Enter the cult of extreme productivity | Mark Adams | TEDxHSG

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • In this talk Mark shares a dramatic and powerful system that takes productivity thinking to whole new and terrifying level, allowing a person to achieve almost any goal they set themselves with rapid speed. The secret to this type of exponential success? Bin your ‘affirmations’ and ‘goals’ and instead embrace fear as your friend by making irreversible decisions. Instead of hapless resolutions members of the "Lock-In" cult contract with themselves in a way that they cannot escape from (without suffering brutal consequences). The “Lock-In" system harnesses our most primal evolutionary instinct - to avoid pain - and uses it to radically supercharge our lives. Many of the most successful people in history have used its phenomenal power to create extraordinary success. Think you're hardcore enough? Then enter the Cult of Extreme Productivity Mark Adams is Vice President and Head of Innovation at VICE, which has come from humble beginnings as a print magazine to digitally transform into a 5 billion dollar youth media empire. In this talk, Mark describes the cult of extreme productivity that he became part of alongside his brother. The cult is all about making irreversible decisions that make “manifesting” your dreams the only option because not achieving it would create indescribable suffering. This is the second time Mark has done a TEDx talk. The first time his talk was banned. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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  • Emma Huber’s Quest for Fame

    Don’t mind me, just watching Ted talk videos about procrastination while procrastinating about how I’m going to fix my life and become famous.

  • jack davis
    jack davis 2 days ago

    This guy's problem is he thinks he is self aware but I think he is not. Because I have heard lots of B.S. over the years but this transcends them all. I usually refrain from judging people because there's always something to learn but this is guy is riddled with problems. If he could just talk less and listen more. But it's a TEDTALK.

  • Jumbo Palumbo
    Jumbo Palumbo 6 days ago

    I make it a point to turn off anyone who says "Moore's Law." THERE IS NO MOORE'S LAW. Anyone who says "Moore's Law" never bothered to listen to what Moore actually said.

  • James O'Banion
    James O'Banion 7 days ago

    All the talk of dangerous this and dangerous that, Satanism, exorcism, the dark web, cults... seems like he's putting on this rebel face to look cool. Three things I agree with: no amount of information will get you 'there,' living in the present is rad (you can be present while planning for the future, because planning takes place in the present), and the future is an illusion. However, acting out of fear leads to a lot more anxiety, depression, general reluctance, and internal friction while eradicating your intrinstic motivation. If this treatment of yourself were scaled up it would be the equivalent of being a harsh dictator and his victimized subject simultaneously. As Play To Free mentioned, this video encourages one to "fear failing more then the enjoyment right now."

  • Matticulous Mee
    Matticulous Mee 8 days ago

    Is this guy auditioning for a stand up comedy gig or this is a TED TALK?? WTF? LOL

  • shankers1a2b
    shankers1a2b 8 days ago

    Horrible speaker. Went round and round without coming to topic. And he has talking of procrastination and all pathetic jokes. Pls don't watch for your good self. AMEN

  • Drew got jokes
    Drew got jokes 20 days ago +1

    Worst Ted talk I've seen

  • Yaduraj
    Yaduraj 22 days ago

    8:20 I was watching this talk 3x speed.

  • Michał Adamus
    Michał Adamus 24 days ago

    Where can I find some informations about this demon? I'm not even pretty sure am I write his name correctly. Thank you. :-)

  • Johnny Car
    Johnny Car 27 days ago

    He's on the RED DOT!!!

  • mwanakazi
    mwanakazi Month ago

    He clearly hasn't mastered whatever he's talking about because if he'd actually prepared for the talk instead of been out drinking, he could have got to the point a lot sooner and with less slides

  • Drk
    Drk Month ago

    I am literally addicted to watching self help videos all day, and I don't do anything about it to change my life whatsoever

  • modather matin
    modather matin Month ago

    Dude is on water

  • Matan Kribus
    Matan Kribus Month ago

    the answer is n*x^(n-1).

  • emily beth
    emily beth Month ago

    Fools learn through consequence, lovers of wisdom learn through consciousness.

  • Kirill Azarov
    Kirill Azarov Month ago

    Create more fear to fight fear?
    Good luck with your anxiety, Mark.

  • ankit pandey
    ankit pandey Month ago

    Probably the best of ted a real mirror for people who are in search of fake motivation

  • Santiago Novillo
    Santiago Novillo Month ago

    He looks kinda like a Bradley Cooper wannabe?

  • sheriffderek
    sheriffderek Month ago

    I wish this guy would come punch me for procrastinating. I'm watching this video instead of doing what I need to do.

  • Nathaniel Ramos
    Nathaniel Ramos Month ago

    Wanna know what he sounded like drinking last night? Just slow it down to 0.5

  • Hub and Culture shop

    Fantastic talk thank you do much !!! You've added the missing link

  • Lysergicidal Maniac

    No, he's not saying let your friend beat you up for not accomplishing something. He's saying to make VERY present the negative future consequences of failure in your mind so that the work to avoid it seems not as bad. As in, sure going to work early may seem bad, but what's worse is going to work late because you will end up with SH*T consequences. Beautiful.

  • Lysergicidal Maniac

    Oh my god I thought it was just me and tweakers... lol great

  • IIXandraWickII
    IIXandraWickII Month ago

    Is he talking about the commitment contract/happiness experiment? (Boyinaband).

  • Ultraviolet Morgan
    Ultraviolet Morgan Month ago

    I'm just here for his accent.

  • denise almaraz
    denise almaraz Month ago


  • kamal namdeo
    kamal namdeo Month ago

    Do not waste people's time by sharing such a idiotic talk.

  • Surojit Sarkar
    Surojit Sarkar Month ago


  • blademasterzero5295

    6:30 Did anyone else catch how he took off the cap then put it back on again without drinking lol?

  • Maik Lok
    Maik Lok Month ago

    Watching this 2x speed

  • Wolfferoni
    Wolfferoni Month ago

    I agree with most of what was said except fear of failure can also ruin your life. It might work in the opposite way for you in that you're so afraid of failing that it renders you unable to start in the first place. If that fear is high enough, nothing will make you do work. It can make you apathetic and just hate life in general, find it not worth living so that no consequence is enough to motivate you to do anything.

  • Rory Engelbrecht
    Rory Engelbrecht Month ago

    This was great. People only change if they truly, want to. Best to remember: Each day that you don't go get what you want, is another day you'll be without it.

  • Tenzing Sherpa
    Tenzing Sherpa Month ago

    Woahhhh he just knowss me

  • Tihomir Shterev
    Tihomir Shterev Month ago +1

    I got that the idea of punishment is really motivating. But why not be a healthy one? Like a boring and annoying sport exercise or a kind of volunteer community service?

  • Nicolas Alvarez
    Nicolas Alvarez Month ago

    He is on too many drugs!!!

  • Candice Thompson
    Candice Thompson 2 months ago +1

    This guy is a joke! Sounds like he sold his soul to satan. I couldn't listen anymore.

  • Nicholas Paris
    Nicholas Paris 2 months ago +1

    "and now personal decisions are the leading cause of death"

  • Das Spargel
    Das Spargel 2 months ago +7

    Find someone who punches you in the face if you fail.

  • Nick Morphew
    Nick Morphew 2 months ago

    The comments saved me fifteen minutes. Lesson: to be more productive, read the comments. If a quick scan reveals the video is horshit, listen to them and MOVE ON.

  • faye m
    faye m 2 months ago +1

    I already have anxiety from not accomplishing things and I don’t really know how to befriend fear to make me more productive. It feels like fear just gives me pressure, not the push. Maybe this works for other people, but not to me unfortunately. I also believe in positive reinforcement.

  • theoriginaljean
    theoriginaljean 2 months ago

    Summary; people/you won’t get going with seminars/books. Fear is more efficient.

  • Ninja
    Ninja 2 months ago

    Wrestle with yourself to resonate with the future self you want to be

  • Brenden
    Brenden 2 months ago

    I was so stoke around the half way mark, but he never finished the talk! Dude, come on Mark! You lost me bro!

  • Sakura Kinomoto
    Sakura Kinomoto 2 months ago

    the title made me think this was a criticism of extreme productivity. now that's something I would watch.

  • SquishTheNinja
    SquishTheNinja 2 months ago +7

    Why is this the TOP result when searching for productivity?
    I mean if he is happy with that method and it works for him, that's fine. But I really think it is dangerous, and don't think it should be the first thing to come up.

    People have tried using fear and violence as motivations for centuries, and it can end up pretty badly, especially if the person giving the punishment starts getting a kick out of it or a superiority complex.

    This is like how abusers and abused victims try and rationalise their actions.

    I'm not saying this talk shouldn't exist, because it is still an interesting idea and might help people, but it maybe shouldn't be so easy to find. I think maybe Lock-In method should stay on the dark web.

  • G Poop
    G Poop 2 months ago

    um i dont know what i just learnt, so i should have a consequence involved

  • Karsten Balogh
    Karsten Balogh 2 months ago

    Information is not gonna help, but he's giving us information. Mind = blown.

  • Adog Supreme
    Adog Supreme 2 months ago +1

    The bible talks about this a bit we are flesh and spirit. Basicly 2 parts of you that dont always agree with eachother

  • Frank Abagnale
    Frank Abagnale 2 months ago

    Top notch !!!

  • Carprincess
    Carprincess 2 months ago

    My biggest takeaway with this talk is that you are your worst accountability partner (and you are always screwing yourself over)

  • RoobehTunes
    RoobehTunes 2 months ago +1

    Doesn't that actually massively increase the anxiety of a potential failure? What if some act of god happened af the last minute and you ended up not acheiving the goal? I think I'll stick to dressing up as a baby and getting spanked by my mistress.

  • Pc bx
    Pc bx 2 months ago

    please come to Brasil

  • Anthony lockett
    Anthony lockett 2 months ago

    This is truth

  • Christian Hall
    Christian Hall 2 months ago +3

    "Don't read books"
    "Here's 50 literary references"

  • Erousselina Guy
    Erousselina Guy 2 months ago

    I wish I was like that hangover

  • New Phone
    New Phone 2 months ago +1

    Waste of time. 100% of ppl who delude themselves into thinking this talk wasn't worthless are still out there procrastinating and wasting time- nothing's changed.

  • kizuna95
    kizuna95 2 months ago

    I thought he was going to say, we should meditate into someone else from another dimension. So we could have another perspective about our productivity. Acting like you are someone else sounds not really healthy, so I assumed it could be the reason, Ted x banned the previous talk.
    Tbh I like my idea better.

  • N. E.
    N. E. 2 months ago

    So banal as it seems: Yes, we know what we are supposed to do, and dont need further information. We just have to do it. So the next time you are thinking: Oh, actually I should learn for the test, or just even: I should cleaning the dishes. Just stand up and do it. The more you think about this "I should" without doing it, the more excuses your brain will come up with, not to do it now. So if you're watching Ted Talks on RU-clip and you think: All right after this video about procrastination I'll go for what I ever I got to do. The moment you get this thought while you are actually procastinating, just stop the video immediately, stand up and do it. Start with banal things, like really cleaning your room or something, and find yourself enjoying to do stuff and get stuff done once you've just began and let it become a habit. Like you let procastination became a habit as well. It's the addiction of going the path of least resistance.

  • amcarter
    amcarter 2 months ago +2

    I have never disliked a TEDx talk so much. From the moment he starts talking he oozes creepy car salesmen using shock statements and exaggerated movements to pretend he is dynamic. Ugh

    • New Phone
      New Phone 2 months ago +2

      So true!! This sucked.

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 2 months ago

    betyr også at du bør distribuere din innsats over tid slik at du ikke brenner deg ut eller sliter deg ut, John D Rockefeller arbeidet i et jevn tempo han hustlet ikke.

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 2 months ago

    distributional issue of justice over time: this means you maximize so much at one moment in time that you completely take from the future yourself: "smoking, drinking, bad habits in general" you take from a person and that person is your future self. This becomes a metaphysical thing almost.

  • Raven Claw
    Raven Claw 2 months ago +1

    DAMN! I can't believe that I am about to say this, but this is the best TED Talk I've ever watched!

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 2 months ago

    the future self = critical self = taking the future seriously
    the momentary self = maximize the moment = George Best = Great Example

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 2 months ago

    jetsa - jetsa - jetsa = demonen som ønsker å maksimalisere øyeblikket, Adam og Eva ble kastet ut av hagen påbrunn av et eple
    den demonske fellen maximalisere dagen i dag ignoerer ditt fremtidige selv. Løsningen er kontraktet

  • Lekestue
    Lekestue 2 months ago

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    Lekestue 2 months ago

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    Lekestue 2 months ago

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  • Guillaume Bregeon
    Guillaume Bregeon 2 months ago

    Too bad he wasn't allowed to get into the subject of how they scared each other enough to do what they wanted to do

  • Steven Scott Smith
    Steven Scott Smith 2 months ago

    Thank You

  • jacksinger
    jacksinger 2 months ago

    I get it. Maybe you think: "It`s a video, right? Why should I READ it`s description?". If you are just trying to be funny, don`t mind me. If you are not, sometimes the description is there for a reason.

  • andrefaaa
    andrefaaa 2 months ago

    useless talk

  • Kirsten Alexander
    Kirsten Alexander 2 months ago +8

    I'm not sure. I lost interest I guess when he said he was hungover

  • Stij n
    Stij n 2 months ago +2

    Just saw a TED talk that said fear doesn't work as well as possitive reinforcement ("How to motivate yourself to change behavior") and here the entire opposite is stated. And the funny thing is that I kinda agree with both, so yeah I guess find out what works for you and stick to it but just do and don't think!

  • David Sjögren
    David Sjögren 2 months ago

    is the video cut at 17:54?

  • Vebjørn Moskvil
    Vebjørn Moskvil 2 months ago +32

    There are more things between the lines here. He talked about a network spanning across the world with people doing this thing. He also touched upon where he stumbled upon the concept and the network; the deep web. If he was beaten up by one of his friends he would not only ruin relationships but it would probably not work. Look, who of your friends would be harsh enough to actually beat you up, GUARANTEED? He is talking about harsh, brutal and consistent consequences something a good friend wouldn't be able to do.

    I would guess there is some sort of contract agreement on the dark web where the ones you are signing the contract with, is some sort of group with the capabilities to find you and beat you up if you don't meet the requirements of the contract. This would also explain why he was banned the last time, TedX doesn't want a recommendation to anything related to the deep web or violence on their site. That is why, this time, he hides all the evidence for the real message of the talk behind comedy, self-parody and fast powerpoint slides.

    This really IS a dangerous talk and the guys at TedX probably fear what people will get themselves into as much as Mark fears his punishers. Try to find "Lock In" for yourself, you'll only find a Reddit thread, this is shady stuff that probably only is accessible at the deep web.

    This gives me the chills.

    • Eisenhower Yu
      Eisenhower Yu 13 days ago

      thanks for the comment man, am doing my own researching for this

  • harshit arora
    harshit arora 2 months ago

    Good to know the potential that an I/ENTP carries!

  • Michael Eze
    Michael Eze 2 months ago

    it is funny I am actually procrastinating a task I should be working on now to watch this video

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins 2 months ago

    I think the greatest mistake people commit when trying to stop procrastinating is to try and convince their emotions with LOGIC to change. It's emotions. They barely at all have a concept of any kind of logic. The clostest emotions get to logic is "if I do [that] = I will feel pain".
    The thing that got this guy fixed what that he got scared straight by experiencing a consequence that was so emotionally hard for his feelings that it finally convinced them to change. Use feelings and emotional experiences to change feelings.

  • Hukumdar Efendi
    Hukumdar Efendi 2 months ago

    I expected more to be honest. This whole concept of ''multiple selfs'' is not really knew. Even Friedrich Nietzsche wrote about it and called individuals ''a society''. Also, there are not really useful tips to do this, it's just one way he found, that worked for himself. Sorry, mate, that TedxTalk is a fun pub anecdote, I'm sure, but surely has no place in Tedx.

  • Bainsworth
    Bainsworth 2 months ago

    Let's just calm the F down. World is full of maniacal, hopped up, "motivated "cockheads" running around trying to achieve their goals. Lets just stand back and pause. Motivated criminals we need less of. Get your mate to smash you if you dont achieve an agreed upon goal LOL...how bout you have another pint and think of something else. We lack a coherent existence.

  • shaik Al Mufdi
    shaik Al Mufdi 2 months ago

    The day is 22nd February the year is 2019..AND.
    .. i think i can change myself ... if you see this comment after 1 or more years later will you please ask in the "reply" that if i have ever changed !!!! may god bless us all

  • Manindra Majumdar
    Manindra Majumdar 3 months ago

    this talk itself is soooo INEFFECIENT. He could have said this in 2 mins! Kept on dragging without really adding context. These are those videos that promise you 'The Biggest Hack in Life' and always ends in an Anti-Climax

  • Awsm Life
    Awsm Life 3 months ago

    I think it's a balance between the experiential self and future self otherwise what he suggests could make you paranoid Wildly Successful but empty

  • Awsm Life
    Awsm Life 3 months ago

    This guy looks like Hrithik Roshan and Bradley Cooper and probably teaches illuminati how to torture by getting ppl into contracts.

  • Hariharan Sundaram
    Hariharan Sundaram 3 months ago

    Ugh...can't bear it. Can someone more patient please post a summary

    • Hariharan Sundaram
      Hariharan Sundaram 3 months ago

      +Patric Toast Thanks Patric

    • Patric Toast
      Patric Toast 3 months ago +1

      Stop reading these tips in self help books and get a friend to beat you up (literally) if you don't succeed in whatever you wanted to succeed.

  • MrDroenix
    MrDroenix 3 months ago

    Damn man, you are a really good motivator and orator! You know your stuff, definitely well-read in philosophy with an underlying context of Judeo-Christian in there.

  • Tash Super.Sweet
    Tash Super.Sweet 3 months ago

    I've blamed myself in the past for not achieving my goals and tried several versions of playing with fear against me. It just caused me to be more harmful with my inner self-dialog, blaming me of my failing, and more stress overall.

    Increasing fear of failing never worked for me. Because I detest any type of pressure and I will first make sure that I'm not getting any pressure.
    If I'm not moving towards my goal, it's that I didn't fully identify with it. Meaning, the goal goes against my value system or the image I have of myself. Better adapt your goal to your (life) values or change the deeply rooted (and negative) self image. Then, pursuing a goal will come with much less effort.

    The question should be;
    - Why aren't we achieving the goals we want to achieve?
    - What stands in the way of achieving our goals?
    and it shouldn't be "how to achieve xyz". Forget about the "how's", ask whys.

    Regarding the tape; Why wasn't the tape made? Lack of empathy (it could have soothed her) and an inner child-concept of not having dealt with the concept of death yet (the learning is; live is finite).

  • PlaySaxNow
    PlaySaxNow 3 months ago +1

    What Mark is literally talking about is hiring and assassin to kill you using the dark web to ensure that you achieve maximum productivity. It is extreme to say the least but it is highly effective. It is really dark, however I can relate to what he is saying. Most people miss the end message which is the most critical. If you can make the fear of failure much more intense and scary that the fear of success you will achieve insane things. He is correct, but I wish to make another point here. What if we were forced to embrace real failure in the west? There was no welfare state, no NHS in the UK. If you really failed you would be in the gutter. Would we procrastinate as much. Just food for thought.😀😱👹😰

  • Mary Kim
    Mary Kim 3 months ago

    This is so far the best ted talk I have seen. What he's saying there is EXTREMELY true.

  • Krishnakumar K A
    Krishnakumar K A 3 months ago

    Too fast. I was not able to follow.

  • Epic Gadgets
    Epic Gadgets 3 months ago +3

    Rest is not a Luxury your earn when you are finished with creative work. it's a discipline you cultivate to make you more creative.

  • VGLV
    VGLV 3 months ago


  • GingoBil
    GingoBil 3 months ago

    he's wearing tallness shoes

  • justin rinehart
    justin rinehart 3 months ago

    What does he mean by cone ?

  • Junkyard Footballer
    Junkyard Footballer 3 months ago

    Is he a member of FIGHT CLUB?

  • Zahid H Khan
    Zahid H Khan 3 months ago

    great. Can anyone recommend some literature or books for further reading?

  • noah
    noah 3 months ago

    For all the people confused, he could not DIRECTLY say the point but he actually perfectly said it INDIRECTLY.
    Make a contract over your goals with very very DEADLY or SEVERE CONSEQUENCES, and that will hold you accountable, this concept works for 98% of human beings, as their primal instinct for NOT WANTING CHANGE and avoiding discomfort which is the only way to growth is ALWAYS VERY STRONG, so you need something SUPER EXTREME to counter something as powerful as human instinct.
    This may possibly be the best TEDex Talk EVER!

  • Seth Navabi
    Seth Navabi 3 months ago

    I don't know why these speakers try so hard to make the audience laugh as this guy, so clearly, does. It degrades the message he's trying to get across.

  • Gale Stoneheart
    Gale Stoneheart 3 months ago

    I got one new thing from this. If you are failing to bring about a desired change, make failure exceedingly punishing. Though, I’d say to top it off you should give yourself a reward that doesn’t contradict it when you succeed.