Vocal Coach reacts to LEPROUS - Slave (Live At Rockefeller Music Hall)

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
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    Vocal Coach reacts reaction to LEPROUS - Slave (Live At Rockefeller Music Hall)
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Comments • 439

  • Roberto M.
    Roberto M. 17 hours ago

    What she says about the drums...
    _something_ ... being unnecessary?

  • Antonio Villa
    Antonio Villa Day ago

    I'm so happy to watch this video, Leprous is one of my all time favorite bands and Einar's vocals get me every single time I listen to them.

  • Sebastian Viuf
    Sebastian Viuf 2 days ago

    Could you do Rory Rodriguez from Dayseeker?, if so i would love to hear your thoughts on his vocals on the track: Vultures.

  • Simon Stabij
    Simon Stabij 2 days ago +1

    Say hello to heaven - Temple of the dog
    Birth Ritual - Soundgarden
    Beyond The Wheel - Soundgarden
    Hexagram - Deftones
    God hates a coward - Tomahawk
    and yes

    Black - Pearl Jam live mtv unplugged

  • Elias199128
    Elias199128 4 days ago

    beth, thats called an inhale :)

  • New Legend Pictures
    New Legend Pictures 6 days ago

    Looks like someone has a crush on Einar

  • Kyle Vopalensky
    Kyle Vopalensky 6 days ago

    Never heard them, they’re crazy talented though.

  • Juan Laurinø
    Juan Laurinø 7 days ago

    Leprous is the best band ever, i saw them live and it was the best day of my life, the band is great but Baard and Einar are GODS.
    Good video

  • Sebastián González

    Hi! Please react to: Steven Wilson - The Raven That Refused To Sing (from Home Invasion)

  • N. De Bellini
    N. De Bellini 8 days ago

    As always, great reaction and analysis, please check out more Leprous, "Contaminate Me" would be really great,

    Thank you, great job! \m/

  • Frank Katzenberger
    Frank Katzenberger 8 days ago

    Someone should introduce her to Metal Allegiance's We Rock just to smorgasbord it.

  • Bruno Andrade
    Bruno Andrade 9 days ago

    Please, react to Russell Allen from Symphony X

  • Octavio Ornelas Gutierrez

    Please do Steven Wilson - Routine- Ninet Tayeb & Steven Wilson In the Royal Albert Hall

  • DeeLee
    DeeLee 11 days ago

    "Contaminate Me (Live at Rockefeller)" should be next from these guys because it's also with Ihsahn who is also a pioneer in metal vocals and also Norwegian.

  • Edgardo Shared Adame Sanchez

    So...it always botters me when they say "vocal coach/professional drummer/music teacher reacts to" because it reffers to the same person that uploads the video. The reactions are fun tho

  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper 12 days ago +1

    Shoe-Djenting at it's finest! Definitely an acquired taste but the few times I've seen them live, it was great.

  • UberNoodleX
    UberNoodleX 12 days ago

    I first found out about Leprous' existence when I saw Ihshan at Wacken. I had no idea that the singer of Leprous is Ihshan's brother-in-law. So, the band was essentially moonlighting as Ihsahn's backing band for a time. And the performance was incredible.

  • Edo Bagus
    Edo Bagus 13 days ago

    Check out and react to X Japan please...

  • maxi maximo
    maxi maximo 13 days ago


  • Khaikhanpau Vaiphei
    Khaikhanpau Vaiphei 13 days ago

    Finally LEPROUS!! Thanks

  • sirefromtheshire
    sirefromtheshire 13 days ago

    She sounds and kinda reminds me of the girl from Brave!

  • Nathan Petrov
    Nathan Petrov 13 days ago +2

    Do Leprous - Acquired Taste (Live At Rockefeller Music Hall) it's the same show but that song really shows his full potential in singing.

  • Cysso_H
    Cysso_H 14 days ago


  • Paweł Szymborski
    Paweł Szymborski 14 days ago

    Try something from Riverside. You need to meet Mariusz Duda vocal :) Welcome to prog :)

  • touchmestudios
    touchmestudios 15 days ago


  • Joe Abdel Sater
    Joe Abdel Sater 16 days ago

    One of the most awesome things about watching your videos is that I keep discovering great music because of you :D

  • James Russo
    James Russo 16 days ago

    Leprous is always sooo dramatic, and amazing. As you said, like musical theater!

  • Massive Studios
    Massive Studios 17 days ago +1

    you are such a sweetie

  • David Williams
    David Williams 18 days ago +1

    Listen to From the Flame by Leprous or the price!!

  • R. Andrew Hart
    R. Andrew Hart 18 days ago +1

    So glad you went with the live version. It sounds fantastic on the studio album of course, but as far as the singer is concerned, the live version really shows just how talented and fearless he is - and I feel the emotion comes through, as well. He's not afraid to use head voice, belting, falsetto, or growls, and makes it all work.

  • nate_balisong
    nate_balisong 20 days ago

    suicide silence- disengage live with mitch as vocalist

  • Julio Ivan Contreras Soltero

    Please react to native construct - mute

  • Demonetized Entertainment

    I think you’d be impressed with The Contortionist “Return to Earth,” or Time, the Valuator’s “Starseeker.”

  • Brandon Perry
    Brandon Perry 21 day ago

    You have to listen to Devin Townsend's new song called "Why?" of his new album Empath. When I first heard it I had listen to your reaction for TesseracT so I immediately thought of how much you would enjoy this song.



  • odepaj
    odepaj 22 days ago

    Mike Lessard, Mike Semesky, and Ashe O'Hara. You can't go wrong with any of their work

  • Zikavolt
    Zikavolt 22 days ago

    OMG, Leprous! 😍

  • Kristoffer Rosvall
    Kristoffer Rosvall 23 days ago +1

    Not a big band but the singer is something special. Please do Bent Knee - Being Human

  • gtizzle101
    gtizzle101 23 days ago +1

    Please do contaminate me by the same bad!

  • Paliv
    Paliv 24 days ago +10

    Whoever requested Beth to react to Leprous, I love you. Also, Beth I love your reactions and vocal explanations to some of my favorite metal/prog bands. Thank you, these videos are great!!

  • Dinga Lingdong
    Dinga Lingdong 24 days ago

    do Ayreon - Day Two: Isolation

  • Dead Man with Pitchfork Arms

    I made a vocal range video for Einar if anyone is interested!

  • Joseph Bastidas
    Joseph Bastidas 25 days ago +1

    Leprous - Contaminate Me live at Rockfeller Music Hall (ft Ihsahn)

  • MrWvB1
    MrWvB1 26 days ago

    You should see them live if you can. They are really amazing.

  • Richard Swift
    Richard Swift 26 days ago +1

    You are now ready for Agent Fresco. ru-clip.com/video/Y_ATOZSwWYE/video.html

  • Matheus Castanheira
    Matheus Castanheira 26 days ago

    So what happened at 8:55? Why the cut? I'm curious :o

  • OEMR
    OEMR 26 days ago +1

    Check out Einar's work with Ihsahn, specifically "Celestial Violence". Also, Ihsahn's work is amazing, just found him

  • Ruan Carlos
    Ruan Carlos 26 days ago

    Beth, please react to Blind Guardian!

  • Tim Ritter
    Tim Ritter 26 days ago

    Holy crap! I have never heard of this band, but that was SO EPIC

  • White Void
    White Void 26 days ago

    How Einar does the growl? He just taps into his viking self and primal roars just come out on their own

  • Adam1349
    Adam1349 27 days ago

    I suggest this live video of The Dear Hunter:
    Also, listen to Leprous' cover of Angel by Massive Attack. The nailed it. And Einar also sings on "Celestial Violence" with Ihsahn.

  • DJMittag
    DJMittag 27 days ago

    Please please have a listen to Diary by Iced Earth, Alive in Athens 1999

  • William Noirot
    William Noirot 28 days ago +1

    Please check out “Elizabeth” by Kamelot from One Cold Winters Night!

  • spykp
    spykp 28 days ago +1

    As of late, this has been by far my favorite reaction channel. Choosing some of the best videos out there and actually providing quality commentary. Keep the great work up! You've earned a new sub today.

  • Philip Chambers
    Philip Chambers 28 days ago

    I'd love to see you react to Christian Alvestam with Scar Symmetry!

  • Mitch Phillips
    Mitch Phillips 28 days ago +1

    You should definitely do more leprous! Also, the contortionist is absolutely amazing! Ah! And maybe check out Haken!

  • Jay Key
    Jay Key 28 days ago

    Your voice is one of the sexiest women voices I've heard, Beth, so thank you ! :) PS, Einar ist also good xD

  • ShaneRedBeard
    ShaneRedBeard 29 days ago

    please react to dancing by elisa

  • Josh Mercer
    Josh Mercer 29 days ago

    You should check out the song Nettie by Type O Negative, it features some of Peter Steele's deepest vocals.

  • The Nikos
    The Nikos 29 days ago +1

    Please react to Alter Bridge - Blackbird ot Alter Bridge - Cry Of Achilles. Great reaction on a masterpiece of a song

  • Emily Matthews
    Emily Matthews 29 days ago

    I was hoping for this one too!!!

  • Perma Frost
    Perma Frost 29 days ago

    This song brings tears to my eyes, you can feel all the emotion. This band is unreal...

  • John Stephenson
    John Stephenson 29 days ago

    Why on earth did someone recommend this instead of the live version of Contaminate Me with Ihsahn?

  • osi
    osi 29 days ago

    Was lucky enough to watch them live on the Malina tour. It was AMAZING. Einar is a fucking general on stage.

  • Tim Hutchinson
    Tim Hutchinson 29 days ago

    That might be ‘false chord’ screaming? Not sure.

  • Do Hoeijmans
    Do Hoeijmans 29 days ago

    Great metal band👍

  • chadtism
    chadtism 29 days ago

    I've been waiting for you Clarice...

  • Alien Kink VR
    Alien Kink VR 29 days ago

    A truly unique voice (Although he's rarely belting) can be found in the vocalist of VOLA. Fascinating use of a peculiar range.

  • Colbey Calistinson
    Colbey Calistinson 29 days ago +1

    Something that might be fun if you've never heard anything like it before...
    Heilung - Hamrer Hippyer
    Heilung - Krigsgaldr
    Heilung - Fylgija Ear / Futhorck
    Quite a different experience.

  • Kristoffer Mikkelsen
    Kristoffer Mikkelsen 29 days ago

    Anything by Highasakite live will blow your mind!

  • PstScrpt
    PstScrpt 29 days ago

    That really wasn't the style of vocals I was expecting from a band called "Leprous".

  • Nick
    Nick 29 days ago

    As the commentors have said though, this is a drummer's song. This song is for Baard. Basically the one Leprous song that isn't at all about Einar . Still an amazing song vocally but you know what I mean.

  • Nick
    Nick 29 days ago

    Heck yes for Noel (Nole?), getting my suggestion makes me wanna join up with your Patreon. In fact I just might!
    Although I was hoping for Third Law from this concert because Einar does a lot more singing extravagance in that one, but hey beggars can't be choosers. But they can drop likes on this video! :)

  • Laura Restrepo
    Laura Restrepo 29 days ago

    6:20 oh man... i was hopping for that, so glad it happens

  • Sheridan Kamal
    Sheridan Kamal 29 days ago

    another great song, please do The Contortionist - The Language or anything from them

  • chriss parra tapia
    chriss parra tapia 29 days ago

    ru-clip.com/video/sALofxfxTJE/video.html please

  • Aleix Costa
    Aleix Costa 29 days ago

    Could you take a listen to Profane Omen? I think you'd have a blast with everything he does with his voice

  • Eddie Sell
    Eddie Sell 29 days ago

    Beth, you should check out The Mars Volta.

  • Malkovith1
    Malkovith1 29 days ago

    Finally someone listened

  • Say Mohne
    Say Mohne 29 days ago +1

    For another kind of emotion, please react to 'Gojira - Global Warming [Live at the Silver Cord Studio May 2018]' ru-clip.com/video/8DiWzvE52ZY/video.html&lc=UgyNlVPqW_EOYQbFIoZ4AaABAg !!

  • Insight99999
    Insight99999 29 days ago

    He just comes from Norway, that's how he does this "growly" part if you ask!

  • General-Igloo
    General-Igloo 29 days ago +1

    Russell Allen from the band 'Symphony X' is a MUST SEE !

    • eere3343
      eere3343 29 days ago

      General-Igloo Russell Allen is a beast

  • Martin Václavík
    Martin Václavík 29 days ago

    I saw them in Prague playing before Devin Townsend. It was pretty awesome. They played this song live, it was so powerful. 🙂

  • Richard Swift
    Richard Swift 29 days ago

    f@&k yes. Finally a vocal reaction to Leprous. Einor is a hell of singer.

  • Mike Fezwaldo
    Mike Fezwaldo Month ago +2

    Thanks for listening to our suggestions!
    Please listen to Karnivool - New Day, Ian Kenny has a phenomenal falsetto voice and, as a band, they are masters of dynamics.

  • Kyle Grost
    Kyle Grost Month ago

    So glad you did Leprous. I just discovered them this year, and my mom took me to see Bent knee, Leprous and Haken for my birthday (I'm 30 she doesn't need to do these things, but shes a closet metal head too). She walked out and said, "Leprous put on one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. That was Amazing, it was so visceral, I didn't listen to their music I felt it. For Christmas I want your favorite album by them".

  • Trey Gordon
    Trey Gordon Month ago +5

    I love Leprous. Two suggestions for you.
    Both are amazing.

  • Lew Jatan
    Lew Jatan Month ago

    Would love to see your reaction to Lzzy Hale: ru-clip.com/video/McswBD_KB88/video.html

  • Soulkrist
    Soulkrist Month ago

    I know you've already done Dream Theater, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on an old song done nearly 20 years later with this video: Finally Free Live at the Berkley Music Hall. As a trained singer myself, I feel that James Labrie does an amazing job so much later in life from when this song was originally written. He uses less distortion in his voice like the last DT song you watched, which I believe shows more of his pure vocal skill.

  • Ryuzaky Ryuk
    Ryuzaky Ryuk Month ago

    React to this please , this is the new Michael Jackson ru-clip.com/video/2vezmhrJTNo/video.html he sing twice, u can watch at 7:30 , to many noises there at the first time :D

  • Jonas Halvari Hansen

    To add some knowledge to the harsh vocals (just a colloquial term for screaming, growling, etc.) Einar does in the middle there: Einar's harsh vocal style has some similarities to a few Norwegian Black Metal singers, where it's not uncommon to place the scream way further in the back compared to the more "typical" metal screams like the ones you've experienced thus far (Attila Csihar from Mayhem is a good example for this technique, but probably not something you could react to unless you're getting much more familiar with it). In the song here, Einar doesn't go all the way so it gets a more "shout-y" sound to it, but the basics are generally the same to the other things you've heard. He's also done backing vocals with Emperor (another Black Metal band), though the main vocalist there, Ihsahn, does more intense stuff with his voice.

  • Jarmake
    Jarmake Month ago

    I love Einar. He was incredible with Ihsahn too!

  • leo
    leo Month ago

    Einar is a god

  • wilsard
    wilsard Month ago

    eventually, you may check nevermore-this godless endevour.

  • Tomás Soares
    Tomás Soares Month ago

    The Reign of Kindo - Just Wait!

  • Lan Jun
    Lan Jun Month ago

    please react to
    Dimash and Tengri - Swan Goose:ru-clip.com/video/8LEXQctl0Q0/video.html

  • K1NG Larfleeze
    K1NG Larfleeze Month ago

    You should check out one of 2 songs I don't believe you've done.
    Shinedown-The Crow & The Butterfly
    Alter Bridge- Blackbird
    Amazing vocals.

  • Valentyn Sladkevych

    Hi, i'm really like your videos and your opinion about of voices in different bands
    I wish you know about Helloween, Avantasia, or Edguy, and it will be lovely to see the video about Michael Kiske or Andi Deris, or Tobias Sammet or all Avantasia family)
    Thanks a lot and have a nice mood)

  • R-H Olsen
    R-H Olsen Month ago

    Also, please react to more Norwegian vocal talent, I know you have a soft spot for that nordic sound: AURORA - Warrior (Red Bull session)

  • R-H Olsen
    R-H Olsen Month ago +1

    The talent in metal... These people could be stars in any genre, but they choose a narrow, not exactly mass appeal radio playtime genre where they can do their own thing. And that is the essence of metal, doing your own thing to to the very very best of your abilities. The result is a genuine expression of the soul and psyche of the musician. High art.