Asking Uber Drivers to Skydive on the Spot!!

  • Published on May 20, 2018
  • If you were in that Lyft line, would you have said YES?
    Thank you to our good friends at Skydive Perris for another amazing skydiving experience. If you want to check them out, go to their site:
    Thank you to Gracie for helping me film this one. @Gracie_Norton on instagram
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  • Paige Cronk
    Paige Cronk 46 minutes ago

    At 5:13 if you look at the guys arm there’s a Blink182 tattoo!!

  • Sophia Milne
    Sophia Milne 12 hours ago

    They looked like the Power Rangers in their skydiving suits😂

  • Aaron May
    Aaron May 14 hours ago

    They guy they picked up looked like doc holliday lol

  • Omar Mammadli
    Omar Mammadli 14 hours ago

    Who's watching in 2019?

  • Xavier Boughey
    Xavier Boughey Day ago

    take Anthony on an adventure

  • Regen Lluvia
    Regen Lluvia 2 days ago +1

    I wish i could have Ammar's communication skill. The way he approaches people and talk to them confidently and actually encourages them to overcome their fears, damn so inspirational every time words come out of his mouth.
    And also, a guy like him please

  • Himangkar Lyf
    Himangkar Lyf 2 days ago

    Gave me goosebumps

  • YourLocalArab
    YourLocalArab 2 days ago

    Ammar’s girlfriend is very pretty

  • Consp1racy
    Consp1racy 3 days ago

    0:44 a rainbow 🌈

  • Concert Travels with Happyheartslee

    Is there an Anthony video by now?

  • 039043
    039043 4 days ago

    Damn, I’m 48 and I would literally jump at the chance to skydive (pun intended) as I have never been and it’s also on my bucket list - it’s not about the age, it’s about the attitude. Would’ve been a “hellz YES”from me without thinking!

  • Yannis Neumann
    Yannis Neumann 5 days ago +3

    „Black People don’t belong in the air“☠️☠️☠️

  • Sheahan Kodikara
    Sheahan Kodikara 5 days ago

    anthony has a sick blink 182 tattoo

  • Marc Gates
    Marc Gates 5 days ago

    I love that you said ' the complexity for everybody's day to align'!!!!!

  • Vivek Biki
    Vivek Biki 5 days ago

    i love you guys. come to himachal

  • Jagan nathan
    Jagan nathan 6 days ago

    Take me to skydiving😍

  • D C
    D C 6 days ago +15

    2 Days ago, I stumbled upon your channel and have been hooked on. Binge watching videos after videos. I don’t know what you’ve done to me. I’ll either have a huge smile, several laughter, or tears in my eyes during every video. Love you guys. Keep doing what you guys do!

  • Tommy Marsiglia
    Tommy Marsiglia 6 days ago

    Drivers "drive" for a reason..

  • Bryanne Elliott
    Bryanne Elliott 7 days ago

    Did they ever do something with Anthony?

  • Mike 8th
    Mike 8th 8 days ago

    Why was everyone chinese wtf

  • Mike 8th
    Mike 8th 8 days ago

    Everyone was chinese wtf

  • zombie killer
    zombie killer 8 days ago

    Next ask your dog to go to ocean

  • Kelan Bissoon
    Kelan Bissoon 9 days ago +1

    Give Anthony some new clothes

  • Rosaline Carissa Averina

    i hope ammar still has anthony's number. please do sth with him. it's been a year since this vid

  • charlie kendall
    charlie kendall 10 days ago

    Matt is a LAD

  • Eric Swells
    Eric Swells 10 days ago

    HAHA! So fake. That being said, still entertaining.

  • Anchie Pelayo
    Anchie Pelayo 11 days ago

    7:31 my spirit animal!

  • Charlotte N
    Charlotte N 12 days ago

    8.54 powderpuff girls be like

  • hAwKs
    hAwKs 12 days ago +1

    dude imagine when they land on the ground and they realize they weren’t recording

    ALL CELEBRITY 12 days ago

    I feel so bad for Anthony :(

  • AugReady
    AugReady 13 days ago

    Tuskegee Airmen

  • Dead Freexe
    Dead Freexe 14 days ago

    This girlfriend shit always comes between friendship😔

  • dudefromlaveenaz
    dudefromlaveenaz 14 days ago

    My wifes office shares a parking lot with the uber hub in Tempe, Az. They are seriously the worst drivers and they're all old.

  • Faiz Fakhri
    Faiz Fakhri 15 days ago

    omg I love you guys so much please keep on creating sparks of hope to this world with what you do ❤️❤️

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case 15 days ago

    Who is Gracie 🤤

  • Crystal Brown
    Crystal Brown 15 days ago +1

    Hot air ballon. I’m going at the end of this month. I’m so excited. It’s pushhing the limit of comfort.

  • AlphaOmega
    AlphaOmega 15 days ago +4

    Anthony could still Skydive ! Several companies have slightly higher max limits !

  • Siennaa H
    Siennaa H 17 days ago

    “black people don’t belong in the air” 😭😭😭

  • sandeep bhat
    sandeep bhat 18 days ago +9

    How did I not find your channel earlier?? Amazing you guys .

  • Audey Yoyeyn
    Audey Yoyeyn 18 days ago

    FOR FREE? COUNT ME IN DUDE. hahahahahah

  • Jeff Roberts
    Jeff Roberts 18 days ago +2

    That was the best RU-clip video I've ever seen! I didn't catch the Lyft drivers name but she is my hero. I mean, I have skydived and it was amazing but there are so many people that I've talked to that are like she was. It's so incredible to see somebody decide that they are going to do what they never thought they could. I was so proud of her!

  • Dash_Void
    Dash_Void 18 days ago

    Amman could literally ask me to put my head in a sharks mouth and I’d be like, I’m down.

  • Jo3v0en
    Jo3v0en 19 days ago

    I wanna go skydiving

  • Lisanne Colon
    Lisanne Colon 19 days ago

    I haven’t stop watching u guys since I discovered you guys yesterday!! A lot of laughs a lot of tears but I’m in love with the concept me always being a shy individual who always overthinks I wish this could be me one day !!!!! I love this u guys are awesome

  • Ruman Manish
    Ruman Manish 19 days ago

    Guys may be I came to know lately about you channel but I want to guys to visit Nepal.

  • Viral Hub
    Viral Hub 19 days ago

    what about Anthony after 1 year ???

  • Mama mo
    Mama mo 19 days ago

    “Black people are not for air”

  • Lost Girl Looking
    Lost Girl Looking 19 days ago

    Take Anthony to the nevus swing in New Zealand

  • Ahmed S
    Ahmed S 19 days ago

    That's true. It's the Habibi smile:)

  • The King of Butts
    The King of Butts 20 days ago +164

    “Everybody made it back to the ground”, i mean, everybody is gonna make to the ground either way.

  • VitoS
    VitoS 20 days ago

    0:50 her insta??

  • jasmine la
    jasmine la 20 days ago

    Did you do anything with Anthony?

  • Finn Springmann
    Finn Springmann 22 days ago

    Watching your videos always gives me a smile on my face! Thank you sooooo much for creating this awesome "Seek-Discomfort-Lifestyle"❤❤

  • Jill Jack
    Jill Jack 22 days ago

    This issssss sick!

  • Jimmy Underwood
    Jimmy Underwood 22 days ago

    yooooo that last episode, the guy in the couple that called his dad is my friends brother lmao, he’s on the volleyball team at mission viejo high school😂😂

  • SatiZfies
    SatiZfies 22 days ago


  • Mishu roy
    Mishu roy 23 days ago

    of course I would say yes,Its in my bucket list ,hope someday i'll do it too,still a student and poor so i'll do it after i get a job maybe :) I am glad i found this chennel few days ago,loving your videos

  • M Payne
    M Payne 24 days ago +1

    Alexis is a badass!! You guys have awesome energy!

  • Like she said
    Like she said 24 days ago +5

    So am i the only person who don’t have a bucket list ? 💔
    Lucky them 🥰

  • Harshit Sharma
    Harshit Sharma 24 days ago +1

    Kis jgh kushal bhai?

  • Shaik Bilal
    Shaik Bilal 25 days ago +4

    “ANTHONY” one day of happiness beyond his imagination.

  • André Raymond
    André Raymond 25 days ago +1

    Alexis is a boss!

  • Harshit Sharma
    Harshit Sharma 25 days ago

    I am surprised,so many women drivers

  • 42oz !
    42oz ! 25 days ago +31

    Lol I love how he smoothly turns down the music volume at 6:21 in her car😹

  • T McC
    T McC 25 days ago

    Gracie looks like Vanessa Hudgens from a distance

  • JD vlog
    JD vlog 26 days ago

    "for free?" hell yeah .. so me🤣

  • The Extermina6
    The Extermina6 26 days ago

    6:11 that was the best excuse yet lol

  • Varun Biswas
    Varun Biswas 27 days ago

    where did that come from, aren't there black skydivers in airforce or something?

  • Linda Kong
    Linda Kong 28 days ago

    6:00 zara larsson's playing in the background

  • Wawatooki
    Wawatooki 29 days ago +1

    8:57 I got got :(

  • Tobias Agerskov Schultz

    I Will skydive whit you

  • milhaus
    milhaus Month ago

    What happend to Anthony :(

  • siddarth reddy
    siddarth reddy Month ago

    How in the world does Yes Theory has just 3.6M subs. .

  • maverick0698
    maverick0698 Month ago

    Meanwhile I hate heights and I've gone pale everytime I've done a zipline lol

  • Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson Month ago

    Ok grace hella hot ngl

  • Boia Hmar
    Boia Hmar Month ago

    How many miles did they ride to get the person🤣🤣

  • Mason Wallander
    Mason Wallander Month ago

    Get him a girl and do it all day

  • Daniel Doudak
    Daniel Doudak Month ago

    shes hot damn

  • Sjaak De Racer
    Sjaak De Racer Month ago

    If you asked me i would say YES!!!

  • Jom`z Domino
    Jom`z Domino Month ago

    Could you also come here in the philippines for the free sky diving? 😂 I will definitely say YES even though you're not asking. Lol 😂🤣

  • PMCO Global Highlight

    Love all your work....Yes man...yes man...anytime

  • _Hamad_ _almzial_
    _Hamad_ _almzial_ Month ago +1

    ''black pepole don't belong in the air''

  • SethBoiMan
    SethBoiMan Month ago

    great videos to poop to, keep it up!

  • Allexis Marie
    Allexis Marie Month ago

    i’m an allexis and i would’ve said oH hElL yEaH

  • Jaksram W Momin
    Jaksram W Momin Month ago

    Hello I'm from India and I wanna skydive its my dream I wish you guys will make my dream come true 😣I love you guys I have been watching your channel since last year 😄 you guys are amazing ❤

  • Austin Williams
    Austin Williams Month ago

    Afternoon Yes Theroy,
    Over many years the brand "Yes Theroy" has exploded. Now its time to select your subscribers to live by the brand they watch,love, and subscribed too. I challenge "Yes Theory" to select among the people by having them participate in one of the many adrenaline, thrill seeking, adventures that this channel has brought to life inspire inspired by the "Yes Theroy" moto.
    Thank You

  • Zump Cell
    Zump Cell Month ago

    It was cooler if you went skydiving with people who needed to be somewhere so you could skydive to that place

  • robinclaessens1
    robinclaessens1 Month ago

    did they do something with anthony already?

  • you tube
    you tube Month ago

    black people don’t belong in the air 😂😂

  • John Fahmy
    John Fahmy Month ago

    why is everyone scared of heights

  • Colin Schreckenbach

    oh my god`

  • Chanel Caci
    Chanel Caci Month ago +8


  • Γιώργος
    Γιώργος Month ago

    I know i am late but .. let Anthony do his normal job but with ... A supercar

  • Pratyay Chatterjee
    Pratyay Chatterjee Month ago

    Ammar is so obsessed with Sky Diving!

    WRVTHH Month ago

    well I mean

  • The Asian Beast
    The Asian Beast Month ago


  • Tuan Fareen
    Tuan Fareen Month ago

    Take Anthony for a hit air balloon ride or something like that

  • Garett Horist
    Garett Horist Month ago

    The second y’all jumped out of the plane literally tears came to my eyes the way you guys live life is how I aspire to be this is the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed

  • msb 2607
    msb 2607 Month ago

    why no one asks me to skydive😂😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +1

    Gracie is so fucking hot 🥵