5 Disturbing Things Found in FOOD II | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #77

  • Published on Mar 23, 2017
  • In this episode we examine a few instances where people bit off more than they'd ever want to chew...
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Comments • 2 523

  • Ketikatz
    Ketikatz Day ago

    How did she not know it was a nail
    Like I genuinely need answers to this

  • Leti.G.
    Leti.G. 2 days ago

    Most of them sound sketchy but especially the nails in macaroni and live bullet in Cosco hot dog seem that some weird people would do anything for a settlement smh

  • Eepy-Cheepy Cheepaford

    So she literally bit the bullet? Haha.

  • Shaine MacDonald
    Shaine MacDonald 3 days ago

    Hot dogs have to pass through a metal detector?!

  • Demmy Darkness
    Demmy Darkness 5 days ago

    I found a few onion rings in my fries at Burger King, I considered it a bonus.

  • Deborah Statton
    Deborah Statton 7 days ago

    I was eating and OMG GUESS WHAT .
    I ate food !!!!!!! Now, who can beat that !!!?!?!.

  • Dean Cutler
    Dean Cutler 10 days ago

    Worst thing I've done is cook some hotdogs while drunk only to realize the next day that I'd consumed them with plastic wrap still on them. I was like "well I didn't die so..."

  • Wyatt Apooch
    Wyatt Apooch 26 days ago

    Man, this is making me cringe so bad...

  • Mar shall
    Mar shall Month ago

    Who are these digusting pigs who just shove food in their talk holes without chewing and end up swallowing nails and bullets

  • TondrilaTube
    TondrilaTube Month ago

    I found a half eaten tic tac in my soup

  • koKO242
    koKO242 Month ago

    I cant swallow an advil pill and sis swallowed 2 whole nails?

  • Salad Snek
    Salad Snek Month ago

    Once I found a noodle in my pasta

  • Connor Glenn
    Connor Glenn Month ago

    I'm sorry but how tf did she assume an iron nail was a fkn undercooked noodle and they were pretty big what kind of fork was she using that she couldnt see that lol maybe that lady just needs to slow down with the freaking food

  • RedLikeWater
    RedLikeWater 2 months ago

    Shay kind of pig swallows nails and bullets?

  • sachorna brissett
    sachorna brissett 2 months ago

    Mac and cheese lady obviously didn't chew her food, unless those nails had melted in the microwave.

  • ShadowPoni
    ShadowPoni 2 months ago

    We had a dead bird in our bag of frozen vegetables once.. It was some off-brand from Mexico that my mom bought.. "Sunny" or "Sunset" something like that; it was a while ago.
    And no, I'm not talking chicken or anything like that; looked like some kind of Robin that must have somehow gotten bagged before it was frozen? Hopefully on accident.

  • Jessica Calhoon
    Jessica Calhoon 2 months ago

    I found no Cheez-its in my bag of Cheez-its. I nearly starved to death.

  • skinger skanger
    skinger skanger 3 months ago

    I once found minutes and seconds in my clock...found out it was a SECONDHAND CLOCK

  • Magnum Watkins
    Magnum Watkins 3 months ago

    Watching this while eating a store bought sandwich, totally expecting something sharp or hard in it...

  • XBlu501
    XBlu501 3 months ago

    Plan 1: complain
    If plan fails proceed to plan 2
    Plan 2: tell the internet and get viral

  • R of the NJ-C
    R of the NJ-C 3 months ago

    Thank goodness the only thing I ever found in my Burger King meal was a French fry mixed in with my onion rings!

  • Zipperhead3213 Smudge
    Zipperhead3213 Smudge 3 months ago

    There's a big problem with the nail in the microwave dinner story! The microwave would have sparked and let them know that something was a miss before her eating the nails so this sounds that she didn't eat these in the microwave dinner. 🤔🤷 Just saying.

  • jessica suchy
    jessica suchy 4 months ago

    our girl Olivia needs to chew better lol

  • Vault Tec Employee
    Vault Tec Employee 4 months ago

    Oh, not to be a stickler. It's pronounced Skuh-Neck-titty

  • M James
    M James 4 months ago

    How much macaroni and hotdogs do you have to be shoveling down your throat to swallow a 2 inch nail and a bullet???
    Ya know, maybe the way these people are eating their food is of a lot more concern than what was found in it.

  • Miss G
    Miss G 4 months ago

    My mother was pouring herself a glass of eggnog one Christmas and a chicken embryo plopped out.. she gags every time she sees eggnog now 🐣

  • Gamer kids 89 The best
    Gamer kids 89 The best 4 months ago

    I found 2 fucking dead spiders in my grapes

  • Angrypossums X
    Angrypossums X 4 months ago

    If there were nails in the microwave why didn’t it short it out?

  • Elswer
    Elswer 4 months ago +2

    I found mint in my chocolate.
    Nothing in this universe has ever been so vile and disgusting, ever.

  • Josef Taylor
    Josef Taylor 4 months ago +1

    Next time you eat you food make sure you look before you eat.

  • shit ass
    shit ass 4 months ago

    I shit on a paper plate and ate it

  • shit ass
    shit ass 4 months ago

    I drink period blood everyday and eat the clots whole

  • Auroras Aura
    Auroras Aura 5 months ago

    I just watched your other gross food video and now I can't even drink my Pepsi without feeling like I'm going to barf. Thanks Rob, love your content

  • Hackie Puffs
    Hackie Puffs 5 months ago

    One time when I was a kid I was having ice cream as a late night snack and I was having it in this cone shaped cup. Like the flat cones. That’s what it was shaped like. Towards the bottom I ate a spoonful and then I find something cool. At first I thought maybe it was a chunk of ice. But when I was moving it around with my tongue I was like “wait what”. I take it out of my mouth and its something rubber. Like a little piece of latex glove that covers the finger tips. My theory was someone’s glove got caught in a little factory machine and it got torn to shreds. I could still see that happening. I showed my mom and she said not to eat the rest and she threw out the whole quart tub. Every time I think of what happened to the factory workers hand I become more grateful for her doing that. I don’t think my mom trusted Edy’s after that because ever since then she’s only gotten me friendlys or turkey hill. 🍨

  • Samppa Koivula
    Samppa Koivula 5 months ago

    Nails are not the best way to add iron to your diet. Loool.

  • IntrepidMike
    IntrepidMike 5 months ago

    When the last woman goes to the toilet theres going to be a hole

  • Gamer kids 89 The best
    Gamer kids 89 The best 5 months ago

    1 time I was at wendys this was my first time so I had some chilly but befor I eat it ther was a cockeroch in thre😱😱😱

  • Liss Firefly
    Liss Firefly 5 months ago

    Made mac and cheese once, all of us, in the household had blonde hair. When we went to dish it out, there was a huge lump of BLACK hair. Put me off Kraft Mac and Cheese for a ..well forever.

  • peggle 2
    peggle 2 5 months ago

    how did he not see or hear the metal nails crackling in the microwave???

  • Robert H
    Robert H 6 months ago

    rat turds in capers....the struggle is real.

  • Mixedplusfreckles
    Mixedplusfreckles 6 months ago +2

    Lady: um hey I found a razor blade in my food!?
    Wal-Mart: OoPsIe PoOpSiE!

  • Ashley Hernandez
    Ashley Hernandez 6 months ago

    Do people just not chew their food?!

  • Silver Banshee
    Silver Banshee 6 months ago

    I once got tiny, almost microscopic spiders in a veggie pack once. I hate spiders more than anything and realizing I'd eaten several dozen before the discovery made me so sick I didn't touch vegetables or salad again for months.

  • spaze_cat
    spaze_cat 6 months ago

    ..... burger king foot lettuce, anyone?

  • TheGodOfPez
    TheGodOfPez 6 months ago

    Love the cheesy pun titles of these stories.

  • Mr. Collins
    Mr. Collins 6 months ago

    Walmart should be sued for the blade.

  • Girl Versus Game
    Girl Versus Game 7 months ago

    Sausage egg and cheese croissant? I'm intrigued and repulsed at the same time

  • Horde Fanatic
    Horde Fanatic 7 months ago

    Years ago I bought a snapple and almost drank it mind you I was maybe 8-11 years old it was full of tiny mini pieces of glass we called coca cola and they immediately came to the house with shit tons of free drinks and many apologies thankfully I didn't drink it that day I probably would have been severely injured if not killed it was literally loaded with almost microscopic pieces!

  • LoveSkulls 13
    LoveSkulls 13 7 months ago

    Yet another reason to stay away from processed food.

  • Just Another Youtube Channel

    I once found someone’s feet in my Burger King lettuce.

    • Hannah Tutton
      Hannah Tutton 3 months ago

      Just Another RU-clip Channel did it happen to be foot fungus? Aka the last thing you’d expect in your Burger King burger?

  • PassionsQuietRage
    PassionsQuietRage 7 months ago

    That's why you ask to speak to a store manager in these situations, as well as call the manufacturer and inform them of the situation as well. The Walmart employee should have instructed her to bring the container the blade was found in back to the store with the receipt and speak with the manager about it, not say, "I hope your day gets better." smh

  • Man Of Magic
    Man Of Magic 8 months ago

    I ate some crisps once and I found a human toe nail in it, I never felt the same about crisps again.

  • Pittsburgh Pirates Hat
    Pittsburgh Pirates Hat 8 months ago

    I went to a Mexican restaurant once I found a plastic tag from some arcticle of clothing in my fish tacos

  • rence234
    rence234 9 months ago

    Burger king foot lettuce

  • Victoria Buzzard
    Victoria Buzzard 9 months ago

    Daddy Rob😍🤤

  • VAMPIREX 2017
    VAMPIREX 2017 9 months ago

    I FOUND AN ONION RING IN MY FRIES...I'm...I'm mad about it...

  • EmeraldSplash-png
    EmeraldSplash-png 9 months ago

    Wouldn’t the nails in the mac and cheese explode in the microwave???

  • Tony Loi
    Tony Loi 10 months ago

    You can add needle in strawberries to that list. Yep Australia. Even the strawberries want to kill you

  • Maestro Jack
    Maestro Jack 10 months ago

    It's not really funny - but you know, that lady actually shit a bullet. That just sounds funny.

  • raul gallegos
    raul gallegos 10 months ago

    I thought this was going to be about ingredients like red dye 5 is insects