[ITZY - DALLA DALLA] Debut Stage | M COUNTDOWN 190214 EP.606

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • - KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.606
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    [Kor Ver.]
    JYP 신인 걸그룹 'ITZY'
    매력 있지! 실력 있지! 없는게 없지! 있지 매력은 달라도 너무 달라♡ '달라달라' 무대!
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  • Xừ Choai
    Xừ Choai 7 hours ago +1

    ITZY debut stage 10M views coming soon ❤

  • Ho Djjdjxjdnw
    Ho Djjdjxjdnw 12 hours ago

    Cameraman is Lia’s fanboy 😐 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gaby `
    Gaby ` 17 hours ago

    Yeji reminds me a lot of Noodle of Gorillaz

  • Cherish Rubio
    Cherish Rubio 20 hours ago +1


  • Kit PY
    Kit PY 21 hour ago

    I actually quite like them, but I think the one in the pigtails (srry I forgot her name!) needs to work on facial expressions. She’s great but I feel that she would be able to be so much better if she was a bit more expressive

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago

      And is Yeji

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago +1

      Nope, she's cool as it is.

  • BHD Entertainment
    BHD Entertainment 22 hours ago

    TXT reaction m/v "Dalla Dalla" - Itzy

  • hozMaverick
    hozMaverick 22 hours ago

    its good to see both chae sisters finally debut after all these years. i still remember them from kpop star competing as young kids.

  • Wera gacha
    Wera gacha 22 hours ago


  • Celeste
    Celeste 22 hours ago

    Where's somi?

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago

      She decided to leave JYP now is in a new company called "The Black Label" and will debut as a soloist this year

  • cLminzYboMdarA21

    Would love to see them perform on the big stage..😊

  • michael c
    michael c Day ago +2

    Lmao so basically this is JYP’s Blackpink since Twice can’t fit this concept

    • Huong Trinh
      Huong Trinh 7 hours ago

      And why do Twice have to fit in girlcrush concept? They have their own style and still doing great with it

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago

      So stop believing that the world revolves around the overrated blackpink, stupid blonk.

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago

      And the concept girl Crush does not belong, nor became known with Blackpink they are also copies of old groups

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago +1

      They're ITZY, just ITZY.

  • lina zawahreh
    lina zawahreh Day ago +1

    I LOVE YOU💖💗💟💕💓💚💘💛💞❤💙💜💝


    Chaeryeong's little punch is my everyday vitamin!!!!! 11!11

  • albar gemilang
    albar gemilang Day ago +1

    Ngomong opo t
    Kok ga jelas

  • サルシアパーラ


  • Miranda Mochi
    Miranda Mochi Day ago +1

    I don't stan ITZY, but I have to say, their visuals are very unique and pretty!

  • Nilsu Sarı
    Nilsu Sarı Day ago +2

    ❤️Yeji ❤️

  • Myrthe S
    Myrthe S Day ago +2

    I keep coming back to this💜such talented girls! The stage presence is amazing

  • Bangtan Army
    Bangtan Army Day ago +2

    "I love myself" I felt that😩

  • Lieyan Nicole
    Lieyan Nicole Day ago

    Can someone tell me their fanchant names??

    • cookie
      cookie 17 hours ago


  • Farrah Laila
    Farrah Laila 2 days ago

    Is it just me who thinks Lia kinda looks like Kendall Jenner 😅😂✌

  • iam Yeji
    iam Yeji 2 days ago +2

    ITZY's Rumored Comeback is on June 03 2019, so Please Str3am their Mv make it 200M before their next comeback

  • Yasmin Sodré
    Yasmin Sodré 2 days ago

    *what a talent people*

  • 린크리스
    린크리스 2 days ago

    I can't pick my bias... Ohgoodness

  • 19S2-C chua jiaying
    19S2-C chua jiaying 2 days ago +2

    Who's still here before 10 million views?

  • STAY Here
    STAY Here 2 days ago +1


  • Worldwide_JeongukkBun •

    One thing


  • sksksk sksksk
    sksksk sksksk 2 days ago


  • real life
    real life 2 days ago

    twice sisters are like them only. always smiling for unnecessary reason. oh my godddd😑😑😑😒😒

  • Jetrix Taz Empedrado
    Jetrix Taz Empedrado 3 days ago +1

    Who loves YUNA? 1 LIKE 1 FAN

  • Kim Taehyung Marian Alexa

    Can we just talk about the fanchant?

  • dewangga CHANNEL
    dewangga CHANNEL 3 days ago +1

    My bias is LIA♥️,YUNA,AND YEJI😗

  • soul kim
    soul kim 3 days ago +1

    itzy the best

  • Grace Acosta-Pajarillaga

    Yuna is so pretty and ryujin is so cool💓💓💓💓😆😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • jacksonofgot7asharrystyles timothéechalametownsme

    This song just get better when you listen to it after a long time. Best debut ever? I don't know a lot about Kpop or kpop debuts on general but I love this song, the choreo and the girls are amazing!

  • bts bts
    bts bts 3 days ago

    솔직히 ❤❤

  • Taecci 13
    Taecci 13 3 days ago

    Who is in white crop top with red hair..??I like her ..besides yeji

  • Yazzline Hawkins
    Yazzline Hawkins 3 days ago +1

    I don't mean to be rude, but did anyone else kinda get Blackpink vibes?

  • rmas_ 0127
    rmas_ 0127 3 days ago

    Waaaaaaaaah dalla dalla they're so cuteeeeee

  • Kirk McConnel
    Kirk McConnel 4 days ago

    Cheesy with extra cheese.

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen 4 days ago +3

    What i love about ITZY is they all have different personalities and i found it really cute!😍

  • 353kuran
    353kuran 4 days ago

    Just a commercial song, a basic choreography, nothing amazing but commercial, popular,
    no talents jus a BlackPink bad copy with the same concept "do something popular"

    • ONCE LEGGO WIZ*ONE 7777777
      ONCE LEGGO WIZ*ONE 7777777 3 days ago

      ITZY has more stage attractions tbh

    • Nguyễn Khoa
      Nguyễn Khoa 4 days ago +4

      black pig just a overhyped group with lower talent, their song has no meaning, 3/4 can't dance, they don't have a real main vocal just a visual group with media play by YG

  • Laong Laan Dimasalang

    Lia my loves 😍

  • StrayGotItzDay2Wice ONCEiGOT7STAYItzDAY6

    Who's Here Before 10 Million???

  • eva kim
    eva kim 5 days ago +1

    Ain't nobody gonna talk about lia's beautiful eyes and figure and hair and....??

  • Nofal Dani
    Nofal Dani 5 days ago +1

    I love you Chaereyong

  • Marcos Velazquez
    Marcos Velazquez 5 days ago

    Hermosas las chicas...

  • Bts Bigbang got 7
    Bts Bigbang got 7 5 days ago

    Random but I think Ryujin is the prettiest

  • guan lin
    guan lin 5 days ago +2

    yeji and yuna its my baby

  • Marlene Hime-Sama
    Marlene Hime-Sama 6 days ago

    *La letra de la canción es... Me encanta xD*
    *Amo la coreografía, muy movida y con la canción, me dan ganas de bailar* ♥

  • Huy Hà Ngọc
    Huy Hà Ngọc 6 days ago


  • Organ
    Organ 6 days ago +1

    yeji all kill

  • Robin Assels
    Robin Assels 6 days ago

    I love ITZY but let's be honest, Chaeryeong does not fit the girl crush concept and would have been better off either in Twice or not debuting at all. The others all fit the concept really well and then there is just Chaeryeong. It's sad that ITZY could have had a much better member but instead they got stuck with Chaeryeong

    • KpopIsLife 18
      KpopIsLife 18 2 days ago

      I mean she just debuted likes 2 months ago, she can improve her singing as time goes by....

    • KpopIsLife 18
      KpopIsLife 18 2 days ago

      Well she’s not a main vocal and she is still a rookie, too many space for improvements....

    • Robin Assels
      Robin Assels 2 days ago

      +KpopIsLife 18 just because she didn't leave doesn't mean she deserved to debut. Her voice is average at best.

    • KpopIsLife 18
      KpopIsLife 18 2 days ago

      Out of 5 members Chaeryoung is the most deserving member to debut, he stayed in JYP even though he didn’t debuted with twice.

  • Just Pruu
    Just Pruu 6 days ago

    ok, I love this girls
    eu amo essas piticas com tds minhas forçaaaaaaaaaaaassssssss

  • Carl Marvic Torres
    Carl Marvic Torres 7 days ago

    I love seeing Chaeryeong debut in her own group.😁
    She had improved so much... I first saw her in Sixteen, the show where TWICE was established.
    That's why she looked so familiar!

  • Isabella Rodríguez
    Isabella Rodríguez 7 days ago


  • - Miuchi Gacha -
    - Miuchi Gacha - 7 days ago +3

    Yeji's hair survived ALL THAT 😂

  • Ma.Cristina Labrador

    For me, no one can beat the debut album of Wondergirls..
    I miss them so much..😭😭

  • Kim Zuza
    Kim Zuza 7 days ago +1

    Just imagine........
    BLACKPINK dance this 😊
    Love ITZY

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 7 days ago +1

    It’s usually easy for me to Stan one person when listening to new groups, but this group makes me stan them all

  • Anggun Laksmana
    Anggun Laksmana 7 days ago +2

    I think in Dalla-Dalla, the best voice and dance are LEE CHAERYEONG. Right? She is so amazing. The blasphemers just hate Chaer cause her face. Waeyo?! Are her is ugly? Big noooo! Her is so beautiful n cute. She is talented. Why u must hate her?!!!! R she have a big mistakes with u?! Isn't it clear on this album ?! "NI GIJUNE NAL MATCHURYEO HAJI MA."
    "Don't match me with your standard."
    Waeyo,,, ackkkhhh! I'm so angry and confused with haters Chaer.
    How much do you have to do it? Judging people who have nothing wrong with you. Cruel!
    Chaeryeong has her own charismatic. She has her own beauty aura. So, stop insulting her!
    All of the members positions in Itzy.
    ~Hwang Ye Ji / Yeji: Leader, lead dancer, main vocal, main rapper.
    ~Choi Ji Su / Lia: Main vocal. (this is true. I have search in all artical, n I just found it.)
    ~Shin Ryu Jin / Ryujin: Center, lead dancer, main vocal, main rapper.
    ~Lee Chae Ryeong / Chaeryeong: Lead dancer, lead rapper, lead vocal.
    ~Shin Yu Na / Yuna: Visual, maknae, main vocal.

  • D3MON K1NG
    D3MON K1NG 8 days ago +2

    Why so cute yeji?😍

  • Justine Dela cruz
    Justine Dela cruz 8 days ago +2

    ITZY young yet so tall girls!!!

  • 박주리얀나
    박주리얀나 8 days ago +4

    No one's askin' but i'm here for mixnine's ryujin! I'm proud of you debuting 💖💋😭

  • Wilhelmina Camariñas
    Wilhelmina Camariñas 8 days ago +2

    Idk if it's real but is Chaeryong IZONE chaeyeon's sister

  • Nona M,n
    Nona M,n 9 days ago +3

    Are they really a newbie group? Wtf they look so professional

  • Legendary Penguin D.O Kyungsoo

    Why do I feel like Tzuyu should've debuted with them? 😲 I can imagine it omg 😍

  • Life Where I'm From
    Life Where I'm From 9 days ago +2

    they Are all My age but i am a bathtoom singer And bathroom dancer

  • Victoria Venessa
    Victoria Venessa 9 days ago +4


  • Rainnielle Venegas
    Rainnielle Venegas 9 days ago +3

    This felt like a comeback stage.. 🥰

    BLACKPİNK ROSE 9 days ago +1

    Lia ❤️

  • Beans Iban
    Beans Iban 9 days ago +1

    Ryujin is killing me.

    • Ibo Dayı
      Ibo Dayı 4 days ago

      +Beans Iban 😁😁😁😁

    • Beans Iban
      Beans Iban 4 days ago

      +Ibo Dayı indeed all of them but somehow you know my heart has butterflies when hahahaha love them all

    • Ibo Dayı
      Ibo Dayı 5 days ago

      all killing me but more very ryujin and yeji they my bias😍😍😍😍

  • Vener Magsuci
    Vener Magsuci 10 days ago +2

    Chaeryeoung look alike chaeyeong she's sister in iz*one

  • desi k
    desi k 11 days ago +1

    I really love yuna n yeji

  • Vivaladiva
    Vivaladiva 12 days ago +1

    I have her saying my life on loop

  • Linamaria Gonzalez
    Linamaria Gonzalez 12 days ago +4

    Not a fan of the song but they’re amazing performers

    • SNSD/twice BTS/2pm
      SNSD/twice BTS/2pm 10 days ago +1

      Not a fan of the song??? Good choice 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 fan of the "idol" (personality- dance - vocal - performance- expression- energie) 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  • Alicja Ku
    Alicja Ku 12 days ago +1

    Good job

  • Audrey Romero
    Audrey Romero 12 days ago +1

    Damn the choreography 👏👏👏

  • Shelene Ama
    Shelene Ama 12 days ago +3

    Chaeryeong and Yuna's outfits are so swaggy I love it 😍😍

  • alienprotein
    alienprotein 12 days ago +2

    i dont know how to explain it but looking at yuna makes me feel happy and miss home lmao

  • Donna Fuyon
    Donna Fuyon 12 days ago +2

    They have the stage presence blackpink USED to have before they got lazy

  • Jessa Mae Reyes
    Jessa Mae Reyes 12 days ago +3

    Who likes yuna? :) I'm shookt haha

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim 13 days ago +2

    Who do you think had the best "look"? I choose Lia

  • Nyla Belarmino
    Nyla Belarmino 13 days ago +1

    I like that they have equal outfits

  • Rose Nani
    Rose Nani 13 days ago +1

    Their style is bit similar like twice

    TWIT ZY 13 days ago +7

    Iconic 🤘🏻💥

  • Zaenal Alamsyah
    Zaenal Alamsyah 13 days ago +5

    Ryujin and yeji 😍

  • jamess w
    jamess w 13 days ago

    Great but was that lip sync or do they sound the exact same

    • Jiwoo Rawat
      Jiwoo Rawat 8 days ago +1

      jamess w watch their Mr removed videos. jype trained them well

    • Jiwoo Rawat
      Jiwoo Rawat 8 days ago +1

      jamess w it's live

    • SNSD/twice BTS/2pm
      SNSD/twice BTS/2pm 10 days ago

      Other performance live thats not live

  • Izzul Fitree
    Izzul Fitree 13 days ago

    try play it at speed 0.5 and it good HAHAHA

  • dewi siti
    dewi siti 13 days ago +2

    Congrats JYP!

  • Jung Taeyeon
    Jung Taeyeon 13 days ago +1

    RYUJIN: Bias
    YuNa: Bias wrecker.

  • Catherine
    Catherine 13 days ago


  • Yes or Yes
    Yes or Yes 14 days ago +1

    Let's make this 10m vi3ws 😌😌

  • CaptJericho
    CaptJericho 14 days ago +4

    They need to be at Kcon L.A.

  • Anto Milanisti
    Anto Milanisti 14 days ago

    Amazing Group Hope the song was good too,,,

  • Shin izumi
    Shin izumi 14 days ago +7

    Still the best debut in 2019 for me🔥💞

  • Nick Villarama
    Nick Villarama 14 days ago +2

    weird how people say chaeryoungs ugly lol i think her and ryujin the hottest ones lmao

  • Deborah Kim
    Deborah Kim 14 days ago +1


  • Mochixi
    Mochixi 14 days ago +4

    *Lia’s armpits are brighter than my future*