16 PLUS SCREW THIS MAKE IT 12 PLUS NOW but sadly I also dont have a PlayStation

    • Lloyd kpo
      Lloyd kpo 26 days ago

      None cares about the age rate

  • Stelf JokeZ
    Stelf JokeZ Month ago

    Tbh even without vr looks cool and should bring to pc and Xbox as well

  • just raymond
    just raymond Month ago +1

    GG scott cawthon

  • نشبه اخر زمان

    مين جا من امينوا ؟:>

  • Ender Boy
    Ender Boy Month ago

    i'm hyped

  • Stelf JokeZ
    Stelf JokeZ Month ago


  • Shadow Springry Girl

    I want to play this game!

  • Cameron Bass
    Cameron Bass Month ago

    Me and my friend cant wait

  • PM _Snow_Tiger
    PM _Snow_Tiger Month ago

    Incoming matpat comments

  • StrikingGames
    StrikingGames Month ago

    All of the dislikes are MatPat

    • StrikingGames
      StrikingGames Month ago

      +Glenn Quagmire then write /s (for next time)

    • Glenn Quagmire
      Glenn Quagmire Month ago

      +StrikingGames no I only did it just in case that somebody was gonna R/woooosh me

    • StrikingGames
      StrikingGames Month ago

      +Glenn Quagmire I'm so puzzled, did this guy just wooosh himself?

    • Glenn Quagmire
      Glenn Quagmire Month ago

      StrikingGames not even funny as a joke, + MatPat likes FNaF. R/woooosh.

  • Georgi Malchov
    Georgi Malchov Month ago

    This franchise is still a thing?

  • jordan b
    jordan b Month ago +2

    ok sony....

  • Little Home King
    Little Home King Month ago

    DUDE!!!! PS4

  • Kuba Albingier
    Kuba Albingier Month ago +50

    Scott:**realeses trailer**
    5 year olds:dEaD GaME wItH CaNcEr fAn bAsE

    • Valertale
      Valertale 20 days ago

      +Vortexx Maybe Toy Chica shouldn't be so THICC and this wouldn't happen

    • Lloyd kpo
      Lloyd kpo 26 days ago

      5 year olds: FORTNITE IS BETTER

    • Kuba Albingier
      Kuba Albingier Month ago

      +Zachar y mk

    • Zachar y
      Zachar y Month ago

      +Kuba Albingier (I hate explaining jokes) *in the fnaf 3 trailer there was a line of text that said "he always comes back" (though that line wasn't meant to refer to him) and Scott always comes back to the franchise for example how he's coming out with this game, an AR game, into madness, and a triple A game*

    • Kuba Albingier
      Kuba Albingier Month ago

      +Zachar y i did watch it but what does it have to do with "THAT PLACE"?

  • Craig NO NO
    Craig NO NO Month ago


  • Krystal_ Lillypop
    Krystal_ Lillypop Month ago


  • Masked
    Masked Month ago +9

    I surely don't hope that this is a Playstation Exclusive...

    (please make it for vive aswell)

  • Mike Sponge
    Mike Sponge Month ago

    This game amazing

  • TheFailureOne失敗者

    The game will be out on Spring... Trap

  • crystalRplaysOZ
    crystalRplaysOZ Month ago

    *Befire a million veiws squad where ya at?*

  • شبابي صميم

    الي جاي من علي لايك

    MAIK GAEMS Month ago

    Lol i love for fnaf

  • Torredelmaiz 3
    Torredelmaiz 3 Month ago

    Wait that freddy was purple


  • Ashley Grin
    Ashley Grin Month ago


    • YeetusFetusDeletus
      YeetusFetusDeletus Month ago

      Probably cause the PlayStation vr is the most sold hmd at the moment

  • Critiquing_Doge
    Critiquing_Doge Month ago


  • kristoff
    kristoff Month ago +1