Crazy Uncle vs. Zombies

  • Published on Feb 11, 2017
  • Hardy always had a temper. And this time, seriously angry at the visitor during their work, our impulsive hero took off his uniform and went home, cursing all in its path! So he was already tired of the urban turmoil that Hardy was determined to give up everything to take with them only the most necessary things and go on a long journey. That it certainly nobody bothered from the civilized world, the traveler has chosen for its outdoor activities most of the jungle wilderness. But at the moment our hero even could not imagine what a serious test will be waiting for him there. When Hardy safely to his desired location from the neighboring bushes came a strange sound, which all approached, forcing our brave sweating heavily by the unconscious fear of the unknown. And these noises published crawling to him hungry zombies, who, sensing the close smell of fresh human flesh, immediately got out of their graves in order to eat!

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