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  • Published on Jun 11, 2014
  • Toosys Debut on RU-clip!
    SO BE NICE!!!!

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  • Wardah Esack
    Wardah Esack 8 years ago +8

    You are both so funny. So nice to finally get to see Toosy, and wishing her the very best with her career Inshallah.

  • ditrinipersian
    ditrinipersian 8 years ago +4

    your sister is so cute, i love how offended she got when you said that she wished you died... you both seem so sweet! love from canada~

  • Salma Karim
    Salma Karim 7 years ago +259

    Your sister looks SOOOOO Egyptian hahaha love it

  • Laura Castillejos
    Laura Castillejos 8 years ago +9

    I really enjoyed this! Toosy needs her own channel! <3

  • Sonia Hussain
    Sonia Hussain 8 years ago

    You guys are so cute together!!! I never knew Dina is older!! Wowwwwww my life has changed lol! Masha'allah you both are so humble and friendly!

  • Maya Speaks
    Maya Speaks 8 years ago +6

    Their relationship is so cute was laughing the whole time. Reminds me of my brothers and sister. Dont understand why people are saying its hard to see them interact. Honestly, if you dont have a sibling you wont understand them. Also whatever happened to private counseling? All these public comments concerning Dinahs imperfection (which we all have btw) seem more like judgements

  • Makeupmentality
    Makeupmentality 5 years ago +1

    I don't know how I missed this video, but I'm cracking up at Dina for the smile on her face right after she says "Baba's not gonna like that." 😂

  • R S
    R S 6 years ago +29

    Your sister is more serious and comes across cold like your mum and you're more cool and laidback Dina. You're awesome

  • Amina Ali
    Amina Ali 8 years ago +1

    LOVE her! Your relationship is similar to my younger sister and mine. I feel like a am Toosy. When dina says something and toosy is like "Dina, dont say that" lol that's me

  • MoreNadia
    MoreNadia 8 years ago

    You know you're close with someone when you can use their toothbrush! Lol I loved this video!!

  • Sabrina Maouche
    Sabrina Maouche 6 years ago

    love you both, your both absolutely hilarious! reminds me of me & my brother we're also mixed Algerian/British 😍👌

  • S
    S 8 years ago

    I love you guys. I also have a twin sister and I can totally relate in your relationship with each other.

  • Shamim2706
    Shamim2706 8 years ago

    Love the video guys. Your sister is such fun Dina and can't wait for her turban tutorial. You need to do more videos together

  • Lori—PeaceAndLove
    Lori—PeaceAndLove 4 years ago

    I really enjoyed this video - I’m an identicle twin and we are split opposite in our clothing too - Go Twins!!! ✌🏻And❤️

  • lifehumanity
    lifehumanity 5 years ago +2

    You girls should appreciate each other more rather than criticising and disliking the other for their different taste.

  • Aroosah1
    Aroosah1 8 years ago

    Both so beautiful and funny😊 Masha'Allah x

  • Malibumal418
    Malibumal418 6 years ago +21

    'it didn't hurt, you're not supposed to harm your body' HAHAHAHAHAHA PERFECT!

  • Isis Tropical
    Isis Tropical 8 years ago +1

    You both are so cute! A pleasure watching you :)

  • amat_al_rahmaan
    amat_al_rahmaan 8 years ago

    Loooool the end was funny haha I can't believe you guys aren't that close. Me and my sister are the best of friends! Loved the video. Dina you're such a nice person it shines through