SVT Boneshakers - 2017 Harley Davidson Touring Sound & Review

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • Check out the sound on these new SVT Boneshakers on our 2017 Harley Davidson with Milwaukee 8 motor. By far the most aggressive slip on we've used with stock headers, so if you want loud - you got it!
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  • gattillo Osorio
    gattillo Osorio 4 days ago

    Hi ..question are those slip on you have on your exhaust

  • kswright2339
    kswright2339 2 months ago

    I like em, but I like the CFRs better.

  • Frankie Irish 68
    Frankie Irish 68 2 months ago

    Ordered a set two weeks ago for my 18 Street Glide Special...and still waiting. If you're impatient like me, just prepare yourself for a wait. LOL

  • beth messer
    beth messer 3 months ago


  • wilder
    wilder 7 months ago +1


  • jason reynolds
    jason reynolds 11 months ago

    Hey mike...... which exhaust would you say has the deeper tone. The boneshakers or cobra neighbor haters?

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  11 months ago

      That's tough to say Jason, they're pretty close in tone I think. Maybe the NH's are a hair deeper, but the Boneshakers are louder.

  • Harlemd Grasont
    Harlemd Grasont 11 months ago +3


  • Dre Escamilla
    Dre Escamilla 11 months ago

    I just tried on my 17 ultra some cfr and I think are too loud

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller Year ago +1

    Hey Mike do you need to tune the bike for these?

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago

      In my experience, yes. The Big Louies were put on my bike without a tune and it ran great.

    • Joseph Miller
      Joseph Miller Year ago

      WestEndMotorsports does this go with all slip-ons when you use the stock headers? I was also interested in the Big Louie’s for a new Ultra Limited I am getting

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago

      I didn't need to with just the slip ons with the stock headers. Thanks for checking Joe!

  • Ken Galloway
    Ken Galloway Year ago +3

    I just put these pipes on my 08 Road Glide... Best sound ever!!!!! I had the Cobra NH, Screaming Eagles..... CFRs can't touch these pipes, trust me... Get a set of these Pipes!!!!!!

  • RailFanRick
    RailFanRick Year ago

    From engine start up on forward this bike sounds cammed and no Cat

    • RailFanRick
      RailFanRick Year ago

      WestEndMotorsports These slip ons are incredible!

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago +2

      The bike was completely stock in this video. If you want to hear it with a cam and headers you can check out this video:

  • Thomas Henderson
    Thomas Henderson Year ago

    If you would consider the boneshakers to be the loudest with the cat, what would you say its the second loudest with the cat. The boneshakers are a little on the high side for my budget

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago

      I think the second loudest are the RCX 4 inch. Right now they're on sale for 15% off for our black Friday countdown sale.

  • W. J.
    W. J. Year ago

    Hey Mike... are the SVT Boneshakers so loud that I would piss off everyone I ride with?

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago +1

      It's hard to say, depends on how sensitive they are. Certainly not with the stock headers, but with the aftermarket headers you'll get quite a bit louder.

  • Pat Walker
    Pat Walker Year ago

    Emperical evidence suggests that the exhaust sound fetish is a symptom of an underlying homophilial impulse.

  • Gibz 679
    Gibz 679 Year ago

    Thanks for the video Mike. You guys do a great job putting info out there. Quick question, I am between these and the Tab Performance BAM sticks w/Zombie baffles. As far a volume goes, looking for loud, which one would you reccomend? Thanks for your time!

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago +1

      Hey Gibz, I haven't heard the Tab Bam sticks so I can't honestly answer that. I also don't sell them, only the boneshakers so my biased suggestion would be Boneshakers all the way! Let us know if you have any other questions and sorry we couldn't be more helpful.

  • joe SG
    joe SG Year ago

    Hi Mike, do you sell CFR's?

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago

      Hey Jeremy, give us a call and ask for Mike. We always like to figure out what you don't like about your current set up before we make a suggestion.

    • Jeremy Padilla
      Jeremy Padilla Year ago

      WestEndMotorsports... I have a 2017 m8 with vance and hines dresser duals and 4.5 inch destroyer slip ons and I'm not happy with the sound at all. How do these compare. I'm looking for that deep big block engine sound. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago

      No we do not. Sorry Joe.

  • Love of 2 Wheels
    Love of 2 Wheels Year ago +3

    Sound great for sure!

  • Matt Tate
    Matt Tate Year ago +1

    Hi Mike between svt and the rush big Louie's which one do you think sounds the best?

    • WestEndMotorsports
      WestEndMotorsports  Year ago +1

      They both sound really good, but they are different. If you're looking for more volume the BoneShakers should be your first choice, but if you want something a little more radio friendly the Rush Big Louies would be the way to go. Thanks for asking Matt!