Rich Philanthropist Profoundly Affected By A Poor Mother

  • Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • She is a successful CEO and the head of a philanthropic foundation. I had a business several years ago that trained local videographers around the USA to do my kind of interviewing. We offered the service to family members interested in having one of my videographer interviewers conduct a one hour interview with a family member as a legacy video. This woman was one of the videos we made. Unfortunately, the business didn't succeed and there were several reasons why. This was recorded in 2008. #presidentalcandidate #womanpresident
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  • George Poindexter
    George Poindexter 4 days ago

    Subscribed. Thanks for distracting me from the other garbage on RU-clip. Man, and I watch some hot trash.

  • George Poindexter
    George Poindexter 4 days ago

    These interviews are excellent.

  • 420goat
    420goat 10 days ago +1

    a poor lady reached out and was rewarded with real riches only God can provide.

  • David Delgado
    David Delgado 16 days ago

    Could anyone on this list please help about to be evicted and lose everything

  • Red Street
    Red Street 25 days ago

    My aunt's husband died in a car accident in the late 50's and she raised six kids in a four room house without a bathroom, only an outhouse.

  • Rocko Jerome
    Rocko Jerome Month ago +1

    It would be easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle...

  • An Alien from outer space

    Another one wonderful piece, thank you.

  • Isa
    Isa 2 months ago +2

    Why didn't Miss Moody have medical care? That is the real problem!

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith 24 days ago

      +Isa Okay, but maybe you weren't listening to the interview. By the time she found out about Miss Moody's cancer, it was too late to help her. You act as though the rich lady ought to have done something different. And the idea that having Universal Healthcare would lower rates of cancer is not supported by the facts.

    • Isa
      Isa 24 days ago

      +Brian Smith That is idiotic. Early medical intervention can prevent and/or stop cancer and other types of illness. Tell the diabetic about your philosophy. Tell the asthmatic. By the way, I had a melanoma, and I had it removed, and I've been cancer free for 30 years. Had it not been caught in time, I would have been dead long ago. Please don't be ridiculous.

    • Brian Smith
      Brian Smith 24 days ago

      +Isa This rich woman couldn't have stopped cancer. Universal Healthcare can't stop cancer. I dare say this rich lady has done more to help the poor than anyone who has commented here.

    • Isa
      Isa Month ago +1

      +Wellstone True. And rich people do not believe in Universal health care. This rich woman bought Miss Moody dresses, but she apparently didn't think to offer help with medical expenses. The rich lady lives, and the poor die. Some lives are more valuable than others, it seems.

    • Wellstone
      Wellstone Month ago +1

      Because US government spend all your money bombing other countries!

  • Mrjmaxted0291
    Mrjmaxted0291 2 months ago +2

    This is such an unusual story. The circumstances through which this speaker comes to know Ms. Moody are pretty surreal, probably even by the standards of her day. The thing that really strikes me is how transactional the initial interactions were; that she essentially reached out to this woman hoping to use her wealth in order to build a connection and mine her for her maternal expertise in the wake of becoming a mother for the first time. It's a pretty bizarre thing to do, even compared to the eccentric behaviour upper class elites are prone to.

  • Sustainable Beauties
    Sustainable Beauties 2 months ago


  • Bassmangotdbluz
    Bassmangotdbluz 2 months ago +4

    All too often we don't think of those of lesser circumstances as this dear woman has. I think my viewing this upon returning home was absolute kizmet and I'll explain why.
    I was on my way home from a late show tonight and I stopped at an all night restaurant. I saw a homeless man there in the parking lot so I asked him inside and shared a meal with him and listened to his story. Brian is 41 and from Chicago. He had just arrived in the Texas Hill Country from Seattle where he had been badly beaten by a gang in a homeless tent city. He had plans but it was clear to see he didn't have means. It was also abundantly clear after several minutes that the fellow has some issues beyond being outdoors. No matter, he had a slight smile and just a hint of optimism inspite of his situation. He still has goals because it gives him purpose. Even if he's taking the long way around the barn to get there. I asked if I could help direct him to services but he fears what happens in those places and politely turned me down. I left him with a handshake, a blessing and $20. I told him I'd be praying for him. He thanked me and waved as I left. "In so much as you've done it for the least of mine, you have done it for me."
    Take a minute and love somebody today.

    • Bassmangotdbluz
      Bassmangotdbluz Month ago +1

      I couldn't believe it when I ran into him again 5 days later and 50+ miles from the location of our first meeting. He got to meet my wife and my younger brother this time. He said, "People have been very good to me here in Texas. I've never seen any place like this. Why is everybody so nice and polite here?" I told him, "That's because everyone here is well armed; therefore, respect and courtesy go a long way."

  • Diane Geary
    Diane Geary 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for sharing absolutely wonderful

  • tracyd1233
    tracyd1233 2 months ago +4

    Impressive lady - beautiful story.

  • Mohammad Farran
    Mohammad Farran 2 months ago +3

    I hope she writes a book about her experience.

  • TripleSixFiend
    TripleSixFiend 2 months ago +10

    What a great video... :)

  • Whirlybird
    Whirlybird 2 months ago +12

    Here’s a hint: don’t bring life into this world that you can’t support. 11 children? You’re selfish and irresponsible.

    • L. J. I.
      L. J. I. 2 months ago

      You seem like a POS

    • Andrew Lee
      Andrew Lee 2 months ago +2

      people like you are extremely single minded and fail to ever understand the other side of things. Always think that they are correct and never for once doubt themselves or accept that they have been wrong for the sake of that they are genuinely mistaken. There is not a single type of personality that I hate more than yours. Destructive in any social environment they feel uncomfortable in. I can tell you are conservative and I would just like you to know that I am very conservative aswell but you have failed to see the message of this video.

    • Robetea1
      Robetea1 2 months ago +1

      Nah your typically irreligious and lack courage these mothers have.

    • apple tamal
      apple tamal 2 months ago +1

      +Whirlybird no. but im sure they could college gives us plenty of time to pay up all we do is work and do the fucking best we can to survive through out these years

    • apple tamal
      apple tamal 2 months ago +1

      +Whirlybird everyone only believes what they want to belive if you seem so confident in your ideas Make sure you think hard about these ideas if you can push yourself to question all of the crap above and come up with rational answers that is your truth

  • Nate Murdoch
    Nate Murdoch 2 months ago +22

    She's quite elegant.

  • Grfy Ddgf
    Grfy Ddgf 2 months ago +9

    women deserve respect

    • Kenji314159
      Kenji314159 2 months ago +1

      I disagree.

    • raksh9
      raksh9 2 months ago +2

      Everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise.

    • Kenji314159
      Kenji314159 2 months ago +2

      Respect is earned. Great people deserve respect, regardless of gender. You got that the wrong way around.

  • Reluctant Recluse
    Reluctant Recluse 2 months ago +15

    Who is this "successful CEO"? Name?

  • Kelly Hudson
    Kelly Hudson 2 months ago +2

    How did she make out in being a mother to her baby?

  • ArchEnema 67
    ArchEnema 67 2 months ago +12

    She could feed a small town for a month by selling one of those paintings or that piano.

    • Tien Trinh
      Tien Trinh 16 days ago

      So you would make the rich sell off something they earned by producing products or services for $10,000 for free? Then you go find poor people who are deserving (which there is a lot) versus those who made bad and lazy choices that has benefited society?

    • An Alien from outer space
      An Alien from outer space Month ago

      It is meant to be an exclusive, that one month feeding is for oxymorons.

    • Wellstone
      Wellstone Month ago +2

      What if people could feed themselves and buy paintings or pianos?

    • L. J. I.
      L. J. I. 2 months ago +5

      Some of you ppl would be a bit more successful in your real lives if you stopped counting other ppls money.

    • Nick Radovan
      Nick Radovan 2 months ago +1

      Rich people have hobbies too! They’re humans too!

  • Gil Lopez
    Gil Lopez 2 months ago +8

    Don’t you need to be “rich” to be philanthropist? lol

  • Pread
    Pread 2 months ago +3