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  • Published on Jun 11, 2014
  • Toosys Debut on RU-clip!
    SO BE NICE!!!!
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  • Wardah Esack
    Wardah Esack 8 years ago +8

    You are both so funny. So nice to finally get to see Toosy, and wishing her the very best with her career Inshallah.

  • ditrinipersian
    ditrinipersian 8 years ago +4

    your sister is so cute, i love how offended she got when you said that she wished you died... you both seem so sweet! love from canada~

  • Maya Speaks
    Maya Speaks 7 years ago +6

    Their relationship is so cute was laughing the whole time. Reminds me of my brothers and sister. Dont understand why people are saying its hard to see them interact. Honestly, if you dont have a sibling you wont understand them. Also whatever happened to private counseling? All these public comments concerning Dinahs imperfection (which we all have btw) seem more like judgements
    Instead of guiding them

  • Makeupmentality
    Makeupmentality 5 years ago +1

    I don't know how I missed this video, but I'm cracking up at Dina for the smile on her face right after she says "Baba's not gonna like that." 😂

  • Salma Karim
    Salma Karim 6 years ago +259

    Your sister looks SOOOOO Egyptian hahaha love it

  • Sabrina Maouche
    Sabrina Maouche 5 years ago

    love you both, your both absolutely hilarious! reminds me of me & my brother we're also mixed Algerian/British 😍👌

  • Sonia Hussain
    Sonia Hussain 8 years ago

    You guys are so cute together!!! I never knew Dina is older!! Wowwwwww my life has changed lol! Masha'allah you both are so humble and friendly!

  • Laura Castillejos
    Laura Castillejos 8 years ago +9

    I really enjoyed this! Toosy needs her own channel!

  • R S
    R S 6 years ago +29

    Your sister is more serious and comes across cold like your mum and you're more cool and laidback Dina. You're awesome

    • turquoise turtle
      turquoise turtle 5 years ago +33

      She looks like a critical thinker and Dina looks like someone who is warm and would make you feel comfortable. Both great qualities x

    • Rebeca Narvaez
      Rebeca Narvaez 5 years ago


  • Amina Ali
    Amina Ali 8 years ago +1

    LOVE her! Your relationship is similar to my younger sister and mine. I feel like a am Toosy. When dina says something and toosy is like "Dina, dont say that" lol that's me

  • Lori—PeaceAndLove
    Lori—PeaceAndLove 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed this video - I’m an identicle twin and we are split opposite in our clothing too - Go Twins!!! ✌🏻And❤️

  • lifehumanity
    lifehumanity 5 years ago +2

    You girls should appreciate each other more rather than criticising and disliking the other for their different taste.
    You are different in fact but this shouldn't prevent you from appreciating and loving the other. Stop pointing out bad charasteristics.....
    Dina you are such a beautiful girl inside out ! Love u ! Bless your family x (You and Hassan are my fav ! :D)

  • Aroosah1
    Aroosah1 8 years ago

    Both so beautiful and funny😊 Masha'Allah x

  • MoreNadia
    MoreNadia 8 years ago

    You know you're close with someone when you can use their toothbrush! Lol I loved this video!!

  • Isis Tropical
    Isis Tropical 8 years ago +1

    You both are so cute! A pleasure watching you :)

  • Yasmina
    Yasmina 5 years ago +3

    Beautifull Tasneem! Very nice personality and intelligent!! I liked listening and watching you! 😘Much success with your carrière and may all your wishes and dreams come true! 😀😄

  • Malibumal418
    Malibumal418 6 years ago +21

    'it didn't hurt, you're not supposed to harm your body' HAHAHAHAHAHA PERFECT!

  • Keisha Chan
    Keisha Chan 5 years ago +1

    I'm a twin as well, we do the same stuff as you : fights all the time, dress differently but sometimes she takes my stuff and the list goes on.

  • S
    S 7 years ago

    I love you guys. I also have a twin sister and I can totally relate in your relationship with each other.

  • Shamim2706
    Shamim2706 8 years ago

    Love the video guys. Your sister is such fun Dina and can't wait for her turban tutorial. You need to do more videos together

  • Dansssxo
    Dansssxo 8 years ago +24

    The eye roll, you both do it ! LOol and Toosy looks more Egyptian whilst Dina looks European

  • Seki KK
    Seki KK 8 years ago

    This was so funny omg literally had to pause the video to laugh too many times! You guys are really funny!! Make more videos together please!

  • ItsMYoccationz Vlogs
    ItsMYoccationz Vlogs 6 years ago +4

    You both are gorgeous! This was hilarious :')

  • Abiha Nawaz
    Abiha Nawaz 8 years ago +1

    Toosy's impression of Dina was actually quite good! :)

  • Maiesha Akhand
    Maiesha Akhand 5 years ago +6

    Toosy's impression of Dina was on point! lol

  • Bouchra
    Bouchra 8 years ago

    I enjoyed this vid so much! you're lovely sisters and very pretty mashallah!

  • Saira_M
    Saira_M 8 years ago +5

    Toosy's really pretty and those were so awesome impersonations of each other!!

  • Yara Chobaki
    Yara Chobaki 8 years ago

    You both are so cute mashallah! Love it

  • Ezgi Zeynep
    Ezgi Zeynep 6 years ago +1

    Lol I love your sister 😂 the way she said 'well it didn't hurt me so it's not haram' 😂😂😂💞💞

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 8 years ago +1

    Loved it! You both need to do more videos together.. It would be great! Xx

  • Bridget Moore
    Bridget Moore 4 years ago

    I had no idea you were a twin! I have a fraternal twin too! Yay 😍❤️ #twinning

  • q9216
    q9216 6 years ago

    Love your sisters sense of humour and sarcasm

  • Rabia Rashid
    Rabia Rashid 8 years ago

    This was soooo funny, ya'll are hilarious and beautiful mA :))

  • 81cass
    81cass 7 years ago

    This was awesome!!! You two are hilarious together!!

  • Sekoya Nature
    Sekoya Nature 5 years ago

    salam alaykoum sisters, you look magnifique machallah, and love love your english ;)

  • toshibamary
    toshibamary 6 years ago

    U guys are so funny I love watching your videos ❤️

  • Dodo Amin
    Dodo Amin 8 years ago +1

    2C is the bae masha'Allah. I love her carefree personality

  • Nujat Tabassum
    Nujat Tabassum 8 years ago

    you ladies are so beautiful masha'Allah! TOUSY PLS DO MORE VIDEOS! :)

  • Tahsina Uddin
    Tahsina Uddin 8 years ago

    Both amazing as each other 🎉🎉❤️

  • Eritor89
    Eritor89 8 years ago +4

    Wow!..not only do both of you look different but, seem to have completely different personalities. Great video....

  • Ally Rose
    Ally Rose 5 years ago

    This reminds me so much of me and my elder sister! 😂😂

  • Farhana NYC
    Farhana NYC 6 years ago

    you guys are hilarious! Reminds me of me and my snobby sister hahaha

  • sjsaneeha
    sjsaneeha 8 years ago

    You're both so beautiful MashAllah! I have an identical twin sis :)

  • kulvinder kaur
    kulvinder kaur 6 years ago +27

    OMG i thought only me and my sister was like this... I have so much in common with Dina and my sister has more in common with your sister

    • Mybig Bellybutton
      Mybig Bellybutton 6 years ago

      +alex gooner Same for me and my bum hole

    • alex gooner
      alex gooner 6 years ago +2

      +kulvinder kaur lol same for me and my sis

  • moroaco
    moroaco 7 years ago

    LOL, min 10:30 i laughed from the bottom of my heart, like i never did before

  • Camiya Wall
    Camiya Wall 5 years ago +1

    this is too funny officially sister goals btw love your channel xxx

  • amrzouzou
    amrzouzou 8 years ago +2

    U guys are gorgeous mashallah!!! Yay!! Finally, we got to meet tasneem! More videos together!!!

  • saleena Ussman
    saleena Ussman 8 years ago

    Loved it!! Literally lol'd all the way thru
    Dina i didnt knw ur driving experience lasted so long!

  • Crackhead Chic
    Crackhead Chic 5 years ago

    I would love to see your sister do a vlog about her job it sounds so interesting and she is as funny as you and sid

  • Shafaq Amin
    Shafaq Amin 6 years ago

    Your videos are soo good and funny🙈 masha’allah your so pretty💁🏽😍

  • Coco
    Coco 4 years ago

    So much tension in this video. It was hilarious to watch ! You two seem to have very different personalities

  • Mariah N
    Mariah N 8 years ago

    That was so funny, you two are really entertaining. Lol You've gained a new sub (:

  • Noora Farah
    Noora Farah 5 years ago +1

    i love your sister! she's hilarious!!

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore 7 years ago

    Lol, I loved this! Love the sisterly bickering.

  • Hanna K
    Hanna K 5 years ago

    You two should definitely do an updated twin tag! Maybe when Tousy is married?

  • H B
    H B 7 years ago +1

    Piercings are allowed. But there are specific restrictions. And btw you two are AWESOMEEE!!

  • mystic myra
    mystic myra 8 years ago

    Yay twinss! You both are totally adorable

  • H. Farrukh
    H. Farrukh 6 years ago +47

    'it didn't hurt me so i guess its not haram', hahahahahaha. Love Tucy...

  • Onge Ify
    Onge Ify 5 years ago +14

    Your sister´s hijab looks awesome. how did she do that? Looks awesome :)

    • Onge Ify
      Onge Ify 5 years ago +2

      Ok, thank you :)

    • Sara Masri
      Sara Masri 5 years ago +5

      +Onge Ify you're right Hun, it's a hijab. Doesn't matter what she's using on her head as long as it's covering hair= it's a hijab

    • Onge Ify
      Onge Ify 5 years ago +2

      Gosh! I don´t know the terms. I´m neither muslim nor a native english speaker. So, let´s call it a scarf.

    • A
      A 5 years ago +1

      That's not a hijab

  • Daysleeper
    Daysleeper 6 years ago +207

    The Haram Police need to go get a life! They should be thankful for young women like Dina and Tuti showing the world that young women can be modest AND stylish!

    • Sabrina. M
      Sabrina. M 2 years ago

      Not any moreeeeee 😂

    • tiana
      tiana 4 years ago


    • gem
      gem 5 years ago +2

      Yo Yo You take Islam as a whole honey ! Every aspect of it

    • Shelley Hillier
      Shelley Hillier 5 years ago

      @shiro182 you are sounding a little jealous!!

  • Saarah Alam
    Saarah Alam 8 years ago

    You two are hilarious! You both talk similarly like your manner and words x

  • q9216
    q9216 6 years ago +1

    I love your sister. more of her asap

  • rizu m halym
    rizu m halym 7 years ago

    hahaha... loved it! masha Allah barakAllah

  • Spark b
    Spark b 8 years ago +6

    2Cs a natural!! More vids with her please

  • Shawolic
    Shawolic 7 years ago

    You guys are hilarious. Love ur vids dina

  • Nur Shazwana
    Nur Shazwana 8 years ago

    You guys are too adorable!!!

  • S C
    S C 5 years ago

    3years later after this vid n knowing Dina for sometime
    I found out she's a TWIN 😟
    MashaAllah may Allah bless u two n your families

  • Hanane A.
    Hanane A. 6 years ago

    You're amazing together !!!

  • Dina Ko
    Dina Ko 8 years ago

    Hello twins my name is dina and You guys r so cute, love u both :) and Ramadan kareem

  • sijoka2008
    sijoka2008 8 years ago +1

    Rooting 4 toosy youtube Chanel ! Finally you both together. Love the video :).

  • supreme
    supreme 8 years ago +159

    If siblings don't fight THEY AINT NORMAL!

  • Halizah
    Halizah 7 years ago +87

    Tousie talks and looks like Jane from Tarzan hahaha loved it

  • Jenna Kenna
    Jenna Kenna 6 years ago +42

    Awww man u guys r soo mean to eachother I was smiling through the entire vid u shud do an updated version.! Wud love to see that.!

  • samalyy
    samalyy 8 years ago

    oke i love this video!! Toosy is soo fun to watch.

  • doaa altinawi
    doaa altinawi 8 years ago +1

    Both of you are so pretty mashallah, PLZzz toosys make a RU-clip channel 🙏, I love ur style ❤️

  • Loveroon
    Loveroon 8 years ago

    You guys are so awesome love you both!

  • noureen asghar
    noureen asghar 8 years ago

    You too are so sweet remind me of me and my sister x

  • Lena
    Lena 3 years ago

    Beautiful and funny girls 😃

  • Deborah Cruz
    Deborah Cruz 5 years ago

    I love you guys together 💚😍😋

  • Nour Asad
    Nour Asad 6 years ago +1


  • Nabila Habib
    Nabila Habib 6 years ago +62

    u AND ur sis is sooooo beautiful Mashallah😘😘 who agrees??

  • Suhaila Sami
    Suhaila Sami 5 years ago +3

    Toosy is the brains in the family

  • 2ways2live
    2ways2live 6 years ago +172

    tousey looks 100% Egyptian where as dina looks half white.

    • miss42310
      miss42310 2 years ago +1

      They both look super Egyptian

    • Cindy99765
      Cindy99765 6 years ago +17

      Yeah their mom is British

  • DiablaVerde
    DiablaVerde 8 years ago +3

    Oh my y'all look nice! Love the head wraps

  • TGS
    TGS 8 years ago

    This made me laugh, so hilarious haha!

  • Carpe Diem
    Carpe Diem 5 years ago +1

    hahahahaha this was great, you guys are sooo funny

  • paulina
    paulina 8 years ago

    Loooool the end was funny haha I can't believe you guys aren't that close. Me and my sister are the best of friends! Loved the video. Dina you're such a nice person it shines through

    • Dodo Amin
      Dodo Amin 8 years ago

      Maybe it's because they haven't been living together for a while. It happened to me and my brother, we used to be close but when I moved that changed!

  • Tayyiba .A
    Tayyiba .A 6 years ago +402

    i thought your sisters lip piercing was a beauty spot

  • Manal Izzat
    Manal Izzat 8 years ago

    You both are beautiful ♡

  • Rebeca Narvaez
    Rebeca Narvaez 5 years ago +1

    Dina, you're my spirit animal.

  • Umaima.s
    Umaima.s 8 years ago +4

    loool... the coolest sisters... loved it

  • whnaly38
    whnaly38 8 years ago

    Enjoyed your video. Love your style. PEACE

  • sandycheexmumina
    sandycheexmumina 7 years ago +1

    Haha dina, ur sister is so quirky and funny. Please get her to start a youtube channel. :)

  • 3wi sha
    3wi sha 7 years ago +62

    Tasneem is a beautiful name though!

  • BubbleGumHijab
    BubbleGumHijab 8 years ago +5

    hehe cool tag girls - woudl love it if you would do the i heart ramadan tag dina xx

    • S M
      S M 4 years ago

      BubbleGumHijab tasnim tamsin tasmin

  • Melinda Thatcher
    Melinda Thatcher 5 years ago

    We love you both :) Hi From San Antonio, Texas!

  • anonymousyouth
    anonymousyouth 8 years ago +3


  • Faisal Al-Enizi
    Faisal Al-Enizi 5 years ago

    Masha Allah! Taz is so pretty!

  • you heard
    you heard 8 years ago

    This was so funny to watch , your fights must be EPIC

  • **Stark**
    **Stark** 7 years ago

    Omg this had me in stitches! xx