• Published on Jul 21, 2018
  • A few Hi Def nitrous explosions and engine fails from the Urban Hillbilly Videos vault. Everything from torched heads to complete yard sales.
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  • James Authenreith
    James Authenreith 3 days ago

    As soon as you launch, these cars are exposed to very high temps, which is why they explode. Remember kids, horsiepowers+ High RPMS= KABOOM!

  • Christopher Mathern
    Christopher Mathern 4 days ago

    I'd cry if I drove that white Trans am. That looked expensive as all get out.

  • JonnyRocketfuel
    JonnyRocketfuel 4 days ago

    Piston: hey Rod, go long!!

  • Rifky Fahrana
    Rifky Fahrana 5 days ago

    the most American video i've ever seen

  • Kyle Marshall
    Kyle Marshall 6 days ago

    Last one was a track record! Lol

  • Kyle Marshall
    Kyle Marshall 6 days ago

    2:25 that thing was CRAB WALKING jeeebus

  • Import Glass
    Import Glass 7 days ago

    @2:40 begins a video about the worst fire fighters in history.

  • MrHillfolk
    MrHillfolk 10 days ago

    The oriellys commercial at the beginning should change to: oh oh oh, ohshiiiiiiitt

  • 7Sin0City2
    7Sin0City2 15 days ago

    Exact ratio of Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown geekin' on that Christina Aguilera.

  • Pruthviraj Mhaske
    Pruthviraj Mhaske 22 days ago

    Anyone trying to find info of the yellow car driver on 4:48

  • Elden Mayes
    Elden Mayes 24 days ago

    That's what happens when you don't take care of your vehicle and keep a close eye on them

  • Monday Morning Racer
    Monday Morning Racer 26 days ago

    It's all fun and games in your jeans and tennis shoes till you funny car the thing.

  • Brennan Gleason
    Brennan Gleason 26 days ago +1

    0:30 A church ad! Because you'll need Jesus when you crash.
    0:55 yeah just keep driving and oil the track why don't ya.
    3:00 Racing junk ad, with racing junk on fire behind it.
    4:20 Back to the future!

  • michael88h
    michael88h 26 days ago

    Wouldn't be southern drag racing without a church sign

    • Brennan Gleason
      Brennan Gleason 26 days ago

      'Cause you'll be praying when your car fucks up going that fast.

  • vizziOn _haydz
    vizziOn _haydz 27 days ago

    Why you don’t put powerful engines in cars that can’t handle that shit

  • M Whitelaw
    M Whitelaw 28 days ago

    Oh rogersville
    So dirty

  • lordieshepherd
    lordieshepherd 29 days ago

    Seems you only have to be an enthusiast to be an official.

  • Aaron Alberto Sandoval Rodriguez

    Fire green

    LECAL PWBR Month ago

    05:28 o cara tava fazendo o fogo fica mais forte '-' .. igual soprar uma laleira rsrs

  • sdry
    sdry Month ago

    where these guys find funding for this dumb s*it. Nobodoy is following it etc.
    EDIT: that guy around 5 min on that stupid dildo car died :xDDDD

  • Dave Box
    Dave Box Month ago

    I get and would probably enjoy the street racing origins, but jeez, has there ever been a more pointless race than modern day drag racing? Formula One is boring, but drag is like, Red car, 'Vroom!'. Blue car, 'Vroom!'. Same ol' thing over and over.

  • Fidino06 HUN
    Fidino06 HUN Month ago

    4:25 green fire ?

  • No Longer In Use
    No Longer In Use Month ago

    Most american thing i ever watched

  • Snail Wrestler
    Snail Wrestler Month ago +1

    6:00 lol nice they built that to blow that run lol listen to it. Wow.

  • Christian LoDolce
    Christian LoDolce Month ago +5

    This video makes my wallet cringe

    • Gene Drakes
      Gene Drakes Day ago +1

      I killed a brand new kart engine in about 3 laps ! That hurt and thankfully somebody transferred the good bits to another engine block! That a bit more expensive and glad I am not paying the fix it bill !

  • Monkey _420
    Monkey _420 Month ago


  • Carl Justin Faral
    Carl Justin Faral Month ago

    I think at 4:54 to 5:12 the driver is paralyze, unconsious, or dead because if his not paralyze, unconsious, or dead he would stop or brake the car by now and because the fire coming straight out from the engine goes inside the interior of the car where the driver is sitting. Sorry for my bad english.

  • nodum zallel
    nodum zallel Month ago

    Mustang Mike

  • Bob Sue
    Bob Sue Month ago

    3:15 - Here, hold my beer, I'm bringin' out the big guns !

  • Area 51 Alien
    Area 51 Alien Month ago

    the first one was just something breaking the turbo, there's most likely nothing wrong with the engine. Same thing happened to Alex Choi's Lamborghini

  • wingmanalive
    wingmanalive Month ago

    Ok call me old fashion, and I know you will lol, but it's awesome and deceptive at the same time to race a car with a body of a car that was incapable of these feats in its' original form. It's like a cheetah wearing a hyena's costume. I owned a 1988 IROC Z28. 5.7L 350TPI. It was fully loaded and had every option. It was the best and fastest production car of the time that influenced me forever*. Of course it wasn't, not even close lol. It did the quarter mile in like 14.5 seconds fully stock. Slow like a snail today. BUT, I loved it. It made me love cars like anyone else who does. My car was beautiful to me, like a wife. And now that my wife cheated on me and is gone, I want that damn car back! She (the car) was faithful, she started every time, she excited me with every drive, and her throaty voice was amazing. No she didn't do 180mph, no she didn't do the 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds, ect, but you know what she did do? She got a "Damn that's a fat ride" when I pulled into a DMV to get it inspected with my T-tops down. Most men have a love affair with a car, and it doesn't matter with what kind, just so you have it. P.S. I originally wanted a convertible Mustang 5.0L but the salesman was a dick about it. I'm glad he was lol. That was 20 years ago. He's most likely dead now. :P As I well as well most likely in 20 more.

  • Hariz Jogja
    Hariz Jogja Month ago

    Amazing...👍......... ru-clip.com/video/uCmHzAVO4So/video.html

  • teksatan
    teksatan Month ago +1

    head gaskets and break away plates aren't all that expensive just so you know. which is what more than half of these are lol

  • glowing adub
    glowing adub Month ago

    Only v8 engines blow up

  • oDanii - PS3
    oDanii - PS3 Month ago

    I wonder the total of things that transam blew lmao

  • The SupeReactor Boy

    4:25 green flame

  • Bunne Rabb
    Bunne Rabb Month ago

    Dear, Über go fastee bois, before you do that 1,200 HP, gorilla shit crazy engine build, you might want to get with a machinist who is also a structural engineer. They're expensive, and worth it.

  • andi Feriyana
    andi Feriyana Month ago

    Enggak kebayang sparepartnya kayak apa

  • Choff C
    Choff C Month ago

    That 96 Camro was bad ass

  • Choff C
    Choff C Month ago

    I see some shit blowin up...and fyi that black Nova was bad ass

  • I Flick
    I Flick Month ago

    Why don't they keep the fire extinguishers near the track? It seems they're always going to the parking lot to retrieve them.

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx Month ago

    Some of those safety safari guys clearly have no business in that position as is with some of those drivers like that idiot on fire that decided to park his door car right against the wall so he can’t climb out, and if you think you can just hop out passenger side you’ve obviously never been in anything fast enough to require a cage

  • dreamnat84 !
    dreamnat84 ! Month ago +9


  • Sam Azar
    Sam Azar Month ago

    4:47 The driver died I think

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford Month ago +2

    *many points in this* :

  • Simon Aldridge
    Simon Aldridge Month ago

    4:24 he just hit 88 miles per hour

  • David Kuhn
    David Kuhn Month ago +2

    5:30. A good place for your safety glasses. On top of your hat.

  • Derek Wilhelm
    Derek Wilhelm Month ago

    What the f*** who wants to see fails everybody hate this video

  • singing point
    singing point Month ago

    4:52 driver bhi finish ho gya hoga

  • tem
    tem Month ago

    When a track record is beat with a demolished engine

  • fwied wice
    fwied wice Month ago

    Car noob here:
    So what exactly causes these cars to malfunction? Is it too much power or is the driver doing something incorrectly?

    • Nolan Holmberg
      Nolan Holmberg Month ago

      fwied wice often it’s just mechanical failure. If you rev a car so high for so long eventually something is going to give

  • gerard jennett
    gerard jennett Month ago

    I can't believe how slow some of the track response crews are in these vids

  • I'm A Fan
    I'm A Fan Month ago +7

    0:39 I don't think that was a fail... It just looked amazing.

    Also, please build and drive your cars properly. 😪😥

    • I'm A Fan
      I'm A Fan Month ago +1

      @YourFriendlyDirtBiker 😆

    • YourFriendlyDirtBiker
      YourFriendlyDirtBiker Month ago +4

      I'm A Fan He seemed pretty chill to me lmfao.

    • I'm A Fan
      I'm A Fan Month ago +1

      @Notch4never Ok chill I just wanted them to be safe!

    • Notch4never
      Notch4never Month ago +1

      @I'm A Fan its not that easy to control a 5000hp *drag* car you know, its not just a 1500hp street legal supra....

    • I'm A Fan
      I'm A Fan Month ago +1

      @Notch4never ok well how hard is it to drive safe? Why is it not that simple?

  • deegan727
    deegan727 Month ago

    2:30 That wasn't an engine fail. The front brakes were locked up and that was tire smoke and the tires blowing up. I've seen the video somewhere on YT.

  • nick schnarr
    nick schnarr Month ago +2


  • KarlJoelsen
    KarlJoelsen 2 months ago +1

    4:18 looks like a Delorian about to time travel

  • Michael98
    Michael98 2 months ago

    Rip clutch 😞

  • Vega Sixsixzero
    Vega Sixsixzero 2 months ago


  • James Nichols
    James Nichols 2 months ago

    Well... Not all of those were engine failures to be fair.

  • 林征
    林征 2 months ago


  • J M
    J M 2 months ago


  • Ederick Cerrato
    Ederick Cerrato 2 months ago +16

    4:25 Back to the future

  • Shamia Johnson
    Shamia Johnson 2 months ago

    Love Racing

  • MrNotorius5500
    MrNotorius5500 2 months ago +1

    0-BOOM! in 1.2 seconds

  • Therion Vovin
    Therion Vovin 2 months ago

    Sorry ass first responders

  • punkdude
    punkdude 2 months ago

    0:00 - 7:42
    smells like 1.000.000$

  • phoenixman8569
    phoenixman8569 2 months ago

    now I know why they are called funny cars, you spend 50,000.00 and up on a super high performance engine and it blows up after only 10 seconds use one the road, funny!!!!!

  • YouTutosJeff
    YouTutosJeff 2 months ago

    5:06 dead :"v

  • Fred C
    Fred C 3 months ago +1

    2:38 needed the whole fire department

  • Fred C
    Fred C 3 months ago

    I still have to ask why some of these 'racers' continue with a run that is lost. Even if it is a money run if you break loose bad or your trans or engine is obviously done give it up and salvage what you can. The bonehead at 1:34 apparently wanted to wreck what was left of his engine, and car, after it was obvious the other lane was likely to get through before him. You could hear the engine was sick. Kind of idiot that puts others cars and lives at risk.