Kpop Idols Awkward Interactions Kpop [NL]

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    Kpop Idols Awkward Interactions Kpop [NL]
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Comments • 460

  • Eddie Onalosa
    Eddie Onalosa 10 hours ago

    Suho being fanboy kyeopta😂😊

  • Putri Rosiana Septiyanti

    Kyungsoo kasian bgt si:"(

  • Charmel anthony Chan
    Charmel anthony Chan 19 hours ago

    This emberrase me oh my gosh my biasss what r u doing 0:14

  • Milena Nikiforova

    3:04 name?

  • Farofashida Edtajua
    Farofashida Edtajua 2 days ago +1

    5:50 I love this one,,,can't stop laughting😂😂

  • gogorosie neo
    gogorosie neo 2 days ago +1

    Anda bau jigong

  • Mino ź
    Mino ź 3 days ago

    Wtf Kungsoo a joke to u?

  • Bernice Cao
    Bernice Cao 3 days ago

    Chanyeol: Suho... what r u doing?
    Suho: *dancing happily*
    Chanyeol: dam it Suho
    Me: -_-

  • Una Otaku2
    Una Otaku2 4 days ago

    4:07 This is not akward, this is shipp, lol(?

  • Quezia Jones
    Quezia Jones 7 days ago

    Sehun talking to Jeonghan tho!! Thats hilarious! Lol

  • Su Thant
    Su Thant 12 days ago

    My love 😘😘 ju-ne 😍😍😍 iKON

  • D.O noEXOnoLIFE
    D.O noEXOnoLIFE 13 days ago

    d.o be like "oh shit i want go home"

  • D.O noEXOnoLIFE
    D.O noEXOnoLIFE 13 days ago +1

    Suho the lost RV member 😂😂😂
    edit: Suho is hardcore RV fanboy

  • Krystal Reid
    Krystal Reid 14 days ago

    Key lmao i get to laugh too loud hahaha

  • Shreya Nallapati
    Shreya Nallapati 15 days ago


  • manzura ratna5
    manzura ratna5 24 days ago

    poor do😁

  • dewi rina wati
    dewi rina wati 26 days ago

    04:26 jeongkook so cute 🤣

  • dewi rina wati
    dewi rina wati 26 days ago

    03:32 who he ? Him so cute 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • kracker N
    kracker N 28 days ago +4

    Lol V’s expression was like “what did I do?”

  • Zizi & Gigi
    Zizi & Gigi 29 days ago +1


  • Yaretzy Rosales
    Yaretzy Rosales 29 days ago

    6:48-6:41 who's that girl who had the accident and she did a trick and her dress lifted up???

  • Yaretzy Rosales
    Yaretzy Rosales 29 days ago +1

    Why was sehun crying when big bang was Singh g bae bae and one member was on his lap????

  • Hina ahmed
    Hina ahmed Month ago +1

    What bout jeongyeon and jimin.

    PINK AVENUE Month ago

    at 5:07 jhope in background

  • Joyce Sharon
    Joyce Sharon Month ago

    6:21 I can relate..hahaha..

  • Ggukie Verse
    Ggukie Verse Month ago

    8:03 What song is this called?

  • Killer Savage226
    Killer Savage226 Month ago +1

    4:11 Lay is so done

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago +3

    Tiffany victimized D.O, Junhoe and Seungri in just one event 😂❤️

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago


  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago

    Most of them are EXO members and Tiffany 😂

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago

    8:14 when Tiffany waved to someone and Seungri thought it’s him 😂

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago

    6:15 legendary moment of Sehun and Jeonghan 😂😂😂😂

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago


  • hermione granger
    hermione granger Month ago

    Vfany ❤️

  • ArmyOnce TT
    ArmyOnce TT Month ago +1

    Infinite Sunggyu at the beginning 😍

  • I am Lisa’s bangs

    Suho is the president of reveluvs preiodt

  • Yuna Shin
    Yuna Shin Month ago

    She really is not comfortable.

  • Yuna Shin
    Yuna Shin Month ago

    Sehun is a little baby.

  • BBYU SungJae_SooYoung
    BBYU SungJae_SooYoung Month ago +1

    Wow Tiffany victimized so many Male Idols at that 1 award ceremony... Seungri, D.O & Junhoe 😂😂😂 I feel so bad for this boys but at the same time it's funny 😂

  • Sophiya Neupane
    Sophiya Neupane Month ago

    5:09 Hopi is also dancing

  • s b
    s b Month ago

    That sehun moment and hani moment 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sataish Kiani
    Sataish Kiani Month ago

    6:03 I think everyone needs this type of scare to make eating more funny XD

  • Jjijah Ocean
    Jjijah Ocean Month ago

    Poor Jin :,(((

  • golden lalalisa
    golden lalalisa Month ago

    mygod! so funny cute D.O 😂😂😂😂😂

  • 우멜사니아
    우멜사니아 Month ago +1

    Thumbnail *BTS*
    Videos *EXO*
    *give this editor a Grammy*

  • Euphoria
    Euphoria Month ago

    2:54 AW I wanna be there for him

  • Asma Ahmad
    Asma Ahmad Month ago

    Jin loses all his confidence to irene😂😂 so cute

  • Exo is Life
    Exo is Life 2 months ago

    I see chanyeol i click 😍

  • Haleela Begum
    Haleela Begum 2 months ago +2

    But 90% of this video is exo lol
    Omo our cute shy boys😍

  • nabiha anisa
    nabiha anisa 2 months ago

    Wht happned at 6:55 min

  • Tas H
    Tas H 2 months ago +4

    Irene has the ability to make even worldwide handsome Jin nervous 😂

  • Elma Channel
    Elma Channel 2 months ago

    Suho 😂😂

  • Bri Lo195
    Bri Lo195 2 months ago +1

    Can someone tell me the moment at 4:08 please?? Where can I find the full video/performance? I'm not sure who they are or the song being sung 😅

    • Bri Lo195
      Bri Lo195 Month ago

      Sjmyjhknpjktjj 07 Thanks! who is the one sitting on the other' lap? And who is the on being sat on 😂

    • Sjmyjhknpjktjj 07
      Sjmyjhknpjktjj 07 Month ago +1

      I don't know where you can get the full performance or video but the group is called 'Exo'. Go check them out, they are really talented and fun.

  • Mahbub Ramisa
    Mahbub Ramisa 2 months ago

    Suho stoppphhhhhh please

  • Karen Jacinto
    Karen Jacinto 2 months ago

    4:07 seungri and sehun moment 😂💜

  • paulyn joy dadivas
    paulyn joy dadivas 2 months ago

    I saw BTOB with some gg. Then Changsub. Hahaha

  • B B
    B B 2 months ago

    irene smiles like shes half desperate.. she notices everything but tries to smile like like a naive person..... just fake .. ew

  • MamaMoo are the best Kpop group of all time bitches

    They aren’t awkward. It’s just that companies don’t allow interactions. Like BTS Jin and Mamamoo Moonbyul are friends but they can’t interact in public. Cuz of fans rioting and getting jealous etc

  • April Jesa
    April Jesa 2 months ago

    Poor d.o...

  • The cock that pounds all reason

    8:51-2 made me sad for her.