Taking the Koenigsegg to the only 7 Star Hotel in the World

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • patriots4lyfe gaming

    How many American dollars is equivalent to the cost of that?!?!

  • I am Krazy
    I am Krazy Day ago

    Just pulled up too the burj alarah in my rolls Royce phantom saw like venneno roadster and a konisegg not much you know

  • Kjentel.
    Kjentel. 2 days ago

    I’ve beent there to

  • Kazi Mahmud
    Kazi Mahmud 4 days ago

    So, that's what i can expect when i get rich. Who wouldn't love this experience?

  • Haix
    Haix 5 days ago +1

    Try not to flex with flexing on youtube

  • Bluey Tigrey
    Bluey Tigrey 11 days ago

    I just want to say Dubai is Arabic as you know
    The tower is called
    بورج العربي

  • SUPERBIKE compilations

    Get me this bro

  • Ginormus Soldier
    Ginormus Soldier 14 days ago


  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy 16 days ago

    Where's taj?

  • IV_ BAND1T _VI
    IV_ BAND1T _VI 19 days ago

    5:36 it looks like the titanic grand staircase...right.

  • Nouman
    Nouman 22 days ago

    Mo vlogs showed this way before

  • MC Dwayne
    MC Dwayne 23 days ago

    I live in dubai

  • Angel Dimas
    Angel Dimas 28 days ago


    The stradman: yooo hoooo you

  • Anastasio Voudouris

    U can afford 2 chirons a buggati veryon a lambo and u cant afford a koenigsegg?!?!?

  • KMR Shatter
    KMR Shatter Month ago

    this video is how i found ur channel and coming back to it I know laugh at slightly less immature james

  • *Meme_ Frog*
    *Meme_ Frog* Month ago +1

    And I thought my dads V8 was good

  • Eric Warkentin
    Eric Warkentin Month ago +2

    I heard 40k a night and I literally slapped my keyboard :O

  • Sir Wattson
    Sir Wattson Month ago

    I feel like that key is what made the rolo badge vape design

  • Jellybean Boy
    Jellybean Boy Month ago

    Imagine pulling up to that hotel with a prius

  • Ashford Perano
    Ashford Perano Month ago +1

    When ur in Dubai and the only thing you see is the Toyota logo

  • Rjeje Heehe
    Rjeje Heehe Month ago

    I’m driving a 2012 Walmart cart and it has about 3 horse power

    Yeah I’m super rich 😏

    WARSLET Month ago

    When he said home depo the guards probably would have kicked em out if they heard

  • Justin Shrader
    Justin Shrader Month ago

    Are you rich?

  • Zookles 2447
    Zookles 2447 Month ago

    Stradman: walks into suite. Me: where is it?

  • Zymer Rukolli
    Zymer Rukolli Month ago

    Taking the koengsigg to the 7 star hotel dressed like nerd

  • Onyx Apex
    Onyx Apex Month ago

    your videos call me poor in 811736373727183763721 languages

  • XxForever ProxX
    XxForever ProxX Month ago +1

    TheStradman looks like Pewdiepie lol

  • Berkins Berkinsthedrummer

    If I had enough money I would definitely get a agera rs1

  • Ry Ki
    Ry Ki Month ago

    Ok we get it your rich

  • Leaz L
    Leaz L Month ago

    Its not the only 7 star hotel

  • Jackson Graham
    Jackson Graham Month ago +1

    this is some real luxury

  • Alex Saab
    Alex Saab Month ago +1

    That’s where I live go To Sharjah

  • oliver ward
    oliver ward Month ago

    This guy is a stupid idiot because he shows off

  • Samir Ahamed
    Samir Ahamed Month ago

    That hotel is on an island damn bro

  • Bib's Youtube
    Bib's Youtube Month ago +1

    Isn't this a agree r

  • Quanyx Bertan
    Quanyx Bertan Month ago

    Wtf 280 have my father too by a bmw

  • Lil Vortex
    Lil Vortex Month ago

    Im feel soo poor, I can't even afford oxygen, nice car though

  • Mitchell101 Nolasco

    "Hey umm can u take a picture of me in the tub" SURE!

  • Gijs Verdonkschot
    Gijs Verdonkschot Month ago


  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Month ago

    6:05 the frick chamber in real life

  • FountainO Faith
    FountainO Faith Month ago

    I like that shirt tho,Lmao.

  • Cry Captainz
    Cry Captainz Month ago

    1:17 it could be a kidnapper bruh

  • Joshalots
    Joshalots Month ago

    is that a good car, like is it good as a Toyota?

  • The King Of The Games

    It is not the most expensive room in the world.

  • Recon Expert
    Recon Expert Month ago

    I seen you before

  • Savio Géorge
    Savio Géorge Month ago

    I live in Dubai

  • Jonatan Svärd
    Jonatan Svärd Month ago

    It hited 284 mph

  • Dylan May
    Dylan May Month ago +1

    Who else realized the name plate of the Koenigsegg was from California? WTF?!

  • Andreas wg
    Andreas wg Month ago

    My apartment (student price) is $60/month, while these room cost $40k/night

  • Paradox_ StormBrine
    Paradox_ StormBrine Month ago +1

    Umm is this a 7 star hotel but how...

    *it doesnt even have a couch in a elevator.... Because i was in a 5 star hotel..and they had couches in the elevator*

  • Me vs my depression


  • Srikanth VAKADA
    Srikanth VAKADA Month ago

    When a hotel room is bigger than your house

  • Ooofer
    Ooofer Month ago

    We're on the 25th floor, woaaah.

  • JuniorGLM
    JuniorGLM Month ago

    U forgot the Atlantis as the other 7 star

  • Roadmanrhys 123
    Roadmanrhys 123 Month ago

    Next time ur there dare u to drop it off the edge even tho u’d get kicked out and possibly arrested cuz of the possible killing

  • Scout RifIes
    Scout RifIes Month ago

    That 1 gold shower probably costs more than my entire bedroom and all my belongings \_(*-*)_/

  • Zae Cracked
    Zae Cracked Month ago

    My phone on 7% imma waste the last of its life on this video

  • C Alini
    C Alini Month ago

    It’s really nice and all but why would u need 40 rooms and bedrooms it’s a fuckin hotel room hell naw

  • Texan Elite
    Texan Elite Month ago

    4:16 tell me why the office in this hotel is the same as the gta ceo office

  • I G I V E U P
    I G I V E U P Month ago

    Oof I'm addicted to koenigssegg and I'm addicted to Dubai and I'm jealous