Nicole Kidman on the role that nearly broke her

  • Published on Sep 19, 2018
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Comments • 80

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone 4 days ago

    She still has it and she has done a lot of movies and she needs to bring back her red curly hair! She looked prettier with red hair. She looks so old now. I hope she wins another Oscar!

  • Arthur Trommel
    Arthur Trommel 4 months ago +1

    Not "Days of Thunder"))

  • denadear
    denadear 5 months ago +1

    What is with that guy's hair?

  • Marija N
    Marija N 5 months ago +1

    Overrated plastic doll... I like her red hair, she is sobredhead, not blonde...

    YANG2020 FUTURIST CREW 5 months ago +1

    I’m fascinated by these Aussie guys that are still stuck in the 80’s

  • Petros Kouklotheatros
    Petros Kouklotheatros 6 months ago +1

    2 die 4

  • 3rd Gunman
    3rd Gunman 6 months ago +2

    I've been down since BMX Bandits

  • sonie v.kay
    sonie v.kay 7 months ago +3

    i love every movie she’s been in. such an amazing actress. she is still so gorgeous.

  • Endoe Kronic
    Endoe Kronic 8 months ago +3

    Everyone looks like an Alien! Aussie ALIENS!!!

  • Google User
    Google User 8 months ago +2

    wtf is up with this guy's crazyass hair??!!! lmao smh

  • Mary Matthews
    Mary Matthews 9 months ago +2

    Beautiful?? no way, everything looks plastic, and too thin. Good actress but owes her career to Tom cruise. None of the Hollywood actresses have natural beauty, all scalpel and Botox. Ugh

    • Prema Istheway
      Prema Istheway 8 months ago +2

      She owes her career to Tom Cruise? Because for the last couple decades they still hired her because of him!??? Get a grip. She is where she is because of her sheer talent that stands out in every role she does. Do you know she has said during her marriage to him she sacrificed her career to be at his side for his? She raised their adopted kids and didn't act much at all. She took off years after their divorce. So maybe you are inaccurate...except the botox, yes. That is a sad side effect of the business.

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 10 months ago +3

    Is this guy for real? What's that on his head, a rug?? He looks like a 65 yo Ken doll mixed with a troll!

  • Kev S
    Kev S 10 months ago +3

    She is one of the best......

  • ternitamas
    ternitamas 11 months ago +1

    can't wait to watch it!

  • Fredricka Apple tree
    Fredricka Apple tree 11 months ago +1

    What’s up with her hair?

  • Pam Nicholls
    Pam Nicholls 11 months ago +2

    Fabulous movie, such a lovely sensitive and compassionate approach to the issues concerning our gay community. So glad Nicole and Russel were there to add the authenticity.

  • S Piper
    S Piper 11 months ago +1

    I thought Lucas gave a very intelligent answer to Ellen's question. I agree with what that teacher educated him about not being 100% gay or 100% straight. And this is not the same as bisexual. He is saying that he would fall in love with whomever he made an intimate connection with at that moment. Love is love.

  • Therapist Gus
    Therapist Gus 11 months ago +25

    She is one of the bravest actresses.. her catalogue of work is soooo diverse, heart breaking, funny, A M A Z I N G

  • jslasher1
    jslasher1 11 months ago

    Who is this fat, ugly presenter? Any wonder I never watch channel 9's 'Today'.

  • Eerimen Bzej
    Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago +6

    4:28 who else counts 3 fake blondes and one neanderthal

  • Shagith shagithyan
    Shagith shagithyan 11 months ago +2

    Nicole Kidman really god love it 🌹🌹🌹

  • Kitty Viveen
    Kitty Viveen 11 months ago +4

    she looks more freaky every year. nothing moves anymore except her mouth and her eyes. Spooky.

  • Juliano Huerta
    Juliano Huerta 11 months ago +35

    Nicole Kidman has and will always be one of my favorite actors. everything she does for her art is beautiful.

    • PJ Kazinzski
      PJ Kazinzski 11 months ago

      @markspencer171 Must be a Lawrence Martin fan.

    • markspencer171
      markspencer171 11 months ago +4

      Sure, except she's ugly and she can't act....

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      we call art art because it is not nature

  • MrMartybearass
    MrMartybearass 11 months ago +4

    too bad she still cannot act!!! or is it called my face cannot move...bewitched,invasion,... just stop trying to say you can don't work just go on being a piece of arm candy.....

    • ann brewer
      ann brewer 11 months ago

      mcmarty beaass, btw bewitched did suck! That movie was horrible. One of the worst movies ever made i wouldn't pay a penny for it at the Walmart bin. Seriously, i wouldn't unless i were going to sell it at my garage sale for 25 cents, just wouldn't be worth my time. Hee hee.😃

    • ann brewer
      ann brewer 11 months ago

      Mc marty beaass, no doubt, she sucks. Always whispering in every movie. Somethings not right about her, but i'm not going to say what i think it is, cuz its pretty bad.

  • East Village
    East Village Year ago +4

    Destroyer rocks. Love Nicole running round dirty with an assault rifle. Yes please 😜

  • Rose Petal
    Rose Petal Year ago

    I think Nicole is a wonderful actress but because she chooses to have "work done" to her face, she doesn't quite "look" the part of a "plain Jane" southern baptist mom. She almost looks too pretty for such a role.

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      its like barbie goes to baptist church playing homo mom

  • carokat1111 Smith
    carokat1111 Smith Year ago +3

    Have not seen Richard Wilkins for a few years. Oh my God, he looks terrible!

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      thanks guys i was wondering who that neanderthal was

    • tanya
      tanya 11 months ago

      carokat1111 Smith he looks like an SNL parody omg he looks embarrassingly awful . He looks like Chucky.

  • AJ
    AJ Year ago +1

    she needs to do a big glamour role again. just for us.

  • Justdjbitches Djs
    Justdjbitches Djs Year ago +1

    I don't like Russel. I can't forgive him coming to America and hit someone with a telephone in the head . I dare him doing that again in Trump's America would live to see his ass deported.

  • Justdjbitches Djs
    Justdjbitches Djs Year ago +1

    GOAT. QUEEN 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 at this point she is an ICON a Legend

  • Janine
    Janine Year ago +6

    Wtf does Richard Dickie Wilkins look like? Ugh

  • Eros Vinsol
    Eros Vinsol Year ago +1

    She was and still is very beautiful , but unfortunately I believe she still smokes and that prematurely ages you as does Kate beckinsale, another stunner and fabulous actress.

    • markspencer171
      markspencer171 11 months ago +1

      Sure, except she's ugly and she can't act....yucky plastic surgery made her look like an alien

  • Debbie C
    Debbie C Year ago +1

    What is going on with her swollen left side of her jaw and face? Did she have an accident or some type of injury that would cause that?

  • Jorqlip 1
    Jorqlip 1 Year ago +4

    “Baptist pasta”

  • Poppy Fields
    Poppy Fields Year ago +16

    She's a darling! 💖🌹

  • K Man
    K Man Year ago +19

    Absolutely beautiful woman

  • jade johnson
    jade johnson Year ago +5

    cant wait to see sebastian stan in destroyer

  • Mary Ann Donnachie
    Mary Ann Donnachie Year ago +26

    Strong Advocate for women, Female directors need support and recognition!!! Thank you Nicole, Your family protection to be admired...

  • Linda Whisler
    Linda Whisler Year ago +54

    Love Nicole Kidman....She's such a classy lady....

    • markspencer171
      markspencer171 11 months ago +4

      Sure, except she's ugly and she can't act....

  • Jean Falco
    Jean Falco Year ago +2


  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch Year ago +13

    This looks so good.

  • starlite556
    starlite556 Year ago +6

    That is hair that only a very young girl can get away with. Not some middle aged woman. The disheveled look not for mature women.

    • Francisco Rojas
      Francisco Rojas 9 months ago +1

      Age doesn't matter. She looks great

    • Fredricka Apple tree
      Fredricka Apple tree 11 months ago

      I think the problem is she is losing her hair and has to rely on wigs it’s a shame.
      Not so much an age issue more n “it looks false” issue.
      I don’t think Nicole has anymore style than most women nor do actresses generally just more money.

    • A
      A 11 months ago +3

      Did you even listen to this? All your comments are about her hair? Wtf is wrong with you

    • Matthew Wisniewski
      Matthew Wisniewski Year ago +13

      I think she looks fantastic

    • TrumpSucks Biggly
      TrumpSucks Biggly Year ago +11

      starlite556 Let me see Starlite, is that your rule ? I think Nicole would know more about style thane you.

  • Sergey Prokofiev
    Sergey Prokofiev Year ago +11

    She is not sincere

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      remember, it is only realo when you have seen it on tel levi sion

    • swankhood
      swankhood 11 months ago +1


    • Diana Yz
      Diana Yz Year ago +1

      About What?

    • Jean Falco
      Jean Falco Year ago


  • Gates of Gergovia
    Gates of Gergovia Year ago +1

    So pretty and yet so utterly crazy - what a shame.

  • showmoke
    showmoke Year ago +2

    A bit odd that Lucas Hedges is not even mentioned here!

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      thats alright, as long as they mentioned the jew the kvetchers will be happy

  • TrumpSucks Biggly
    TrumpSucks Biggly Year ago +3

    Nicole is my favorite actress, but if she has to take her work home it isn’t fair to her great, talented husband Keith Urban. The old saying ‘if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’.

    • markspencer171
      markspencer171 11 months ago

      Sure, except she's ugly and she can't act....

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      who the f has 'urban' for a last name. is it a jew

    • Eugeniya Leshenko
      Eugeniya Leshenko 11 months ago +2

      What? Don't you think it's none of your business?

  • delon a
    delon a Year ago +5

    Oh great! Two movies nobody will see until on Netflix!

    • BlackIrishRy
      BlackIrishRy 8 months ago

      I saw it in theatres

    • Eerimen Bzej
      Eerimen Bzej 11 months ago

      of course it is also a propaganda vehicle for the south african born and australian-recycled jew and his music

    • showmoke
      showmoke Year ago

      @ilovefood - if that happens, then the film will have failed in its mission. The whole point of making the film was to convince the public (particularly the American public) that gay conversion therapy camps were a bad idea and the film was made to try and get the government to realise that they were evil and wrong and have them all shut down! If the film wins an award at the Oscars, then the publicity may help in all that as, hopefully, more people will watch it.

    • Deviant
      Deviant Year ago +1

      showmoke he means people wont be interested enough to see it in cinemas but may see it when it comes on netflix some time later

    • showmoke
      showmoke Year ago +4

      I think 'Boy Erased' will be shown in cinemas worldwide.