Merchant got his own card?! | Crimson Curse Card Review - Part 11

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
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Comments • 16

  • Norbert Caillet
    Norbert Caillet Month ago

    "Because skellige wasn't strong enough" XD

  • Luzik Arbuzik
    Luzik Arbuzik Month ago

    "Ardvald" swim, pls

  • Bence Balázs
    Bence Balázs Month ago

    "Ardvald" 😂

  • Дмитрий С
    Дмитрий С Month ago

    waiting for "Traveling Swim" card release

  • TheAledoPro
    TheAledoPro Month ago +1

    3:47 whats da joke, i have to know, pls send help

    • Max van Hooren
      Max van Hooren Month ago

      because making fun of swim is half the fun.
      Myslingi: Its very pee
      Myslingi: almost poo
      (swim was just explaining how much provisions -> P -> pee, each of the cards were)
      Other half is of the fun is swim being the best CCG steamer. Luv you swim

  • R.J. MacReady
    R.J. MacReady Month ago

    Ducal Guard is good because it makes Nauzica Sergeant better because you aren't just running two engines in a deck. Now we run 6. You are absolutely about the cost though Assimilate is the worst.

    • Luzik Arbuzik
      Luzik Arbuzik Month ago

      You can run also those mages with purify (i forget their name) and impera enforcers!

    • Cyka Blyat
      Cyka Blyat Month ago +1

      Ducal guards are good baits as well. I've been playing them and they keep removing them, and when I play nauzica, they remain.

  • OverKing53
    OverKing53 Month ago +3

    You're kinda right about Thrive, Harmony and Assimilate.
    But you forgot that they have also different "Playing Order Restrictions" as I would call it.
    So Thrive has high restrictions, because potentially your best outcome is when you play the small units first and then the stronger ones and the strongest last.
    Harmony has not that much restrictions in gameplay, because it doesn't matter if you play a dwarf or elf first, but for example you still don't want to play a second dwarf as long as you have another new race in your hand.
    And finally, Assimilate has no order restrictions in gameplay at all. You just play a card, that's not in your deck. It doesn't matter which card you use to achieve this effect next.
    So, I don't think it's that ass as it seems.
    But what I don't like, is, that there's no card like Water of Brokilon (which provides Harmony synergy), that provides synergy with Assimilate.

  • Twoface
    Twoface Month ago +1

    Hows dota cardgame there is new videos kappa

  • cupeater
    cupeater Month ago +2

    funny stuff.

  • xaero xiii
    xaero xiii Month ago +26

    It's a shame Merchant decided to only invest time on MTG. There's nothing wrong playing more than 1 card game.

    • Anony Mous
      Anony Mous Month ago

      xaero xiii mtg is dumb af. I think its just ego.

  • staramuha
    staramuha Month ago +14

    Nice b8 m8 :D

  • wojtulace
    wojtulace Month ago +7

    Merchant got stuck in MTG