Does The Lost Dutchman's Gold Exist?

  • Published on Sep 12, 2017
  • Does the lost dutchman's gold exist? We take a look at the possibility of the lost Dutchman's gold. The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine is, according to legend, a rich gold mine hidden in the southwestern United States.
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  • brian massey
    brian massey 11 months ago

    Can I say this that very few people think or know about. Awhile ago a treasure hunter was talking about why he stopped looking for the Lost Dutchman gold mine. When he was telling his story about looking for the Gold mine throughout the years one day he was in this one search area close to where the United States government has control of and when one of the hikers or LDGM seekers were looking for it a helicopter flew over and told the man that he was too close to classified ground and that he needed to leave the area. This only gives us one answer to what happend and why the United States government knows where the LDGM is and is trying to protect it from being found or dug up and if anyone gets too close to the classified area where it is located they are approached by someone that works for the government and tells them to leave because it's located there in that classified area and they are not suppost to be in that area. So that tells us that our United States government knows where the LDGM is and they just don't want anyone to be in that area because they protect it from someone digging it up or finding anything in that area. It truely makes since now why nobody has ever found it and when someone gets too close to where it's located the government official shows up and makes the person leave the area. I am a clairvoyant and can personally tell you that the government truthfully knows the location to where the LDGM is located and they or ANYONE CANNOT DIG or prospect in that area where it's located because of the land being a no dig zone to protect it from being searched and from it being founded by someone looking for it. The Treasure Hunter also said it was in a area where very few people could physically get to because of the rugged terrain and hard to reach indignation surface surrounding the area.

  • Ryan Waltz
    Ryan Waltz Year ago

    Oh trust me its real

    • stangmaster 2
      stangmaster 2 2 months ago

      The government would have found it by now.

  • craig h
    craig h 2 years ago

    i wouldn't tell any body if i found it id say i found the gold some where else coz i wouldn't want people to steal my new found gold

  • Sophie Raymond
    Sophie Raymond 2 years ago +1

    Be cool if someone found it, they would be rich