He Supported Using The Atomic Bomb On Russia In 1953

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • To support my efforts to create more clips please donate to me at www.patreon.com/allinaday. The speaker is Carl Oglesby, one of the founders of Students For A Democratic Society, SDS, a radical antiwar organization. I was making my 6 part PBS television series, Making Sense of the Sixties and I picked to film the people I thought most powerfully articulated their experiences. Carl was one. Every comment he made could have been transcribed and written a book. Whether or not you agree with his point of view, he was brilliantly articulate at expressing it.
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  • Wellstone
    Wellstone 9 months ago

    We must take care, the brainwash machine is working on full gas again!

  • Al Al
    Al Al 9 months ago +1

    He was right.... had they hit the soviets just after the war Europe would have avoided 50 years of oppression, the world would have avoided 50 years of hanging on the brink of destruction by two super powers with atomics, and the US could have had 50 years building a wonderful peacetime economy

  • Aditya Ramsundar
    Aditya Ramsundar 9 months ago +1

    Fascinating guy

  • Jason Hatt
    Jason Hatt 9 months ago +2

    I'm guessing the 1 dislike is from someone who also supported using the Bomb on Russia

  • Dr. Ummer
    Dr. Ummer 9 months ago +2

    I’m currently listening to a Dan Carlin Hardcore History episode called Destroyer of Worlds. He spends a lot of time trying to get into the heads of people at that moment in history. It’s worth a listen, if this interests you.

    • Dr. Ummer
      Dr. Ummer 9 months ago

      Aditya Ramsundar that was the first one of his that I listed to. It’s great!

    • Al Al
      Al Al 9 months ago

      @Aditya Ramsundar
      if you like ww1 try Corbett report ww1 conspracy (spelling)... its one of the few independant docs that links to sources all the time. I read the book he based that doc on and oh my goodness does it change your perspective on how that thing went down

    • Aditya Ramsundar
      Aditya Ramsundar 9 months ago +1

      I am listening to his WWI episodes. I just love history.

  • White_Man
    White_Man 9 months ago

    I see deepwars ..

  • Евгений Лебедев

    Quick to sentence about two hundred million people at that time to a painful death or a life of even bigger misery, huh. What a good, God-fearing Christian. The nerve of those people!

    I'm glad he changed his views over time. You never expect an atomic bomb to land on your house.

    • Al Al
      Al Al 9 months ago

      better to kick your foe when he is weak then let him get up and grab a knife... to be honest it would not have taken that many deaths to bring down the soviets- just the big industrial centers and fuel and power sources

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger 9 months ago +4

    The USSR had the atomic bomb in 1949.

  • jmr5707
    jmr5707 9 months ago +4

    "Good Democrats & christians"... my, how things have changed😆🤣

  • George deMan
    George deMan 9 months ago +11

    Of course, the USSR is long gone. It had, at best, 25 more years of international skulduggery, but the U.S. danced in tango with them, orchestrating regime changes and coddling dictators as our way of trying to prove that two wrongs can make things right. How would bombing out of the stone age a civilization which in hindsight was not long for this world, have make the world a better place? I'm sure there are plenty of people who, in hindsight, would have preferred that the U.S. never existed in the first place. You can take another swig of nationalistic BS and believe in American exceptionalism and all the rest, or you can actually spend some time reading history, accepting its paradoxes and unsolved puzzles, and try to be humble for fifteen minutes.

  • Matt from Florida
    Matt from Florida 9 months ago +2

    Social engineers never seem to learn *utopia doesn't exist* in nature and can't be created by man.

    • shaunhenry
      shaunhenry 9 months ago +1

      True. I grew up in apartheid era South Africa. It didn't work back then and it's not working now.

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 9 months ago +10

    If he's still alive now, I'd be willing to bet he wishes we HAD nuked the Russians back then in order to prevent the fake collusion he probably believes in now, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 9 months ago

      @HorstQueck I'm sure they were very interesting. I'd still rather read about the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Manson Family. ;)

    • HorstQueck
      HorstQueck 9 months ago +1

      "The speaker is Carl Oglesby, one of the founders of Students For A Democratic Society, SDS, a radical antiwar organization." Ogelsby ia an interesting character if one takes the time to look him up.

    • ArchEnema 67
      ArchEnema 67 9 months ago

      To be clear to all who reply, I am generally opposed to the use of nuclear weapons as a means of advancing a strategic position when in a state of war. I do have to admit that I'd be willing to make an exception if India thought it necessary to use nukes against Pakistan. ;D

    • mightisright
      mightisright 9 months ago

      It wouldn't have mattered if we'd blown up the whole Asian continent. The commies infiltrated the US way before that and spent decades making into the hell it is now. No shots fired.

    • Matt from Florida
      Matt from Florida 9 months ago +4


  • bigbabyjesus jealousonestillenvy

    Stupid America should have began dropping nukes on all major cities, friend or foe as soon as they had the capability and the required nukes. America could be the undisputed ruler of this earth but the leaders of that time chose to be less

    • Dubsy 102
      Dubsy 102 9 months ago +5

      You mean the undisputed ruler of radioactive junk full of people who hate you and cost more to take care of than they make. Conquest is rarely profitable if it means total, or even moderate degrees of partial, destruction.

    • Saddam Hussein
      Saddam Hussein 9 months ago

      By 1949 it was too late since the Russians acquired the A bomb and that was the start of the MAD policy.

  • Al Storm
    Al Storm 9 months ago +6

    Communism/Socialism is a menace, he got that right.

    • Al Al
      Al Al 9 months ago

      socalised health care in the UK = LIVERPOOL CARE PATHWAY... guess how the hospital staff earned bonuses???? Google it dude...freaky

    • Al Storm
      Al Storm 9 months ago

      @norsktoolmaker88 In a socialist country, Grandma never goes home.

    • norsktoolmaker88
      norsktoolmaker88 9 months ago +8

      So , that means you are bringing grandma home from that medicare funded facility by horse back so you don't have to use those socialist funded roads. Brilliant.

    • hallerd
      hallerd 9 months ago +7

      How old are you?