3 Important Reasons to SKIP Breakfast

  • Published on Apr 1, 2019
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    In this video, Dr. Berg talks about the 3 reasons why you should skip your breakfast.
    1. Slows Metabolism (Fat Burning)
    2. Breaks Fast - eating stimulate insulin
    3. Typical Foods - Low Blood Sugar - hunger after 90 minutes of eating and night cravings
    Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
    • Autophagy - recycling action of the cells.
    • New Brain Cells
    • Anti-inflammatory effect
    • Repair
    Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
    Dr. Berg, 53 years of age is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of The New Body Type Guide and other books published by KB Publishing. He has taught students nutrition as an adjunct professor at Howard University. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.
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  • Lemery Yuman
    Lemery Yuman 2 days ago

    Why my stomach hurts when i eat breakfast..?

  • Amar Duratovic
    Amar Duratovic 3 days ago

    Does breakfast tea count as breakfast because of the milk in the tea? I need the caffeine in the morning.

  • James Cutter
    James Cutter 9 days ago

    I'm gonna start an 18-6. I noticed that when i skip breakfast My gut feels so much clearer and doesn't feel like I'm carrying extra weight in my stomach all day

  • Bree Dawson
    Bree Dawson 10 days ago

    I start my working day with coffee butter coconut oil and Stevia.. I consider that fasting because is keto, and I stay fasting until 6pm

  • Sally Dela cruz
    Sally Dela cruz 11 days ago

    I rather skip dinner than breakfast...

  • Jan Mueller
    Jan Mueller 11 days ago

    Agree 100 % !

  • AE Azis
    AE Azis 12 days ago

    I am confusin so many conflicting information oh god help me out. I EVER HEARD that skipping breakfast linked to pancreas weakness and caused diabetes

  • paul sawczyc
    paul sawczyc 12 days ago

    Every time you skip a meal you save money.

  • Hanz Berger
    Hanz Berger 12 days ago

    The only 2 meals I can control is breakfast and lunch. Control meaning time. My job doesn't allow me to get home at the same time every night. So say I did eat lunch around 12-1, I may not eat again until 8 sometimes. Anyone have any suggestions? I could push lunch to 2-3, but I do a physical type job. I'm assuming I would be very very hungry by then by skipping breakfast.

    • Deirdre Morris
      Deirdre Morris 11 days ago

      The people below your comment said they just skipped dinner. I make my husband a huge breakfast and pack him a hearty keto like lunch and snacks bc of his work schedule. All of the health stuff is very challenging. But he cannot Not eat a big breakfast....and lunch time isnt long enough...

  • Sharath P
    Sharath P 13 days ago

    But Dr Berg if you are working out in the morning it is must you need to eat your break fast any alternative on this one will be much appreciated.

  • Alex Gaytan
    Alex Gaytan 16 days ago

    Can I have water or coffee with heavy cream while fasting??

    • Lee S
      Lee S 16 days ago +1

      I go by a more strict water only rule. I agree that black coffee is okay but any dairy will mess with the fast and should start insulin production

    • Lee S
      Lee S 16 days ago

      +George Ibrahim yes to clarify the cream is the problem

    • George Ibrahim
      George Ibrahim 16 days ago +2

      Alex Gaytan black coffee definitely doesn’t break your fast I always have it. If you add butter or cream it has a bit of calories which might slightly break the fast.

    • Alex Gaytan
      Alex Gaytan 16 days ago

      Who is right?

    • George Ibrahim
      George Ibrahim 16 days ago +1

      Alex Gaytan should only be black coffee

  • Amy Wardle
    Amy Wardle 16 days ago

    I've recently been having a much lighter breakfast and been feeling so much better for it but think I will try not eatting until lunchtime 😊 hopefully I can do it. It might take a little bit but praying I can do it, thanks Dr Eric Berg 😊🖒

  • Ben Stil
    Ben Stil 16 days ago


  • LSK Kozlowski
    LSK Kozlowski 17 days ago +1

    According to Dr. Victor Longo people who skip breakfast have a high rate of gallstones. Have you followed his work?

  • Wayne Sowerby
    Wayne Sowerby 19 days ago


  • Constantia de Gier
    Constantia de Gier 21 day ago +1

    😂 I have a idea.
    Why not stop eating at all?

  • Maty
    Maty 21 day ago

    Should I not eat breakfast even when I'm not trying to lose weight? (When maintaining?)

    • ShinkuRED
      ShinkuRED 19 days ago

      +Maty I'm 17 and I do it. It should be fine but if you don't feel good then probably stop

    • Maty
      Maty 19 days ago

      +ShinkuRED should I do it when I'm not adult yet?

    • ShinkuRED
      ShinkuRED 19 days ago

      Yes. It stimulates human growth hormone. It can help put on weight (muscle mass) from what I've seen. If you're trying to maintain weight then I don't think it would make a difference if you aren't changing your exercise routine

  • Billy Babu The Story teller

    Food for thought.
    Billy Babu The story teller

  • Gabriel Guzman
    Gabriel Guzman 22 days ago

    I don't start eating until noon or 1pm after I wake up.

    BIG ROB FITNESS 25 days ago

    This doesn’t work for everyone. We are all different with different bodies and goals

    BIG ROB FITNESS 25 days ago

    I don’t agree with this if your a bodybuilder, weight lifter, powerlifter or any type of athlete

  • Stormie33
    Stormie33 26 days ago

    Skipping breakfast is definitely ideal if you're doing IF compared to the alternative. After just a few weeks of 16/8 I find I rarely notice any hunger before 11 now and even that first grumbling usually goes away within a few minutes and I can push on into the early afternoon fairly easily. I may even try closing my eating window further in another week or two, to 18/6.

  • Magnificent Birb
    Magnificent Birb 26 days ago +1

    Screw eating routine
    Only eat when you're hungry!

  • SHK
    SHK 27 days ago

    Islam Wins!!! This is what Muslims do in month of Ramadan every year. Maybe we do all follow it as healthily as we should but it was intended to do a greater good for us.

  • Eradicate999
    Eradicate999 27 days ago

    When I was a kid I wasn't a fan of Breakfast, or afternoon nap (After Lunch).

  • baloch4art
    baloch4art 28 days ago

    Keep doing good work Doc!

  • paperchain 123
    paperchain 123 28 days ago +1

    Absolute crap. You don't know what you are talking about. Really very dangerous advice.

    • Humming Bird
      Humming Bird 20 days ago

      Medical schools unfortunately, do not teach nutrition.

      We are insulin sensitive in the morning and insulin insensitive in the evening. There is a lot common sense in "eat bf like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper".

  • 7Suave
    7Suave 28 days ago +1

    Will I loose muscle mass doing this ??

    • An88
      An88 27 days ago

      it's all about calories, you can add them to the lunch or dinner

  • AG AG
    AG AG 29 days ago

    Doc, what if you dont want to lose weight?

  • Shashikant Jadhav
    Shashikant Jadhav 29 days ago

    2 times in a week, I have started to Skip my breakfast and feeling the effect of intermittent fasting , thanks Doc. Berg

  • Fernando Lessa
    Fernando Lessa Month ago

    I'm a gym athlete and SIR! I've never ever reached the aesthetics i'm getting since I've found your channel! I'm endomorph and i was negligent with eating, binge eating, I was always out of definition, but when i discovered your channel Doc, i'm getting so much definition and so much eating reeducation! Girls started to look at me etc, can't say how tankful i'm for these videos, very useful to gym athlete

  • John Sullivan - Ground Zero Ministries

    My first calories in the day are protein. I put that off as long as possible. I’m a bodybuilder so I don’t want my body to start devouring my mussel.

  • cranman C
    cranman C Month ago

    Hell No!

  • binboda
    binboda Month ago

    You mention arthritis and I have it, currently going through a flare-up. Not eating is very detrimental to me bc food serves as an important fuel while there is active inflammation going on in my body. Without food I waste away. The only reason I was able to get discharged from the hospital is bc I started eating a lot and regularly. If I start fasting, I’ll end up back there again. I don’t mean to question your expertise, but is it a good idea to be recommending this to people who have diseases like arthritis?
    Also what about people with gastritis? In my past experience fasting only exacerbated the problems with my stomach lining.
    Also what about acne and how it worsens during fasts due to the increase in stress hormones?
    I appreciate the benefits of intermittent fasting, I lost weight in the past via this method but I believe it isn’t for everyone. Again, please note I don’t mean to be rude.

  • JustSimply Marie
    JustSimply Marie Month ago

    Can I drink room temp, water when, I awake?

  • wayneboy z
    wayneboy z Month ago +1

    Not true

  • Can't be touched
    Can't be touched Month ago

    You already have all information people so now be your own expert and stop doing what other people are saying you to do

  • G life
    G life Month ago

    Actually I have been skipping regular breakfast for long time but I do take a cup of tea or coffee no sugar water and seven dates... And I don't mean women...I feel real good IAM 59 no problems

  • Berke Uslu
    Berke Uslu Month ago

    When I was going to school(primary,mid and high school) I did not have breakfast because I was not feeling like I should eat something. Nowadays, I do have a problem with my weight but I’m tall and I have more muscle than other male same age as me.

  • The Alter Alter Ego

    Would this be better for type 1 diabetics.

  • Christophorus Indra

    I always wonder if IF is good for thin people as well since the main purpose of IF is always weigh loss. WHY??

  • Will D
    Will D Month ago

    I keep telling myself most mornings that I'm not hungry...so I don't bother eating. I am still alive by the way ;-)

  • 420 Chico
    420 Chico Month ago

    You need 3 meals a day break fast lunch and dinner amen

  • Anthony GBOMINA
    Anthony GBOMINA Month ago

    How did you solve the issue of hypoglycemia when you're not having breakfast ?

  • Suzan w
    Suzan w Month ago

    Please never stop teaching Dr. Berg. We need you.

  • Kristian benz
    Kristian benz Month ago

    I eat for breakfast just two eggs or some Bullgarian organic yogurt that i make my self because i leave in Bulgaria and only hear we have Bacillus Bulgaricus.

  • callista
    callista Month ago +2

    Reasons I don’t eat breakfast
    1. Makes me sick
    2. Waste of time
    3. Not awake in the morning anyway
    Screw breakfast.

  • ms3er
    ms3er Month ago

    I wake up at 5am, drink 12oz water and shower. After showering and getting dressed I have my apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, cinnamon combo and a little bit more water to rinse it all down. I then go for a walk with the dogs and upon returning will have my morning coffee and like nearly every male in their 40's I go read the paper and evacuate my dinner from last night :) I don't eat "breakfast" until I feel hungry which is usually about 9-10am. Lunch is about 2pm give or take but again, based on my hunger. Dinner I keep light and no later than 7pm. Bam! Good to go for staying fit, trim and healthy.

  • major houlihan
    major houlihan Month ago

    1918 germany: food nowhere. Imma eat what i can find so i won't starve
    2018 germany: food everywhere. IMMA OMAD so i can live longer

  • WantsPHO
    WantsPHO Month ago

    Is it bad to eat just proteins and fats when you wake up?

  • iloveromeo3
    iloveromeo3 Month ago

    Dr do you recommend people to get glucometers and check our fasting everyday? Ty

  • JR T
    JR T Month ago

    Intermittent fasting...
    But IMO this is only good for those after the child bearing years. So, children and up to 30yo no so much.
    But you dont have to skip breakfast just keep all meals within a 5 or 6 hour period of a day for those who still like breakfast.
    I only eat from 9am-3pm

  • Patricia Rodriguez
    Patricia Rodriguez Month ago

    Hi Doctor, can you drink water during the fasting?

  • Goddess Divine
    Goddess Divine Month ago

    Misleading. Everyone eats breakfast.
    B r e a k f a s t. What ever first meal you have regardless of the time of day, is your breakfast. Hence the name, you are breaking your fast...just not in the AM. Sooo... I’m not skipping breakfast haha

  • Edsel Cacho
    Edsel Cacho Month ago

    I tried it for 3 days and end up with gastritis

  • ed low
    ed low Month ago

    I do intermittent fasting. I used to argue with my doctor about weight loss, saying there are two conflicting dietary rules: His - "Eat a good breakfast" and another - "Don't eat if you are not hungry." I prefer the latter. I F is really easy for me.

  • Bobby Dukes
    Bobby Dukes Month ago

    I love Dr Berg but this is horrendous advice. Fasting is a stressor. Hence the euphoric state it puts you in (cortisol and endorphins are raised), which feels (acutely) very good for some people. The raised cortisol is to get your backside into gear because you’re out in the wild and you need get food quickly. Endorphins are raised because fasting IS a stressor, and so instead of you being in pain whilst you hunt for your food, the body will try and ease the pain somewhat for you.
    It’s no coincidence at all that the time of day when most people die is in the early hours of the morning. Why is this? Because fasting is a stressor. When humans eat, stress hormones (cortisol, endorphins, etc) are reduced. It’s quite simple. The human is fed. He can now play around with his lady human friend in the sun. Cortisol is lowered, and that leads to less antagonism towards testosterone and other protective hormones. Why would he punish himself and continue to skip the opportunity of food? What, so continue in a fasted state and for what purpose?
    I don’t understand why Dr Berg is so terrified of insulin. A high fat, low carb diet keeps everything under control. Protein is the most insulinogenic food you can get, but that’s what the fat is for. To buffer the insulin. And as per Dr Berg’s video on fatty livers, you absolutely need protein in your diet to detoxify the estrogenic/toxic onslaught that livers have to deal with each day.

  • Alex Conjurint
    Alex Conjurint Month ago

    My body tells me around noon it's time to eat! I always had digestive issues eating breakfast. So I drink water and a cup of coffee before noon :)

  • Urn A55
    Urn A55 Month ago

    I only have black coffee in the morning, my first meal really when I work is dinner or just before, but it is after lunch time. When I’m not working my first meal is lunch, that’s when I get hungry.

  • F S
    F S Month ago +3

    I suppose 1400 hundred years earlier Islam was right about fasting being good for one's health.

  • Damira Pevec
    Damira Pevec Month ago +1

    I would never ever ever skip breakfast.. And no, it is not true that you have to skip breakfast... Because of this video I don't believe anything you say anymore..

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor Month ago

    There has been studies that say children that eat breakfast do better than those who don't. Why is it diets are so contradicting?

  • vishal budhwani
    vishal budhwani Month ago

    I am skipping my dinner instead. It helps a lot and I donot have anything after 5 30 pm. What's your take on that doc?

  • Patel Rulz
    Patel Rulz Month ago

    What about tea or coffee?

  • MuzikAficionado
    MuzikAficionado Month ago

    That's so true for food cravings but that's due to the types of food that we eat as you said, not because of eating food itself. I take a light but healthy breakfast late around 11:00am and then one home cooked meal after 6 hours around supper. In between, I take water or very little spicy nimko for some taste. This has kept my weight under control without any exercise, but it has I guess made me get tired easily at work as I have no energy reservoir for any physical activity afterwards. I am taking supplements now to balance my nutrients intake. But due to intermittent fasting, it's walk or exercise that get sacrificed before or after work when I am the most tired.
    I have observed that Intermittent fasting works best for those who have routine work with least requirement for physical or mental exertion. If you need energy for long hours of physical or mental activity, have a healthy breakfast early on and exercise to have energy for work.
    Intermittent fasting is difficult to sustain initially, unless a work schedule is structured as such to help it. The nature and timing of my work helps me not break my fast of 17 hrs from 5pm-11am next day, except for nibbling on very light crisp chicken peas or nimko at night. Those who wanna give it a try should do so for burning fat, not for conserving energy. Yes, you will feel lighter and relatively active than before in your routine life, but if you need more energy that doesn't come from fasting! :)
    You may also try fasting next month as it's a blessed lunar month of Ramadan that God has allocated for fasting - to purge our bodies and souls.

  • RasKiddo
    RasKiddo Month ago

    I tried intermittent fasting for 1 month. Everything he said is 100% correct

  • lehoff
    lehoff Month ago

    Breakfast is just the first meal of the day. I have my last meal about 16 hours before I 'break' my fast. That's fine for me. But modern breakfast such as sugary cereals is such an abomination. I have to squeeze in 3k or so calories in 8hrs but that's easy enough.

  • andrew dec
    andrew dec Month ago +1

    You’ve got to be kidding me!
    With this one I strongly DISAGREE. My family has a history of living long and healthy for generations. So do my neighbors. And we all have one unbreakable rule: breakfast must be big and nutritious. NOT the American type. Oh no, God forbids!
    Those cereals soaked with sugar? Can’t even look at it, let alone eat it.
    For breakfast you eat “heavy” rye bread with meat such as sausage, ham, bacon. Eggs in any shape and form. Cheeses etc. Real “heavy” foods. A lot of it!
    True - when I look at my hungry American coworkers who can’t wait to have lunch, I feel sorry for them. I eat the Polish way so I have my lunch when I’m hungry - around 1 pm or so. And my lunch is quite light because I’m not hungry!
    So is my dinner right after work. My last meal is supper - just a slice of bread around 7 or 8 pm, not later.
    I can be late to work, but I will never miss my big breakfast. I’m slim in case you wonder and my cholesterol is great.
    At times when I miss my breakfast I feel dizzy and not fit to do anything.
    Can you imagine a farmer or a construction worker going to work on empty stomach? Really?
    Only recently I was told an old Chinese expression that I fully agree with:
    - eat the entire breakfast yourself, share your lunch with your friend, give your dinner to your enemy!
    That’s my family story and I’m sticking to it !
    Agree with one thing though - forget those sugary, cereal type breakfasts. They gonna kill you...

  • Patricia Ho
    Patricia Ho Month ago

    This dude boring as hell

  • Antonio Avila
    Antonio Avila Month ago

    I don’t 100% subscribe to the idea of skipping breakfast and here is why.
    1) Regardless of when you eat, you will spike insulin when you eat. Hence, breakfast alone is not a culprit of this insulin spike. Why not skip lunch or dinner if they are all equal in terms of insulin spike.
    2) There is nothing wrong with breaking your fast in the AM hours. You have to break it at some point in the day, why not in the morning. Now, I not necessarily suggesting that one should have breakfast right away after waking up but I really don’t see anything wrong in having breakfast say, at 10 AM or 11 AM. For example, lets say I’m intermittent fasting (IF) 16:8 and my last meal of the previous day was at 6:00 PM. Well, my 16 hours of fasting are up at 10:00 AM the after. Are we then suggesting that we should go for another 2 hours before I eat? The only way I see where you can skip breakfast and start eating at 12 noon (assuming you are IF) is if your last meal of the day the previous day was at 8 PM. If you leave your last meal for that late, you are probably not going to have a good digestion overnight.

  • Yveta Humlova
    Yveta Humlova Month ago

    why is it always breakfast that has to be skipped...I do the 16+h fasting and every day I stop eating after 2PM which means when I wake up at 6AM I am extremely hungry. So what about dinner because I never have it? Is skipping it any different from skipping breakfast?

  • Randompeacemaker
    Randompeacemaker Month ago

    What about drinking water and coffee in the mornings?

  • Timo Van Hest
    Timo Van Hest Month ago

    My last breakfast was 4 years ago..... At noon

  • kiddiecarbeds
    kiddiecarbeds Month ago +4

    Dr Bergs number 1 enemy is insulin lol

  • Z-Breeze
    Z-Breeze Month ago

    So everybody just gonna sleep on how this was uploaded for april fools day?

  • Kenneth J. Fox
    Kenneth J. Fox Month ago

    So ideally wait a few hours after waking up before eating? Practically what I've been doing for the last ten years.

  • battu tulu
    battu tulu Month ago +1

    Anyone wanna have kidney stone.? Skip Breakfast then...

  • Brodey Dover
    Brodey Dover Month ago

    I always do better and perform stronger when I eat breakfast and do not fast.

  • Mr Anonymous
    Mr Anonymous Month ago

    Are you sure skipping breakfast is fine? I need to convince my "know-it-all" mom. My brother never ate breakfast and I used to tell him it's wrong but now I think I need to do it. Does it help lose weight?

  • Chris Fortune
    Chris Fortune Month ago

    On workdays I don't eat until after 12pm and on days off I usually eat around 10am and again at 4 or 5pm.

  • Onder Ozkan Design
    Onder Ozkan Design Month ago

    Ok but you speak for Americans. What about other countries people’s culture and their tradition? I don’t agree one type of diet for everyone why should we do same think? What about options Doctor?

  • Emre Geylani
    Emre Geylani Month ago +4

    Dr. Berg: Stop eating completey so your insulin won't increase!

    • Constantia de Gier
      Constantia de Gier 21 day ago

      Emre Geylani
      I reacted the same.
      Our body reacts always.
      It looks like Insulin is an obsession.

  • hind Alfalahi
    hind Alfalahi Month ago

    This is for me I'm not a breakfast person i eat at 12 which is great i cant imagine forcing my self to eating at 8 morning


    What about the reason for not skipping breakfast like synchronisation of all the internal clock ?

  • Mindaugas Jakubonis

    Breakfast iš for losers

  • David Dez
    David Dez Month ago

    I don't eat much cus i buy a lot of your products and now im poor, thanks Berg

  • e d
    e d Month ago

    A Truly bad idea to skip breakfast. Come on

  • baby rn
    baby rn Month ago

    Dr. Berg will you settle this for me. I have a cup of coffee in the morning,2 pursue packets and 2 Tbs. heavy whipping cream. Most of the time I eat one meal between 4-7 pm. Thank you for all the great info. Oh, I've lost 67 lbs since 7-15-18!!!

  • lazlo09
    lazlo09 Month ago

    I started forcing myself to eat breakfast once i started training heavy at the gym. i focus on building as big muscles as i can, and at age 41 i have to train really hard and eat well to get some results. Wont skipping breakfast be a bad thing for me? My last meal is usually around 19.00 so i belive 2 whole eggs, 2 slices of dark bread and a protein shake in the morning around 06.00 will benefit my muscle building, or am i wrong?

  • klear. k
    klear. k Month ago

    All my life I have been hearing that breakfast is very important and we should have a heavy breakfast and now this new thing of skipping breakfast... maybe 5 years later there will be something else ...I don't know what to believe anymore

  • Fandango Fandango
    Fandango Fandango Month ago

    Wonderful Tiger

  • Alleyezonjimz
    Alleyezonjimz Month ago

    Umm, I will loose hella weight if I skip breakfast, I don't have the time to eat that much through the day, I weight train and I easily drop weight, I wanna gain weight rather

  • Nathaniel Swan
    Nathaniel Swan Month ago

    Maybe you can help direct me. I am 72 male with controlled diabetes. Kto and intermittent fasting. A1-C 6.0. my triglycerides are going through the roof 299-507 in 3 months? all labs are within normal limits except this.

  • Christopher Greci
    Christopher Greci Month ago

    I remember 6 months ago when I said “let me try this”.... now it just seems normal, like life is this way, not the other way, so much bettter

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Month ago

    What if I work from 6 am to 1 pm I'm a teacher in Latin America. We wake up very early. Most jobs start at 7 am. If I don't eat breakfast I can't do my job.

  • OK.
    OK. Month ago

    I feel nauseated when eating breakfast. What may the reason be? Is there a term for this?

  • Edward Tweedale
    Edward Tweedale Month ago

    This argument is flawed in that it doesn’t take into account the lifestyle of the individual. I for one have a very active lifestyle and breakfast has always been an essential part of my diet so I can perform during the day. If I were to cut that out I would become sluggish and disorientated (maybe even pass out).
    I can see this working with someone who just sits around in an office all day but not me.

  • TheRandomGuy
    TheRandomGuy Month ago

    If i dont eat breakfast as soon as i get up in the morning im gonna colapse.. Especially when i have morning shift, how is it possible for me to go to work with an empty stomach?

  • Adeena Adam
    Adeena Adam Month ago

    Thank you Dr.B! 😁

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz Month ago

    Doc, so I did IF for awhile and lost a lot of weight but one day, I didn’t eat until very late in the day and when I did, I started having ringing in my ears and I almost fainted, was told my blood sugar drop dramatically so for me, my doctor said I must eat breakfast in the morning