PlayStation 4 Pro vs XBOX One X - Which Console Should You Choose? [2019 Edition]

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
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    NOTE: You do need to pay for XBOX Live in order to play online multiplayer games on XBOX. It's a mistake on our end.
    So which console is the best - the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro) from Sony or the XBOX One X from Microsoft?
    That's exactly what we'll be looking at in this video. We'll take a look at the following aspects:
    - Hardware (both CPU and GPU)
    - Performance
    - Price
    - Games (selection, backward compatibility, online play)
    - Other improvements
    Let's get right onto it then, shall we?
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Comments • 351

  • beenie576
    beenie576 Day ago

    No one advantage because games arw expensive backward compatiblity

  • daddadification
    daddadification 2 days ago

    i think the ps4 pro a ripoff of a system
    Because i try my friends Ps4 pro to my ps4 launched
    nothing say it been boosted
    Boost mode is turn off
    than i turn it on
    The ps4 pro cashed why sony

  • daddadification
    daddadification 2 days ago

    $100 more - $100 for a 4k player
    if Sony cost about £90 $80 no one want to pay for ps plus because it a ripoff

  • daddadification
    daddadification 2 days ago

    VR head for Ps4 pro binded me
    my doctor say is not you is the maker of the vr headset for ps4
    i have been bind about 2 weeks
    i choose to sell the vr headset away so i dont be bind by the headset
    Xbox may not have vr because it may bind people or fans

  • Abhi Ramreddy
    Abhi Ramreddy 20 days ago

    Xbox is a worst console but ps4 is the best console

  • Iffat Khan
    Iffat Khan 21 day ago +1

    I select Xbox 🎮 one X, that is a better option 😀 Okie

  • Eddie Baggett
    Eddie Baggett 24 days ago +1

    The PS4 pro looks with movies

  • Mike Belin
    Mike Belin 24 days ago +1

    I own both a ps4 pro and a xbox one x. The xbox one has better graphics and runs way quieter the ps4 pro I cant hear myself think when I play it. In my opinion the best would be a xbox one x with the playstation store. Just my two cents

  • Usher Btw
    Usher Btw 27 days ago +2

    PS4 pro is £500 and Xbox one x is £400

  • Stacy Summerour
    Stacy Summerour Month ago

    The Xbox one x is more better

  • Mohmed Zahra
    Mohmed Zahra Month ago +1


  • Luis Garza
    Luis Garza Month ago

    You missed something on the xbox. If you have gold you could get 2 games on xbox one and 1 xbox 360 game for free. And you forgot about the game pass. That is a really good subscription. You could download over 100 game for free and for you first time buying it, you could get it for 3 months for 1 dollar

  • spam
    spam 2 months ago

    As someone who is blessed to own both, the Xbox One X has noticeably better graphics than the PS4 Pro’s. Is that to say the PS4 Pro is bad? Absolutely not. However, if you are looking for the system in which games look the best, you should undoubtedly go with the Xbox One X.
    In my view, an upgrade from the OG Xbox One or One S to the Xbox One X is absolutely worth it. However, the jump from the OG PS4 to the PS4 Pro was definitely not worth it, in my view. I barely noticed a difference. I could immediately notice a difference in graphics as soon as I got my One X.
    If you do not own one of the current gen systems and are currently looking into getting a PS4 or Xbox One, I would personally go with their more powerful variants if you don’t mind spending a little extra. I know money is tight though, so you definitely couldn’t go wrong the older versions, since they still play the same games. All of them are solid systems and if you love video games, you’ll have a lot of fun!
    P.S. I totally didn’t mean to make a review/buyers guide, but I just started typing and I guess that’s what I did XD

  • alam md shah
    alam md shah 2 months ago +5

    I like X box one X .
    Who like X box one X live a like

    HAMDAAN ANSARI 2 months ago +1

    i dont like ps4

  • - F.B.I
    - F.B.I 2 months ago

    one x like
    ps4pro comment

  • Rajveer Singh
    Rajveer Singh 2 months ago

    Ps4 pro

  • Estefano Rivas-Ruiz
    Estefano Rivas-Ruiz 3 months ago

    Xbox one x

  • wolf ninja 101
    wolf ninja 101 3 months ago


  • قناة من كل فن طرف

    Ps4pro is 1,000,000$

  • Ekorn Gutten
    Ekorn Gutten 3 months ago


  • urwa's weekend horror stories umar

    ps4 pro is better than xbox one x
    if you like ps4 pro like

  • T. Davis
    T. Davis 3 months ago

    I've finished all the xbox titles. Now I use it as a door stop.

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed 4 months ago

    Vote ps4 for the games

  • Mia Johnson
    Mia Johnson 4 months ago

    I have a 4k smart tv. I purchased an Xbox One, because of backward compatibility
    and Blu-Ray. My console came with 2 controllers + NBA 2K19 was around $460,
    including shipping and tax. However, my go-to console is an Atari 2600.

  • Jimmy Agera
    Jimmy Agera 4 months ago

    Well, the difference in 4k was negligible then but now... PS4 Pro isn't even close.

  • Shankar Sai
    Shankar Sai 4 months ago

    Xbox is best

  • D The Engineer
    D The Engineer 4 months ago

    People care more about graphics than just having fun

  • amr hardan
    amr hardan 4 months ago


  • Aabel SansCon
    Aabel SansCon 4 months ago

    I AGREE!

  • Keanu Playz
    Keanu Playz 4 months ago

    the only reason i would choose the ps4 is if i would get marvels spiderman for it , if not then XBOX RULES!😎

  • Mr. Racing
    Mr. Racing 4 months ago +1


    • Mr. Racing
      Mr. Racing 4 months ago +1

      Also, #playstationsucks

  • Kyler Ward
    Kyler Ward 4 months ago

    PlayStation trash

  • Nad Entertainment
    Nad Entertainment 4 months ago

    Xbox and PlayStation 4 are both great consoles!

    But I pick Playstation 2 because it has awesome games!

  • Captain Captes
    Captain Captes 4 months ago

    I choose PlayStation pro 4 because is much better than Xbox one x

  • michael rafferty
    michael rafferty 4 months ago

    Paying an extra £100 just for a slightly more powerful console isn’t worth it

  • UrboyCrazy
    UrboyCrazy 4 months ago

    Ps4 pro wins

  • Leon Charlie
    Leon Charlie 4 months ago

    I love Sony PS4

  • Josh Mouat
    Josh Mouat 5 months ago

    xbox one x is WAY better than the ps4 pro.

  • The Ari
    The Ari 5 months ago

    Ps4 pro did not have a good graphics as xbox one x, but ps4 pro had the beat exclusive games so gamers like it than the xbox

  • Min_ Ereu
    Min_ Ereu 5 months ago

    Xbox one x=specs, games, controller, and a lot more
    PS4=a trash
    My opinion

  • MEMELORD 404 Not Found
    MEMELORD 404 Not Found 5 months ago

    You forgot about Xbox Live Gold 4 games a month and Xbox Live Gamepass

  • Sathish Kumar
    Sathish Kumar 5 months ago +1

    Best clarity Xbox one x

  • Arshdeep Saini
    Arshdeep Saini 5 months ago +1

    Xbox Is Much Better Then PS4 In My Opinion

  • Link !
    Link ! 5 months ago


  • Matej Bozinoski
    Matej Bozinoski 5 months ago

    Maybe Xbox x is better than ps4 but ps5 is coming soon

  • Resad Omarli
    Resad Omarli 5 months ago


  • KILL3R Zero
    KILL3R Zero 5 months ago

    PlayStation was always better and forever

    • Gold_ 2474
      Gold_ 2474 Month ago

      Moose Click not better than the x, but still good

    THE KILLER CHIEF 5 months ago

    frickbox and gaybox

  • info pual
    info pual 5 months ago

    i like the pc4

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 5 months ago

    All 3rd party games are running better on Xbox x + Blu Ray dvd drive inside the xbox -- PS4 exclusives games are little reason to buy outdated console xbox x is better value Box

  • Ghost 101
    Ghost 101 5 months ago +1

    I agreee

  • AWEZOME videos and gaming

    ps4 gang

  • uki smoothio
    uki smoothio 5 months ago

    Playstation is a poor man console (broke bitches) xbox is well put together well thought up nothing cheap at all about xbox and above all most strongest not just in speed,no sound, endurance but it's also very strong like if u were to drop it from 20 ft it would still work unlike your cheap piece of shit playstation made out of the cheapest material ever made in some foreign country and starts sounding like a dirt bike after a 2 years playstation is just complete excuse of a gaming console it's more of an expensive DVD player and that's not even good xbox is Deffentley the superior console #BigFacts any there's many other reasons I could go on with telling how ps4 is not even close to being a good console and how xbox is deffentley the superior console and one last thing xbox was actually always the quickest console not only in start up speed but loading game speed console speed and it's overall just faster at anything over the ps4 AND GUESS WHAT THIS HAS ALL BEEN PROOVEN LMFAOOO !

  • Zack Chism
    Zack Chism 6 months ago

    Ps4 pro bedroom

  • Jusedd
    Jusedd 6 months ago +5

    PS4 is best to play, but XBOX is for fun.
    I choose PS4!

  • Rasad Ahmadov
    Rasad Ahmadov 6 months ago


  • Big Belly Gaming
    Big Belly Gaming 6 months ago +7

    Xbox is better because its more powerful and did not lie about 4k gaming experience; and i am an Xbox fan

  • pewdiepie Edgar
    pewdiepie Edgar 6 months ago

    Xbox is better but ps4 is still a nice. Gameing

  • Dan Nemes
    Dan Nemes 6 months ago

    I have a PC for specs and true gaming. I choose PS4 PRO beacuse I want more games to choose from while on the couch

  • Jocelyn  Timothe
    Jocelyn Timothe 6 months ago

    Forgot to mention Xbox 360 enhance graphics, that's amazing!

  • EclipezZ YS
    EclipezZ YS 7 months ago

    I'm a PS fan

  • Rhind Rua
    Rhind Rua 7 months ago

    Xbox One X is better in my opinion

  • gamecission
    gamecission 7 months ago

    You have really fucking good reasons for ps4 pro but I’m still not sure which console I should get

  • The Mack g&g
    The Mack g&g 7 months ago

    Bro Xbox gold gives u games every month as well

  • Console Gaming YT
    Console Gaming YT 7 months ago

    I got the original PS4 and I got the Nintendo Switch but I’m bored of the PS4 and I don’t know what console to buy but I like a lot forza but Xbox one x is to overpriced and I’m a teenager too can you guys help me here pls

  • King Diamond
    King Diamond 7 months ago +1

    I think, ps4 Pro is way better, differences are so smalls, but if keep 4K priority, Xbox one x but if not keep that 4K priority, ps4 Pro, consols are same level. I don't keep that 4K player priority, blu ray enough for me and i wait, ps4 neo. Where is in that 4K player. But i am heard about that, ps4 Pro is more value for money, in way. I think Xbox one x benefit what ps4 have not, is only that 4K blu ray player, not else.

  • Santa Claus
    Santa Claus 7 months ago

    I have a ps4 but the controller looks sexy and maybe the graphics are better

  • Aventador195
    Aventador195 7 months ago +18

    Xbox One X is overall a better Console

  • Jovanny htx
    Jovanny htx 8 months ago

    Getting an Xbox one x because of its 4k. And new tv that’s 4k for red dead redemption 2. Game of year gs.

  • SSF Vids
    SSF Vids 8 months ago

    I love fh3 but I quickly found out that fh3 is Microsoft(pc and Xbox) exclusive game so I buy the One X instead.
    Forza horizon games must need PS4 port of them

  • Gaming With Ricardo
    Gaming With Ricardo 8 months ago

    Dam in my country xbox is cheaper than ps4 😂😂😂😂

  • Mootube
    Mootube 8 months ago

    PS4 is one hell of a gaming beast

  • Bogdan Lomov
    Bogdan Lomov 8 months ago +8


  • samad afzal
    samad afzal 8 months ago +5

    Ps4 is better than Xbox x

  • JoaKimzen
    JoaKimzen 8 months ago

    Exclusive games: PS4
    Specs: XBOne X
    I have always been a PS4 fan, but Xbox wins this time.
    I'm getting the Xbox one X since I already have the original PS4.

  • Legendary Memes
    Legendary Memes 8 months ago +2

    Xbox one s

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown 8 months ago

    PlayStation controller is awful

  • PZguy76 legendary
    PZguy76 legendary 8 months ago

    Both are awesome 😉

  • {TF141 Delta} Vinnime
    {TF141 Delta} Vinnime 8 months ago

    Xbox one x is better choice.

  • William Yeo
    William Yeo 9 months ago

    i think ps4 pro better because it has many exclusive games. yes, indeed xbox one x has a higher specs, but if i need a higher spec i can build a custom pc with nvidia 2080Ti GPU.

  • Joel Upward
    Joel Upward 9 months ago

    Owned both however I would base my priority on the games on the system rather than prioritise 4k

  • ibrahem hazrati
    ibrahem hazrati 9 months ago +1

    PS4 pro is the best

  • Fcgg Fgbb
    Fcgg Fgbb 9 months ago

    get the one x or the pro and one s ???

  • Jade Samson Dura
    Jade Samson Dura 9 months ago +3

    PS4 Pro!!!!!

  • Fransisca Dewi
    Fransisca Dewi 9 months ago

    Tim ps4 pro; xbox is noob

  • DC7 4MA
    DC7 4MA 9 months ago

    X box one x only

  • ツHvrdle
    ツHvrdle 9 months ago

    Ps4 is for little kids with tiny fingers and a mush brain. Jesus Christ Grow Up Xbox Is For Older People So If your looking to grow up anytime soon get an xbox

  • ツHvrdle
    ツHvrdle 9 months ago +49

    I’m an Xbox guy and I would pay the extra $100 For a more powerful console

    • D The Engineer
      D The Engineer 4 months ago

      Yeah it's not about having fun! It's about bragging about good graphics!

    • Kyler Ward
      Kyler Ward 4 months ago


    • KILL3R Zero
      KILL3R Zero 5 months ago

      But less exclusives

    • RPG Gaming
      RPG Gaming 5 months ago

      +Liam Static Wrong.

    • Daniel Deltoro
      Daniel Deltoro 6 months ago

      RPG Gaming you really act like you’re going to be playing those exclusives 99% of the time.

  • Work and Play
    Work and Play 9 months ago

    i have a PC that blows both out of the water. But i still own a PS4 pro for the classic PS2 games and to lay on the couch and play some uncharted or god of war

    TEJAS RANDIVE 9 months ago


    TEJAS RANDIVE 9 months ago +5

    Next generation​ is vr generation

    TEJAS RANDIVE 9 months ago

    If new gaming console came with all you want in budget will you buy please reply

  • Solperk
    Solperk 9 months ago

    I think there an Xbox fan

  • FLOP
    FLOP 9 months ago

    Only reason why peoples hate xbox is they dont have it :)

  • Fatal Error
    Fatal Error 9 months ago

    I would buy both because I got both ps4 Xbox one s a VR and omen laptop

  • IcyKillSwitch79
    IcyKillSwitch79 9 months ago

    I have a xbox and pc i like them both because there from Microsoft. window and xbox stick together go Microsoft

  • lfin _77
    lfin _77 9 months ago +1

    More powerful is a fact. But... I rather spend $500 on bloodborn, god of war, horizon zero dawn(game of the year), the last of us, Noih, and this sick game coming out ghost of tsushima

  • lfin _77
    lfin _77 9 months ago +3

    Xbox vs ps4
    Amazing games on the ps4, such as god of war, bloodborn, horizon zero dawn and such.
    “But what about halo”... the game died since halo 3...
    PSVR is fucking amazing
    I own both console and I like the Xbox, but I fucking love the ps4!

    • King J
      King J 8 months ago

      How is the Xbox one X I am going to get it soon and I need some advice from someone that has it. I already have a ps4 but I want a upgraded console to sit right beside my ps4