Joe Wong: Building A Wall Didn't Work For China

  • Published on Dec 15, 2018
  • Take it from Chinese American stand-up comedian Joe Wong. Walls don't work.
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Comments • 9 236

  • Kilnmaster
    Kilnmaster Day ago

    Really? Are you crazy? Try getting into china without a visa! Get caught see how fast your thrown out and FINED. Are you fn nuts? Do you have any idea what your saying? China is a Hell hole with one law. The CC FUCKING P. either abide or might get some organs missing while your rotting in jail. Oh fuxk me please is everybody an idiot.please delete this lying propaganda. China’s border between Hong Kong (it’s china for gods sake) even has high barb wire fences and a river which acts as a moat.

  • Ryan 8191
    Ryan 8191 Day ago

    So if we have a wall plus,we have the army shoot every man women and children that tries to invade us,that might work!!!!!

  • Mallache lee
    Mallache lee Day ago


  • Peta Gonkyi
    Peta Gonkyi Day ago

    China has itself broken its great walls and crept into neighbour land. China's cyber wall even works better as it virtually banishes words such as human rights, Dalai Lama, Tibet, Taiwan, Winnie the Pooh, Tiananmen Square Massacre etc ....

  • Jason Donahue
    Jason Donahue 2 days ago

    Wall building along northern China started from the very 1st emperor (Qin Shi Huang). All the way up to the Ming dynasty and part of Early Qing dynasty (aka the last emperor Pu Yi’s dynasty). Thats about 5000 years of wall building my Beijing friend. If walls don’t work, then the Chinese would not have built it, maintain it, staff it, militarize it for ~5000 years.
    The wall really became obsolete during the early Qing dynasty because of advancement in gun powder. Similar to castles.
    But the wall did work for ~5000 years.

  • Human Andrade
    Human Andrade 2 days ago

    Love your comedy Joe. Thank you.
    Thank you Steven Colbert ❤️

  • NawafAbuGhazalah
    NawafAbuGhazalah 2 days ago

    Different shades of Mexicans 😂😂🇲🇽 🤣

  • Razzes Est
    Razzes Est 4 days ago

    What is so funny?

  • Liam
    Liam 4 days ago

    ...Orange man bad.... *cheers*

  • John Fields
    John Fields 4 days ago

    Joe Wong sucks Stephen's dong .

  • Roger F
    Roger F 4 days ago

    its not that funny....

  • Jimmy Wang
    Jimmy Wang 5 days ago

    美式幽默我有点get不到 lol

  • Amigo Reyes
    Amigo Reyes 5 days ago


  • Anx L
    Anx L 6 days ago

    Right at the feels lawl

  • blogging4001 blogging4001

    One guy was laughing out so loud, probably his friend 🤣

  • 邵润泽
    邵润泽 10 days ago +27

    Trump: China stole my wall building technology!!!

  • Chen Rojas Yan.Pattie
    Chen Rojas Yan.Pattie 10 days ago


  • fajar adi Pradana
    fajar adi Pradana 10 days ago

    Im so glad that im white!
    Wait son ...

  • Erik Field
    Erik Field 11 days ago

    The Great China Wall was not meant to keep people out, it was meant to keep the bad guys in after they looted and pillaged. The wall was meant to slow their escape.

  • Tim Elkin
    Tim Elkin 11 days ago

    Every joke was too obvious in my opinion. I feel like TK is shaking his head... It was funny but predictable. I think due to English not being his first language and being on such a big stage it may have threw his timing off a little... Constructive criticism.

  • Anti bogus
    Anti bogus 11 days ago

    Yeah! Houses with no walls, doors, locks or gates... they don't work... 🙄

  • Jesse Teague
    Jesse Teague 11 days ago

    Liberals are the most retarded creatures in the world 😂😂😂😂

  • Winter W
    Winter W 12 days ago

    those are really SMART jokes!

  • NYCfactor
    NYCfactor 13 days ago

    no. President Trump wants to build a wall to stop ILLEGAL immigrants. Legal immigrants are welcome.

  • K'Ants T
    K'Ants T 14 days ago +1


  • Salvador Flores
    Salvador Flores 15 days ago +1

    He killed me with different shades of mexican😂😂😂

  • cristian gonzalez
    cristian gonzalez 16 days ago

    Best five minutes I ever spent

  • Ypsilon
    Ypsilon 16 days ago

    Mr Wong, you are great!

  • Ez Target
    Ez Target 16 days ago

    I guess in order to get on this garbage show you have to drink the liberal Kool-aid. Sorry but history DOES prove that walls work and China built one that stopped the Mongols for hundreds of years. They also built walls around castles and cities in medieval Europe that worked just fine. Oh and what is the Vatican surrounded by today?

  • Vinny Booboo
    Vinny Booboo 17 days ago

    He's probably an engineer when not being a comedian. 😂

    • Vinny Booboo
      Vinny Booboo 17 days ago

      +Vlad That's even nerdier (and more impressive). 😂

    • Vlad
      Vlad 17 days ago

      he holds phd in chemistry

  • Mobarak Alajmi
    Mobarak Alajmi 18 days ago

    Imagine sitting next to that guy, that guy is evolving

  • Sailor C
    Sailor C 19 days ago

    I’m not a Trump supporter, but how many immigrants have actually been able to receive refugee status or any sort of immigration status in China? 0

  • Sam Mach
    Sam Mach 19 days ago

    Wong is not a last name from Beijing China. Wong is mostly from Hong Kong.

    • Luc's Ass
      Luc's Ass 18 days ago

      It's likely he just spelled it that way so people won't call him Joe "Wae-ng"

  • Indian mma expert
    Indian mma expert 19 days ago

    Believe me or not he is a Chinese spy.

    • Ultimate Game
      Ultimate Game 9 days ago

      +inventionless spain pretendin 2b white Lol. Words 'colonizers' and 'indian shitheads' in the same sentence ? Hilarious. It's like an oxymoron.

    • inventionless spain pretendin 2b white
      inventionless spain pretendin 2b white 18 days ago +1

      good, i hope he learned a few tricks from colonizers and indian shitheads

  • holladay trucking
    holladay trucking 20 days ago

    China has no need for a wall they have the death penalty for illegal aliens there . And why would you want in any way ? Communism ? Being worked to death ? Oh wait I know ! The free / mandatory abortions ! Re-education camps ? Suicide nets ? Every move monitored ? Starving ?

  • Robert Patrick Jordan Sazon

    I can tell he's smart. His transition from serious issues to a joke is well constructed and brilliantly funny.

    • Shane Ho-Ching
      Shane Ho-Ching 17 days ago

      I can see by your comment that you’re exceptionally ecstatic. I can feel your laughter from here. I am laughing too.

    ALLEN B 20 days ago

    no f words no dirty things and his jokes are deep. Make people laugh at first and then think about the deeper meaning

  • jasper budiono
    jasper budiono 21 day ago

    this guy is funny. Actually by history, the China great Wall only fell twice in over than 2000 years of history. Yes the wall had been built centuries before it was connected into 1 big wall. With hundreds of failed invasion compared to 2 successful one, the success rate is like 0.01%

  • Don Smith
    Don Smith 21 day ago

    It sure works for Israel

  • Genesis23OPB
    Genesis23OPB 21 day ago

    yah the wall didnt help. ever heared of Opium War 1 and 2?

    • Genesis23OPB
      Genesis23OPB 18 days ago

      +inventionless spain pretendin 2b white still didnt help against the mongols. they even made one of their own emperor, look it up: yuan dynasty.

    • inventionless spain pretendin 2b white
      inventionless spain pretendin 2b white 18 days ago

      the wall was to keep mongol invaders out from the north. thus the mongels moved to europe and conquered there. hongkong was more like a treacherous subversion from fake tourists

  • Jinhui Chen
    Jinhui Chen 22 days ago

    The Great Firewall of China is working well to block Chinese visiting sensitive foreign websites.

  • Mona M
    Mona M 22 days ago +1

    50 shades of Mexican .

  • the observer
    the observer 22 days ago +2

    the wall din't work because it's made in china ...#joke

    • the observer
      the observer 9 days ago

      +Ultimate Game u should know that all jokes are insults .in most of the cases It's not possible to joke without offending someone.....People who don't know what and when to take things seriously should just move on and do their discussion where they are having a serious discussion and not at a place where they talk non sense....

    • Ultimate Game
      Ultimate Game 9 days ago

      +the observer Lmao. Even though you made a joke in your original comment, the other guy in this comment section is right. It is indeed a characteristic trait of many people filled with hatred to actually insult others and pass it off as a 'JOKE'. Oh the hidden intentions.

    • the observer
      the observer 18 days ago

      +inventionless spain pretendin 2b white woah! Oh man ...What kings of east ? ..And which god? there are many gods in this world...Insecure and some other bullshit u need to get a life man ....Stop blowing everything out of proportion ...

    • inventionless spain pretendin 2b white
      inventionless spain pretendin 2b white 18 days ago

      +the observer i notice a trend among malice filled vermin. they tend to say the most foul an disgusting things against and entire nation and play it off a joke. the only joke is whats left of you when the kings of the east march across your dry land and subdue it.
      there is absolutely nothing funny about made in china libel, it reeks with insecurity and malice. a malice you will pay to god for at the bitter sweet end.

    • the observer
      the observer 18 days ago

      +inventionless spain pretendin 2b white sure man ...What ever ....It's a joke ....Looks like your brain is made in China too it can't even take a joke ...
      Ps: that was a joke too ..U know u having made in China brain ✌

  • Kheng Moua
    Kheng Moua 24 days ago

    If walls don't work then why have walls around your house and fences?

  • Gary Hinchey
    Gary Hinchey 24 days ago

    Well your Wong Joe

  • Ken Isham
    Ken Isham 26 days ago

    How many Mexicans have climbed the wall into China.

  • Michael M
    Michael M 26 days ago

    So because something didn't work at one time for someone, let's just fucking give up and not try ever again. Maybe it wasn't fucking built right. Seriously though, building a wall is ridiculous.

  • tatama
    tatama 27 days ago

    My son had a photo with Joe, he is great, but I have to tell you that his joke on the walls is what it meant to be, a joke. Without the Great Wall of China, Joe doesn't even stand a chance to deliver that joke to you here ;-p.

    SPACE ROOM 27 days ago

    “So really, we are all different shades of Mexicans” lmaooooo

  • Nadia Hafeez
    Nadia Hafeez 28 days ago

    3:23 the priceless expressions after his son says he’s white 😂😂

  • everyday life
    everyday life 29 days ago

    Some comedians put down their own race just to try to make themselves sound funny. This guy didn't and he still made ppl laughed.

  • Del guerrero
    Del guerrero 29 days ago

    A lot of things don't work for China.. Everything works for USA

  • Selene Soto
    Selene Soto 29 days ago +1

    He is TOOOOOOOOO funny Hahaha

  • Arturo Rosado
    Arturo Rosado Month ago +1

    Different Shades of mexicans jajajajajajajaja..

  • I am the GOD
    I am the GOD Month ago

    Really the wall is not helping china? Fools

  • C
    C Month ago


  • A Ql
    A Ql Month ago


    KARINE PEREIRA Month ago +15

    I’m Brazilian and always when I fill out a form I really didn't know what to put about my color, but now I know, brown or Mexican. I loved it 🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Ultimate Game
      Ultimate Game 9 days ago

      +inventionless spain pretendin 2b white Wow. You made a comment in this very section about malicious people making fun of others' countries and here you have made one yourself. The hypocrisy is just laughable.

    • inventionless spain pretendin 2b white
      inventionless spain pretendin 2b white 18 days ago

      good for you. be proud of your low iq parasite spanesh cuntry

    • Andrew Lim
      Andrew Lim 20 days ago

      What kind of form and from where does it require colours?

  • northofthewall2017
    northofthewall2017 Month ago

    joe wong, you're great.

  • hnh pol
    hnh pol Month ago

    jet li does stand up these days

  • mr G YEAH
    mr G YEAH Month ago +1

    So they bring in a COMMUNIST clown to keep driving their agenda, !! VOTE TRUMP ON 2020 MAGA !!

    • Ultimate Game
      Ultimate Game 9 days ago

      Lmao. How do you know that he is a communist ? Just becoz he is Chinese ? Is every single Chinese a communist ? No. So dont embarrass yourself. Of wait. What else could we expect from a Trump supporter. Dumbass.

  • Jarod Alien
    Jarod Alien Month ago

    While I like the stand-up routine here, I have a bit of an issue with the wall comment. China's wall did work, and it worked just like they intended, but what they intended and what Trump expects are radically different.
    China didn't build the wall to keep the Mongols out, as they could just scale the wall. They built it so the Mongols couldn't loot them so much.
    Even if you tried to claim that immigrants left the US again after taking money so they can steal from the country, credit cards don't even weigh a pound, so a wall wouldn't work for that anymore, either.

  • A Gallagher
    A Gallagher Month ago

    They cut out the Trump kidnapping joke

  • BigRips 420
    BigRips 420 Month ago +2

    I love that’s dude laughing in the background

  • soulful2767
    soulful2767 Month ago +1


  • Lawrence Hobart
    Lawrence Hobart Month ago

    Racist name, dude, but cool anyway.

  • Dead Ringer
    Dead Ringer Month ago

    He is good.....ill give him that.....

  • David Ha
    David Ha Month ago

    I watched this 3 times.

  • Austin
    Austin Month ago +1

    It’s my first time seeing this guy and I love him

  • SA SHA
    SA SHA Month ago +1

    Chinese walls are for climbing, while American walls are for preventing climbing.

  • Jonas Hammar
    Jonas Hammar Month ago +1

    Hahaha actually it did!

  • YouTube TV
    YouTube TV Month ago

    It worked for thousands of years dumbass

  • archiei40x
    archiei40x Month ago +1

    Well damn, someone is having a blast, horee sheet.

  • Zedong Mao
    Zedong Mao Month ago +2

    The great firewall does work for brainwashing people

  • VigilAntiks
    VigilAntiks Month ago

    Yah know what also didn't work for China?...socialism. ;)

  • ike skifan1954
    ike skifan1954 Month ago

    Imported dickweed

    • Ultimate Game
      Ultimate Game 9 days ago

      Lmao. Where the hell do dumbasses like you come from ? It makes me sad to see that education has failed morons like you.

  • Sandro Esparza
    Sandro Esparza Month ago +1

    This guy is hilarious!!! I’m a fan now.

  • KitKat D.
    KitKat D. Month ago

    Nobody wants to go China, hellooooo! People around the world desperately wants to migrate to America!

  • Tony Nunya
    Tony Nunya Month ago

    He looks like he’s confused and constantly looking for permission from mom and dad to take a poop. The one guy having the time of his life at this show is Alec Baldwin.

  • steve garces
    steve garces Month ago +2

    I was hoping he would start talking in Chinese as if the whole thing was in Chinese. LOL

  • Valerie M-T
    Valerie M-T Month ago +1


  • David Dawson
    David Dawson Month ago

    Not building one didn’t help the Romans either

  • 流连忘返
    流连忘返 Month ago +1


  • mj mercury
    mj mercury Month ago +8

    he is a scientist and most of his humor are really funny but decent.

  • one No
    one No Month ago

    He pretended to be foolish so that he can make us laugh by his clean jokes.

  • Abdullah Ditchoff Soisquat

    I laugh at the chin dynasty lasting longer than any other great nation

  • eluv
    eluv Month ago +1

    If you went to China and made jokes about the Chinese leadership ... oh wait. Can’t do that or you’d disappear in a concentration camp. Be thankful Wong that you can actually come here to tell your jokes.

  • Cannabis Dreams
    Cannabis Dreams Month ago +1

    Actually it did. The great wall kept the mongols put for 1200 years.
    I'll take 1200 years.

    • calf deck
      calf deck Month ago

      he was referring the great fire wall in China.

  • AhmedASG
    AhmedASG Month ago

    gotta say , brother was funny

  • Load monkey
    Load monkey Month ago


  • Maharshi K Desai
    Maharshi K Desai Month ago +4

    that one guy in the back smoked a giant one before he came lol

  • Dutch Filipino
    Dutch Filipino Month ago +1

    I like good humor and wong humor

  • Jimmy Yin
    Jimmy Yin Month ago +1

    yeah because we fully defeated the Mongols in the 15th century, til the Manchurian rose up.

  • Huy Tran
    Huy Tran Month ago +1

    The wall did not work in China just because...….it was made in China. Easy enough

  • Ando Lee
    Ando Lee Month ago +30

    His joke has a touch of high fashion feel, like, every body is assigned a color, we are different shades of makes you laugh, also makes you think, .......he is not only funny, he is smart, like him!

  • NovorSec
    NovorSec Month ago +1

    America: 50 shades of mexicans xD

  • revolution revelation

    Walls work for Israel

  • C List
    C List Month ago


  • The Emperor
    The Emperor Month ago +1

    Whites aren't white either, they are pink. Most countries refer to them as pink.