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  • Published on Jan 29, 2019
  • Looking after your deep cycles batteries that you spent so much money on is important to ensure a good life span, solar panels allow you to keep them constantly at full charge while your touring.
    Are expensive solar panels worth it? is there anything wrong with using cheap solar panels?
    In this video I test a cheap solar panel from Sunyee and a expensive panel from a local store called Itechworld. Also in this test we see if having an MPPT solar regulator is really does give your more amps over a PWM regulator.
    Sunyee 100w Solar Panel
    Itechworld 100w Solar Panel
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  • Adicus Garton
    Adicus Garton 4 hours ago

    Great video!

  • Brian Haddix
    Brian Haddix 5 hours ago

    If you can't math, you shouldn't make videos.

  • M N
    M N 9 hours ago

    Ahahaha, so true. About the awesome solder job only to notice the shrink missing.

  • H
    H 16 hours ago

    Hi what if I disconnect the solar panels because the batteries are full

  • Roy Bixby
    Roy Bixby Day ago

    Glad to see you using a MPPT reg.
    Both panels are still short of the 100 watts.
    It would have been useful to see the results on the cloudy day too...

  • ItIsRiley
    ItIsRiley 3 days ago +1

    As soon as I saw the reflectiveness of the $300 panel compared to the $100 panel I immediately thought, as long as there is nothing wrong with the cheap one, it will work much better.

  • Roger Mace
    Roger Mace 3 days ago +2

    You forgot to mention the cheap panel is a lot smaller in size as well, so in other words its performance is amazing ............ Great Review Thank You

  • Joe Nicotera
    Joe Nicotera 3 days ago +1

    In electronics, a more expensive product actually is considered to be lower quality.

    In my own experience, after a few failed attempts at building my own panels I decided to try buying one of the smaller but similar epoxy bonded semi-flexible panels. It only put out abut 65% of it's advertised rating. I couldn't see anything wrong with it so I attributed the problem to the manufacturer's choice of epoxy.

    Although I should have attributed the problem to the manufacture's failure to test their product, the laws in most countries consider solar power as a consumer curiosity product, a toy. Whoever marketed the product, for me to purchase, simply copied the nameplate sticker to his advertisement. The Chinese manufacturer probably never put the sticker on the product. We can assume the product was manufactured in a lot, the whole lot of "electronics parts" was then warehoused and then, without need to move or test the product at all it was all transferred en-mass transferred over to his English speaking marketing personnel. As is the common practice in China, it would be that crew would be responsible for labeling and boxing of the product. With that done the product was actually correctly labeled, however it was done so with the label selection based on the final US Distributing company's choice. The label was within 20% of the products rating and the product was within 20% of it's design.

    Knowing that is the common practice, SeekAdventures purchase of two different panels only adds some company in Europe or Japan never leaving their office. From their office they would call over to the Chinese shipyard and offer money to pay for somebody to have the same Chinese built wonder relabeled. This is usually done by having a different box selected as well as the new sticker stuck over the top of the original. Because the Chinese ship yards were having too may complaints about this practice, the shipyards have fixed this by requiring different styles of products to be manufactured on the condition that their product would leave the shipyard prior to the other styles ever being allowed to be available to the market. (In simpler terms, the high end "European product" is actually something sold through a front company that they couldn't sell without a swanky name and reputable address on it.)

    What the Chinese shipyard will do since they "Got caught" is simply rotate distribution personnel to another English speaking country's market. Which, if you think about it, they can do without anybody every getting up out of their chair. Since my panel cost less than I can buy the parts to build it, I wouldn't recommend anybody ever bother to change any of that system. That is is just the way doing business with foreign Countries is. If it were the USA, I would recommend that they only buy entire lots of unlabeled products and write the actual test results on the relabel.

    If you would like build your own panel there is a AA quality method and one which you may notice some manufacturers half halfheartedly claim to practice. After tabbing the cells, test each cell individually and disregard the "lower quality" cells for the building of a "low grade" of panel. There isn't anything actually better about the AA panel since it's identical and costs the same amount. If you were to try this however, BEFORE TABBING, you will notice that the Chinese already have a robot doing exactly the same thing with every lot of cells that they market. You will always get between %15-%20 substandard parts. What you will from building AA is the common sense that poorly tabbed cells as well as those that you got ripped of one will be correctly filed instead of your doing the same thing that everybody else has and dumped the expense of your defects off on the end consumer. You could instead give them to the local kids to play with, in that way the Chinese boat yard will have found their market.

  • r3x2b0
    r3x2b0 3 days ago

    Mono crystal in panels do better on tracking mounts amorphos panels do better on fixed mounts I suspect you're cheap panel is amorphos

  • mohamed sheikh
    mohamed sheikh 3 days ago

    Sorry you got riper off ,can you return and tell them why .If you are close to sea use small wind turbine so you have power when sun sets. Regards from sunny California

  • Evren
    Evren 3 days ago

    Your connector needs some work. You are connecting panels in parallel but you do not seem to have a blocking diode? See:
    Also I expected even higher current with cheap regulator combined with cheap panel. Because the expensive panel also registered higher current. Maybe you made a mistake? :)

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 4 days ago

    Everyone is now heading to eBay and Sunyou panels. In 6 months they are all returning then as busted, just like all flexible panels.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 4 days ago

    Who cares about flexible panels and white flexes the most. Your not putting the panels,on a beach ball and your mounting them DEAD FLAT and at 130 km an hour you’ll need support or they will flap and vibrate to destruction. Yeah sure you might want to mount then over a curved caravan roof or you bonnet but not but rolling the panels up in a circle.... WTF.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 4 days ago

    So I don’t think you could wire the expensive panel to your house since it isn’t labeled correctly in accordance with the wiring standard.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 4 days ago

    Yeah no frigging way. If the manufacturers don’t give flexible solar panels a warranty more than a year or two what do you think that says when normal panels have a 10-15 year warranty and 25 year performance guarantee? Those flexible panels fail so often I’ve seen heaps of campers in remote locations in WA and NT with fucked out flexible panels. Definitely more than 50 but way under 100 people, you pick a number that makes you feel good. This was over a 2 year period and they had cheap and expensive panels it didn’t seem to matter. I chatted to heaps of people as I wanted to put solar onto my Kimberly Camper but due to all the hassle and since we move every day or two and the camper runs for 48 hours from 100% to 50% I didn’t bother.

  • ralph kinnion
    ralph kinnion 4 days ago

    You can probably make your own cheaper

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 4 days ago

    Great video mate. Love the knowledge, delivery, video quality and great location.

  • Max Media Solutions
    Max Media Solutions 4 days ago

    How much wattage/solar panel do I need to run a => 1 Split type inverter aircon(1hp) and a computer? I just need an estimate range of cost coz I know computer would vary for a kind of setup/rig.Reply is much appreciated

  • gathonar
    gathonar 4 days ago

    Its probably to matte coating on the sunyee panel

    • Caleb Call
      Caleb Call Day ago

      Which should actually make the sunyee less efficient. Heat makes solar panels less efficient, so having it be a matte finish means it will absorb the heat more than the other. I'm curious in a long term test (couple hours each) to see if the sunyee becomes less efficient.

  • Martin Ashlin
    Martin Ashlin 5 days ago +1

    id be interested to see how they perform in cloudy situations, the sun isn't always out in tassie .

  • Ric G
    Ric G 5 days ago

    Neither link posted works.

  • Curmudgeon
    Curmudgeon 5 days ago +1

    8:05. Interested to know why they closed the beach?
    P.S. Jealous of your location, mate.

  • Blunt Conversations With Me

    Thumbs UP! Dude

  • Nether Craft
    Nether Craft 5 days ago

    because it was to reflective

  • mikes bikes
    mikes bikes 5 days ago

    Since your down under the sun rays are shooting up. Do your test in America, the sun are shooting down, more power. =)

  • newsveteran
    newsveteran 6 days ago

    If you don't like a cloudy day for your video, simply put it off to another day. Don't spend your intro time apologizing for no sun. That blew it for me.

  • The_ Joker
    The_ Joker 6 days ago +1

    The Bush Tucker Tan. 😬

    Tan - sun - solar
    I’ll get my coat 🧥

  • jburr36
    jburr36 6 days ago

    It's the difference between reflective and mat diffusing light to the cells

  • G Henrickson
    G Henrickson 6 days ago

    The most inefficient panels you can buy are amorphous and would fail this test miserable. Yet they can provide power in low light or even when partially or mostly shaded. Mine even produce a small amount of power from moonlight and are 14 years old. If you compare panel to not forget that output is only part of the story. You will be replacing a cheap panel in 1-3 years. If you need lotsa power for a short period of time I must admit hat Sunyee panel sure looks attractive.


    Was that flexible solar panel that flexed so wildly in it's shipping package the one with cracks? Poorer performance? Maybe it's not good to flex them so much. Just a thought.

  • cabbott8
    cabbott8 7 days ago

    Watts is the measure of power. Amps x Volts is watts. The voltage of the two panels is different so you cant just compare amps. They are both rated at 100 W. and they produced 115W (expensive) and 120 W cheap. Not a real difference.

    • cabbott8
      cabbott8 3 days ago

      Good point, and also even if they were equal, cheaper sounds better if it lasts. Thanks for the fun informative video.

    • Seek Adventure
      Seek Adventure  7 days ago +1

      Hey mate, I think you may have forgotten about the regulator 🙂.
      No point knowing watts in a 12v setup, all the 12v applicances have amp ratings 🤷‍♂️

  • Phil Melson
    Phil Melson 9 days ago

    i think your maths need working on .. .

  • Angel Barbosa
    Angel Barbosa 9 days ago

    This video you made is awesome. I learned a lot, from this video. Thank you.

  • Graham Gibbons
    Graham Gibbons 9 days ago +3

    Some great Aussie Maths going on there.

  • Michael DeJarnette
    Michael DeJarnette 10 days ago

    Well, you can buy the smaller but more expensive 12/24 volt panels that can be shipped through those LARGE but much cheaper mass-produced 375 watt, 37 volt grid-tie panels. You can get the price down to $.50/watt or less. They have to ship by truck freight, which is expensive, so, if you can find a local dealer, rent a truck/trailer and haul them yourself. Check craigslist. I found a local person selling them out of his house, brand new and they work as advertised.
    You'll need an MPPT charge controller for the higher voltage, plus they are not that expensive anymore. A higher voltage system also has less power loss in the wiring, so wire your panels in series up to the voltage limit of your charge controller, (but allow for some headroom voltage spikes).
    Btw, a 24-volt system can actually be much cheaper and perform better. My 24-volt Inverter was about $200 cheaper than the 12-volt version (same brand) on Amazon. Higher voltage means the wiring carries less amps, so you can use smaller gauge (and cheaper) wiring. Of course, your battery bank will then have to be wired for 24-volts, (two 12-volt batteries in series). My system has four 12v SLA batteries, wired in series/parallel, along with a 24v trickle charger to keep the batteries topped off until I need them. My system is for emergency power and can run my late model fridge 24/7 if need be.

  • Ryan Wright
    Ryan Wright 13 days ago +2

    I think your paying for flexibility lol

  • Karen Kira
    Karen Kira 13 days ago +2

    The sun ye drops massively in heat ,small components,produce in low sun,,fail up north,,push on bro

  • UrbanOverlanding
    UrbanOverlanding 13 days ago +3

    @seekadventure would really like to see how they compare with partial shading!?

    • Steve Brown
      Steve Brown 11 days ago +2

      The first day would've actually been good for a cloudy test, that's where many fail.

  • Felix Iaccarino
    Felix Iaccarino 14 days ago +1

    both link doesnt work :' ( where can we get solar panels to argentina flexible? thanks

  • Geo T
    Geo T 14 days ago

    Bloke's got a constant grimace.

  • Linzi Douglas
    Linzi Douglas 14 days ago

    Interesting results, I'll stick with my PWM charge controller for now until I get my van set up fully and see how it goes after your results. Would have been good to see how they performed when it was overcast. Think the Sunyee panel might be the newer style with the new coating on top of the panel??

  • Paper Tiger
    Paper Tiger 16 days ago

    too bad no one has made a durable flexible panel. you would think youtubers would have gotten wise to the fact that laminate FLEXIBLE PANELS ARE CRAP.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 16 days ago

    Fizzing at the bung hole 12:30

  • Triggercell HD
    Triggercell HD 16 days ago +3

    Whatta jolly fella aye? True blue. Nice video, mate!

  • John
    John 17 days ago

    Special Ed right here

  • gulfsurfco
    gulfsurfco 17 days ago

    Bush Tech Explained. Noice!

  • BO NES
    BO NES 17 days ago

    Send it back

  • Ken Barnett
    Ken Barnett 18 days ago

    I have been running 3 - 315 watt Class "C" panels that I bought on ebay for $65.00 each from a company in Gilbert Az for over 3 years now with no complaints! They put out about 1kw per hour for 5 hours a day, I have them on an old box truck converted to camper parked at my apartment running a mini fridge 24/7 for the last 2 yrs with an Invotronics 78 amp MPPT controller and 2000watt harbor freight modified sine wave inverter (super cheap setup) the panels will run a small compressor or grinder an induction stove top lights and a 24" lcd tv all night, I have the fridge on a timer to turn on at 7am and off at 5pm with a bag of frozen water (aka ice) in the freezer when I'm using the camper. My 4- 100ah AGM batteries can't keep up with the panels! I know, I need more batteries...

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 18 days ago

    This ARSE-STRAAAAYLEAN Loves to Litter our wonderful country

  • Phil V
    Phil V 18 days ago

    He's so rough with everything the way he throws it down. I'd hate to see him in bed.

  • gogogeedus
    gogogeedus 19 days ago

    thats great but will the Sanye still be going a month from now?

    • Bill Snapp
      Bill Snapp 18 days ago +1

      I was wondering the same thing. He makes a great point and it is a cautionary tale of solar panel pricing but what is the durability of the cheap panel? In all fairness, more expensive panels also don't necessarily guarantee longevity either...

  • MrSkeeter18
    MrSkeeter18 19 days ago +1

    What is a lip smack? Nice vid. Thanks

  • Agustin Cordero
    Agustin Cordero 19 days ago +3

    This is the happiest man in the world :D

    thanks for the comparison!!

  • Kickemall1964
    Kickemall1964 19 days ago

    What are the voltages. That would show the real power-output. Power is amps times voltages. But it still looks like the cheaper one is better.

  • John Lannigan
    John Lannigan 20 days ago +4

    You know your stuff,the same as i do, but the way you presented it was absolutely amazing. Basic tech, basically explained and easy to follow.! You deserve a 12 out of 10 on this one ;)

  • Jake Sadlak
    Jake Sadlak 20 days ago +2

    This is a man that really enjoys what he's doing. Great video.

  • yogibearstie
    yogibearstie 20 days ago

    Must be metric math.

  • matrixall
    matrixall 21 day ago

    14:26 you suck at math for sure

  • Богдан Бояджиев

    Hello, your channel is verry good! I want to asking about how much volts should give the controler to the battery. Because think that I have a problem with mine.

  • Malik Kazakhstan
    Malik Kazakhstan 22 days ago

    Видео полезное однозначно, только ни хрена не понял. Нужно походу учить английский язык.

  • Pooper Trooper
    Pooper Trooper 22 days ago

    It all comes out of the same factory could also be said about your poop hehe

  • Pooper Trooper
    Pooper Trooper 22 days ago

    You changed your pitch when you talked about your car being in the shade so I heard which is always a boner hehe

  • Noah Stevens
    Noah Stevens 22 days ago

  • A k
    A k 23 days ago

    what's an ey class panel?

    • Berga
      Berga 22 days ago

      Alex Karl no idea, but he was talking about ‘A’ class panels.

  • Larry Price
    Larry Price 23 days ago

    3 years ago I bought 20 panels 1 or 2 at a time and they worked for 4 days to 10 days and they all stopped working but 1 they all are junk

  • takashi69z
    takashi69z 23 days ago

    Your video is amusing. An entertaining video. I recently got 2 100w solar panels waiting for my power inverter and need to find a battery, but still unsure on what type of battery to purchase. Anyway, your expensive panel looked like the"Sunpower" panel, the new and more efficient version as it does not have prominent lines visible outright. I still use my old 2 set of 20w portable panels.

  • rreidnauer
    rreidnauer 24 days ago +1

    That's the difference caused by that horrible shiny surface vs that matte finish. So much energy is reflected away from the silicon.

  • Phoenix Kepo
    Phoenix Kepo 24 days ago

    I'd get a refund from those rip-off merchants. Thanks for sharing mate.

  • New Boss Media
    New Boss Media 25 days ago

    Ok so cheapo regulator performed better for Itech than an expensive one. From 4.71a output to 5.1a? Wait? what?

  • Gurcharan Cheema
    Gurcharan Cheema 25 days ago

    Bending the panels can damage the ability of the solar pantone function.
    He could've damaged the panels by bending them (especially that one was bent further than the othe)

    • Gurcharan Cheema
      Gurcharan Cheema 19 days ago

      @re tards 😉 ... 🤣😂😅

    • re tards
      re tards 19 days ago +1

      @Gurcharan Cheema so some things are more flexible than others? Ive had a few women like that

    • Gurcharan Cheema
      Gurcharan Cheema 20 days ago

      @re tards because it still bends to a point... google "youngs modules" and elastic deformation.
      When you bend it to a point where you can hear it crack.... ask yourself "umm, does that sound normal"

    • re tards
      re tards 23 days ago

      Why call something flexible if it isn't going to flex/bend