Making a Floating Slab Shelf // Baloni Woodworks

  • Published on Sep 7, 2017
  • A video of me making a floating shelf from a live edge slab. This was inspired by FixThisBuildThat´s floating shelf. Hope you enjoy watching this!
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Comments • 32

  • Are Baloni
    Are Baloni  11 months ago +2

    The mounting hardware is from an old IKEA shelf!

  • Kyle Cook
    Kyle Cook Month ago

    Do you have a cut list for your router jig? Like the design. Great work!

  • bighand69
    bighand69 2 months ago

    I think that is way over the top. That shelf will be able to hold a tank on it.

  • Frank Rizo
    Frank Rizo 2 months ago

    Handsome shelf.

  • D B
    D B 3 months ago

    Good vid. About ready to do this in my kitchen from oaks that I cut down behind my house. Had not thought to use a jig, and my router to smooth the top surface. Thanks... way better than using a belt sander on these bandsaw blade cut slabs.

  • Country wood Girl
    Country wood Girl 3 months ago

  • browill9
    browill9 6 months ago

    Beautiful work

  • Dolly Woods
    Dolly Woods 6 months ago

    Love the live edge shelf!! I have a huge7 foot live edge slab of pecan that I’m wondering if I can hang it this same way over a fireplace on a sheet rock wall...

  • Linda Schmidt
    Linda Schmidt 6 months ago

    What kind of wood did you use? Nice work!

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  6 months ago +1

      Actually I am not 100% sure, but I think it’s birch!

  • Eduardo Valencia
    Eduardo Valencia 7 months ago

    Great work!

  • Xtra Moist
    Xtra Moist 10 months ago

    Is that the saw you "threw" out?

  • Dexter Ramos
    Dexter Ramos 11 months ago

    This one is awesome definitely gonna try this out on my appartment... Thanks Man! 😊

  • Delroy Clayton
    Delroy Clayton 11 months ago

    I also would like to know where you got the mounting bracket

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  11 months ago

      Delroy Clayton I took that from an old IKEA shelf 👍🏼

  • Sally Wieringa
    Sally Wieringa Year ago +1

    where did you get the mounting hardware?

  • veronica martinez

    What router bit did you use for the back where you attached the rods

  • Happy Dlamini
    Happy Dlamini Year ago

    Wooow, beautiful work man.

  • Eli Ben David
    Eli Ben David Year ago

    slab is quite heavy. i guess it's for decoration purpose only, fore anything else on it will cause damage to the wall behind it but albeit it's nice work - well done

  • JOGO
    JOGO Year ago

    Sweet !

  • Håkon Vikse
    Håkon Vikse Year ago


  • Ady Unix
    Ady Unix Year ago +1

    turn out gorgeous

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Ady Unixmoment Thanks! I appreciate it!

  • R. Mercado
    R. Mercado Year ago +1

    Way togo young man! Very nice work.

  • Roomies Garage
    Roomies Garage Year ago

    When you were flattening the slab of wood did you use a special router bit? Loved the video found it entertaining.... cheers

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago

      Roomies Garage Nope, just a flat bottom bit :) Thank you!

  • Rahul Busviah
    Rahul Busviah Year ago +1

    Nice wood work

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Year ago +3

    by the way nice job

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max Year ago +2

    Name of the song please

    • Are Baloni
      Are Baloni  Year ago +2

      Mad Max We're in this together now - loving caliber 👍🏼