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Liz Truss' Conservative conference speech deconstructed | Comment

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • Morten Morland deconstructs Liz Truss' maiden speech at the Conservative party conference.
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Comments • 535

  • Mark Needham
    Mark Needham Month ago +386

    I’m not sure why a tory paper is doing this but I’m here for it 😂

    • Matthew Potter
      Matthew Potter Month ago

      The whole Truss premiership is totally unsalvageable now anyway, even the most stubborn and/or deluded Tory knows it and pretending otherwise would be a new definition of insanity.

    • Primal Convoy
      Primal Convoy Month ago +1

      @Proper Gander Making "toffee"?

    • Chris D
      Chris D Month ago

      Labour are 25 points ahead in the polls. The Times switched to Labour the last time that happened (Blair),even The Telegraph switched in 1997 although only at the last minute. The Tories are down to their base support now, the idiots who read the mail and express. The tide has turned and little wonder, a government that lost the country 65 billion pounds in three days, u-turned and then talked of growing pies!

    • George Garner
      George Garner Month ago

      The Times is no longer right-wing if you can’t tell.

    • MrB1923
      MrB1923 Month ago

      Put a patsy in charge, let them take the heat, then DESTROY them.

  • Adam Abele
    Adam Abele Month ago +240

    This is a piece of art that pays the new PM all the respect she deserves.

  • Woku Toferati
    Woku Toferati Month ago +181

    Love how they factored in the pauses for applause that never came 🤣🤣 this is pretty good for the Times!

    • Michael Mouse
      Michael Mouse Month ago +1

      The way to spot a sycophant at a Tory conference is to notice how long & often they applaud. Nauseating.

  • El Presidente
    El Presidente Month ago +117

    Brilliant summation of what was probably the most vacuous speech ever given by any party leader.

  • Stephen Riley
    Stephen Riley Month ago +134

    More credible than the original, nice work.

  • Jelly Baby
    Jelly Baby Month ago +54

    Oh, she doesn't need a comic sketch to look stoopid, she's great at it on her own

    • MrVidification
      MrVidification Month ago +2

      The same can be said for almost every politician

  • brick shitenhauser
    brick shitenhauser Month ago +56

    there’s no way the HEALTH secretary could stand for that long

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Month ago

      Never underestimate Liz - I’m secretly convinced she can fly as she has always been such a lightweight.

  • The AJ
    The AJ Month ago +255

    I'm what Truss might call "anti-growth"
    You know, proper investment in the education and health of citizens. Curtailing the worst greed and avarice of markets and companies with no social responsibility. Protecting the environment and hopefully shielding our children from further ecological decline of our planet.
    There's a word for endless growth in finite sorroundings in the natural word: Cancer.

    • Tamar Harris
      Tamar Harris Month ago


    • Red Faz
      Red Faz Month ago

      @Snow Storm yes...my point, thanks for pointing that out to me...I think 🤔

    • Snow Storm
      Snow Storm Month ago

      @Red Faz Yes it is and you're right. Yet we are currently in a cost of living crisis.

    • Red Faz
      Red Faz Month ago

      @Snow Storm not enough resources... I assume you mean money... as you are talking about education....not mining or manufacturing.... surely the amount of money in the world atm is beyond anything its ever been...... just saying

    • Red Faz
      Red Faz Month ago

      @R R said one bot to another

  • Michael Davies
    Michael Davies Month ago +67

    -Prime Minister, the people can't afford bread.
    -Let them eat pie

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago +1

      @Richard Cleft
      Don't be silly.
      Why go to all that trouble when they can just ply "Kama" Kwasi Kwarteng with a glass of champers and get the budget in advance!
      Oh sorry, my mistake!
      They do what you said for fun.

    • Richard Cleft
      Richard Cleft Month ago +2

      And if you water that pie with the tears of children who's parents died due to inadequate healthcare, the pie grows just enough for some hedge funds to make a tidy profit!

    • MIra S
      MIra S Month ago

      the pie is not for plain folks, the bread-eaters,
      the big pie is for rich Tory donnors and members of libertarian cult pulling her strings

  • Edward Scissor Hands
    Edward Scissor Hands Month ago +21

    I thought this was a NY Times video at first and thought we're a laughing stock to the rest of the world now. Fortunately I was wrong about one of those things.

  • Ryan Gibson
    Ryan Gibson Month ago +5

    That was great. I loved how you captured the true sense of her face melting. I got that feeling when I watched the real speech. Just more conservative BS mixed with fallacies on how markets truly work and what spurs growth.

  • ModelCitizen202
    ModelCitizen202 Month ago +9

    It's the devious chuckle at the end that does it for me!
    Our Glorious Leader speaks to the Nation 🇬🇧😂

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Month ago

      Does this mean the times have dropped the tories then?

  • emilymcplugger
    emilymcplugger Month ago +75

    You can’t grow a pie!
    You can cook a pie, you can make a bigger pie, but you can’t grow a pie!
    There is no magic pie tree!

    • Quasimofo
      Quasimofo Month ago

      @Samsuhadi Waspada i read that as beard 😂

    • John Craske
      John Craske Month ago +2

      I can exclusively reveal that the reason that Conor Burns was sacked was because he was caught stealing Liz Truss's pie.

    • Emmanuel Goldspleen
      Emmanuel Goldspleen Month ago

      Liz, you couldn’t present a … cat!

    • David Young
      David Young Month ago

      There is in Liz Truss's head!

    • Neil
      Neil Month ago

      @Paul N See, I see what you’re saying and mocking. Oven ready pie, oven ready Brexit deal, get Brexit done.
      If you look at the out-working of Dunning-Kruger then you realise that those who are unencumbered by intelligence and knowledge “sound” like they are “sure”. People who don’t know gravitate to those that “sound” like they know what they’re talking about and “simple” slogans replace actual debate on what’s best.
      All jokes aside, Liz Truss is actually on paper a “great” modern politician. Thick, ignorant (in the true sense of the word), and only capable of delivering a short slogan without being capable of actually expanding upon the idea or vision. Fine when the 6 o’clock news shows 8 seconds, not fine when she has to do an interview on Sunday morning where someone asks her questions.
      Then she looks like the President in the movie Idiocracy.

  • Thomas Cassidy
    Thomas Cassidy Month ago

    Glorious ❤️❤️ piece as ever.I love the very genius animation.Thank you .

  • Proper Gander
    Proper Gander Month ago +24

    Keep up the great work 👍
    Quite frankly their is nothing more refreshing than watching Tory toffs tearing shreds out of each other 🎖️

  • John Bryson
    John Bryson Month ago +13

    I actually understood this speech. Pity I can,t say the same for the original.

    • I Worship
      I Worship Month ago

      Then have no fear, you just had it translated 😉

  • Mark Persis
    Mark Persis Month ago +50

    Fantastic, please do more of these. Reminds me of Cassette Boy!

    • Chris D
      Chris D Month ago

      He's still going but sadly has lost his edge.

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago

      Politics Joe do some excellent remix parodies.

    • CWK
      CWK Month ago

      scuffed Cassette Boy, and that's saying something - Cassette Boy has, to quote RDJ, "gone full-retard" in recent years.

  • Eternity **gigi riri
    Eternity **gigi riri Month ago +1

    This is a piece of art that pays the new PM all the respect she deserves.

  • Jas Begs
    Jas Begs Month ago +3

    This is great = very well done and funny.

  • s4k0
    s4k0 Month ago

    😂 first time I see her being honest. Great 👍🏼

  • Cespar
    Cespar Month ago

    You'd never see anything like this from the Torygraph. Props to the Times for breaking their narrative though 👏

  • Gimme 5
    Gimme 5 Month ago +1

    Never underestimate Liz - I’m secretly convinced she can fly as she has always been such a lightweight.

  • Mart34
    Mart34 Month ago +1

    The problem has always been short term thinking by careerist politicians engaging in system serving behavior. Biggest example is politicians enacting policies that benefit their donors, then when they've finished their destructive political career, getting a job with their donors.

  • MattD Parker
    MattD Parker Month ago +22

    Coffey in the background smoking the cigar 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago +1

      She probably put that on expenses.

  • Hadi Naqui
    Hadi Naqui Month ago +15

    The Times has done this...this is brilliant 👏

    • sirrodneyffing1
      sirrodneyffing1 Month ago

      @Hadi Naqui Why? Oh, er, let's think?; I guess it was just ad hominem personal vindictiveness and not simply a response to a stupid brain-dead sycophantic comment you made about that video being 'brilliant'. You comment was just the first on the list of opinions that are ten a penny.

    • Hadi Naqui
      Hadi Naqui Month ago

      @sirrodneyffing1 cool story bro, your reply has left me speechless. 😂😂😂
      Surprising though that you made this reply on my comment, ignoring others who have said the same thing.
      I wonder why?

    • sirrodneyffing1
      sirrodneyffing1 Month ago

      It's utter crap. How pathetic.

  • keep itsteel
    keep itsteel Month ago +5

    Another 6 years of this:
    "I know your 100 hour week with no real benefits is hard, but we need you to work like this to get growth, you wouldn't want to be part of the anti growth coalition now, would you..or worse still a union.. you'll be sent to Rwanda like the rest of them"

  • Roggs Family Mx
    Roggs Family Mx Month ago

    Very welldone on this spot on the mark 👏 👌🏼 👍🏼

  • dav3bassman
    dav3bassman Month ago +83

    oh wow a tory paper finally 'turning the page'. This dangerous woman should be stopped

    • MrVidification
      MrVidification Month ago +2

      Not always Tory. It was a New Tony supporting paper 2001-2010

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago +2

      The Times is what you might call loosely affiliated with the Tories, but they aren't above tearing them a new one when deserving.
      Well, until uncle Rupert (Australia's most venomous creepy crawly) shouts down the phone and makes the editor piss his pants!

    • gazza595
      gazza595 Month ago +4

      Yes! We must have turned a corner when a piece like this is published under a Times banner. Is this a sign of things to come?

  • Paul Franklin
    Paul Franklin Month ago +17

    More lifelike than the thing that stood on its hind legs and spoke yesterday morning

  • jamesc
    jamesc Month ago +66

    Does this mean the times have dropped the tories then?

    • MysticHero
      MysticHero Month ago

      @Monk of Mayhem I am talking about the consensus. Because it's not just one institution as my comment clearly said. It's not my problem that your reading comprehension is lacking.
      Just google it. This really is consensus. Any actual research on the matter finds the same thing. Loughborough university reports are something to look at as they do regular research on media bias in the UK. There is a report every election and sometimes inbetween as well. But in general it has been pretty consitently shown that UK media is very biased towards the right. I know thats hard to believe when you are constantly blasted by conservative propaganda about the establishment or woke people or whatever running the media but it's pretty undeniable.
      You are always welcome to offer a source that disagrees or show how their methodology is flawed. The data is there to look through. But I think we both know you don't have an actual reason to doubt this beyond the truth being uncomfortable.

    • Reasoner Enlightened
      Reasoner Enlightened Month ago

      ​@jamesc well, my vote goes to the politician who would ensure wages go up and the cost of living goes down even if it means to take on the share-holders.

    • jamesc
      jamesc Month ago

      @Reasoner Enlightened I hate to say it as much as that would be the ideal system it's not the one we have . Shareholders will not tolerate deminishing returns on their investment so profits cannot be allowed to fall this is the principle of free market capitalism so profits can only go up

    • Monk of Mayhem
      Monk of Mayhem Month ago

      @MysticHero no not because my feelings, because you just said “research” if it was a credible institution you would have said the name otherwise it could be labour party for all i know

    • Reasoner Enlightened
      Reasoner Enlightened Month ago

      ​@jamesc as wages increase and prices decrease the owners will have to make less profit or even sell some shares ...or they must find ways to increase the volume of sales.

  • dayzkiller2021
    dayzkiller2021 Month ago +3

    love it she is sooo bad at this job cant wait to vote her out

  • Sudha Gopal
    Sudha Gopal Month ago +10

    Excellent. Kudos.

  • Richard Parker
    Richard Parker Month ago +3

    Very accurate indeed!

  • Travis Hawkins
    Travis Hawkins Month ago +6

    That laugh had me.

  • Harriet Lyall
    Harriet Lyall Month ago

    Love ❤ it!

  • I Worship
    I Worship Month ago

    These always crack me up 😂

  • M i Α vℓσg gσ тσ му ¢haηηєℓ!

    More credible than the original, nice work.

  • Colin Farren
    Colin Farren Month ago +1

    ROFL wih the credits. Liz Truss as herself. Brilliant stuff. Salute to the cartoonists and art persons who put this together.

  • Colin Farren
    Colin Farren Month ago

    Wow, 30 seconds in and heres my opinion for what it's worth! This really is her and Kwasi sitting like he's been beaten into submission or some such. Great piece of art and I would say satire, but it's not, this is how the woman really thinks! Try getting this on the BEEB.

  • Enochoo
    Enochoo Month ago +1

    That laughing, Lmao 😂

  • Conscious
    Conscious Month ago

    Amazing Liz leading the nation.

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago

      Straight down the toilet.

  • Stoatsack
    Stoatsack Month ago +2

    It doesn't need deconstructing the original mix is absolutely bonkers, I'm still convince this whole ordeal is a glitch in the matrix and the apprentice contestants have ben put in charge of the country.

  • video watch r
    video watch r Month ago +4

    Worst we have had yet. Talk about not reading the room. We are so close to riot it's not funny.

  • Dale Monster
    Dale Monster Month ago

    Doc, you are so right - Dr Sowell needs huge recognition and a statue... so be it

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams Month ago

    More coherent than the actual speech, and your cartoon representation of Mad Lizzie is warmer and more relatable than the wooden android herself. What a mess.

  • funkdoubt1
    funkdoubt1 Month ago

    The filthy lectern. The brazen incompetence. The voicelessness of her words and the absence of ANYTHING, judicious, spot on. If only we could celebrate the accuracy !? 😂🫡😳

  • william chick
    william chick Month ago +4

    And This is coming from the times and the Sunday Times a Tory supporting paper,
    do you get the feeling that she is finished and her Government as well.

    • Richard Valvona
      Richard Valvona Month ago

      She'll be finished but not the Conservatives. Boris Johnson careful planned for this to happen in order to save his own reputation in the hopes of getting into Number 10. It's the reason he extended the leadership voting to all party members instead of just Tory MPs. It's a distraction to make people forget about his party scandals and ward off Keir Starmer's questions about this subject. The media aren't telling us this. They want to build people up with false hope that the Tories will finally be ousted and with the hope that there's a chance that Labour will get in and improve this country again. It's a trap.

  • ISA 700
    ISA 700 Month ago

    Man I can’t get enough of these videos

  • Esseker
    Esseker Month ago +15

    Got the face right anyway 🤨.

  • Steven Howard
    Steven Howard Month ago

    Awesome work!

  • whogivesaflyingfock
    whogivesaflyingfock Month ago +2

    2:01 comedy gold

  • UFORevelation0999
    UFORevelation0999 Month ago +5

    God this is as accurate as cheese.

  • Barbara Weaver
    Barbara Weaver Month ago +2

    Wondrous! & I love the dowdy figure with the muffler....🤡

  • TantrumTV
    TantrumTV Month ago

    How can she stand there and say labour have no plan 🤣

  • Robotboy
    Robotboy Month ago +1

    Nailed it!

  • Trains and Bhans
    Trains and Bhans Month ago +1

    Think this is very well done 👏👏👏nice video.

  • Shivan Shivan
    Shivan Shivan Month ago +2

    Marvellously thought up

  • Zaheer Patel
    Zaheer Patel Month ago

    The true face of the political party in power for the last time

  • Jack Dunn
    Jack Dunn Month ago

    Awesome job. 👍

  • Morgan White
    Morgan White Month ago

    She put the tax cut in place to help, then retreated on it because benefits people got upset, that says all we need to know about her😂😂😂😂 but honestly… when I saw the name Liz and not Elizabeth, it just shows, lack of awareness of her position and where she is. Trying to be the ‘everyman’ when she isn’t. Lets see what else she backs out of now 😂

  • Iain Elliott
    Iain Elliott Month ago +1

    She must stand aside and allow Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins to build the better fairer safer greener more sustainable society we all want.

  • tintongroup
    tintongroup Month ago

    wow, this is art!

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss Month ago

    As a current, regretful, resident in the UK .. this country is absolutely going to sh*t. I have plans to ditch this disaster and I am counting the days.

  • De Doc
    De Doc Month ago +2

    When the going gets tough... The Truss gets going...🤪

  • B k
    B k Month ago +5

    We can't give in ( to the voices!) Lol

  • FatShepp ORS
    FatShepp ORS Month ago

    That’s some great news 😂

  • momagraf
    momagraf Month ago

    Simply awesome!!!!! I think I'll post it on the profile of my country's minister of economy! Greetings from the southern hemisphere. Cheers"

    COMPACT TWIST Month ago

    I love these videos🤣

  • Kyle Netherwood
    Kyle Netherwood Month ago +2

    I like how Kwarteng does one timy thing and disaster follows (in the sketch not real life)

  • Hangman
    Hangman Month ago +11

    Unfortunately only Johnson and Sunak are laughing now

    • Richard Valvona
      Richard Valvona Month ago

      Yes because this is a mere distraction. Johnson planned this all along by extending the leadership vote to all party members knowing that someone totally reckless will take his place. It will make him seem not so bad after all in comparison and with the media now focused on this instead, the public will forget about Johnson's disregard for the rules. His plan is to get try and get back into Number 10 and been seen in a good light again.

  • Artur S
    Artur S Month ago

    Really ?! Very professional journalism

  • Anthony Clegg
    Anthony Clegg Month ago +5

    She couldn't build a sand castle.

  • Valerie Schwartz
    Valerie Schwartz Month ago +19

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    • Herbert Fox
      Herbert Fox Month ago

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      Sydney Brooks Month ago

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      Chris Floyd Month ago

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  • Jan tom Suden
    Jan tom Suden Month ago +1

    I am pretty sure this was the original speech.

  • Alexander Andrews
    Alexander Andrews Month ago +2

    why is this so accurate

  • John Craske
    John Craske Month ago +4


  • Omni Subjects
    Omni Subjects Month ago

    Thankyou for the original speech.

  • martycrow
    martycrow Month ago +3

    So good! ........So good!....................................So good!

  • Richard Fenton
    Richard Fenton Month ago +1

    I found this video by searching for a pie recipe for disaster. A 100% hit.!!

  • sean may
    sean may Month ago +1

    Politics in the UK today, is embarrassing. It’s just talk, no action and never a question answered back directly. It’s so tiresome, isn’t it?!?!

  • SultanFavang
    SultanFavang Month ago

    Like time Tory supporter. She’s lost me. She’s lost the nation. Glad to see the Times supporting the people not the party

  • Ezra Steinberg
    Ezra Steinberg Month ago +1

    Brilliant! 😃

  • Felix Mautes
    Felix Mautes Month ago

    Phenomenal work this motion picture caricature!

    PETER LLOYD Month ago


  • Fred Freddy
    Fred Freddy Month ago

    Banner over the stage: If You Think This Is Bad, Wait Until Liz Truss Gets Here

  • Linda Bourke
    Linda Bourke Month ago +1

    Did someone edit the speech so that it only contains the policies the Tories are able to deliver I.e. nothing of any consequence?

  • Barbara Weaver
    Barbara Weaver Month ago +2

    ‘May you know interesting times’
    Old Chinese Curse - delivered with a courteous bow & a thin smile 😈

  • Richard K
    Richard K Month ago +2

    This could have been a piece by the Guardian. The knives really are out for Liz Truss if The Times are doing things like this. Keep it up and there will definitely be a Labour government in next and no matter how bad I think the Conservatives are, and I can honestly say that I detest the Conservative party, Labour will be worse.

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago

      Worse than Kama Kwasi sending the pound down the khazi and a whole bunch of wealthy expenses whores who used the pandemic to bung their friends, families and donors for dodgy PPE and fraudulent loans, further loaded up the nation's credit card to pay for the energy companies profits and have repeatedly said the workforce is lazy and should have fewer rights?
      Twelve years in power and what do we have to show for it?
      A massive debt, knackered public services and ever growing wealth inequality.
      Time for a change.

    • Carl Pierce
      Carl Pierce Month ago

      Kindly explain...are you worried about cash for cronies=corruption, law breaking, money moving to the wealthy away from the poor, power cuts and public services getting worse with strikes coming, then I understand. Oh Hang on.

  • Bastakology
    Bastakology Month ago +14

    As a current, regretful, resident in the UK .. this country is absolutely going to sh*t.
    I have plans to ditch this disaster and I am counting the days.

    • funkdoubt1
      funkdoubt1 Month ago

      Did you say going? No, buddy, it’s gone. The mad dogs now run a dictatorship, mental asylum for the rich and anyone else that has no self respect, dignity or sense of belonging or solidarity left. They tore us to pieces so that their elite mates could invest in our demolition and expensive rebuild. We are surfs. Ought never forget that fact 🍀🫵🏽👍☮️

    • Bastakology
      Bastakology Month ago

      @Matt Finish watch me swim, baby!

    • Bastakology
      Bastakology Month ago

      @SouthwesternEagle oh I'd love to, mate. cheers!

    • Paul N
      Paul N Month ago +2

      @Matt Finish
      Every man for himself.

    • SouthwesternEagle
      SouthwesternEagle Month ago +1

      Come to the USA. We could use the extra electoral help, plus the shelves are always stocked with fresh global produce. :)

  • Hooded Claw
    Hooded Claw Month ago +1

    Are bookmakers taking odds on her being booted out ?

  • Catherine Martin
    Catherine Martin Month ago +1


  • A
    A Month ago +2

    "...But I want you to know... that day in, day out... I'm thinking about pie."

  • Barry Proudman
    Barry Proudman Month ago +1

    Time for a general election.

  • Heart Of Darkness
    Heart Of Darkness Month ago +1

    Bluddy hell. The Times did this??! She'll be losing the Mail next............nah.

  • Ashley Hynes
    Ashley Hynes Month ago

    That's why we can't give in .....to the 'voices' HAHAHA

  • Danan Mckie
    Danan Mckie Month ago

    In those we trust
    We learn to distrust

  • Will Alm
    Will Alm Month ago

    Vacuous speech from deep of a black hole like structure where time stands still and nothing is learned so all that escapes is nothing, so this is the sound of nothing endlessly repeating on and on
    but the saving grace, there are fewer and fewer left to have to listen to the endless nothing

  • MrBabylon
    MrBabylon Month ago +2

    Is the Times starting to grow a brain of it's own, sure not?
    Interesting to see if this foetal intelligence will be allowed to mature or if it'll be aborted once it's no longer needed.

  • 15089 AMIT KULHARI
    15089 AMIT KULHARI Month ago +2


  • Linda J54
    Linda J54 Month ago

    1:51 “We can’t give in …. pause …. to the voices”. Umm, is she hearing voices?