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  • Опубликовано: 29 янв 2019
  • Looking after your deep cycles batteries that you spent so much money on is important to ensure a good life span, solar panels allow you to keep them constantly at full charge while your touring.
    Are expensive solar panels worth it? is there anything wrong with using cheap solar panels?
    In this video I test a cheap solar panel from Sunyee and a expensive panel from a local store called Itechworld. Also in this test we see if having an MPPT solar regulator is really does give your more amps over a PWM regulator.
    Sunyee 100w Solar Panel
    Itechworld 100w Solar Panel
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  • David Collishaw
    David Collishaw 3 часа назад

    stick the panels on the kayak

  • Michael Forder
    Michael Forder 4 часа назад

    Maths is not your strong point I would say my old china...! All the same, point well made and well presented.

  • Tim mi
    Tim mi 5 часов назад

    I do not understand your math. Do you guys use some different type of math down there?
    The difference between 4.71 and 6.19 is 1.48 ... and between 5.1 and 5.97 is 0.86 .
    How did you arrive at 1.22 and 0.81 respectively? What am I missing here?

  • Sean Rojas
    Sean Rojas 7 часов назад

    Cheers mate! Seriously helpful and entertaining vid!!! B)

  • Chiro Arcturus
    Chiro Arcturus 7 часов назад

    Hey Chief, outstanding comparison, thank you for bothering to show what most of us have questioned for years.

  • Uk Gamer
    Uk Gamer 12 часов назад

    The itech one probably got damaged alot on the way. They might be flexible but you're not supposed to wobble them like you did.

  • Henry Raymond
    Henry Raymond 21 час назад

    What about the voltage of each panel? I mean watts is volts X amps. So it is usually the wattage you are looking for. 100 watt light bulb X 1 hour = 100 watts. Voltage and amperage are inversely related so the higher the voltage the less the amperage and the lower the voltage the higher the amperage. A lower voltage panel might/would put out a higher amperage even though the overall wattage of the two panels might be the same.

  • Frank Koch
    Frank Koch 23 часа назад

    What about the voltage? Did you measured it? One panel has 4 more cells, so I would assume will have higher voltage.

  • Bryson Holloway
    Bryson Holloway День назад +2

    You absolute psychopath using a felt marker on cardboard!

    • Tennis Rich
      Tennis Rich 21 час назад

      Bryson Holloway riiiiiiiiight.......sure he is......

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen День назад

    Reflective paint cause it to do that its like wearing sun glasses thats why the cheaper was better but long term use it will corode away. So every layer of clear coat or glass you put to protect your solar the less effective it is.

  • Ron Bevins
    Ron Bevins День назад

  • Christopher O'Brien
    Christopher O'Brien День назад

    No Australian standards

  • Adam Parkinson
    Adam Parkinson День назад

    ..when you're scavenging for foood in the boosh

  • angela nadeau
    angela nadeau День назад

    I really enjoyed your energy😆

  • Dave R
    Dave R День назад

    Dude your voice is enough to make want to kill myself

  • Andrea Moore
    Andrea Moore 2 дня назад

    he's cute....pretty eyes.

  • Deadeye313
    Deadeye313 2 дня назад +3

    I'm going to hazard a guess as to why. I believe it's the glossy exterior of the more expensive one is hurting it. The extra polish may be reflecting light that would otherwise be hitting the cells. This could be costing it some performance.
    However, the question I have then is, is that glossiness caused by a protective layer that is protecting the cells, thus maybe making it a longer lived product vs the cheap one that is matte because the cells might be directly exposed to the weather?

  • Brian Hollinger
    Brian Hollinger 2 дня назад

    Excellent video! Very well done, although I would like to have seen some partial shading or low-angle (dusk or dawn) light tests as well. Would also love to see how these compared to a 100w rigid panel.

  • Александр Небылица

    Thanks for the video. Can you suggest these panels for pool heating? Because i found websites like this which propose other solar panels which are differ from the ones from your review. Or the both types are good enough for water heating?

  • heyidiot
    heyidiot 2 дня назад +1

    14:04 - I believe you properly meant to say "El Cheapo" at this point...

  • Péter Király
    Péter Király 2 дня назад

    The more expensive one might last longer.

  • Wes T paintninjagc
    Wes T paintninjagc 2 дня назад

    Have you thought of putting panels on your canopy doors that open outwards and some sort of pressure switch so when you open the doors you automatically have another 2-4 panels.

  • John A
    John A 2 дня назад

    The video is up for less then 2 months with over 900 000 views. I can only say wow!

  • Michael
    Michael 3 дня назад +4

    i had a mate who likes his solar panels too, and he was always doing tests on his camp gear to get the best out of cheap stuff. he also had expensive panels that were outperformed by some cheaper ones. one of his under performing panels was also a gloss coating resin and very shiny. we brainstormed all we knew about solar panel function (this took all of 5 minutes) and decided we were going to modify the expensive dud panel as it was worthless due to cheaper better lighter panels. SO, we made a wood block as wide as a sheet of wet and dry 1200 grit. we dragged the block and wet and dry in straight lines up and down, very evenly over the entire panel (just enough to see light scratch marks in the gloss, then same again cross ways and more difficulty, both diagonals also. it looked dull and matt finish and the resin coating was quite white in appearance as the scratches would look. we then re polished the panel with car polish to smooth it back a bit and noticed the car polish also made their own scratching and visible swirls. then it looked just old and worn and scratched....BUT, when we tested it a few weeks later against another identical panel that was still high gloss finish, the scratched resin panel was more efficient than the same one without the scratching. turns out that the scratches allowed light to be amplified by the mirco scratches (possibly somewhat like very small magnifying glass) and we think this has increased the actual surface area of the glass coating while not disrupting the actual size of the cell and thus more light reflected and refracted thru the glass resin gloss coat at surface level. we werent sure if this was an anomaly so he spent a night scratching up his other identical panel and again when we tested them together, they result was the newly scratched panel also increased its amp rate to almost the same as the first scratched panel. he has told all his camping mates and he was shouted down. til one of them did it and improved his old heavy gloss panel. id love to know if anyone else has had similar results

    • Michael
      Michael 3 часа назад

      +John Smith yep, i think if the panels are too scratched then you lose performance, but there definitely is some gains with the correct grit scratching. im sure if somebody tested different grit such as 600 grit or as fine as 1800 grit, there will be an optimum grit that actually goes closest to optimum without going over and degregating the performance. but for sure, light scrapes evenly with 1200 improved the performance. i spoke to him last night, he has solar panels on his home and although he wont scratch them due to warranty, he said he does use cut and polish to clean them. he said there are visual swirlmarks on his rooftop panels but you cant see them unless your looking for them. i think there is definitely something to this for extra efficiency.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 13 часов назад +2

      I'm not an electrical engineer, but this makes sense to me. A glossy surface would reflect the light away from the panel. Where as a matte finish wood absorb ions more efficiently.

  • Shane Bigler
    Shane Bigler 3 дня назад +1

    Something that outputs power doesn't tell you how much power it puts out. Got it.

  • Johnathan Cheng
    Johnathan Cheng 3 дня назад

    Matte finish is the key

  • Bruce McMillan
    Bruce McMillan 3 дня назад

    love enthusiasm, learned a lot, thanks!

  • Azzamatic
    Azzamatic 3 дня назад +10

    Should have tested the output before you did a flex test. Wouldn't be a fair if one of the cells are damaged

    • B B
      B B 8 часов назад +3

      Except it was the cheap Sunyee panel that made the cracking sound when he flexed it.... and yet it outperformed the panel that cost 3 times as much.

    • maarwopi
      maarwopi 11 часов назад

      in that case he would not get the voltage or no power at all. in video there is voltage on panel but amps are much less

  • Trey
    Trey 3 дня назад +2

    I work in the oilfield where solar is the main power source for gas meters...we have panels that were installed in the 90s that still work great and I can guarantee they are the cheapest panels they could buy at the time. Solar, even with cheap equipment is very reliable as long as the sun cooperates

  • dpbpd
    dpbpd 3 дня назад

    Hey nice video, one question I have is what voltage each panel is running at? The reason I ask is the amperage is only one element to the equation. Amps x Volts = Watts. Just because the panel is running at a higher amperage doesn't mean it is outputting more energy. Depending on the output of the entire equation, there are many reasons why having lower amps can be beneficial. Heat and smaller required wire gauge to name a couple.

  • Kris Wingert
    Kris Wingert 3 дня назад

    The $99 panel is non-reflective vs the other panel that is. This will cause a difference in the capacitance of the panel. The reflective panel also uses an older tech as well.

  • Johnny Mac
    Johnny Mac 4 дня назад +13

    I seriously want to hang out with you and buy you a beer mate. Great video

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 4 дня назад +2

    Weird flex but okay.

    • Tennis Rich
      Tennis Rich 20 часов назад

      Jacob S. yea? like the last useful way to test it you could possibly pick?!

  • Dawid Kuncewicz
    Dawid Kuncewicz 4 дня назад

    Dude... you damaged the more expensive one with your "flexible test".... broken cells = less effective...

    • marwerno
      marwerno 3 дня назад

      The cracking was on the cheap panel, not on the expensive one ;-)

  • Franco Barberis
    Franco Barberis 4 дня назад +4

    That's a great setup you got there. I live in California and I've never seen a truck like that here. Very cool!

  • Steven Koonce
    Steven Koonce 4 дня назад

    Lol great video..

  • Sable Burden
    Sable Burden 4 дня назад

    I hope you read this your hookups could be splitting the power we're you have a double split

  • iluvCR250Rs
    iluvCR250Rs 4 дня назад

    You have awesome bicep genetics. Seriously consider hitting the weights, I think you'd develop some great arms.

  • Garry Anderson
    Garry Anderson 4 дня назад

    Great review

  • Opy  Brook
    Opy Brook 5 дней назад +15

    Not only has knowledge but easy to listen to.☺

  • Bas retie
    Bas retie 5 дней назад +16

    Differents is 1,48a not 1,22a ... and not 0.81 , but 0,87 LOL
    But good video anyway :)

    • Tim Schmidt
      Tim Schmidt 4 дня назад +4

      “There must be others who noticed these simple math errors” and there was... Good video though, mate. Please let us know how their perform/compare over the next year or so. And again in five- by then it would be even more interesting to se if the Sunyee still performs over 30% (17% on the reg.) better. That would be crazy! Then you’ll get 3 for the price of one, 17/31% more output and possibly decent(?) longevity.

  • Frendh
    Frendh 5 дней назад

    Great find. But I do not agree with you getting ripped off. The "tech" is obviously higher in the expensive panel, you are paying for the flexibility. For you the extra flex does not seem to matter but there are cases when the extra flex is a must and then you are forced to pay up. Also, we do not know the durability of the panels going by this test. I am no expert, but there are probably more factors to take into account.

  • Heather Watson
    Heather Watson 5 дней назад

    Let us know if they survive one of our famous hail storms

  • Bob Dalton
    Bob Dalton 6 дней назад +23

    that’s why they left the output sticker off...ROFL

  • Dario Ampuy
    Dario Ampuy 6 дней назад

    What about cloudy days?

  • David Bradley
    David Bradley 6 дней назад +17

    From cheap to expensive, what about longevity and production on low sun days. Itech may perform better then. Need follow up test.

  • Luke Townley
    Luke Townley 6 дней назад

    so with the sunyee youre paying about a 1/4 of the cost, vs theItechworld, for every watt of electricity. wow.

  • aliaz eid
    aliaz eid 6 дней назад

    Now it's out of stock 😁😁😁

    IVAN HORVAT 6 дней назад

    THANKS ! 👋✌🙏

  • TTR 1969
    TTR 1969 6 дней назад

    Your calculation is a little wrong :-). I tech 5,1a VS Sunyee 5,97a giving a difference 0,87 which is an even better result :-). By the way, thank you for a good comparison.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure 6 дней назад +2

    note....bend panel completely around in a circle then test

  • Geoman95
    Geoman95 6 дней назад +1

    Just curious, what are the voltage readings on your meter when the solar panel is in full sun? Also if you set this up with a battery isolator and have a separate battery in the back.

  • Scotty Pitts
    Scotty Pitts 7 дней назад

    Everyone that has seen this must have bought one i w
    ent to check them out and the are out of stock

  • A.I.
    A.I. 7 дней назад

    Longevity and Durability Divided by the Price of panels.
    I take into account quality over price.
    You are better off to buy the $300 panel if it last you 25yrs versus a $90 panel that last for 5yrs.
    Vice versa, you are better to buy a $90 panel that last for 10yrs versus a $300 panel that last 15yrs.
    The idea is money spent wisely = Durability/Price is an important aspect if you are trying to decide whether to buy the Cheap vs Expensive item.

    • Luke Townley
      Luke Townley 6 дней назад

      one other consideration is after 10 years solar technology will have improved and fallen in cost. so if one bought the cheap one and replaced it after 10 years; those by year 15 you likely would have had a much better return for the previous 5 years, massively affecting your ROI or price/watt/yr

  • D greene
    D greene 7 дней назад

    Who is this idiot?

  • Philip Springer
    Philip Springer 8 дней назад

    @Michael Sanders, is the Sunyee 200W version just as good? It has what looks like different cells, and 48 of them, so I don't follow how it's got twice the power of the 100W, which has 32 cells, but if it's as good, it's only double the price, so the same price/Watt.

  • Andrea Sanz
    Andrea Sanz 8 дней назад

    The cheap panels are made with SunPower Solar cells which performs way higher than standard cells. It used to cost more... pretty sure you've been busted with the cheap one

  • Isaac Egglestone
    Isaac Egglestone 8 дней назад

    Overall a great idea to test these so thanks for showing it up. I think some further tests are required. One how much does each output in clouded over conditions? I’m surprised you didn’t try both with clouded conditions when you had the chance to get a comparison. You don’t always have full sun and many higher end solar panels provide higher amperage in less sunlight than lower end ones. Secondly a series of tests over a few months period would be ideal. Yeah the lifespan is suppose to be super long for both but ideally just to be sure. I say this because when I lived in China for three years I ran into a lot of cheap but super simple hardware that failed after a few weeks of use. From the beginning it performed as good or better than others. Even things as simple as phone charger cables, phone battery chargers, toasters, even a Solar panel for a phone that I bought which produced more charge than its western brand competitor in low light but stopped working completely after about six uses. Thirdly you did some custom plug work with soldering so ideally a test with the cables and plugs provided just to show what exactly the output with your work vs ones provided just to rule that minor possibility out. Otherwise it was a great eye opener to always test your products. Maybe they have a 30 day return policy or something so you can return the expensive ones after the tests.

  • Star Core
    Star Core 8 дней назад

    I virtually dont know why you virtually use the virtually word virtually everywhere. It is virtually non sense. You just use words for virtually no reason. I virtually call this madness.

  • MrJustDIY
    MrJustDIY 8 дней назад

    Great video and info.

  • Nikola Novak
    Nikola Novak 8 дней назад +1

    Can you get an expensive panel with matte surface, rather than reflective one? I would think the reflective surface on the solar panel is counterproductive to the purpose of the cell which ought to absorb, rather than reflect sunlight.

  • Oscar Burleson
    Oscar Burleson 8 дней назад

    LOL....he was so ecstatic there at the end til it made me LoL...just couldn't believe how he had gotten screwed and now I'm ecstatic I know now! 🤣...OH yeah!! "Battry"?? Lol.

  • Joseph Lance
    Joseph Lance 8 дней назад

    What do you personally use the energy you get from these panels for?

    • mick romer
      mick romer 7 дней назад

      Powering camp lights, portable fridge, inverter and charging all your items

  • CSXRockford
    CSXRockford 8 дней назад

    cheapies are out of

  • patrick samples
    patrick samples 8 дней назад

    keep us informed. i'm interested in the durability from uv-rays and oxygen in respect with time.
    I would imagine the coating would reflect UV as well as seal it from oxygen.

  • 陈Lloyd
    陈Lloyd 8 дней назад +1

    Rofl that marker on cardboard sound gave my wife goosebumps

    • Munchies
      Munchies 7 дней назад

      I had to mute it lol

  • Thomas Bressler
    Thomas Bressler 9 дней назад

    Hahahaha!!!! Thanks !!!

  • md sc
    md sc 9 дней назад +2

    Great job at giving us all a good structure by which to consider the different affects and considerations of flexible solar panels. Thank you.

  • Naatosi Fish
    Naatosi Fish 9 дней назад +5

    Did the crack you made in the beginning make any differences?

    • Autizmo
      Autizmo 7 дней назад

      Yeah, that was the solar cells cracking. You usually can't see small cracks in the but they will keep a solar cell from producing power.

  • jag213213
    jag213213 9 дней назад

    Seeing as your MPPT did worse than the cheap battery charger, I am guessing something else in your system is causing a bottleneck. If the MPPT is working correctly you should never be able to do better with a charge controller, if you are trying to pull maximum power. Perhaps the DC-DC converter is limiting power since the batteries are at ~92%

  • EL Gee
    EL Gee 9 дней назад +1

    You only look at amps but jou need to look at voltage to higher voltage means higher charge voltage and less loss

    • EL Gee
      EL Gee 4 дня назад

      +M W ???? Ok... wow ..... there are more ways that lead to Rome. Just a saying.

    • M W
      M W 4 дня назад

      Measuring amps shorts the terminals so the voltage will always be 0.

  • mmh3999
    mmh3999 9 дней назад

    you need some air in your tire, mate!

  • David barnes stuff 2
    David barnes stuff 2 9 дней назад

    My dream and life used to be to become rich and famous but your video has changed that. Now my dream in life is that Itech sees this video.

  • Crazy Snake
    Crazy Snake 9 дней назад +3

    This was excellent but your "on the fly" maths skills are awful lol

  • Webbsmart
    Webbsmart 10 дней назад +1

    Gold....but lose the necklace, just saying .

  • P Roppo
    P Roppo 10 дней назад

    The panel labels you showed said one produces higher voltage which would account for lower amperage. That is why that one is larger, it has an extra row of cells. Either one will charge a 12v battery but the value may not quite be what you think.

  • Darb VS
    Darb VS 10 дней назад

    2+2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3. Quick Maths

  • Joey B
    Joey B 10 дней назад +2

    1.48 not 1.22..
    and 0.87 not 0.81

  • Robert Sawyer
    Robert Sawyer 10 дней назад +1

    Um the difference between 6.19 and 4.71 is actually 1.48 not 1.22 just sayin.

  • Mark W
    Mark W 10 дней назад

    I'M STILL LEARNING,,,,, I was told at a "Mother Earth Magazine fair", that Better panels work better in the shade, then "cheaper" units,,, & since shade can & is often an ISSUE in the Northern states (USA) it matters,,?????

  • Ani Mali
    Ani Mali 10 дней назад

    We are against solar panels because they kill our wonderful feather friends.

  • SC EM
    SC EM 10 дней назад

    Great! Now maybe you can solve Australia’s “energy crisis” so they won’t be burdened by all of these wannabe arrogant “genius” world crusaders like Elon Muskmelonhead. With that much sunlight, just a couple of those cheap panels should suffice.

  • Tucker Latham
    Tucker Latham 11 дней назад +77

    ITECH tech support: "You're using the wrong kind of sun"

    • heyidiot
      heyidiot 2 дня назад

      Yes, Lt. Uhura sez, "It's not the sun in sky, but the son of God!"

    • theDaftman
      theDaftman 4 дня назад +1

      Dark Side of the Sun issues lol

      IVAN HORVAT 6 дней назад

      +mgarc79 L. O. L. 😄

    • RoastedBattleSquirrL
      RoastedBattleSquirrL 7 дней назад +12

      So you have to turn the panel face down?

    • mgarc79
      mgarc79 9 дней назад +13

      Tucker Latham well yeah everyone knows the sun down under is upside down

  • Ashton Keeble
    Ashton Keeble 11 дней назад

    I bought the unlimited Watt of the cheaper solar panel in this video. I now power all of the UK on it. :)

    • David barnes stuff 2
      David barnes stuff 2 9 дней назад

      When brexit kicks in you're going to need at least 50 watts to power the UK.

  • Sociedade Etilista
    Sociedade Etilista 11 дней назад

    9:41 - This number: 2 is called two, and this one: 3, is called three.

  • Sociedade Etilista
    Sociedade Etilista 11 дней назад

    4:31 - Next week I'm gonna hang myself to test a new cheap rope I got, folks.

  • Seminole Rick
    Seminole Rick 11 дней назад +3

    Considering the way you abused the panels... methinks you did some damage, before testing. Cutting off connectors & their hard landing on the face of the panels ...negated the careful packaging by sellers.
    Bogus results imho... sorry 🤨

  • Cameron Dufton
    Cameron Dufton 11 дней назад

    Always better to use series parallel and have a 24v system. You will produce usable power even during low light. kW/hr per lx, 24v works better, you wouldn't have had to wait until full sometime. Amps is flow rate, not quantity. The cheaper panel was likely producing lower voltage, meaning it would read higher amps even if it didn't produce as much power. A 300watt panel, wired for 12 volts will produce 25 amps less losses. Lower voltages have higher losses. 2 150watt panels wired in series produces 12.5 amps less losses, but the higher voltage means the losses are less, the wires can be smaller (cheaper) and at 20% light your 300watts gets you 4.8v instead of 2.4v. Volts x amps / time, that's what you need to use. Go to a 48v system and you are still on ELV, 300watt at 20% gives 9.6v, you generate power even at night (I have an off grid setup, the low light generation is remarkable).

  • mutanthifi
    mutanthifi 11 дней назад

    Good stuff, but am I the only one who noticed you're not exactly a human calculator???? :D

  • Paul Carroll
    Paul Carroll 12 дней назад

    So just as a point of interest. I contacted Sunyee and they informed me that they do not always get their panels from the same suppliers. So next month you could order the same thing and get it from a different source and it might have very different characteristics. :-( Also, based on the label on the back of that Sunyee panel, It looks like the cells have the exact same outputs as the Sunpower cells that are 22/5% efficient. Could be you got lucking and got original or darn good knock offs!

    • jupiter urion
      jupiter urion 11 дней назад

      Thanks, I was gonna get one from sunyee but, looks like I go with the better one like Renogy

  • Hugh E
    Hugh E 12 дней назад

    So what's going on? The expensive panel is performing worse than the cheap one? Not likely. Both panels were rated according to a specified test condition and labeled according to their output under those conditions. But, using those numbers isn't how you compare or rate those two panels when applying them to your situation. All panel manufacturers, well nearly all, post performance curves for their various panels, under different voltage conditions. It is there that you find the true differences in panels under varied working conditions, as you're doing in your video. What you find on performance curves is the panel output vs voltage graph (that's the curve) and what you'll see is that all panels generate their rated amperage at different voltages - one may be at, say 13.8 volts and the other, say, at 12.7 volts. Further, you'll find, when comparing differing performance curves, that the curves themselves are different. One panel may have a flat - then steep curve, meaning it's amperage develops quickly at higher voltages, while the other may have a curve that's more flat across it's entire length, meaning that it develops it's amperage more gradually and uniformly. This is the large difference between panels meant for commercial power generation and panels for the retail market, such as your use.
    Solar cells are definitely not all created equal. They're varied in their intended use as engines are varied in their intended vehicles in which they are designed.
    Initially I was thinking that you weren't comparing the panels equally as your battery bank would change voltage between one test and the next, effectively changing where the panels are on their performance curves and, thus, changing their actual output. And that's really what is happening -kinda. The $300 panel probably either makes it's rated amperage at a higher or lower voltage than you were working at, while you were likely in the sweet zone for the $99 panel - however the $99 panel is performing at optimum at the voltage of your system (optimum, by the way is making maximum amperage at the charging voltage of your battery which, in this case appears to be around 12.7Volts - or 91% charge, per your controller).

  • Frank Bakker
    Frank Bakker 12 дней назад +2

    I noticed one module has 4 cells less, to this means less voltage with same power is a higher current. Perhaps good to do a POWER comparison.

  • Chris Mate
    Chris Mate 12 дней назад

    How long will the winner last, because that will determine your cost in the long run, and electricity is basic need today, so long running costs are vital to its success-?

  • Lachie.Bell
    Lachie.Bell 12 дней назад

    How do these flexi panels go being zip tied to the roof rack?? Do they flap around at all?

  • Corps
    Corps 13 дней назад

    Has anyone got the Sunyee Solar panels? What's the thoughts?

  • louie howard
    louie howard 13 дней назад

    hey michael can you mail me ill pay $30 to promote my link

  • Walter Green
    Walter Green 13 дней назад

    Glossy solar panel? That means light lost due to reflection of light. So even if the panels are better panel, the glossy finish blocks pf the light! Another question asked further down was about voltage. 17.8 for the cheapo and 18 for the expensive one... he showed that in the video.

  • Jeremey Weeks
    Jeremey Weeks 13 дней назад

    What's a kilogram? LOL

  • Danilo Díaz Tarascó
    Danilo Díaz Tarascó 13 дней назад +1

    Hey, you need to compare the wattage, not the current. The 300$ Solar Panel maybe is giving a boost in voltage!

    • olin hill
      olin hill 12 дней назад

      Adding too much voltage if your running a 12 volt system is probably not beneficial you want to keep the voltage around 15. I am not certain how effecient a regularlator is to converting the voltage down. But I would imagine you would want your voltage as close to requirements of your system. Another words, if you ran 24 volt panels on a 12 volt system you would probably lose some power in the reduction,. You could read the amps and voltage coming off the regulator and it would tell you.

  • Jestronix Handerson
    Jestronix Handerson 13 дней назад

    Don't forget life span and low light conditions, those cheap ones may have a higher dud rate too.