• Published on Nov 24, 2018
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    This week we accepted a dare from strangers on the internet... Whether it was a good idea or not... Is up for you to judge.
    Thank you to BC for joining us spontaneously on this one...
    Props to Louis for tagging along and overcoming his biggest fear...
    Thank you to Rachel and Mike for helping us find the perfect lake!
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory  7 months ago +8751


  • Tomas Hicks
    Tomas Hicks 35 minutes ago

    If u do another video on dates I dare u to spray deodorant on your nipple then flick your nipple apparently it falls off always wanted to know please do it

  • Alex Yelle
    Alex Yelle 16 hours ago


  • Abeer Siddiqui
    Abeer Siddiqui 17 hours ago +2

    You shouldn't go directly in a warm envoirment from such a cold envoirment.
    You can paralyze😐

  • Karl Brooks
    Karl Brooks 18 hours ago

    Hi Mike!

  • Tbone the Catcher

    I dare you to do the polar bear plunge in Maryland

  • IPkMnClan
    IPkMnClan Day ago

    she is hot

  • ZackZDF ZazDaFraz
    ZackZDF ZazDaFraz Day ago +2

    I was born in Alaska and lived there 6 years
    And drove across the Ukon river on a snowmobile

  • Concert Travels with Happyheartslee

    I keep repeating the part where Louis screamed! HAHAHAHAHA

  • karishma levy
    karishma levy 2 days ago

    The dog u had in the beginning Isn’t that pinky from asking strangers to Change their flight

  • KritCat
    KritCat 2 days ago

    Luis ❤️

  • Saffin Alimamy
    Saffin Alimamy 2 days ago +1

    11:52 - The best friendship you could ever have ~~ everyone would think you're crazy, but if this is not what friends do, what do friends do? :D
    Wish I was part of the squad :)

  • Koalaz
    Koalaz 3 days ago

    boaty mcboatface is the best name for a boat ever

  • Major Depressive Disorder - Treatment Resistant


  • Om Bhujade
    Om Bhujade 3 days ago +1

    Ammar -whats NYSE
    Wall street-am I a joke to you🙄😂

  • kylie m
    kylie m 3 days ago +1

    This is so funny to me as a person living in Montana. We have huge polar/penguin plunges all the time during January and one of my favorite thing to do is swim in Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park in May when the glacial ice is melting off into the lake!

  • yung dung
    yung dung 3 days ago

    Yes fun for louis

  • Ruby Clark
    Ruby Clark 3 days ago

    I dared them but I didn’t expect them to do it

  • Dalmas Otieno
    Dalmas Otieno 3 days ago

    I am now feeling cold in a tropical African climate

  • ThePaperNator
    ThePaperNator 4 days ago +2

    911 dislikes and 90k likes. Something bad will happen in 90k seconds.

  • Liam Madgett
    Liam Madgett 4 days ago +17

    “The coldest you’ll ever be in your life”
    Wim Hof: “Hold my beer”

  • Apastol
    Apastol 4 days ago

    Hey I live in anchorage

  • Manuzki
    Manuzki 4 days ago

    Sauna.exe has not been found in Alaska

  • Brilliant-Mind Palace

    After watching this, it felt fine to jump in the water on this freezing summer day in Scandinavia under a cloud-hidden sun tonight.

  • Leonardo moreira
    Leonardo moreira 4 days ago +1

    I have done a polar bear plunge before in Norway. And I was 16!
    Very normal here, since the water here is cold everywhere, you can't run from it😂

  • Beth_ 6
    Beth_ 6 4 days ago +2

    Okay so another date for you guys
    I think you should fly to the rainforest where ever that is
    And then
    Swim in the Amazon river
    Easy right
    Like so they can do this

  • Johaan Jai Mittra
    Johaan Jai Mittra 5 days ago

    this is dangerous

  • Mircea Brs
    Mircea Brs 5 days ago

    12:02 😅😅

  • Valento585
    Valento585 5 days ago +1

    Biggest fear is cold. Never move to Minnesota or the Midwest in general. -50 last winter 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Lucas Pape Henriksen

    best yt group ever

  • Ich habe nen kleinen Schwanz, aber

    Try to live 48 h in 24 h

  • Som SONG
    Som SONG 6 days ago

    You guys are just stupid, thanks

  • Jude Whittaker
    Jude Whittaker 6 days ago

    4 : 45. Sry Ammar

  • Mrgodfre
    Mrgodfre 7 days ago

    here i live this noting :D is that a bad thing?

  • Alex Morgan
    Alex Morgan 7 days ago

    Imagine looking out your window and seeing this 11:52

  • Monique Garnica
    Monique Garnica 7 days ago

    Look, I totally get Amar has a girlfriend but geez 🥰😍😭
    No disrespect lol.

  • Sarah Pfaff
    Sarah Pfaff 7 days ago

    i dare you to give me a whole wardrobe of seek discomfort ahah, and if you hand deliver it we can have one fun ass day in Muskoka ON, Canada ;)

  • Kelly Norris
    Kelly Norris 8 days ago

    It seriously would be so much fun to be your guy's friend!!!

  • E Abuhasbu
    E Abuhasbu 8 days ago

    Finally that English dude washed his hair

  • Frida Jo_
    Frida Jo_ 8 days ago

    I actually did this before. Its freezing. But it was fun looking back.

  • Rice Cat The Unmilkable

    If y’all wanna see how cold Alaska can be, come to Fairbanks!

  • Danielle Grant
    Danielle Grant 9 days ago

    You guys are amazing

  • No Name
    No Name 10 days ago

    Just watched a bunch of people running around in there pants screaming

  • Christina Fuller
    Christina Fuller 10 days ago

    What would you say as your last words, doing something that might kill you? I mean, doing something for a video is awesome, but what if something you did actually kills you? What are your last words?

  • Madalyn Miles
    Madalyn Miles 11 days ago

    I fucking lived in Kodiak, AK when pit bull visited 😂

  • Blake Cabral
    Blake Cabral 11 days ago

    Matt Hates the cold? I live in canada, it’s 14 celceius (57 Fahrenheit) and its july

    • Rokas
      Rokas 8 days ago

      Pretty much same in Lithuania

  • Kati Tunnell
    Kati Tunnell 11 days ago

    Anchorage doesn't have bad winter temps, most of the time, people don't wear coats, last winter it barely reached negatives in Anchorage

  • alcoholicpuppy
    alcoholicpuppy 11 days ago +3

    Lol, people sent pit bull to Alaska. 😂

  • tatum the hobo
    tatum the hobo 11 days ago


  • tatum the hobo
    tatum the hobo 11 days ago +1

    I live in Alaska, and I’ve done the polar bear plunge almost every year. I’m pretty much used to it now lmao

  • tatum the hobo
    tatum the hobo 11 days ago

    wait I live in Alaska and missed them-

  • Nikhil S
    Nikhil S 11 days ago

    Is that Louis eats?

    THE ROBO GAMER WR 12 days ago +1

    I’m allergic to the cold not joking it’s called
    Cold erti caria

    • Aliana Salazar
      Aliana Salazar 10 days ago

      you are not alone! my mom has that. do you break out in hives and stuff?

  • Blades Santa
    Blades Santa 12 days ago

    This is literally a fucking past time in finland. Americans are pussies.....

  • Dylan Aubrey
    Dylan Aubrey 12 days ago

    Over dramatic much

  • Mr. Lifechanging - Subliminals

    I just came to say that Rachel is the sweetest person ive seen in many many days. Its kinda sad

  • Tobias Langvad2
    Tobias Langvad2 14 days ago +1

    I am from norway and wtf we are bathing in a lake some times that snow scoter are going on and you say you don’t recommend ice where people are walking😂

  • Tia Pickering
    Tia Pickering 15 days ago +7

    As a Brit i am very proud that we named that boat 'Boaty McBoatface'

  • ParkerNachos 38
    ParkerNachos 38 15 days ago

    They probably wish they did the stuff with the ice man before this

  • skye
    skye 15 days ago

    Ice swimming is a normal hobby for Finnish people. Most people have probably done it at least once in their lives.

  • Spartanido
    Spartanido 15 days ago

    Hey YEsTheory, I got a Challenge: Mat is the IronMan, Amar bungee-jumped in GC. Tom, you are next. I challenge you to dive in a cage surrounded by a Great White Shark! Do you dare accept the challenge? It is my biggest fear EVER, and I'm sure U are up to the task.

  • analia andrade
    analia andrade 16 days ago


  • Master Sheen
    Master Sheen 16 days ago

    why did you enter with socks? thats so triggering

  • mommy chicken
    mommy chicken 16 days ago


  • BootlessDave
    BootlessDave 17 days ago

    I shivered.

  • Kam Drinkard
    Kam Drinkard 17 days ago

    Rachel’s fine ;)

  • Anindha Nadira
    Anindha Nadira 18 days ago

    11.52 is my last 4 brain cells

  • wooterthegreat
    wooterthegreat 18 days ago

    lucky the cold is the best

  • Allison Toth
    Allison Toth 19 days ago +1

    I am WHEEZING at Louis’ scream.

  • O Ressler
    O Ressler 19 days ago

    Where I come from that is not polar bear plunging what they did at the end of the video. They should have literally cut a sheet of ice in a circle on a lake so you can jump in and you jump in the lake in winter not walk into a lake in Alaska. That is not the same. Where I come from walking and staying in a lake for a few minutes is not a polar bear plunge.

    • O Ressler
      O Ressler 19 days ago

      He even states what polar bear plunging is at the beginning of the video😔