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  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • Join us on this live episode as we walk you through the most viral videos on the internet right now
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    RARE Pokemon Pikachu Car Spotted In Japan
    Blue-Ringed Octopus KILLS 26 Humans With Poison
    Disney Uses AMAZING Face Recognition Technology For Animated Movies
    Real-Life Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Gets INTENSE
    Man In Berlin Jumps Off A MOVING Train!
    SpaceX Launches MYSTERIOUS Rocket Over Los Angeles
    iPhone HOT LAVA Test
    Full Coke Can In Hot LAVA
    Harrison Ford FREAKS OUT At David Blaine Trick
    Family Barely ESCAPES African Cheetah Attack
    Teenage Girls in Chinese Village All Have THIS Weird Thing In Common
    Walking Boston ROBOT Does What No Other Robot Has Done Before
    Praying Mantis Scares Off Predators With Kung Fu Moves
    Celebs React to "Yanny" or "Laurel"
    This Is How LEGOS Are Made
    The Most Dangerous Airport Runway In The World
    People Swin With Dolphins Under Water, Secret Function of Fire Trucks
    Professional Skateboarder On Wheelchair BREAKS RECORDS
    Biker Rides In Room Full Of Enlarged Kids Toys
    What's Inside A Giant Aluminium Ball?
    Incredible Objects Made Out Of Aluminium Foil
    Can You Crush An Aluminium Ball With A Hydraulic Press?
    Crushing LEGOS With A Hydraulic Press
    Superhero Creation Made Out Of Legos (Wonder Woman, ...)
    RARE Albino Gorilla Entertains Thousands Of People
    Talented Man Plays Giant 18 String Guitar On The Street
    What's Inside This Giant Cotton Candy Burrito?
    REAL-LIFE Spiderman Kid Breaks Guinness World Record!
    Unusual INVISIBLE House Made Out Of Mirrors
    Man Flies HUGE Drone Over The Ocean
    Car Becomes Invisible With SECRET Parking Lot
    BMW Car Turns Into A Real Life TRANSFORMER!
    HUGE Hologram Whale Splashes Students In School Gym
    What Happens When Legos Catch On FIRE?
    And Many More interesting and Mind-blowing videos!
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    1:26 is me on the toilet! I once exploded my mom!

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    You’re so cool

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    Plays his piano that is made out of elephants

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    They're not painting the floor, it's epoxy. And they they're sealing the wood floor not staining it. I know The Hub is a big channel, and I'm sure the team is on a constant time crunch, but misinformation regardless of its implications is still misinformation.

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    awesome videos .....

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    Too many repeating items

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    I've subscribed almost a year and a half ago! This channel is always entertaining! ❤️

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    The Acordian Cows were hilarious.

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