Oculus Rift S Hands-On and Impressions!

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • We go hands-on with the Rift S, the new desktop VR headset that replaces the Oculus Rift and uses inside-out tracking cameras and a higher-resolution display. Plus, a conversation with Oculus Head of VR Product Nate Mitchell about the design decisions behind the Rift S, Insight tracking, and the new Passthrough+ system.
    Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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Comments • 1 755

  • Cyberbytes Technology

    Guess I'm selling my CV1. I wont be buying another paperweight VR headset. You can do whatever you want guys, but the lack of good software makes VR a novelty at best and a waste of money at worst. Plus 3 years after release and we have to "upgrade", I normally burn a monitor til it dies... doesn't look like VR wants to be that, no it's the hardware version of micro-transactions... Thx it was fun, sort of.

  • Dotken
    Dotken 3 days ago +1

    I dont understand how Rift S is the same price as the quest
    quest- better material(foam, outside) basically it has a very premium feel, 4 cameras, same controllers, ipd adjustment, oled-72hz, better resolution than rift s even tho it uses diamond pentile screen, a charger, a whole mobile inside the headset.
    rift s- nonpremium plastic feel, better comfort, same controllers, 5cameras, fastswitch lcd screen with no ipd adjustment- 80hz and rgb screen, 5 meter cable.
    When you add everything up it feels like rift s should be cheaper or it should have atleast oled screens with ipd adjustments for that 399 price tag. (idk about these company collabs but the 399 price is probably because of the lenovo partnership so oculus and lenovo could equally make that $)

  • John Ford
    John Ford 5 days ago

    this is clearly not made for people that already own Oculus. the reason why I say this is because if it was made for people who already own an Oculus they would think ahead and say "yes there's compatibility for outside-in tracking or using both together on the Oculus s." I would love to use my older sensors in combination with the inside out tracking of the Oculus to provide the best tracking experience possible. I don't get why they are compromising so much. It would also lead to sales in $60 sensors that are used for the Oculus or you know what you could add another $50 to the price tag and put a camera on the back strap so controllers can still be tracked behind you. I'd rather pay $600 ish for the better stuff currently out then $400 for compromises. I was really thinking about getting it but I believe I just talked myself out of it.

  • Kalfax plays
    Kalfax plays 6 days ago

    outside in is definitely the future though. btw is rift s a rift small? or something? or is it special version, i feel like its a downgrade from the original rift. i think they will find it hard to compete with the rest of the market if they keep this up.the controllers are also incredibly inferior to valve's index controllers. i havent bought into vr yet, but so far im leaning towards the new index headset from valve, though i don't have enough info about it yet to make that choice... maybe ill wait another year or two to get something good enough if it disappoints.

  • aaron4820
    aaron4820 7 days ago

    I guess Valve Index is going to dominate the serious VR market for a little while as Oculus VR works on the successor to the original Rift... this doesn't seem like that strong a competitor even for the year old Samsung Odyssey :/

  • caspar harte
    caspar harte 8 days ago

    PC users don't care about inside out if there is a tracking performance issue, we care about high performance. Oculus should understand PC users are discerning and care about performance, not gimmicks for convenience of install. I feel like they are going inside out as a parallel to their mobile ambitions.

  • Jennifer Reitz
    Jennifer Reitz 9 days ago

    The beancounters wanted higher profit margins, so we get an Oculus with reduced features for a greater cost. That is the bottom line here, all hype-talk about simplicity and ease aside. The only way the argument that this will open up VR to a larger market would work is if the price was commensurate with the impoverishment of the device - $299, say instead of a full 400. The trade off is simple: reduced image contrast, removed pupil adjustment (software is insufficient), removed earphones, all to make more money for Oculus.
    This is not an advancement in anything except capitalistic greed.

  • Noah Hardy
    Noah Hardy 10 days ago

    I was really looking forward to getting a rift with my tax return. Now I either have to pay the price of a vive or buy this piece of trash. The rift sold me on the tracking and the controllers. What's keeping me from getting a fucking vive at this point?

  • progman
    progman 12 days ago

    Extremely disappointed. As Brent says below, the S is a “trade off” that IMHO, serious gamers will not want to compromise on. Come on Oculus, give us the choice of better all around built in technology. I for one will not be picking up the S. I would rather wait for a company to improve and add on feature, not take away and “hope” it will be what folks want.

  • BBOI 808
    BBOI 808 14 days ago

    its been spring for a while now where is the rift s release date!!!

    • harry levitt
      harry levitt 13 days ago

      It's been predicted they are announcing it at a Facebook event I think it's called f8 or something like that

  • Ser
    Ser 14 days ago

    Valve Index couldnt have come at a better time

  • SilVR MrE
    SilVR MrE 15 days ago

    I play PSVR and love it

  • Sm0k3tur1
    Sm0k3tur1 15 days ago

    A lot of people are saying it’s a downgrade I got to try this beast at pax. I wouldn’t say it bad or a downgrade but it is definitely different. I don’t mind but I know some people do. Just blind hate doesn’t seem needed. If it’s not your thing don’t buy it.

  • Justin B
    Justin B 15 days ago

    I think I’ll go with a Samsung Odyssey instead. LCD instead of OLED is a deal breaker.

    HENRY THE RC CAR 15 days ago +1

    Great interview, love watching your content!

    HENRY THE RC CAR 15 days ago +1

    Trade off 🤔

  • Mad Jack Churchill
    Mad Jack Churchill 16 days ago

    “What if I have a wide IPD?”
    “Go buy a shittier Oculus Go lol”

  • Josh
    Josh 16 days ago

    No reason to buy this over an Odyssey +

  • Rbmets
    Rbmets 16 days ago

    Literally looks exactly the same as samsungs windows mixed reality headset

  • AJay Hubbard
    AJay Hubbard 16 days ago

    Inside-out tracking. Sold.

  • spaceweed10
    spaceweed10 16 days ago

    Not worth a wank then - thanks.

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 17 days ago +1

    LOL from the VR leaders to a re-branded Lenovo. SMH

  • inceptional
    inceptional 17 days ago

    I'll be honest, other than for a small niche, I don't really see the point of a Rift 2 anymore. I'd say just focus on the standalone going forward but really push to get that at the forefront as much as possible and as quickly as possible. Everything a tethered PC headset can do can also be done on a fully standalone too but just at some point down the line, so the point is to make that time down the line as small as humanly possible, to the point that it basically makes the dedicated PC version basically meaningless. Get a standalone with pancake or waveform lenses at 200 degrees field of view, 90 Hz, with all round inside-out tracking, an on-board processor that's as powerful as it can be, a battery life that's as long as it can be and at as affordable a price as possible--who in their right mind would pick a clumsy tethered PC headset over that.

  • inceptional
    inceptional 17 days ago

    Inside-out tracking really is the way to go, but I do think they need to add more cameras including some around the back of the headset too, just in order for it to really have that full tracking experience with no compromises compared to what you could get with current outside-in. Once there's a few more cameras of these VR headsets for tracking all around (I'd say at least add one on each side of the headset around where the ears are and one the back of the headset) I have total confidence 99.9% of people will never give inside-out a second thought.

  • Disco Dan
    Disco Dan 18 days ago

    Sell your rift now whilst you can get good buyback price and throw a bit extra 👍

  • Disco Dan
    Disco Dan 18 days ago

    Sigh! Instead of compromising why don't they just give us value for money?? Is it that frickin hard to not be a stooge?!!;/

  • juniormafia27
    juniormafia27 18 days ago

    The more they talk....the more I want to hold on to my current 2 Rifts I have.

  • Miki Cerise
    Miki Cerise 19 days ago +1

    Valve Index, it's your market to win.

  • Bike Guy
    Bike Guy 19 days ago

    The problem is current Rift owners will be holding out for the Rift 2, so no as many sales of the S model which may be taken by Oculus to mean people don't want a PC based system..which is incorrect.

  • John Appleseed
    John Appleseed 20 days ago

    Spidey senses tingling. Dishonesty, recklessness, pandering. I'm out.

  • Kane Ix
    Kane Ix 20 days ago +1


  • Tyco Tech
    Tyco Tech 21 day ago

    Should do a copyright claim on this vid: ru-clip.com/video/a0k2z8OV3AE/video.html Hate seeing people stealing content...

  • StonedAge Gamer
    StonedAge Gamer 21 day ago +1

    Buuuuull shiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!

  • leschouxcroutes
    leschouxcroutes 21 day ago

    my rift lost audio and tracking behind the head after the warranty period. No chance in hell I'll stick to Oculus given all the telemetry Facebook is pushing, specifically now that they've made clear they have nothing to offer other than entry level VR, which should have been available 3 years ago.

  • Captain Black
    Captain Black 22 days ago

    I'll stick with my Rift for now. Waiting for Rift 2. 3080ti and Star Citizen in VR..... :D

    • Captain Black
      Captain Black 17 days ago

      +magzire 1080ti is running at 40% in 1080p at very high in an unoptimized early access. A 3080ti will blast it.

    • magzire
      magzire 17 days ago

      Maybe 6080ti for SC

  • Metarortiz
    Metarortiz 22 days ago

    I just bought the oculus rift with 3 sensors for $150 and i see all of these videos and make me oof on the inside a bit.

  • Chris Barr
    Chris Barr 22 days ago

    If it's not 4k i'll wait and "live" with my rift

  • Vyrkhan
    Vyrkhan 22 days ago

    From having a "perfect range of IPD" to "Uhmm... we are pretty close" smh

  • ThyBox
    ThyBox 23 days ago +1

    All this video did is make me want to buy a Vive. lol

  • Ritchie M
    Ritchie M 24 days ago

    Annoying that they stopped putting "Projections" in the Video title... lazy.

  • Art B
    Art B 24 days ago +1

    It's a joke. I'm sick of hearing this is not the headset for existing rift owners. PC VR oculus consumers have invested hundreds of dollars in their platform buying games etc and oculus have turned around said F you, we are not upgrading the platform U have invested in. Why the hell would want to stick with a platform that treats us this way.

  • Julian Lockwood
    Julian Lockwood 24 days ago

    Nate the car salesman !

  • Jaggy
    Jaggy 24 days ago

    Dont trade off make it better and charge us more but give us good stuff.

  • xXYannuschXx
    xXYannuschXx 24 days ago +1

    Better wait 1-2 months and get a Valve Index.

  • Doomteam
    Doomteam 25 days ago

    Only 399, that's a great price! But can it do this?!

  • Alpha Fairfoxs
    Alpha Fairfoxs 26 days ago +1

    I am getting SEGA 32X flashbacks.

  • Gillius
    Gillius 26 days ago

    'hands on' but no video of you playing....eh?

  • Anthony Steele
    Anthony Steele 26 days ago


  • Ilya Gladkih
    Ilya Gladkih 27 days ago +1

    You might save 20 mins of your time. In short Oculus says - We want to stick to performance of PC that was required for original Rift 3 Years ago... Face Palm
    I've already upgraded my PC you $#@%!!!!

  • Ilya Gladkih
    Ilya Gladkih 27 days ago

    I think, all enthusiasts that bought Rift were waiting for Oculus HMD that is worth upgrading to.
    And i think about myself as Oculus Rift User. I am glad that i have Rift, very excited about it. Inside out tracking is nice ... But resolution... Yeaaaaak...
    Probably, going to buy Vive Index as next HMD. So sad it would not be Rift...

  • Matt B
    Matt B 27 days ago

    I feel like the direction with inside out tracking will evolve to become more of a helmet VR device. It just makes sense.

  • Lance Tschirhart
    Lance Tschirhart 27 days ago

    Releasing a 2019 HMD with reduced IPD is lunacy. You all want increased FOV, and you want increased res, but those like me are still waiting for the res that you already have. Actually that's an understatement; _comfortable_ low resolution would even be preferable. The IPD range is the only VR feature that alienates huge populations. If the new digital IPD is good, but short, then it's probably an adjustment of about 3mm on either side instead of the usual 5 or 6. Hopefully it can be compounded with the physical IPD to bring the range up to 56-74 or so (for upcoming HMDs that are not this). Does anyone have some knowledge about the tech limitations or upcoming HMDs IPD to toss in here? Thanks

  • Let's Chat
    Let's Chat 27 days ago +1

    6:42 I don't trust anything this man is saying. It's like talking to a 4L bottle of Chloroform.

  • Shmurda Lurda
    Shmurda Lurda 27 days ago

    So is it actually being released this spring? I heard a rumor that it wound't be released until 2022

  • xamurai00
    xamurai00 27 days ago

    only way VR will work for me is if it comes wireless and on a headset with 200 degreeFOV , ZERO sde and 120mhz . Preferably on contact lenses. But thats at least 15 years away. If i was to place importance in order i would go:
    200 degree FOV
    4k per eye
    Zero SDE
    90 Hz

  • Idea Harp
    Idea Harp 27 days ago

    I wouldn't buy .... With these newer models, full of CAMS and built-in EARPHONES, and inside-out tracking, can we safely say BYE BYE to any kind of privacy known to man? No wonder the older Oculus headsets are being phased out. At least they allow for some privacy!

  • amin persia
    amin persia 27 days ago +2

    Omg Nerf of Oculus rift...China makes better VR with Pimax 5k or 8k...

    CAPTIVISION 27 days ago

    If you're thinking of getting an Oculus Rift S or already have a Rift , check out our new VR travel series, Escape Now: The Icons. Available right now on the Oculus store. Let us know what you think!

  • Alexander Kerner
    Alexander Kerner 28 days ago

    I would love the possibility to clock the display higher... would be cool for people who already exceed the high specs for rift by far...

  • Cole Park
    Cole Park 28 days ago

    Warning: salty /r/Oculus members below xD

  • Mike Symo
    Mike Symo 28 days ago

    I’m happy I have a rift, this rift s looks considerably worse than the old one?

  • E Bones
    E Bones 28 days ago

    Get a room already.

  • Luke Dupin
    Luke Dupin 28 days ago

    Linux support?

  • MashUpArt
    MashUpArt 28 days ago

    Unpopular Opinion: Making the technology more accessible right now should be priority no1, as it introduces more consumers into the market, keeping VR alive and funding future technological advancements. I think it's a good call.

  • MrSlimfinger
    MrSlimfinger 28 days ago

    Baby steps...

  • it's gaming bro music and vlogsss

    I am still getting a oculus quest

  • GunnyNinja
    GunnyNinja 28 days ago

    Guys, we know you're from Tested. How about "Hey it's Norm and Jeremy here"

  • rmzzz76
    rmzzz76 28 days ago

    "there's a few reasons why we settled at 80hz... we feel that still delivers that same level of presence". Humm, what does that say about the 72hz limitations of the Quest. I get that Oculus having to answer these questions is a bit like walking through a mine field, but they have been kind of all over the place with refresh. It seems the answer is that they really don't think it 72hhz - 90hz is that big of a difference

  • rhadiem
    rhadiem 28 days ago

    low end mass market compromises.. still prefer the Vive trackers.

  • Zythe 3v1L™
    Zythe 3v1L™ 29 days ago

    sooo why isn't it wireless yet?? they can add a rechargeable battery and a wireless hdmi for the headset.. mind you it'll probably cost as much as a vive.. I'm going to wait until valve makes their new vr headset since it'll most likely be wireless..

  • DJSean00
    DJSean00 29 days ago

    "A game of trade-offs" that's the point you lost me.

  • Kobe Robinov
    Kobe Robinov 29 days ago

    downgrade with the same amount of money... and why are they killing the rift

  • KillerXtreme
    KillerXtreme 29 days ago

    So what your telling us, is they are trying to sell us a downgraded system for the same price. Meanwhile they are pulling their stock everywhere of the Oculus Rift (which is the superior product), good luck finding one for sale that isn't 2x+ the price.

  • ReignPlaysGames
    ReignPlaysGames 29 days ago

    bring out the tin-foil hats. people are mapping the insides of our homes

  • Mr. Minks' Weirdo Dungeon

    just pay a little extra and get the Samsung Odyssey WMR headset. 1440x1600 dual 3.5 inch AMOLED displays and all around better in every category that Vive, Oculus.

  • HellZero - TNA
    HellZero - TNA 29 days ago

    The original rift is still the best vr headset by far, 3 years after release. The only headset that come close is the htc vive but having used both I’d rate the controller much worse.
    So yeah looks like I’m sticking with my rift for another 3 years.

  • Svein Olav Larsen
    Svein Olav Larsen 29 days ago

    I still want the Quest more then this. Hopefully with the option to connect it to our PC. That way we wont need the S at all...

  • Steve Walton
    Steve Walton 29 days ago

    Excellent interview, very well done. HP Reverb will replace my Rift (flight sim geek here)

  • D G
    D G 29 days ago +1

    Inside-Out tracking, while still being wire tethered. What a terrible idea.

  • MyGamester Gamin
    MyGamester Gamin 29 days ago

    i would like to use the cameras on the head set but if i have a censor (i do not) i would like to use that ASWELL as the head set. can we do this? can we make a day one update for this? so i can get the stuff behind me?

  • Kalfax plays
    Kalfax plays 29 days ago

    when will it be high enough quality... thats the real question.

  • david vincent
    david vincent 29 days ago +1

    All I wanted was a better image and a more comfortable HMD. And here they are. But why did they fucked up on everything else ?

  • david vincent
    david vincent 29 days ago

    HAHAHA we have waited 3 years for this overpriced HMD wich is not better than CV1 overall... better laugh than cry...

  • HamQM
    HamQM 29 days ago +1

    Genie: You have one wish
    Me: I wish that every d at the end of a word turns into an s
    RU-clip: Adam Savage's Testes

  • Jeff Jochens
    Jeff Jochens 29 days ago

    Imagine watching TV on passthrough while have whatever avatar you wish walks around the room...

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 29 days ago

    So a downgrade all round and an inferior product to their own Quest product. Yeeaaahhh, some bad choices here, if someone is investing into a VR capable computer they don't want an inferior headset to a standalone headset running on a potato gpu.

  • exodous02
    exodous02 29 days ago

    So why LCD over OLED? Did they piss off Samsung by going with Lenovo? Also, why two devices? Why not make one that has it's own processor and then when plugged into a PC the OS is disabled and is just a VR headset for PC?

    It sounds like the Go got better with the Quest and the Rift now sucks. I think they might be trying to push people to their Quest. I bet with the hardware it has we'll get better graphics on it than what the Rift has right now. This is apparent with the use of the same controller. Why buy a gimped VR headset that needs a high powered PC when you can get a better headset that doesn't require a PC?

  • Patrick Blais
    Patrick Blais 29 days ago

    What if I really don't care about the controllers since I mostly will play Flight sims and Race sims? Should I go for the actual RIFT before the new ones comes out?

  • AllPro777
    AllPro777 Month ago +1

    At this point, if you're not releasing a wireless headset, who TF cares?

  • Dave Su
    Dave Su Month ago

    What about 4K ?

  • Jari Komppa
    Jari Komppa Month ago

    Something in the way that guy talks makes me feel like he's lying a lot..

  • Jamie Burke
    Jamie Burke Month ago

    So.. wait for PS5. Check. Get'n excited! :D

  • joseph eapen
    joseph eapen Month ago +1

    dang got to buy rift before this comes out ...

  • Rebecca Duncan
    Rebecca Duncan Month ago +4

    as an enthusiastic Rift user, I am not thrilled about this "race to the bottom". This guy keeps pitching how great Rift S is, but it just makes me angry. They're trying to drive PCVR users to the mobile Quest platform, and that's really too bad.

  • Krispz
    Krispz Month ago

    Questions for everyone in comments, should i buy the normal htc vive or Rift S? I have a good computer, and lots of space

  • Saint McSin
    Saint McSin Month ago

    Rift seem to have dropped the niche hardcore PC enthusiasts. No profits there it seems. Oculus = normies with money.

  • Brett Domenick
    Brett Domenick Month ago +1

    This seems like a step backwards...

  • Restless Express
    Restless Express Month ago

    Ugh it's just a little bit more improved mixed reality headset crap crap crap.

  • proffmongo
    proffmongo Month ago

    The Rift S is cheaper for us to build. So we make more money. WooHoo!!!
    PS We will stop making the Rift because we know people will prefer this over the Rift S.
    PS PS Buy as many Rifts as possible because people will Really Really want to buy one after the Rift S fiasco.

  • tremorist
    tremorist Month ago