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send this to your non-kpop parents

  • Опубликовано: 27 июн 2018
  • My parents don't get what's so cool about kpop so yours probably don't either.
    Also pls follow my instagram for art: instagram.com/taestykookie.png
    I don't own BTS (though I wish) or any other kpop group shown in this video pls don't hate me, I just like to edit videos.
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  • Taesty Kookie
    Taesty Kookie  20 часов назад +78

    To those of you saying there is a lot of BTS, I made this as a personal video to show to my own parents, I only uploaded it so I could send it to them. I also made this when I didn't know many groups, so I put in what I knew best. I didn't expect others to see it, if I did, I would have tried harder. For this video to randomly get popular just for me to receive hate is not cool. I didn't upload this with the intent for 1M people to see it so before you go commenting everything I did wrong, just don't comment at all. If you're someone that likes many groups, maybe you should watch my other videos because I'm now trying to learn over 80 groups just to please the kpop community and it'd be nice for you to at least give me another chance. Don't let this be the impression I leave on this platform.

    • Kim Army
      Kim Army 7 часов назад +3

      Haters gonna hate
      Players gonna play
      Ignore them
      You do what you want gurl
      Besides I really liked you video! 💜💜💜
      I'm so sending this to my parents

    • Hashtag LOL
      Hashtag LOL 12 часов назад +5

      LEARN 80 GROUPS!!! I COULD BARELY HANDLE BTS and school lol #jungshook
      keep up the good work

    • Patricio Cavazos
      Patricio Cavazos 16 часов назад +3

      ignore the haters i really liked your video, i do like other groups more but that is not an excuse to criticize another persons video, i know negative comments can affect people but dont let them get to you.

  • TigerTribe
    TigerTribe 3 минуты назад

    My mom thougt the were chinese

  • sweetie Angel
    sweetie Angel 18 минут назад

    Guy remember don't mention BTS look like girls please

  • KaylaIsGr8
    KaylaIsGr8 41 минуту назад

    DNA Y E S

  • Pooking TV
    Pooking TV 44 минуты назад

    There voices are deep mind fresing good cool fire🔥. Every year the go fire 🔥 love them all

  • I'm murdoc Niccols From gorillaz
    I'm murdoc Niccols From gorillaz 46 минут назад

    "The Kpops" SKSKK

  • kushi Tamang
    kushi Tamang 47 минут назад

    i do not approve my child of watching buĺlshit

  • kushi Tamang
    kushi Tamang 50 минут назад

    i dont have time for this bullshit

  • She did an oopsie
    She did an oopsie 58 минут назад

    How do u get the voice thing because I wanna use it but dk how or what its called

  • Koi Soviet
    Koi Soviet 59 минут назад


  • blué chérry
    blué chérry Час назад +1

    I sent this to my dad because my mom likes K-pop. :]

  • Gabrielle Espinoza
    Gabrielle Espinoza Час назад

    I need to show my sisters this not my mom

  • Negative creep
    Negative creep 2 часа назад

    My parents don't know English :')

  • BunnyPlayGames
    BunnyPlayGames 2 часа назад +1

    This wont work for mah mommy, imma just listen love shot with max. Volume and my mom hear it😉😂😂😂

  • DrInK tAe WiTh SuGa
    DrInK tAe WiTh SuGa 2 часа назад

    NCT chain u showed was Japanese but idk I still appreciate this vid ❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜

  • ☁Kashfi dreams☁
    ☁Kashfi dreams☁ 2 часа назад

    The bowl cut is back

  • Rochell Sarmiento
    Rochell Sarmiento 2 часа назад

    Me and my cousin annia are fan of kpop and my dad loves momoland also a kpop fan and annia s parents are not a fan an and my mom is a fan of moffats

  • galaxy wolf
    galaxy wolf 2 часа назад

    BTS BLACKPINK ! !!!!!

  • kitty子猫
    kitty子猫 2 часа назад

    My mom grew up in eastern Asia, so she knows alot of the different countries. So I showed her a song and she knew immediately it was Korean 😂😂

  • Nani Nana
    Nani Nana 3 часа назад

    Mom. But I really think that Psy it’s the best side of Koop.
    Me: :0

  • bean 1
    bean 1 3 часа назад

    *Wow those Chinese boys can dance*

  • Cup Boi
    Cup Boi 3 часа назад

    Why doesn’t k- pop have country music😂🥴

  • THEpotatoFAN !
    THEpotatoFAN ! 3 часа назад +1

    How I sing KPOP
    No copy and paste needed
    _my fingers hurt ;-;_

  • THEpotatoFAN !
    THEpotatoFAN ! 3 часа назад +1

    I don’t like KPOP and I am 11
    Not being offensive


    My mom is in kdrama

  • Marvel Reemoss
    Marvel Reemoss 4 часа назад

    im not surprised, i dont see anyone who hates kpop ;-; my cousin showed me this and im still not a fan

  • Madison Munn
    Madison Munn 4 часа назад


  • bryanna benjamin
    bryanna benjamin 4 часа назад

    Sending this straight to my mum

  • Lulu Blossom
    Lulu Blossom 4 часа назад

    My friend watches kpop because they have the look and a day after that she said they have talent and the day after that she said they are special and the day after that they...
    This will never end

  • Tricia’s Channel
    Tricia’s Channel 5 часов назад

    Jokes on you, my mom loves bts and blackpink

  • Omelette
    Omelette 5 часов назад

    Oh Yeah yeah.

  • btsxheavens
    btsxheavens 5 часов назад

    My fam is alright with them but still calls them “Chinese boys” 😭

  • BLANK !!!
    BLANK !!! 7 часов назад

    Hello there.

  • Siba Mayang
    Siba Mayang 7 часов назад +2

    My parents : Stop Dreaming that you are going to marry that kpop idol
    Like if you do too😂

  • Ricky-Gacha
    Ricky-Gacha 7 часов назад

    When k-pop comes after you.

  • KnB's Oddball
    KnB's Oddball 7 часов назад

    She would argue "yes it matters. you don't know what they sing about! They could sing about bad stuff and you won't even know it!" fyi, she never likes despacito

  • Dunja Pekas
    Dunja Pekas 7 часов назад

    now i hate it even more

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 7 часов назад

    Hi do u know me are u Fatima

  • WifeMeUpYoseob AndJunhyung
    WifeMeUpYoseob AndJunhyung 8 часов назад

    When I saw "the rose" I almost died of happiness 💕

  • Royal Kat
    Royal Kat 8 часов назад

    No please no

  • Yoonminies DoesFF's
    Yoonminies DoesFF's 8 часов назад

    Lmao legit want to send this to my Mexican mother so she knows. I hope I won’t get my phone taken away 😬

  • EXO Baekhyun
    EXO Baekhyun 9 часов назад

    *exo has left the chat*

  • Franz fries
    Franz fries 10 часов назад


  • Ghadeer Mohamed
    Ghadeer Mohamed 11 часов назад

    عرب هون ♥️💪

  • gabriela isabel meneses becerra
    gabriela isabel meneses becerra 11 часов назад

    Finally someone says about despacito the people doesn't know what the song means and still the sing it, I know what it means because my first language is Spanish but I don't listen music In Spanish only in English and in Korean. Like you said they don't have the right to be talking about that you don't understand what the song means when they sing songs in Spanish and they doesn't know what it means either.

  • Dizzy xox
    Dizzy xox 11 часов назад

    I just realized kpop is “KoreanPop” nice how did I not know that

  • Selina Guan
    Selina Guan 11 часов назад +1


  • Melissa Lara
    Melissa Lara 12 часов назад +1


  • Matilda Ljungberg
    Matilda Ljungberg 12 часов назад

    I Will send this to my mom nowww

  • Basic Catty-ers Gacha
    Basic Catty-ers Gacha 13 часов назад

    2:41 ripp

  • Haley 9love
    Haley 9love 13 часов назад

    I’m white and my parents don’t listen to Korean music but I do so I’m sending this

  • Kalva Kraziness
    Kalva Kraziness 13 часов назад +1

    If I ever go to jail it would be because someone called bts Chinese and they heard about it from my fist

  • Estrella Placencio
    Estrella Placencio 14 часов назад +1

    When my mom first saw jungkook she said "who is that Chinese girl with short hair" smh😂

    BTS IS ARMY 14 часов назад

    One time I was playing Idol from BTS and my mom started Jamming out🤣 but all she listens to is Mexican Music

  • khalis 'N friends
    khalis 'N friends 14 часов назад

    Who's army like

  • Victoria Hernandez
    Victoria Hernandez 14 часов назад

    😂😂💜🤦 💜👏👏👏👏👏

  • Hola_I_Am_Here NOW
    Hola_I_Am_Here NOW 14 часов назад

    This made me realize how awesome kpop really is. My frie d is ot to it and I an kind of in to it

  • Aika
    Aika 14 часов назад

    i’m so glad i grew up in a family where a lot of us like kpop 😔

  • Hi
    Hi 15 часов назад

    I dont have parents so who do i send it to ok bye i will send it to myself now if you don’t mind me I will go die in a hole and cry 😢 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mrs kim Namjoon
    Mrs kim Namjoon 17 часов назад +2

    I sent this to my grandad and he said “they look fuckable” and I had to explain that they were boys for 8 mins long

  • BakvetTeef
    BakvetTeef 17 часов назад

    I sent this to my parents at 3am :”)

  • Aquarious Playz
    Aquarious Playz 17 часов назад

    My dad actually said "Well I see why you ask me to buy you every kpop thing you find on amazon." lmaoo

  • Mary Grace Stephanie Salcedo
    Mary Grace Stephanie Salcedo 17 часов назад

    man...thanks for posting this...now i know why my kid goes cray cray for this...lmao...😅😅😅😅
    ..i purple 💜 army coz of my kid....

  • Yugen
    Yugen 17 часов назад

    My granny even loves Kpop. Jhope is here bias

  • Melody
    Melody 18 часов назад

    I'm from Poland and yes. I love kpop for dance, sing and style. I think korean singers must do a lot of more things then other singers. They must prepare dance and they do great job writing the really good music and lyrics.

  • Carmens Gacha
    Carmens Gacha 18 часов назад

    My mother loves kpop. I didn't burn her in the kpop ditch.

  • TehCrystalNarwhal :3
    TehCrystalNarwhal :3 18 часов назад

    Sorry, not a K POP fan. Middle school is all over it but like. COME ON! Sure, nice talent and all, but. Not my style. Also there looks aren't my style either. I'm sorry!

  • ISawedThis NameInHalf
    ISawedThis NameInHalf 19 часов назад

    My friend sent me this and I still hate it

  • x. alli .x
    x. alli .x 19 часов назад

    Love the video but BTS singing "el mariachi" doesn't make it latin😂

  • Taekook
    Taekook 19 часов назад

    No entendí ni vergas :v

  • Park Jiminie
    Park Jiminie 19 часов назад

    You can tell this youtuber loves BTS

  • Rinesa Gashi
    Rinesa Gashi 20 часов назад

    I still don’t like kpop......😑

  • Zoii Jayne Garcia
    Zoii Jayne Garcia 20 часов назад

    i sent this to my dad and he said im going to therapy

  • Batman Wayne
    Batman Wayne 20 часов назад +1

    Who likes BTS because suga rules

    • Dianauwu .//
      Dianauwu .// 19 часов назад

      I like BTS because eVeRyonE rules

  • Sandhya Handa
    Sandhya Handa 20 часов назад

    Just a lot of thanks for making this video

  • kim sarahi
    kim sarahi 20 часов назад

    Mis papas sigue diciendo que estan feos😔😢

  • Greyantt
    Greyantt 21 час назад

    I don’t know why this is in my recommendation. I don’t like Kpop but it’s just my opinion.

  • alysiaa
    alysiaa 21 час назад

    this got my mom to understand why i liked bts so much 💕
    bc they’re really versatile in their discography and i showed her some really good lyrics as well
    thank you 😂

  • Michelle Pie
    Michelle Pie 21 час назад +6


  • Kseniya LEMON
    Kseniya LEMON 21 час назад

    *Показываю родителям это видео*
    Папа: * начинает скачивать эту музыку *
    Мама: что это за фигня!?

  • uR mOm gAe
    uR mOm gAe 21 час назад

    I’m sending this to my parents and every boy at my school

  • Kseniya LEMON
    Kseniya LEMON 21 час назад


  • Aesthetic. Minchen
    Aesthetic. Minchen 22 часа назад

    My Mom call J-hope
    J-Poe.... -_-

  • AmberPlayz ForFun
    AmberPlayz ForFun 22 часа назад

    I'm thinking about sending this link to my parents now...

  • BTS Kim Taehyung
    BTS Kim Taehyung 22 часа назад


  • BTS Kim Taehyung
    BTS Kim Taehyung 22 часа назад

    Amen !

  • anton chek
    anton chek 23 часа назад

    And she was like😶😶

  • anton chek
    anton chek 23 часа назад

    I showed it to my mother

  • BTS_fangirl trash
    BTS_fangirl trash 23 часа назад +1

    It's hard being a kpop fan...you suffer from the band that you Stan and you suffer from the bullying😯but fuck the haters😂💀

  • Rose Fox7
    Rose Fox7 23 часа назад

    I’m a BTS Stan so I don’t like Koop I like BTS!!!!

  • Hoorain Haseeb
    Hoorain Haseeb 23 часа назад

    I am SO OBSESSED with BTS! They are the BEST no one can ever beat their talent and aegyo

  • _Lolz_its_me _
    _Lolz_its_me _ 23 часа назад

    My favourite band is BTS. Sorry to everyone else I just love them to much. ARMY😍♥️

  • Aaron Bee
    Aaron Bee День назад +3

    Dang it I was gonna complain that there’s like no Girl Groups but then I read the pinned comment and I need to admit that the only Boy Groups I’ve actually listened to are like BTS and like one Monsta X song lol

  • YowYow JenLisa
    YowYow JenLisa День назад

    OMG THANK YOU !!! 😂💖💖

  • Fleur Lim
    Fleur Lim День назад

    i dont even like kpop xd

  • MysteriousMilk 1
    MysteriousMilk 1 День назад +1

    What's kpop
    And how's it different from any other music

  • Kelle Swift
    Kelle Swift День назад

    Sorry it went accidentally 😓😓😓

  • Robloxpotato _snow
    Robloxpotato _snow День назад

    Tbh I'm not a fan of kpop :\

  • Selena Nazemi
    Selena Nazemi День назад

    Why isn’t there EXO?!
    Exo fans where u at????

  • ISToleKoOkiEsCoOkIEs💜
    ISToleKoOkiEsCoOkIEs💜 День назад

    My mom understands it but said " there are so many dancing in this video" but she liked this vid, thanks😂😂😂