Easy RV Internet Set Up - and yes IT'S UNLIMITED!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Looking for an easy RV internet set up? Look no further.
    It it fits your budget, the $95 month T Mobile Unlimited plan is by far the best bang for your buck in our opinion. While it may not sound sexy or sophisticated, we’ve been using T Mobile for 5 months now and except for a few spots where service was dodgy, could not be happier with out setup.
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    A lot of RV blogs and RU-clip videos talk about using things like weBoost or scouring eBay for Verizon plans with unlimited data. While we spent a lot of time weighing these options, ultimately, using T Mobile seemed like a low risk no brainer.
    The Super Complicated RV Internet Setup
    We literally took an old unlocked iPhone 5 and got a SIM card for it at T- Mobile.
    To be very specific, the plan we have is:
    ONE Plus International $70
    ONE Plus International $25
    While the International is a nice solution since we’ll be using this phone in Canada and Mexico, the real reason to spring for the $25 extra per month is for unlimited streaming to devices. That’s right- Our iPhone 5 is an unlimited hotspot.
    Typically, other carriers like ATT and Verizon limit how much data you can use when using the phone as a hotspot. They also limit the bandwidth provided to devices- you don’t have that problem with T Mobile.
    In the fine print, T- Mobile does state that users over 50GB per month will lose data speed if the network is congested in their local area, but we haven’t seen that reflected in performance yet.
    As a quick example, in July 2018 we used 190 GB of data. That’s an insane amount of data usage, even for a home- but that goes hand in hand with running a remote online based business. Even after all that data usage, as I sit here writing this I’m pulling 40 Mbps down and 14 up. That’s VERY usable internet speed!
    Problems with our RV Internet Solution
    -If theres no T Mobile service, you’re SOL for unlimited internet. Luckily for us, we also both have AT&T cell plans with 6GB hotspots so we’re typically fine in a pinch to at least still work- the data cap means no Netflix though!
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  • Lệ Lê
    Lệ Lê 6 months ago

    Ki ki kìa puppy

  • Sandra Stewart
    Sandra Stewart 10 months ago

    There are areas in the west where AT&T is non existent or limited.

  • john Holmes
    john Holmes Year ago

    Do you use a firestick for tv?

  • K2
    K2 Year ago +2

    I use the Weboost cellular signal booster. I have had amazing success getting signal where my phone will otherwise have little or no signal. It has saved me many times from having to drive miles to find a signal. It’s all about the antenna and limitations of current cell phone wattage. I have been at locations where I had signal, but data was barely good enough to browse the web. I plug in the weboost and like magic I have data that can now handle streaming video. In my opinion, a weboost is a must for anyone serious about having connectivity, while on the road. I work in IT and must have remote access to our server farms, it’s not just for watching The Bachelor.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      Thats good to know- we hear so many different opinions on how well Weboost works. Some people swear by it and others have told us that it makes almost no difference. We're out of the RV in a few months but will have to see if it ends up being something we need while living abroad.

  • Travel Small Live Big

    We have had pretty good luck with T-Mobile too - we call our plan “The Geezer Plan” (we are in our late 50’s - not sure how that happened, but it did). Loads of data for a reasonable monthly fee.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      T-Mobile is where the party is these days. Sounds like the "Geezer Plan" is the way to go.

  • Kenneth Peters
    Kenneth Peters Year ago

    I'll keep that in mind Tim an Fin and Hay Peppurr, You Take care of these two I Like them.

  • thomas dipaolo
    thomas dipaolo Year ago +1

    Good to know

  • Early Dawn Travels

    Thanks for this video! I hope t mobile doesn’t catch on. I also like the format of this video - - you guys hiking while you’re talking about data plans makes it a lot more interesting. What did you guys use for a Phone/Sim card while you traveled around the world? We are traveling next year, and looking for data solutions - - mostly to navigate while we explore unfamiliar cities. Thank you!

    • Early Dawn Travels
      Early Dawn Travels Year ago

      TIM and FIN that is really good advice. I’m going to call my carrier to make sure it’s unlocked! Thank you so much!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      For sure- If you're going to be there for a month I wouldn't even worry about getting something in the US and taking it there. Just get a local SIM card. The key is making sure you truly have an unlocked phone. If it was previously part of a plan you may have to call and get it unlocked.

      On the flip side, if you don't anticipate either of your phones being able to be unlocked for your upcoming trip, you can always get buy a cheapo unlocked smart phone to take with you for less than a $100.

      I think back specifically to bad night we had in Croatia when we couldn't find anywhere to stay and ended up at a really expensive hotel. That one night could have paid for a SIM card AND a phone for the entire month if we had stayed somewhere else.

    • Early Dawn Travels
      Early Dawn Travels Year ago

      TIM and FIN oops I mean HUGE help! Haha

    • Early Dawn Travels
      Early Dawn Travels Year ago

      TIM and FIN Help help!!! Thank you so much. I tasked my wife with finding a solution (we are going to Colombia this month, and our Spanish is not very good... but we’re practicing)! And we were thinking of popping a local SIM card into our iPhone. Sounds like a plan!
      The video was not too shaky at all. My favorite RU-cliprs are always doing something random while topping about another topic. It’s entertaining that way. Keep it up. 🤙🏼

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      That came up organically - we were talking about our phones/data and figured, why not just film this? Hope it wasn't TOO shaky.

      In Europe, we were idiots, and didn't get a SIM card. We thought itd be fun to immerse ourselves and get unwired- turns out we were being stupid and ended up costing ourselves money by not being able to connect outside of finding wifi, for example, getting hotels/airbnbs.

      Everywhere else- we purchased prepaid SIM cards for an unlocked iphone 5 (which we're still using after I slapped in a new battery). Vietnam, Thailand, etc we always had data. It was too inexpensive not to! We just got whatever service was local.

      Even when language was a barrier, I'd walk up to a store, usually point at SIM cards and write down a number of GB I wanted, and they'd take the phone and do the rest. Payup and you're on your way.

  • Ian Gilbert
    Ian Gilbert Year ago

    Question...why not just get a T-Mobile unlimited family plan? We have it for 3 lines for $100 a month and everything is unlimited. I even got an extra 10gb of 4G LTE tethering for free.

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      We were contemplating something like that but we have a few weird things holding us back-
      1.) We truly need unlimited tethering. We're up to 134 GB this month and we still have a week left on the plan.
      2.) While it costs us more to have two services, we have better chance of having "emergency" data. Sometimes ATT is fast and T mobile won't even connect- far better to have spent $40 on that line for the month then stress about not being able to connect for a client meeting for Fin.

  • Gloria Granola
    Gloria Granola Year ago

    Excellent tips thanks! Hubby and I hit the road full time in April so this will help. Yes it does seem like people make internet and cell more complicated thank it needs to be! Have fun!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      We haven't heard ringing endorsements from people who have cell boosters tbh. If someone has an amazing setup in their RV that truly does pull better signal I'd love to see it. For the most part- we just try to park where there is already good signal! If you're boondocking in the middle of nowhere you're going to be out of range anyway :0

  • Kels Pange
    Kels Pange Year ago

    I’ve been wondering this! Thank you! Love your videos!

  • Chris 1972
    Chris 1972 Year ago +2

    If I understand correctly what you are saying when my wife and I were in Australia we could have used our old Iphone 6 as a hot spot and then used our other iPhones Verizon data plan to upload to talk and upload. We only used the 6 by putting a Vodaphone sim card in it but the Aussie data plans were expensive. It seems we could have avoided buying Aussie data if we had just used the 6 as a hot spot?

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago

      I'm not sure? We know we're set with T mobile in Canada and Mexico. We'll be testing how it goes in each of those areas and move over to whatever data plan by whatever carriers works best. I know in NZ there was not a cheap way to get mobile internet so it might be the same for good ol Aus.

  • As the Magpie Flies

    Super Legit! :3 Agreed on the dedicated hotspot being more exspensive than using your phone as hotspot I had one in college for a little while, made the mistake of letting one of my roommates borrow it for an "assignment" (she was actually playing online soccer games) and the bill was over $200!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +1

      bahah oh no!! FORTUNATELY this plan will let Tim play online soccer until his eyes bleed.

  • Cody Hall
    Cody Hall Year ago +1

    I've never been the first comment!!!

    • Cody Hall
      Cody Hall Year ago

      TIM and FIN love the channel! Keep living the dream!!

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  Year ago +2

      What's up Cody - whooo! You earn one gold star!