231 Points in One Turn | Siege Tower + Tutor (GWENT Crimson Curse)

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
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Comments • 31

  • Nicky Khilnani
    Nicky Khilnani 24 days ago

    I just versed this deck. Not sure if it was you lol. The only
    weakness this deck has is Francesca using Scorch, Scorch and Curse of Corruption back to back to take out the tutors and siege. Loved the game though, thank you for the content.

  • Shawn Gregory
    Shawn Gregory Month ago

    Mad Genius
    You know Yrdens a card right?

  • Death 13
    Death 13 Month ago

    Can we get the decklist?

  • Dr. Embersfield
    Dr. Embersfield Month ago

    I can't even make 20 points in a whole round....

  • Interfector0
    Interfector0 Month ago

    *Witnesses the epic combo* Swim, you are an evil bastard and we love you for it. XD

  • FrazzyNZ
    FrazzyNZ Month ago

    Nek minute gerald urden

  • Abhishek Sengupta
    Abhishek Sengupta Month ago +3

    Imagine the last card being yrden

  • Jack Tovey
    Jack Tovey Month ago

    Fucking hell I was so hoping that last card was yrden😂😂😂

  • One Weird Life
    One Weird Life Month ago +1

    231 points in one turn! Try doing that in artifact! Swim making legendary history in gwent again... it’s beautiful..

  • Guilherme Medeiros
    Guilherme Medeiros Month ago +1

    Swim just made the biggest BS deck so far.

  • GodKingEmperor
    GodKingEmperor Month ago +2

    I miss old gwent...

  • shafee Dolley
    shafee Dolley Month ago

    Playing this deck ryt now they c the leader the first card drop on the board second card drops, third card drops they know whatss upp they quit,HAHHAHHAHHHAAHAHHA U EVIL BRO LMFAO .... BEST STREAMER EVER. SWIM STRIM ,100000%

  • shafee Dolley
    shafee Dolley Month ago

    Hahahhahahahhahaaaa....nerf coming soon .why dont cd project red employ you in their development team? i think that it would be a great investment....also im happy u back doin this crazy things!!!!...please make a crazy monster deck aswell pls bro make 1 for evry faction lol ....i was enjoying the eredin slyzard so much b4 the ghoul nerf lol

  • Dontez
    Dontez Month ago +2

    I knew it was a good idea to check your channel after the update... Time to start keeping Yrden and artifact removal always in deck...

  • Paulo Evangelista
    Paulo Evangelista Month ago +1

    Ah the memery

  • Logan Sullivan
    Logan Sullivan Month ago +1

    its a shame artifact died

  • TheGeorgianOne
    TheGeorgianOne Month ago +2

    Oh yeah, the old Swim is back! I missed it too much.

  • Raios Rogue
    Raios Rogue Month ago +8

    Swim broke Gwent again hahaha this is what i subscribed for the absolute cancer

  • Weronika Wierzchowska
    Weronika Wierzchowska Month ago +5

    Return of the king of cancer decks. Good to see you, Swim.

  • Lutti Soares
    Lutti Soares Month ago +3

    That is my boy Swim ahahahah. A contagious laugh that make me happy a lot lol. One more awesome meme deck.

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar Month ago +1

    Is that cancer brewing.

  • Shakewixx
    Shakewixx Month ago +1

    Spores or axi and hoy get recked lol, nice strategy though.

  • The Worst
    The Worst Month ago +42

    That's the swim I knew...Welcome back, dude :D

  • psychopomp
    psychopomp Month ago +4


  • Who Da Fook Is That Guy

    Lmao. Not sure if I still want you to return to Gwent. JK man this is exactly why I wanted you to return.

  • Apoli GR
    Apoli GR Month ago +28

    This is the kind of content I subscribed for

  • Richard Wang
    Richard Wang Month ago +31

    13:09 "This kicker must be hell of a card'
    Faint chants of Geralt: Yrden in the background.

  • Vincent Caldwell
    Vincent Caldwell Month ago +4

    What have you done...

  • Ty F
    Ty F Month ago +34

    Swim- the only player who forces devs to roll out nerfs on cards.
    inc charge carry over nerf.

  • Richard Wang
    Richard Wang Month ago +31

    Swim: They destroyed Eredin, and I'm kinda sad that I can't make degenerate uninteractive decks anymore.
    Also Swim, 5 seconds later: It doesn't actually matter what we have. . . *231 points in one turn*