BTS(방탄소년단) - Dionysus @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190421

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • BTS - Dionysus #SBSInkigayo_EP999
    방탄소년단 - Dionysus #BTS #WherethePartyat
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  • Mara kelly da Silva Teotônio

    Eles são lindos😙

  • BlackHeart71
    BlackHeart71 3 days ago +1

    Nobody can wear a Chanel jacket like Jimin. ♥

  • Niki Sk.
    Niki Sk. 5 days ago

    Did anyone else notice that Tae have green shoes and then white?

  • Estevar Alcântara
    Estevar Alcântara 5 days ago

    jin's little vocals are so satisfyingggg

    LİLY FİLM 10 days ago

    BTS come to turkey ❤️🇰🇷🇹🇷🧡💛💛🧡

    LİLY FİLM 10 days ago

    BTS come to turkey

  • Faten Bittar
    Faten Bittar 11 days ago

    Taehyung killing me😳

  • park tae kook yt
    park tae kook yt 12 days ago +1

    me incanta bts

  • Gladys Suarez
    Gladys Suarez 14 days ago

    La voz de todos esta hermoso

  • Katy Hart
    Katy Hart 16 days ago

    Oh wow Jin. Shot me through the heart

  • Jani Sarah_Jayne
    Jani Sarah_Jayne 16 days ago

    I personally want to fire the camera man

  • Ycia Alves
    Ycia Alves 17 days ago


  • Mariana Somnyadeul
    Mariana Somnyadeul 17 days ago

    Hay algo que no puedan hacer?!

  • hypnostic hypnotic
    hypnostic hypnotic 19 days ago


    BTS ARMY FOREVER 20 days ago

    This song totally owned by jin🔥🔥🔥

  • Mochi Mochi
    Mochi Mochi 20 days ago

    you know that dance tae does when kook goes “where the party at” i cry every time and i just started crying even harder because i just realised all the members did it
    edit: on the same part i can’t decide whether to look at tae or jimin cuz they both have the sexiest dances for me and then i end up looking in the middle and not seeing anything 0:43

  • Diana Sofía Quevedo Hernández

    Morí porque traen la ropa de la versión 4 de Map of the soul persona 🥺❤️

  • Chan thakpth
    Chan thakpth 21 day ago

  • Ale 01
    Ale 01 21 day ago

    I love watching my favorite multitalented kings. it's so fun to watch them perform. also at the end if it were me I would def fall trying to sit in that chair haha

  • †•m i n y o o n g i•†

    Staff: do how deep do you want your voice to go?
    Jin: Yes.

  • Kirsten
    Kirsten 21 day ago

    Yoongi's verse give me life everytime I hear it 😍😍😍😍 my boy is killing it always 💜💜💜

  • Leonor Barrios
    Leonor Barrios 23 days ago +1

    BTS 💜👑 RM 💜😍

  • Shazia Shah
    Shazia Shah 23 days ago

    power ful comeback

  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon 24 days ago


  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon 24 days ago


  • Jungkook Jeon
    Jungkook Jeon 24 days ago


  • shook. yoda
    shook. yoda 24 days ago

    *hip thrusts*
    I’ve never been so disrespected in my life🤬 🥵
    And I realized they rhymed...

  • Zappy The Star
    Zappy The Star 26 days ago +2

    Okay but Jin and RM didn't have to attack me that hard with this.

  • Unknown Creature
    Unknown Creature 27 days ago +3

    I wish for a darker era for 2020, I wish MAMA 2019 to be crazy and BTS would going mad as hell, it would be awesome if they could create their own world of shadows and lights...

  • ; gianeshie
    ; gianeshie 29 days ago +1


  • Erocleber Rocha
    Erocleber Rocha Month ago


  • Ana Robo
    Ana Robo Month ago +2

    3:14 if RM has always been my favorite part of this song lol so smooth

  • Ms. nini
    Ms. nini Month ago

    V ❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace M
    Grace M Month ago

    Now watching this song and having listened to it one too many times(what’s too many when you’re an army), I see that ‘Persona’ really did set the tone for this entire album

  • Alima Asad
    Alima Asad Month ago

    I dont like the thing that every member except jungkook was in the thumbnail. And why isnt anyone talking about him? Every member was very cool. Pls stop talking only about jin and v.

  • kishoar 864
    kishoar 864 Month ago

    Aww Jin why are you so handsome 😍😍😍😍

  • Mary Carmen
    Mary Carmen Month ago

    I love this song. Jung Kook looks so hot throughout this stage...dear Lord lol

  • Sarah Camille
    Sarah Camille Month ago +1

    Army forever ❤❤😍

    MULTIFANDOM Month ago

    Anyone noticed theres no"👇" here *Yet*

  • Clumsy ChimChim
    Clumsy ChimChim Month ago

    Omg the Endddd

  • Doneee NIGHTCORE
    Doneee NIGHTCORE Month ago +1

    Cooles Lied !

  • Doneee NIGHTCORE
    Doneee NIGHTCORE Month ago +1

    Jin rippet

  • Karter R
    Karter R Month ago

    Anyone wanna talk about how rm and Jin (infamous weaker dancers) aren’t doing the coolest part of the choreo 🤔

    • Turquoise Gem
      Turquoise Gem 26 days ago +1

      no? it's part of the performance .. they are both singing/rapping at that moment? 🤨

  • Drashti Gandhi
    Drashti Gandhi Month ago

    1.58 JIMIN 😍😍💜

  • yokainat なな
    yokainat なな Month ago +1

    wahh i never watched this oops🥺

  • Smriti Viswanath
    Smriti Viswanath Month ago +1

    Bighit has heard our cries for seokjin’s lines

  • Maria R
    Maria R Month ago

    Me actually reading the lyrics rn 😧😧😧

  • The Luminous
    The Luminous Month ago

    People who don’t like BTS are all drunk

  • Mariach E
    Mariach E Month ago

    OMG Hoseok.. soo handsome..
    His execution is too powerful

  • Ago 18
    Ago 18 Month ago

    Most of the sexual appeal of other men: exposed abs and arms.
    The sexual appeal of Jin in this video: exposed forehead.

  • Jay Lee
    Jay Lee Month ago

    Anytime kookie talks about drinking I’m like “okay drink your banana milk and go”

  • SunyHobi •
    SunyHobi • Month ago

    Eommaaa why u gotta kill us like thatt

  • Paula Herzer
    Paula Herzer Month ago

    the only one who can wear a pink trousers with a red pullover perfectly is hoseok

  • Moa X TXT
    Moa X TXT Month ago +1


  • Eat Jin
    Eat Jin Month ago

    My JIN improved very much over the year..I am proud of my bias...Now it has been 4 years when i become ARMY..
    Jin becomes my precious and 6 members also..I luv u

  • Lee Nero
    Lee Nero 2 months ago

    How is it they can pull off any outfit
    But when I try I look like a potato

  • Eloá rayssa
    Eloá rayssa 2 months ago

  • Beatriz Silva
    Beatriz Silva 2 months ago

    Lindos 😍😍

    AIA PRVN 2 months ago

    Camera man plz do best next time

  • TaeSaruti
    TaeSaruti 2 months ago

    I love this more than I should i-