Brutality (India) vs Nspr (Thailand) - Dreamhack qualifiers 2017!

  • Published on Aug 27, 2017
  • This is a Dreamhack qualifier match between Brutality (India) vs Nspr (Thailand). We hope you enjoy the match.
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  • saltireX
    saltireX 4 months ago +1

    Easy comeback

  • Vivek T.
    Vivek T. 4 months ago


  • Rehan Ahamed
    Rehan Ahamed 5 months ago

    Mast tha.

  • Doctor Thund3r
    Doctor Thund3r 5 months ago

    Best gamer of india

  • KS
    KS 5 months ago

    alt se nikal mat kele

  • KS
    KS 5 months ago +1

    are kele XD

  • SKULL boy WEB
    SKULL boy WEB 5 months ago +1


  • swaroop nambiar
    swaroop nambiar 7 months ago

    sab se quiet player corsair
    rarely he speaks
    aur Pata ek bandha kyun noob bol rahe opponent team ke players ko
    karma hits back guys
    I want Indians to dominate csgo
    kissi ko bhi noob maat bollo pls

  • Aniket Kodre
    Aniket Kodre 8 months ago


  • Gaming Club
    Gaming Club 8 months ago +1

    Hackers vs pro noobs

  • hrishikesh ghadge
    hrishikesh ghadge 8 months ago

    Hack it is

  • Chaitanya Sk
    Chaitanya Sk 10 months ago

    you are not even good at the game wth

  • sayan karmakar
    sayan karmakar Year ago

    Vemon I need a help??????

  • Aravind Ab
    Aravind Ab Year ago


  • Mega Torrents
    Mega Torrents Year ago


  • Nirupam Choudhury
    Nirupam Choudhury Year ago +1

    Try one taps and improve y'all sprey

  • Nirupam Choudhury

    Csgo in India is shit for poor Network

  • Madrocx
    Madrocx Year ago

    I want to make career in gaming so from where should i taking risk

    • Himanshu Chaudhery
      Himanshu Chaudhery 7 months ago

      By streaming and play in land tournament. Or maybe with friends

  • Aryan
    Aryan Year ago +2

    They getting killed by p90 wtf :(

  • Aiden Pierce
    Aiden Pierce Year ago +5


  • the dockout
    the dockout Year ago

    p90 roxxxx

  • Subham Mukherjee
    Subham Mukherjee Year ago +6

    Try to transmit useful information. This isn't pub. Less chatter more focus in game :)

    DICCY DEXTRO Year ago

    Damn Comeback Keep It Up Indians!

  • Uzair Abdul Muhaimin

    Really proud of you guys. GG!

  • a straggling animater


  • Shantanu Jadon
    Shantanu Jadon Year ago +17

    You don't play well cause you converse reactions and all. too much trash talk... just saying no offense

    • THE ACER
      THE ACER 4 months ago

      He is the captain of team brutality. He needs to talk bro

    • this is so sad alexa play remote control
      this is so sad alexa play remote control 6 months ago +5

      +More Gameboxvlogs he is right even if hes a silver so technically this silver is smarter than this pro

    • The Mayor
      The Mayor 8 months ago +3

      @More Gameboxvlogs who gives a shit.He is right though

    • More Gameboxvlogs
      More Gameboxvlogs 8 months ago +25

      fun fact - hes a pro and ur a silver xD

  • Groovyy Lashe
    Groovyy Lashe Year ago


  • sangeeta chakraborty

    nice match guys!!!! India ka naam roshan karte raho 👍👍

  • divyanshu gautam
    divyanshu gautam Year ago +1

    Proud of u guyz
    Jai hind

  • berdcs
    berdcs Year ago

    Which dreamhack event qualifier was this

  • Bhargav Borah
    Bhargav Borah Year ago +4

    Qualifiers and playing with 200ping

  • subodh jangid
    subodh jangid Year ago

    यो कमेंट कोई न दिखबा सूं तो वयां रियो । ईं वास्ता खुद का मन की बात ही लिख दयूं।।
    ईं csgo मै हर अपडेट बाद मै fps गिर जाय चै।।अर पिंग की वजह सूं म्हे तो खेल ही कोना पांवा ढंग सूं ।। ज्यो मै तो डिलीट कर दियो ईं गेम न ही।।यो गेम खेलबा टै कम सूं कम डेढ लाख को कम्प्यूटर चावै।।अत्ता पिसा कोना म्हारा कनै तो भाया।।अब तो कमांवाला जणा खेलांगा।।

    • Siddharth Nandi
      Siddharth Nandi 7 months ago

      bhai me to 50 fps pe khel raha hu bohot time se ab aur girne laga to me bhi kar dunga delete

  • Mayur Bahuguna
    Mayur Bahuguna Year ago

    Im new to cs go
    Can anyone tell me is this the best team india got???

  • Shashank Dhar
    Shashank Dhar Year ago +10

    Is bhai ko bol pehle kha pi le phir khelna!! XD

  • Ansh Gupta
    Ansh Gupta Year ago +12

    This was an entertaning game but it would be better if u learn some smokes and flashes and improve ur aim .... Communication can also be made better and team play could be improved like how other pro teams like astralis or Gambit or any other EU teams play .. u guys are good players but u can do better than this :) all the best :)

    • N00BY N00B
      N00BY N00B Month ago

      @Ankit Panth lol

    • Navin Kodag
      Navin Kodag 5 months ago +2

      @Ankit Panth lmao

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +4

      Gabe Newell thank you for taking out time and writing your feedback. We will surely try to improve.

  • cloudboy_RJ
    cloudboy_RJ Year ago +96

    India me cs go ke kitne he talented log kyo na ho...bc ye ping hamesha marwa ti hai..#poor_network

    • Subhankar Dey
      Subhankar Dey 7 months ago

      Maine aaj Tak online multiplayer me 150 ping ke niche nahi khela

    • Runalmackno1 Gamerz
      Runalmackno1 Gamerz 10 months ago


    • Qwerty -_-
      Qwerty -_- Year ago

      Rishabh Jain sahi hai bhai.. mera toh normal ping 110-120 aur rank MG bc

    • rocket sloth
      rocket sloth Year ago

      Gordon Freeman tu har ek Indian cs go esports video par hai

  • G C
    G C Year ago

    itana badh q krtae hooo

  • TheGamer720x
    TheGamer720x Year ago +1

    Crosshair placement needs improvement.

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +2

      Thank you for your feedback. We will let him know.

  • Nilesh Maheshwari
    Nilesh Maheshwari Year ago +10

    gg boys!
    Some constructive criticism - There were simply too many team and self flashes. Try to work up a bit on that you guys. Some polishing with the communication ought to do the trick. There was a lot of gibberish stuff going on which was preventing important messages to pass on. Keep coms on point!
    Hope to see you guys keep playing and getting better every game!
    hfhf ;)

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +8

      Thank you for taking out time and helping us out with this. We will work on it.

  • BKCG gaming
    BKCG gaming Year ago

    Noob khel ra bhai to

  • Sajid Ali
    Sajid Ali Year ago +1

    i was wondering as a captain of a team why were you not leading the team

  • IT'S!ME
    IT'S!ME Year ago

    Love nice
    Jai hind

  • Sandeep Hande
    Sandeep Hande Year ago

    Hahaha..12:32..Kele haath mein gun nikal..rofl..

  • Anirudha Joshi
    Anirudha Joshi Year ago

    nice game brutals...... just one question.. what should i do about my ping... and which net u guys use

  • RyderBoy's Virtual Gaming

    Bhai yr ek hlp chaiye thi.. plz tu kis software se stream krta h and us software ki configuration kya h plz ispe ek video bna plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • BlesseD Gameboy
      BlesseD Gameboy Year ago

      Mr. Gamer are bhai ram kam he tere pc me tabi kam ati he ram jada kar pc ka ......tere pc me kya kya he bata mujr zara

    • RyderBoy's Virtual Gaming
      RyderBoy's Virtual Gaming Year ago

      acha but yr mera lag krta h jb bh m live stream krta hu fps 30-40 ki aane lgti h 😏

    • BlesseD Gameboy
      BlesseD Gameboy Year ago

      Mr. Gamer jo usme phele se ati he wahi rehne de... bus resolution jo tuje rakhna he wo chng krde

    • RyderBoy's Virtual Gaming
      RyderBoy's Virtual Gaming Year ago

      uniQ v han bro vo mujhe bh pta h. Mujhe configuration janni thi

    • BlesseD Gameboy
      BlesseD Gameboy Year ago

      Mr. Gamer obs likh Google par

  • Sohel Fazal
    Sohel Fazal Year ago


    • Madhav Khosla
      Madhav Khosla 8 months ago

      Almost every pro player plays at 768 res. lol

    • ๖ZEUS๛
      ๖ZEUS๛ Year ago +1

      Gabe Newell it actually lowers FOV. so the characters are bigger and easier to hit.

    • Ansh Gupta
      Ansh Gupta Year ago

      Sohel Fazal not everyone Is like shroud streaming at 1080p.... This resolution might be his choice because it gives a bit higher field of view

  • Prashant Shepherd
    Prashant Shepherd Year ago +1

    How can I play like that for our nation

  • rao siddharth
    rao siddharth Year ago

    finally Indian steam

  • KarMa ARSN
    KarMa ARSN Year ago

    Loved it soo entertaining

  • Libertyowner
    Libertyowner Year ago +7

    not at all Teamwork And damn ! no one knows the damn sprey of ak 😂 yet sab kar rahe hai sprey 😂

  • Libertyowner
    Libertyowner Year ago +4

    Silvers win?

  • parth sailor
    parth sailor Year ago +1

    CT me Jo bola tha ke noobde hai t side aaram se nikal lenge Bhai kya confidence hai....u guys r awesome specially venom 👍 cheers team brutality 💪

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago

      Thank you Parth. We will let him know. Keep supporting and stay BRUTAL!

  • Bhavin Maru
    Bhavin Maru Year ago

    Nice one!

  • Kartik Mishra
    Kartik Mishra Year ago +1

    Get out of csgo Indians
    Play some battlefield.

    • LokiMesh
      LokiMesh Year ago

      berdcs realism is meant to be fun

    • berdcs
      berdcs Year ago +1

      Gabe Newell no you like more money out of games.

    • Ansh Gupta
      Ansh Gupta Year ago +1

      berdcs well I like realism more in games

    • berdcs
      berdcs Year ago

      Gabe Newell games are meant to be fun. Not realistic.

    • Ansh Gupta
      Ansh Gupta Year ago +1

      Kartik Mishra and forget gamesense and skillful play no thanks already bored of noobs gg

  • FrOstbyte
    FrOstbyte Year ago +23

    " woh chakka 200 ping wala p90 leke rush karra hae " lmfao xD

  • Abhishek Matele
    Abhishek Matele Year ago

    Bhai log only 4k subs bro this is why indian teams don't grow we need support grow more

  • Pardesi Babu
    Pardesi Babu Year ago

    Nice comeback

  • Vocal_ Punjabi
    Vocal_ Punjabi Year ago

    Venom bhai I'm so happy that it feels like kissing u love from Mumbai 😘😘

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago

      We have sent your wishes to him. He says thank you.

  • TryPed. gg
    TryPed. gg Year ago +6

    Very puggish play style..

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +1

      We will work on that. Thank you for your feedback.

  • iDash
    iDash Year ago +2

    U qualified?

  • ๖ZEUS๛
    ๖ZEUS๛ Year ago

    we have a lot of expectations from you guys. best of luck

    SHOGUN PLAYZ Year ago

    Congo team brutality... for winning

  • Lightning Jake
    Lightning Jake Year ago

    nice frags venom!! i liked the starting rounds especially....and after all they too gave a tough compeititon !! but last thing which m waiting from so long.....THE STREAMS!!! xD plz start them used to like watching them......Brutality ftw!!!!!

    • Lightning Jake
      Lightning Jake Year ago

      Team Brutality yeay!!!!! Would love to watch it......and atb for ROG masters!!!

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +1

      He will be back soon with the madness.

  • Tri Fenix
    Tri Fenix Year ago +1

    India is going for dreamhack??

    • Tri Fenix
      Tri Fenix Year ago

      But you won this match

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +1

      Nope. Unfortunately no team from India could qualify.

  • Yashovat Binani
    Yashovat Binani Year ago


  • Somesh Gupta
    Somesh Gupta Year ago +3

    Dreamhack Astro qualifiers??? I thought it was limited to EU and NA... or is it something else??

    PRASHANT NATH Year ago

    congrats 😁😁😁

  • Pulkit Jain
    Pulkit Jain Year ago +3

    Great comeback ,loved the match especially that 21st round by pexxer was amazing although he couldn't win it but that's what started the comeback. And I think 23rd round where venom was like merko sabse last mai nice bola ,hahha :P

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago

      We think you all know he is a funny guy. He loves making people smile.

  • Amartya Verma
    Amartya Verma Year ago

    Congratulations xD

  • Argonyte
    Argonyte Year ago

    Nice Win! Congratulations!

  • TranSluSant Gaming
    TranSluSant Gaming Year ago +5

    Brutals don't take any tension bcoz you are real pros and those are fucking p90 noobs we are also facing this problems in valve p90 noobs

    • what its feels likes !
      what its feels likes ! Year ago +1

      neil kaklotar if p90 players are noobs no problem you are pro right kill them

    • Ayan Choudhury
      Ayan Choudhury Year ago +4

      neil kaklotar you're the exact type of person who awps even when they know enemy is near just for the context of 'skills' only to give away the awp. :) Pro players play to win in whatever gun they are comfortable in. P90 = noob and AWP/AK = pro is very wrong

    • your talking tech
      your talking tech Year ago

      both the teams are very powerful and playing nationally, so, the both teams are having harder players

    • Sleepy Tom
      Sleepy Tom Year ago +4

      dafuq? Using a gun doesn't make you a noob. Ghanta real pros. If you win or lose, doesn't matter as to how pro one is.

  • Sabyasachi Das
    Sabyasachi Das Year ago +7

    pexxer mic use kyu nahi karta chat mai likhna mai toh time lagta hain

    • Ankit Panth
      Ankit Panth  Year ago +8

      He had some technical issue.

    • Sabyasachi Das
      Sabyasachi Das Year ago +4

      Cuz he is a pro and most important he is not silver Xd

    • ๖ZEUS๛
      ๖ZEUS๛ Year ago +1

      CSGONATION but he got 30+ kills. strange

    • Sabyasachi Das
      Sabyasachi Das Year ago +1

      @savage q well thats the reason using mic is an important part of the game

    • ๖ZEUS๛
      ๖ZEUS๛ Year ago +3

      CSGONATION you can't even play Nova level without mics

  • Nipun Gupta
    Nipun Gupta Year ago +1

    omg spoiler why u write match result now can't .. pls don't do this[EDITED] BRUTALS ROCK! they edited their description of match result and I have also done same !;) thnx and go BRUTALS #RAGE ^_^

  • Sabyasachi Das
    Sabyasachi Das Year ago +62

    31:04 now thats the secret for there comeback check what venom is drinking its ROOAFZA power

  • Sabyasachi Das
    Sabyasachi Das Year ago +2


  • M T
    M T Year ago +16

    Nice match
    But don't spoil interest by writing the result in description couz I read discription and now I regret why I didn't watch match before that...

  • -BiG W0RM-
    -BiG W0RM- Year ago +1


  • FreshMAN
    FreshMAN Year ago +2