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  • Published on Jul 11, 2016
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    Slither io - browser game in which you control a worm and absorb balls, grow up to eventually make my own worm the biggest on the server. The concept of the game such popular in 2015 the game Agar io. The popularity of the game increased after advertising on famous RU-clip channels.
    The goal is to manage the worm, moving in space, absorption bulbs, the destruction of opponents and their subsequent absorption. The more balls absorbed, the more it becomes a worm,until, until it becomes greatest at this point of the game. If the worm's head touches another player, the worm is destroyed and you have to start the game again. Defeated, the worm turns into a bright glowing point that can eat other player[2]. According to the description in the App Store, the player who got the biggest worm in all day, can send a special message to the winner

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