Sci-Fi Short Film "Exit Strategy" presented by DUST

  • Published on Nov 15, 2018
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    "Exit Strategy" by Travis Bible
    Two brothers caught in a time loop must traverse a series of maze-like events in order to prevent a catastrophic fire from occurring.
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Comments • 1 476

  • Lil Cus Boy
    Lil Cus Boy 21 hour ago +1

    This reminds me of soft resetting for shinies in Pokemon when I was 6

  • I'm Not Just a Useless Eater

    Too sad or me. I have 2 sons. This is nightmare stuff for me. I won't be able to stop thinking about it. I'm sorry. I can't finish watching. I'll go find something else that's better, by DUST of course.

  • Robert Netherton
    Robert Netherton 14 days ago

    Time is a motherfucker no matter how hard you try and beat it, it always wins. Thanks DUST for another great video.

  • kitty cat?
    kitty cat? 14 days ago

    I cried best video I've seen in a long time

  • Subhankar Dey
    Subhankar Dey 15 days ago

    Im crying smiling at the same time

  • jdc1957
    jdc1957 19 days ago +1

    Best I've Seen In Years

  • HiroClaw
    HiroClaw 20 days ago

    his brother's death is what supposedly caused him to make a time machine. If he saves him, he would never have made the time machine, and thus never saved his brother. That's why there's no way out

  • HiroClaw
    HiroClaw 20 days ago

    #380?! how many pages does that notebook have?!

  • outlander
    outlander 21 day ago

    when your numbers up, its over.

  • Sam Arah
    Sam Arah 24 days ago

    In love with this channel

  • NoEditing
    NoEditing 25 days ago

    so sad

  • Kenneth Stauffer
    Kenneth Stauffer 25 days ago


  • Shreyas Music
    Shreyas Music 26 days ago

    Moral - Just live the moment !

  • Tomsmus
    Tomsmus Month ago

    Dead battery but car still turns over.

  • Mertouh
    Mertouh Month ago

    Thats a good bro

  • Mukul Kumar
    Mukul Kumar Month ago +2

    Time loop is my ever best topic of interest in science.

  • Online Ziggasa
    Online Ziggasa Month ago

    Great Logic here.

  • Keyboard Musician
    Keyboard Musician Month ago


  • Sreekumar KS
    Sreekumar KS Month ago

    good work

  • Cracker
    Cracker Month ago

    Awesome. One of the best time travel stories I've seen.

  • Joshua Ballew
    Joshua Ballew Month ago +2

    Literally all he has too do it meet him at the diner and say he wants to go somewhere then start driving

    • Joshua Ballew
      Joshua Ballew Month ago

      @KowalDW He went through the scenario multiple times, he knew about the car accident. Go fuck yourself

    • KowalDW
      KowalDW Month ago

      And die in car accident. You weren't watching the film closely.

  • Bill Randleman
    Bill Randleman Month ago

    3:00 That's not a dead battery

  • Lucixir
    Lucixir Month ago

    Shitty ending, wold of been better if he accepted it and stayed to visit and listen to his brother and then he didnt die. Moral of story being no matter how you try to change shit, it will still happen but if you just let life happen and live it, then it has a way of working itself out for the better... when you have no control over it, and just let it happen.

    But I guess you wanted the negative speculation ending instead...seems endings are always hard for people to conclude in any meaningful thoughtful way.

  • Yulian Coronado
    Yulian Coronado Month ago

    Love this shortfilm

  • eth eth
    eth eth Month ago

    What idiot put SUBTITLES after the speech is OVER?! MORONS, DISLIKE!

  • Gabriel Conley
    Gabriel Conley Month ago

    Make this a damn movie

  • Mike Bush
    Mike Bush Month ago

    I need to hang out with my brother

  • Clairvoyant1980
    Clairvoyant1980 Month ago


  • Mike The Red
    Mike The Red 2 months ago

    ive watched this short several times now, it's just such a good story!

  • spynorbays
    spynorbays 2 months ago

    When you die, u die.
    No escape mate.

  • leo uli
    leo uli 2 months ago

    That was touching, great short story

  • Paul Schulze
    Paul Schulze 2 months ago +2

    "That's very progressive pronoun use."
    Yes would be too obvious and simple to use "it" for a thing like time.

  • Orio Menoni
    Orio Menoni 2 months ago

    Beautiful, meaningful. Top.

  • dimitrius sergivius
    dimitrius sergivius 2 months ago

    very deep

  • Damian Peron
    Damian Peron 2 months ago

    nice... no need for the flashback though, we got it

  • Aakash Rohila
    Aakash Rohila 2 months ago

    This seems like a complete film

  • Barraccuda
    Barraccuda 2 months ago

    I swear to god. There are so many incredible short films on youtube that are so much more interesting than a lot of the "blockbuster" hollywood movies.

  • Yojack87
    Yojack87 2 months ago

    One of the best Dust Episodes. Probably my favorite

  • Richard Gugula
    Richard Gugula 2 months ago

    So wonderfully done! Once again left in awe at your work. I'm hard to impress but you have done it time and again. Really spectacular!

    NATURESTREAMS 2 months ago

    The best part for me was when he said fireman dont run from fire. Shit I cried

  • Furlock Furli
    Furlock Furli 2 months ago +1

    One of the best short movies. Perfect actors, perfect filming. Perfect narrative. You deserve the very best.

  • Joseph Mitchell
    Joseph Mitchell 2 months ago

    One of my favorites!

  • Tony T
    Tony T 2 months ago


  • Arul Padayachee
    Arul Padayachee 2 months ago

    Good stuff

  • Gregory Williamson
    Gregory Williamson 3 months ago

    Damn. 379 times he had to witness his brother die

  • GJ
    GJ 3 months ago

    I love all your stuff.... But that.... Was Awsome!

  • Leonard Spong
    Leonard Spong 3 months ago +1

    i was like "so you TOOK... okay, go on."

  • Sheizzy Baby
    Sheizzy Baby 3 months ago

    the ILLUMINATI r trying 2 show us that we can contol everything inluding time which means that we r fighting against God without us knowing....

  • Sheizzy Baby
    Sheizzy Baby 3 months ago

    DUST looks like an ILLUMINATI company that wants us 2 accept microchips that will make us become a member of the devil worshippers

  • Sonja Lord
    Sonja Lord 3 months ago

    This is really well done. Great acting, script, pace ....

  • Lucas González
    Lucas González 3 months ago +1

    Amazing short in every aspect made me drop a few tears...

  • Hungry Guy
    Hungry Guy 3 months ago

    Save his brother? Or save Arcadia Bay?

  • Lyaksandra B
    Lyaksandra B 3 months ago

    Fantastic, just fantastic. This is better than many hollywood feature films. Well done, guys.

  • uncle bobs dead
    uncle bobs dead 3 months ago

    This was one of the best I've seen on Dust!

  • Stonie Wake
    Stonie Wake 3 months ago

    That was one of the best ones

  • Ivan Hewitt
    Ivan Hewitt 3 months ago

    Non sequitur but who else has hella vietnamese videos in their recommendations for no reason

  • Rod Martin, Jr.
    Rod Martin, Jr. 3 months ago

    In the end, he learned what's truly valuable. What a blessing!

  • realguitarshredder
    realguitarshredder 3 months ago

    ummm if the battery is dead in the car would the car crank at all?

  • Atlanthyss
    Atlanthyss 3 months ago

    Wonderful as all DUST's video !

  • Jorge Reyes
    Jorge Reyes 3 months ago

    you make me cry