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send this to your non-kpop parents

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • My parents don't get what's so cool about kpop so yours probably don't either.
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    I don't own any of the kpop artists mentioned in this video (though I wish) pls don't hate me, I just like to edit videos.
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  • Taesty Kookie
    Taesty Kookie  5 months ago +7054

    To those of you saying there is a lot of BTS, I made this as a personal video to show to my own parents, I only uploaded it so I could send it to them. I also made this when I didn't know many groups, so I put in what I knew best. I didn't expect others to see it, if I did, I would have tried harder. For this video to randomly get popular just for me to receive hate is not cool. I didn't upload this with the intent for 1M people to see it so before you go commenting everything I did wrong, just don't comment at all. If you're someone that likes many groups, maybe you should watch my other videos because I'm now trying to learn over 80 groups just to please the kpop community and it'd be nice for you to at least give me another chance. Don't let this be the impression I leave on this platform.
    Thank you for understanding ❤

    • ParkJiminLover BTS
      ParkJiminLover BTS 4 days ago

      And I understand perfect what they say but also the reason is bc it's catchy so wow

    • ParkJiminLover BTS
      ParkJiminLover BTS 4 days ago

      Btw DNA is not necessarily "electronic" bc electronic would be with a robotic voice and stuff so yeah

    • ParkJiminLover BTS
      ParkJiminLover BTS 4 days ago

      Good job bc even though you didn't want us to see it intentionally, you picked good clean music for it. You should try this for us

    • Spicy jibooty
      Spicy jibooty 9 days ago

      I think there was an equal amount of screen times for every group, people are just so pressed about BTS.

    • Tommi's Nose
      Tommi's Nose 12 days ago

      Bts are very influencial in modern kpop anyway, so its understandable

  • Linda Cruz
    Linda Cruz 2 hours ago


  • Claudia _The Robot
    Claudia _The Robot 3 hours ago +1

    Okay,the only problem here is that even though I explained and explained why I like k-pop and my favorite groups or etc.,still.....they never got it,and don't like it......also my some of my cousins are or don't like it,BUT I DON'T CARE,it's my choice on what I like and I don't care if they like it or not,it's my choice not theirs. *IM DONE*

  • 아리아나Ariana
    아리아나Ariana 3 hours ago

    I need to send this to my dad, my mom is a kpoper ;)

  • go away youre bothering me

    sent this to my dad and he said, "No le endendi ni madres" !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Quetzalli M. Aguilar
    Quetzalli M. Aguilar 4 hours ago +1

    The only thing in this video that doesn't add up is that my mom is mexican so she Can explain Despacito. Also she would probably judge kidding dhe judges me out loud not even sliently and always asks me Why I waist alot of money in them 😭😭😭

  • Ava Kleckner
    Ava Kleckner 5 hours ago

    What if BTS had instagram?

  • Madelaine Cruz
    Madelaine Cruz 8 hours ago

    Don’t put bts on this

  • Mosaid ._
    Mosaid ._ 10 hours ago

    latin: el mariachi
    me: senorita? (g i dle)

  • bubblebutt brina
    bubblebutt brina 12 hours ago

    Is jinjin and moonbin on the thumbnail

  • Elizabeth ninan
    Elizabeth ninan 13 hours ago

    MOM: Why do you like these Chinese girls?
    ME: They're KOREAN BOYS!!!
    MOM: Are you sure they're boys? China and Korea is same.

    After a few days...
    MOM: Why do you like these Korean girls?
    MOM: How can you tell? They look like girls.
    ME: (tired and defeated) 🤦‍♀
    I swear this is exactly what happened...

  • Mimmi-Elisabeth Åkesson

    I want to send this to my mom but 1.she cant understand english 2.she will probably yell at me if i do send this to her

  • •Minnie• Min
    •Minnie• Min 15 hours ago

    Quisiera mostrarle esto a mi mamá pero ella no entiende inglés y no se tomaría el tiempo de verlo :'c

  • Luz Gonzalez
    Luz Gonzalez 17 hours ago


  • Ria Army
    Ria Army 20 hours ago

    Ok ok tell me how to get the courage to hear their blah

  • Isabella Pita
    Isabella Pita Day ago


  • yumi-anime-wolf
    yumi-anime-wolf Day ago

    My parents would probably get mad or ignore me if I showed them this but anyways....
    Once, I told my mom about bts and she was like “._. ....”
    Then I kept talking about bts to annoy her
    She was finally like “oh they are like a boy group?”
    Me: are you kiddi- (Mind: IVE BEEN SAYING DIS FOR DA PAST MONTH)
    Then my dad (who I haven’t seen in a few years and he knows nothing about me) calls
    He asks what I want for my bday
    Me: um something bts..
    Him: oh bts?..
    Me: ya ...uh
    Him: OHHHH oh my gosh I know what your talking about ! It’s that hot af Korean pop group!
    Me: mhm (Mind: SkKakskksKsksksksksks Dead. )

  • Rob Adri
    Rob Adri Day ago +2

    90% of the people here are probably bored fans. Am I right?... No... Just me.....

    I'll see myself out

  • Just. Me
    Just. Me Day ago

    One of my best friends sent me this. I still don't like k-pop but fuck it I respect her tastes in music

  • XLilArmyX
    XLilArmyX Day ago

    i liked kpop bcuz of my mom so yeh

  • Jane Kaur
    Jane Kaur Day ago

    As someone who grow up on hard rock and metal and was as joke I can understand my dother I support any type of music.. But... Whn she start forcing me to watch videos and BTS this BTS tht then it's to much..

  • ChImChIm BTS
    ChImChIm BTS 2 days ago +1


  • H E L L _BTS赤谷
    H E L L _BTS赤谷 2 days ago

    *puts expensive girl in video*

    Parents: OH HELL NO

  • so re
    so re 2 days ago

    Me: not a parent, likes kpop
    Also me: yeah really good arguments

  • Rekha Bhandari
    Rekha Bhandari 2 days ago

    Ommgg!! I've sent this video to my mum dad my uncle anunt ...My friends mum and dad...EVERYBODY!! you helped me to give them a GREAT ANSWER!! Ahhh that was sooo goodddd!!

  • Itz. CookieUwU
    Itz. CookieUwU 2 days ago

    Dad : "I HATE KPOP"
    me : "okay....."
    Dad : *Listen to Gangnam style* "I really like this chinese guy"
    Me : "That's Kpop, dad"
    Dad : "......"

  • Ella Bakker
    Ella Bakker 2 days ago +1

    1:19 awwww there’s JongHyun 😭😭😭😭😭 fly high ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mer _gacha
    Mer _gacha 2 days ago

    Ok so I showed this to my mom and my sister here what they said XD

    Sister:Are they girls?
    Mom:I think so
    Sister:OH wAiT tHeY aRe BoYs iF It WaSeN’t ThEre VoIcEs Hahahhah
    Me: Grabs knife 🔪
    Mom:btw u look like them why don’t u go help them preform sence u cuted ur hair like Suga
    Me:*packes bag*

  • I'm a girl with luv
    I'm a girl with luv 2 days ago

    I feel like in Monsta X Hero and BTS Not Today they are standing on the same platform like look at 2:33 it looks like the same platform

  • Skylar Beasley
    Skylar Beasley 2 days ago

    what if you really like psy’s music? 😂

  • -Squishy Little Mochi-
    -Squishy Little Mochi- 2 days ago +1

    My dad hates kpop and calls it a distraction it's complicated to explain😔

  • Ciel Sanchez
    Ciel Sanchez 2 days ago +2

    When you put The Rose for Rock I died ❤️❤️❤️ Stan Talent

  • Min Yoongi
    Min Yoongi 2 days ago

    Thank u for making this video

  • Iron Snut 72.0
    Iron Snut 72.0 2 days ago

    I don't like BTS because I don't really like the music and my friends makes it annoying cuz she always sends me things about BTS and I'm just like SHUT UP. (NO HATE)

  • irenelovesjustice -hope you enjoy

    I give to my parents and they seems ignore it._ .

  • J Aerionne
    J Aerionne 2 days ago

    I crying watching this T_T

    Thank you😟😟

  • laarni alapad
    laarni alapad 2 days ago +1

    My mom and dad is in america for an business...i was in seoul korea with my grand mother then i prove my grand mother that kpop isnt a bout they look handsome/beautiful now she supports me as an army,blink and once
    Note: i didnt use my real name this is my other name but when in the philipines they calle me laarni cause my mother is a pilipina and my father is an korean and thanks for under standing.

  • s.scuicide_x
    s.scuicide_x 2 days ago

    *sends it to normal people who don't listen to kpop*
    *Me : guys aren't they cute also hot😍😍*
    *Friend who aren't into kpop:they look cute but you under what they're saying*
    *Me:does It really have to matter*
    *me:~leavs group chat~*

  • s.scuicide_x
    s.scuicide_x 2 days ago


  • vishalrivi
    vishalrivi 2 days ago

    For me
    Meaning of despacito

  • 김가민
    김가민 2 days ago

    I AGGREE!!! sry is that wrong?

  • bangtans_ anpanman
    bangtans_ anpanman 3 days ago

    If i showed this to my mom shes would just say DUUUUMMBB

  • Alana House
    Alana House 3 days ago

    I showed this to my mom

    *She still doesn’t understand*

  • cooky_boywithluv Lopez

    U are true

  • Delli o dolly da china

    wtf gaypop didnt change shit for me

  • 신비
    신비 3 days ago

    Not into BTS, but GFriend is my all time fav Kpop group

  • callie jade
    callie jade 3 days ago

    I watch it because when translated they all have a message so 🤷

  • Irene Li
    Irene Li 3 days ago

    *mom watches blood sweat and tear*

  • ghanith_x yeet
    ghanith_x yeet 3 days ago


  • не знаю
    не знаю 3 days ago


  • Magsnmaisey
    Magsnmaisey 3 days ago

    *Screams because of BTS and dad says shut up*

  • Black skull Torres
    Black skull Torres 3 days ago

    Nah I think people like them cause they’re shippable and they’re like hella cute and they’re music is dope (ARMY were you at)

  • Cookie Satan
    Cookie Satan 3 days ago

    The Bobby song
    It's like me when my parents are not home

    SOMMIJU45 MSP 3 days ago


  • ArmyLinkReveluv Mixer
    ArmyLinkReveluv Mixer 4 days ago +1

    Me:So do you understand why I like kpop?
    Mum:I don't care bcz I don't like Chinese people!
    Me:F**k how many times do I have to tell you that they are korean?!?!?

  • Floral Flower
    Floral Flower 4 days ago +1

    Also bc their mvs and the message of the song mostly teaches the viewer what life is or smth
    Like playing with fire (blackpink): the message is that love may hurt u so be careful by the lyrics: Love is like playing with fire
    And No (CLC): the message tells u that u should love yourself by the lyrics: red lips NO, earrings NO, High heels NO, etc. Which tells u that u dont need any makeup to look good or smth like that.

  • ヘーゼルMiraculous AndreaP

    Full of BTS 💖💖💖
    Blacpink X3💞💞💞

  • J-Hope Films
    J-Hope Films 4 days ago

    I sent this to my mom.

    *she understands everything now.*

  • Atramzu
    Atramzu 4 days ago

    yea, I listen to songs because of the lyrics and I think that listening songs only bcs they're catchy is quite dumb XDD

  • Kim Plays
    Kim Plays 4 days ago

    My parents would kill me if I told them I am into K-pop -.-

  • Danijel Alimanovic
    Danijel Alimanovic 4 days ago

    The title is on Serbian

  • Danijel Alimanovic
    Danijel Alimanovic 4 days ago

    Why is this on Serbian

  • Eva Padilla
    Eva Padilla 4 days ago

    LOL there just another band nothing special, my daughter loves it but I also loved boy bands in my youth, she will get over it just like everything else

  • Coffee & Suga
    Coffee & Suga 4 days ago

    thanks for czech subs i send it to my mom xddd

  • JiminJams
    JiminJams 4 days ago

    My mom: who are the *Chinese* people singing
    Also my mom: What are they saying I can't understand??
    Me: There not Chinese there Korean
    Mom: aren't they Asian?
    Me: yes
    *Shows the video*
    Mom: tell that man can I speak to a *HUMAN*
    *I put this video in a nutshell*
    Mom: SO YoU caN spEAK AsiaN My DauGthEr a GeNIUs
    Also me: I use captions or subtitles
    Mom: *WelL hOW dO you SeE whaT TheRE DoiNG iF YouR ReadIng CaPtioNs??*
    Me: I just can

  • Maya Dhopatkar
    Maya Dhopatkar 4 days ago

    I love how they put tae for looks cus he is soo cute ngl

  • Ghatcha_ Lilac
    Ghatcha_ Lilac 4 days ago

    I know all these dances 🤣🤣

  • Rebecca G.
    Rebecca G. 4 days ago

    i care for their lyrics lmao
    literally idc if its catchy or smth i care the most about the lyrics haha

  • PureAcidRose
    PureAcidRose 5 days ago

    Do u know ikon?

  • pickle party!!
    pickle party!! 5 days ago

    Ehhhh I'm a child!😁

  • Jasmine r.p
    Jasmine r.p 5 days ago

    Oh my got im so happy you played the rose they need to be recognised because they are amazing♡

  • Tae's Wolfie
    Tae's Wolfie 5 days ago

    I showed this to my grandma she didn't understand it at all

  • Bianca Manriquez
    Bianca Manriquez 5 days ago

    This is so true people misunderstand it

  • Ayesha Lanceta
    Ayesha Lanceta 5 days ago

    Me: sends this to my parents*
    Them when seeing the video: you're grounded!

  • Pich Bormey
    Pich Bormey 5 days ago

    I showed this to my mom and she fight my bud 😆 when I show it to my dad he laugh 😂

  • perfect body subs
    perfect body subs 5 days ago

    Thanks can you make one in spanish

  • Kawaii101 Yeet
    Kawaii101 Yeet 5 days ago

    Sending this to my parents

  • Flavio  Il Boss
    Flavio Il Boss 5 days ago

    I love how there are a lot of Blackpink pictures but no actual song from them XDDD
    i mean idgaf i just found it funny cuz i was expecting one in the end but then i see my boi T.O.P ending it 😂😂😂
    Miss BigBang D:
    Hope they'll comeback

  • Lovely Kitty
    Lovely Kitty 5 days ago

    Me:I'M NOT A CHILD I'M A baby LOL!

  • XGachaWolves darkness

    2:23 be ready to pause because something cute had happend to jimin

  • Depresso Avocado
    Depresso Avocado 5 days ago

    Theres a lot of BTS :0

  • Sara amazing anime
    Sara amazing anime 5 days ago +1

    i want to send this to mom and dad but im scared of them this all the mom and dad do kick us of the home 😂😂😂😂😂😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

  • Chimmy떡_
    Chimmy떡_ 5 days ago +1


  • Ana Silvia
    Ana Silvia 5 days ago

    mom: are you still listening to these japanese boys??
    me: moooom, they're koreans; and they're singing is SO BEAUTIFUL, AND THEY'RE THE MOST AMAZING PEOPLE AND THAT WHY I LISTEN TO THEM.

    *me showing this video*
    mom: now I understand
    me: THANK YOU! :")
    mom: now I'm going to listen bts and other k-pop groups
    best day of my life

  • Lil_spycho Cookiegurl
    Lil_spycho Cookiegurl 5 days ago +1

    Me:hsjsksjsns your 1 your 2 list-
    Mom:why are you listening to those. Ugly men
    Me: ;-; they are not ugly and there BTS
    Mom:they look all the same
    Mom:you don't even know what there saying
    Me:I mean there some English
    Mom: ......

    • Bangtan Blink1995
      Bangtan Blink1995 5 days ago

      That's accurate, since I have experienced similar situations like this XD

  • would you like some tae with those kookies

    Why isn't *_daysicc_* in here

  • Tae Tae
    Tae Tae 5 days ago

    Imma send dis to mah mom dad sis bro cousin aunt uncle grandpa grandpa everyone

  • Suki LovesK-Pop
    Suki LovesK-Pop 5 days ago

    My parents always said: “ Why listen to the music you can’t understand?”
    Me: Like it doesn’t matter what their saying. I’m so INTO K-POP CX

  • Gülo Kırdar
    Gülo Kırdar 5 days ago

    Very good😍 I LOVE bts and blackpink

  • guccitae '
    guccitae ' 5 days ago

    i sent this to my mom.

    *_i ended up getting beaten up._*

  • Natalia The derp
    Natalia The derp 5 days ago

    Well rip I send it to my my mom and dad :()

  • Kill This Dream
    Kill This Dream 5 days ago +1

    My parents doesn't even know that I like k-pop...........xd

  • FxllēñMūtè
    FxllēñMūtè 5 days ago

    *they* *disowned* *me* *_:)_*

  • The OG Angela
    The OG Angela 5 days ago +1

    No need lol my parents well make that parent... Anyways my PARENT already likes k-pop cause me and my sibling always play k-pop songs 😂😂

  • Cooking with Angela
    Cooking with Angela 5 days ago

    I showed it to my mum. She had no reaction. She was like So when is it gonna end??

  • Syndell Rios
    Syndell Rios 6 days ago

    I was like Oooooo then I said parents are dead

  • Laniebug cringe
    Laniebug cringe 6 days ago

    I'm half tempted the stream this on the TV right now

  • roaya hany
    roaya hany 6 days ago

    I sent this to my mom and my friend, my friend watched it and said "I watched it and still don't like it"

  • UWU Muñoz
    UWU Muñoz 6 days ago

    I'm lucky my mom dances with me

  • Depression_ Edits
    Depression_ Edits 6 days ago

    I hate k pop the only k pop star I Like is BLACKPINK that’s all