How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is FAKE!

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    How To Tell If A Pokemon Card Is FAKE!
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Comments • 80

  • Leonhart
    Leonhart  2 years ago +689


  • Gabriel Martin
    Gabriel Martin 7 hours ago

    Everybody: Breaking valuable cars
    Me: Breaks rufflets

  • Junelexvhet08 Sicosana

    There's a 6+ on the Sun and Moon pack!

  • Max Carter
    Max Carter Day ago

    Is there a way to tell if it is fake without ripping it? :)

  • Your Trash
    Your Trash 3 days ago

    Is that ashes hat 😯where you get that from

    NC LEGENDS MASTERS 4 days ago

    The 6 plus and the dotted line on the bottom

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 5 days ago

    I dare all of the eevees to hug me

  • Dric672
    Dric672 7 days ago

    My cards are fake (3 years collection) (all)

  • XxBaileexX Gamer
    XxBaileexX Gamer 7 days ago

    I have an I have an electivire from when I was like six and there was a rip in the corner
    turns out the card was fake

  • Pierce -Aaron
    Pierce -Aaron 7 days ago

    Imma Rip my Black Kyurem I think It's Fake.


  • Lord PEtroollo
    Lord PEtroollo 8 days ago +1

    I realized i was buying fakes when one card said "nomékoP" on the back.

  • Zycris Nathan Ganzon

    Yours is paper pack mine is box pack😎😎😎😎😎

  • Katrina Tran
    Katrina Tran 10 days ago +1

    This helped me so much because my friend gave my these cards

  • Energy Vix
    Energy Vix 10 days ago

    For the people that are tearing apart their GX's, if you know that you have another card that's common *AND* it came from the same booster pack as you GX, just tear that one and if it's fake or real, you now know that your GX is real or fake too.

  • ItzGamerRy1
    ItzGamerRy1 10 days ago

    the difference was the age 6+ was so off

  • Roi Eleccion
    Roi Eleccion 10 days ago


  • drift lover
    drift lover 11 days ago

    and this is how I see if my frends are scaming me

  • Ethan Lowe
    Ethan Lowe 12 days ago

    The real pokémon booster pack is taller

  • Mrmaddox09
    Mrmaddox09 12 days ago

    I purposely just ripped a pikachu

  • Sioned Roberts
    Sioned Roberts 13 days ago

    neither me or my brother knew that so we will be on the look out for fakes

  • Chloe Monkey
    Chloe Monkey 13 days ago

    If you like Pokemon add a 👍 please

  • gamegeekx
    gamegeekx 13 days ago +2

    Rest in peace Staryu. You're the only reason that convinced me the differences of a real and a fake card.

  • P M
    P M 14 days ago

    thx! i needed that vid bceuse i did not know how to tell if the pokemon card wus real or fake

  • Axel Biesbrouck
    Axel Biesbrouck 14 days ago

    The fake pokemon pack is smaller

  • Poké Master
    Poké Master 14 days ago

    I First noticed that there was Grey on the fake one

  • Pac Man guy guy
    Pac Man guy guy 15 days ago

    What's the Pokémon Training Card Game Password

  • Dustin Taylor
    Dustin Taylor 15 days ago

    Newwww Pokemon videos

  • Dustin Taylor
    Dustin Taylor 15 days ago

    What da puck Fack🤔🤬

  • Zach Plays
    Zach Plays 15 days ago

    Wahhhhhh i ripped my ex palkia and it was real damnit well time to tape it back

  • my way ya Sky way
    my way ya Sky way 15 days ago

    How do you know your telling right ?

  • Neotramic
    Neotramic 16 days ago

    the pokemon on the fake one is way too shiny

  • HypotheticalJosh
    HypotheticalJosh 16 days ago

    10:55 "Little more smarter" Lol

  • David Petrovski
    David Petrovski 16 days ago

    9:59 i get it🙂

  • Maria Kron
    Maria Kron 16 days ago

    I have a Charzard and Braixen rainbow rare and they have texture that means it's not fake? Also i have a Gyarados EX full art golden with texture but it says it is a basic but it's not?!

  • Jad Jawhary
    Jad Jawhary 16 days ago

    The real one is bigger

  • gacha logan
    gacha logan 16 days ago +1

    Helped i ripped a fake cosmoem

  • JT Watts
    JT Watts 16 days ago

    Why does this guy sound like Markiplier?!

  • The Bubble Channel
    The Bubble Channel 17 days ago +2

    Time to rip my galarian snorlax!
    Edit: i made a mistake

  • Alissa Falla
    Alissa Falla 17 days ago

    The alolan raticate was real. I know another way to tell. Real ones say at the bottom when they were made. Fake ones don't.

  • Ace David
    Ace David 17 days ago

    Plus there is no code card

  • Juan Esquivel
    Juan Esquivel 19 days ago

    the card is shorter than a normal card

  • Ayan Ahmed
    Ayan Ahmed 19 days ago

    Are you dumb you don't rip your cards you look at the back of the card and the fake cards poke ball will be red and blue the real one will be red and white and also the fake card feels weird

  • Zorua
    Zorua 19 days ago

    OMG my zorak card is fake 0_0

  • selmawijnen
    selmawijnen 19 days ago

    je ziet het ook aan hoe ze glimmen.

  • Sarang Varma
    Sarang Varma 19 days ago

    The real pokemon cards will always have the 6+ sign on the top right while the fake have in the middle right

  • Cristian Sosa
    Cristian Sosa 20 days ago

    Great helpfull video.

  • rekha singh
    rekha singh 20 days ago

    Fake packs don't give codes

  • rekha singh
    rekha singh 20 days ago

    Me breaks a lapras vmax
    It was real

  • Beep Productions rando adventures

    Puase 2 mili secs after 0:04

  • Karina Mercado
    Karina Mercado 21 day ago

    Real Pokémon is bigger than the fake Pokemon because it is smaller

  • Viktle’s Lego Stuffs

    The yellow on the text? - Oh hey i got it right!

  • unicorn princess
    unicorn princess 22 days ago

    The picture on the sun and moon pack is from the sword and shield Pokémon booster pack

  • Julian Yoeum
    Julian Yoeum 22 days ago

    Why would you rip your Pokémon cards you might rip a real legendary card

  • Espia PhsychicMaster
    Espia PhsychicMaster 22 days ago

    The placing of the age

  • Rob Schueler III
    Rob Schueler III 22 days ago


  • Rob Schueler III
    Rob Schueler III 22 days ago

    The words r cut off

  • Cece Accornero
    Cece Accornero 22 days ago

    Thanks for this vid I gave my friend a card soo I dunno if it's fake

  • Vesspark TV
    Vesspark TV 24 days ago

    How do fake cards even get into thr market? Do they not have a special inspection or something before releasing?

  • Ana Mendoza
    Ana Mendoza 24 days ago


  • Ana Mendoza
    Ana Mendoza 24 days ago

    I need a gxs

  • Ana Mendoza
    Ana Mendoza 24 days ago

    I need a GX

  • psyduck rules
    psyduck rules 24 days ago

    And its real

  • psyduck rules
    psyduck rules 24 days ago

    If hate you you made me destroy my gx

  • Mike Bivens
    Mike Bivens 24 days ago

    I know a way to check if it’s fake point the front of the card at a lamp if you see trow it a fake

  • Brandon Vazquez
    Brandon Vazquez 24 days ago

    I had a rainbow rare charizard gx. It was fake!🥺

  • ג'וני דץךפםםווחיחןטא1ר1ק13753י89887654321רימר

    I have a question? Why we do need that?

  • Sky wars noob Mallillin

    My pokemon cards is bendy

  • Sky wars noob Mallillin

    Bruh my pokemon is fake

  • Sky wars noob Mallillin

    I get comfused the spelling of leonhart i think its leonheart

  • Sarang Varma
    Sarang Varma 24 days ago

    How much is the cost of the real pokemon card in india because I think I bought a fake card set

  • Bob
    Bob 25 days ago

    Okay so basically what you're doing is destroying your pokemon cards? Ok.

  • Gamer Five
    Gamer Five 25 days ago

    I hate fake cards

  • Charmander
    Charmander 25 days ago

    Wait but if it’s real then you just ripped a real Pokémon card

  • Soud Rashid
    Soud Rashid 25 days ago


  • robloxian jojo
    robloxian jojo 26 days ago

    he should include how on ebay real card packs can be weighed for exs and gxs

  • Not cool girl Sabella
    Not cool girl Sabella 26 days ago

    My friend had a charizard fake card, and it said caterpie on the top.....

  • Yousefzeitun13
    Yousefzeitun13 26 days ago

    just look at the back

  • Yousefzeitun13
    Yousefzeitun13 26 days ago

    ripped all my cards

  • FlashBlast Gaming
    FlashBlast Gaming 27 days ago

    The tent was different

  • ultra gamer
    ultra gamer 27 days ago

    I noticed that the sizes of the pack are different