Top 5 Hardest RAINBOW Themed Demons {UPDATED} - Geometry Dash

  • Published on May 15, 2017
  • Remember to check out all the people who made these incredible levels and those skilled enough to verify them!!
    The Beginning of Time Piano Cover:
    I Got No Time Piano Cover:
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  • SoariN
    SoariN  2 years ago +184

    NOTE: I've included God Eater by Knobbelboy in this video just because when it's complete, it will definitely make the list ;)

  • Iv4nu Gaming
    Iv4nu Gaming 16 days ago

    Butiti 3

  • Jose Ortega
    Jose Ortega 4 months ago

    Ooh, copyrighted songs confirmed!!!!!!!

  • Théo Smoch
    Théo Smoch 4 months ago

    RIP God Eater

  • Legend Light
    Legend Light 4 months ago

    Where’s Game Over?

  • Isaac05
    Isaac05 4 months ago +2

    R.I.P god Eater :c

  • Greg Teo
    Greg Teo 4 months ago

    I think aa is harder than god eater

  • JokeTest50
    JokeTest50 4 months ago +1

    Me: So knobbelboy, how many rainbows are you gonna use this time?
    Knobbelboy: y e s

  • I'm Anonymoususer12321
    I'm Anonymoususer12321 4 months ago

    Why no Freedom08

  • Sirius Black
    Sirius Black 5 months ago

    God Eater is easier than AA

  • Roman Rodriguez II
    Roman Rodriguez II 5 months ago

    My predictions were god eater god eater god eater god eater and god eater and my favorite one out of my predictions was god eater

  • OwOverlord
    OwOverlord 5 months ago

    Temple of destiny?

  • RelayX
    RelayX 5 months ago +1

    Where is Falling Up, Rising Down, Game Over, PunchDrunk?

  • Fernando Zeballos
    Fernando Zeballos 5 months ago

    1-God Eater by knobbelboy
    For one reason: Ram Eater and a Lot of obj

  • Ashuda GD
    Ashuda GD 6 months ago

    Hell eater Next knobbelboy

  • GDXenon
    GDXenon 6 months ago

    dark rainbow rebrith kappa

  • Under Maintenance, kids

    Hello, I’m the time traveler. I’m wanna tell you that God Eater is Verified already. (Lenny)

  • TheFlyingUmbreon
    TheFlyingUmbreon 6 months ago

    1st is best XD

  • tayeb815
    tayeb815 7 months ago


  • Dark Nebula
    Dark Nebula 7 months ago

    Top 5 hardest gay levels

  • Yokkako
    Yokkako 7 months ago

    in what world is god eater rainbow themed

  • RageDasher
    RageDasher 7 months ago


  • TechnoGuz GD
    TechnoGuz GD 8 months ago

    #1 the nightmare

  • RedJive213
    RedJive213 8 months ago

    Where’s the furious?

  • K•ICy OTakU
    K•ICy OTakU 8 months ago

    Need to make rainbow levels now

  • Razor’s Edge Gaming
    Razor’s Edge Gaming 8 months ago

    i subbed

  • Enenra
    Enenra 8 months ago +1

    Why is Arcansil not here?
    It's much harder than Bloodbath and it is mostly rainbow level...
    Gochek it it deserves featured but robtop don't feature good levels he just maaaybe open the game one time in 2 years and put sneek peek on YT...

  • Polygon Death
    Polygon Death 8 months ago

    God Eater, AA are not rainbow themed you delusional fuck

  • Polygon Death
    Polygon Death 8 months ago

    How is AA rainbow themed???

  • 100 subscribers without any video pls

    My dicc is hardest

  • 100 subscribers without any video pls

    God eat her

  • Yung Suta.
    Yung Suta. 9 months ago

    Just like, wheres Glowy??????

  • I_Am A_Doge
    I_Am A_Doge 9 months ago

    And I can't even get past dry out... :-(

  • [K2]ツOwOTMツ
    [K2]ツOwOTMツ 9 months ago

    This video is so *gay* because it has *rainbows*

  • Esk
    Esk 9 months ago

    5:God Eater
    4:God Eater
    3:Gid Eater
    2:God Eater

  • FlapCrazy445
    FlapCrazy445 9 months ago

    God Eater is easier than Artificial Ascent.

  • ImOutOfNames
    ImOutOfNames 10 months ago

    *Knobbelboy wants to know your location*

  • cracker platter
    cracker platter 10 months ago

    why was allegiance so harshly nerfed

  • PashaWolf
    PashaWolf 10 months ago

    i dunno why iridescent is even on here it isnt hard at all just looks it

  • C A H E K
    C A H E K 10 months ago

    In this top only one levl rainbow. This levl from knobbel boy "Dark rainbow" other no rainbow.

  • Kyfr Worth
    Kyfr Worth 11 months ago

    People’s FPS is so good that sometimes motion blur takes over my screen

  • Daniel Zama
    Daniel Zama Year ago

    Name of title : Top 5 *GAY* levels :)

  • [TL] MGnesium
    [TL] MGnesium Year ago

    Rewind by Awzer
    Subterranean Animism by Many People&EricVanWilderman

  • Cheryl Kute
    Cheryl Kute Year ago

    whats the intro song


    Now its gamma

  • ilijose ili
    ilijose ili Year ago

    Por que todo en un puto piano

  • MaxOnator3
    MaxOnator3 Year ago +1

    Great video, but some things I want to point out
    1. Since when is AA rainbow themed? Only like 2 parts (etzer and serponge have rainbows)
    2. I thought falling up was gonna be on here :/
    3. God Eater is way easier than AA. Knobbel said around 30th place.

  • Benzene Playz
    Benzene Playz Year ago

    The piano cover of tbot does not not sound that different. The cover of ignt sounds weird but I like it

  • RhuanNoober
    RhuanNoober Year ago

    0:10 - 0:46 this part of the music is so good... the buildup - drop aren't even close to the start :/

  • Piglover88
    Piglover88 Year ago

    Freedom08 * leeny *

  • Pepe The Frog
    Pepe The Frog Year ago

    Allegiance is like renevant

  • hayumin [GD]
    hayumin [GD] Year ago


  • LimeyLiamGaming
    LimeyLiamGaming Year ago

    What about the furious

  • LimeyLiamGaming
    LimeyLiamGaming Year ago

    I don’t like what you did to the dark rainbow rebirth song

  • Ionizedwolf360 D.2

    What about ....EFF by Joshawott & Endlevel....or The Furious by Knobbleboy

  • Пошлый Дэн

    Falling up ?

    • EliteMcVr Z
      EliteMcVr Z 11 months ago

      Falling up has only one part rainbow you idiot

  • 13J9V
    13J9V Year ago

    Gud eter

  • σg ιι•нιgнѕcσяє

    I know whats going to be number 1

  • Mike Wain
    Mike Wain Year ago

    All predictions were correct

  • Mike Wain
    Mike Wain Year ago

    My Three Predictions Before The Video Were Alleigence ( maybe wrong spelling) God Eater, Dark Rainbow Rebirth