Taking the Koenigsegg to the only 7 Star Hotel in the World

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
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  • Blackfox_Youtube
    Blackfox_Youtube 14 hours ago +1

    Nice vid man! , you're so happy 😄

  • Ma Dr
    Ma Dr 22 hours ago

    Who else thinks the bathtubes should rotate as well xD

  • Chaitanya Teja
    Chaitanya Teja 2 days ago

    Bad camera work by you

  • Put the pene in her spleen

    You can see his license plate

  • CrizPlays
    CrizPlays 3 days ago

    Jian hao tan has been there loo

  • andre7011
    andre7011 4 days ago

    I have a Renault Clio 2 from 2004... It has electric mirrors and 75 HP... What do u want more? Haha.. ha.. Maybe a Koenigsegg.. :/

  • Jacob israelite
    Jacob israelite 4 days ago

    He look like murr from impractical jokers

  • andrew vlogs
    andrew vlogs 5 days ago

    That hotel room is as big as my house well maybe how many square feet is that!

  • Marcus Heam
    Marcus Heam 6 days ago

    How to adjust the seat🤔? LoL

  • Nicolò Brentan
    Nicolò Brentan 6 days ago

    I’m pretty sure i could buy all that hotel

  • Ajay Gupta
    Ajay Gupta 6 days ago +1

    8:31 I'll b bac

  • Nico Ksz
    Nico Ksz 7 days ago +1

    2:29 The french youtuber Amixem has already gone in this hotel ^^

  • KIERA The Budgie
    KIERA The Budgie 7 days ago

    Ive been with stradman since 500K subs.. before and after the Wrapped R8 and the McLaren.. his fav car was the ferrari STRADale wicth he made as a name for his channel.. and dont at such bugundreds of ads ok? Just like pewdiepie

  • Grufftiii
    Grufftiii 7 days ago

    Im like 40.00 yaayy

  • Alborz Selahvarzi
    Alborz Selahvarzi 7 days ago

    It’s not the only 7 star hotel

  • Anas Oubihi
    Anas Oubihi 7 days ago

    Vlogs have been in that suite

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh 7 days ago

    That car’s engine service is overdue. 1:02

  • Jack97
    Jack97 8 days ago

    I reckon my clio could take it

  • 1 jose
    1 jose 8 days ago

    Koenigsegg 1

  • Deelaka
    Deelaka 8 days ago

    This dude: *breathes*
    We’re good,we’re good!

  • Colton Wilson-Byer
    Colton Wilson-Byer 8 days ago


  • Rafael 21987
    Rafael 21987 8 days ago

    Watching from a 2 stars motel
    Feels bad man

  • Phoenixking 3140
    Phoenixking 3140 9 days ago +1

    He brags tooooo much

    LICDIC 9 days ago

    Dude its called "Königsegg" and not "konigseg"

  • Socially akward Car fan

    hardest flexer EVER

  • Shut up Idiot
    Shut up Idiot 9 days ago +1

    This beast comes with a mansion,7 babes and a ticket to heaven so totally worth it💙

  • SuperJulian12345678 / the guy who never uploads

    Trade all 3 bagatties for that agera

  • Valentino Posavec Kovač

    I'm sorry I've seen this

  • Reliction
    Reliction 9 days ago

    *Konnigsegg intensifies*

  • Ominous Blast
    Ominous Blast 9 days ago +1


  • Michal Ostrowski
    Michal Ostrowski 9 days ago

    I like the Koenisegg one:1 beter

  • ProAimtoshoot
    ProAimtoshoot 9 days ago

    Will sub, for likes and pin.

  • itZ_JmMc
    itZ_JmMc 9 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that the hotel "room" is fucking ugly ?

  • Zaman Shojib
    Zaman Shojib 9 days ago

    6:58 that's privacy

  • ViniByte
    ViniByte 9 days ago

    JW Marriott dawg

  • Joy Gome
    Joy Gome 10 days ago

    Damn i want to own a hotel like that

  • Joy Gome
    Joy Gome 10 days ago

    124,784 a night

  • LucidX True
    LucidX True 10 days ago +2

    If I work hard enough i could probably afford the parking fee...

  • The Keeper
    The Keeper 10 days ago

    Does this guy actually only knew these cool cars or does he just know people that want him drive it around

  • Succ Big nut
    Succ Big nut 10 days ago

    4:15 this kinda reminds me of a gta office

  • ༎ຶ Not Fury ༎ຶ

    Play hide and seek... if you just stood in the middle of a room You would be the last 1 found...

  • ツXoDiak
    ツXoDiak 10 days ago +1

    So your telling me that hotel is almost half a hundred thousand dollars but doesnt have a TV...

  • L
    L 10 days ago

    Love the car and colour, wish it had more blue though!

  • NoxiteLaFrite
    NoxiteLaFrite 10 days ago

    the youtuber AMIXEM already goees in the hotel

  • ChrisCodez
    ChrisCodez 10 days ago

    Probably just the carpet from that room costs more than the district I live in

  • aimbotchicken
    aimbotchicken 10 days ago +2

    1 word


  • FBI
    FBI 10 days ago

    Is that yours

  • Liam Paz
    Liam Paz 10 days ago

    Logan Paul also has been in that hotel

  • Derby Cow
    Derby Cow 10 days ago

    Forza horizon 5 looks sick !

  • Derby Cow
    Derby Cow 10 days ago

    Am i the only one that got this randomly recommended ?

  • Sanket Parmar
    Sanket Parmar 10 days ago

    Where Is Mo Vlogs

  • Sayanta Mukherjee
    Sayanta Mukherjee 10 days ago

    Omg my fav place video so nice thnks for the video man. It was really really very crazy...👍❤✌

  • Kamaal Katariya
    Kamaal Katariya 10 days ago

    That room for 1 night is even more expensive than my house

  • Nathan 11204
    Nathan 11204 10 days ago +2

    While driving a BMW M5 is still my big dream 😂

  • Pig Exile
    Pig Exile 10 days ago +1

    I'm gonna steal their faucets

  • Nick Hitchman
    Nick Hitchman 10 days ago

    this is goals, im gonna try to build my house with polished brass in replacement of gold and sub out some features but this is the style everyone dreams of

  • Tarun Nagappan
    Tarun Nagappan 10 days ago

    Mo vlogs has been to it before his a youtuber

  • Abhinav Saini
    Abhinav Saini 10 days ago +1

    Can you donate me 10000$ to make a gaming channel setup I will return them to you when I will be ready ;-)

  • Zackery Yang
    Zackery Yang 10 days ago

    Koenigsegg agera rs 2.9 mill lmaooooo he got casshhh

  • Scooting Pizza
    Scooting Pizza 10 days ago +3

    You should play Hide And Seek in that room

  • Roland Music
    Roland Music 10 days ago +2

    8:40 for 40000 you can build a house like that

  • Roshan singh
    Roshan singh 10 days ago

    idk why i feel dizzy all the time watching this vid.
    bc he is holding the camera lil cross i think

  • Anthony !
    Anthony ! 10 days ago +5

    4:37 You're wearing clothes, shoes and have a heavy camera my guy.

  • Anthony !
    Anthony ! 10 days ago +1

    4:09 I dIdn'T kNoW WiZ KhaLiFa lIveD iN DuBAi

  • Colin Miller
    Colin Miller 11 days ago +2

    There are other hotels with 7 Stars
    Paragraph usw.

  • Risky GG
    Risky GG 11 days ago

    Domingueros has been here before you

  • GhostInATopHat
    GhostInATopHat 11 days ago

    need for speed movie

  • nathan c
    nathan c 11 days ago

    The way he says koenigsegg is wrong

  • Jon Newsham
    Jon Newsham 11 days ago +84

    imagine pulling up to a 7 star hotel in a spongebob t shirt

    • Santi Adame
      Santi Adame 9 days ago

      And in a Koenigsegg Agera

    • Max Marqu
      Max Marqu 10 days ago

      Well this vid was about that xd

  • Freddie Gregson
    Freddie Gregson 11 days ago

    Buggati: *cough cough* koenigsegg what?

  • Alex Nicolson
    Alex Nicolson 11 days ago

    You do know there are just more than 1 7 star hotel...

  • Aryan Salve
    Aryan Salve 12 days ago

    The one day u arrive in the best vehicle to college that someone can offer you and there's no one around to see.

  • Grace Nahhas
    Grace Nahhas 12 days ago

    Didn’t Doug Demuro drive that same car

  • Whiskey and Cyanide
    Whiskey and Cyanide 12 days ago

    24k a night...

  • Mandy's TOP 10
    Mandy's TOP 10 12 days ago

    Glad there is no money paying on watching this video😂😂

  • random person scrolling the comments

    The only thing is... The most expensive thing in there is probably the staircase
    For the rest you could probably make your house like this for less then maybe a few 100 grands (with exception of the super expensive bath tubs and elevator)

  • The NeedForSpeeder
    The NeedForSpeeder 12 days ago

    If I went there the thing I would do is at least to have sex in a 40000€ hotel room

  • Golden
    Golden 12 days ago

    smh my dads honda has 260 on speedometer if i spelled that right but i dont think it can go 260km?

  • CR 7
    CR 7 12 days ago +1

    Hahahaha I don't belong here🤣

  • awesomeness001
    awesomeness001 12 days ago +1

    imagine how much all that costs...

  • Mynamesnotslimshady
    Mynamesnotslimshady 13 days ago

    Where 90% of the exotic cars exist

  • Sunil Malkani
    Sunil Malkani 13 days ago

    I’ve been to the burn

  • EZ4
    EZ4 13 days ago

    your car cant be taken to a grave :)

  • GalaxyClips_YT
    GalaxyClips_YT 13 days ago +1

    He looks like alia

  • SPR 25
    SPR 25 13 days ago

    I thought the stairwell was to the hotel room

  • Az__ Eddine
    Az__ Eddine 13 days ago

    Man if I ever been able to afford buying a koenigsegg , i wouldn't give a shit bout what I'm wearin' I might wear a spongebob underwears

  • Blxst Power
    Blxst Power 13 days ago

    This guy loves to flex cars which he doesn't own. I would love to hear the conversation between him and the owners before he films these videos.

  • mr beast
    mr beast 13 days ago +1

    Who told there is only 7 star hotel in the world

  • Zymon Rubi
    Zymon Rubi 13 days ago

    Only one person who came there witch is More vlogs

  • Mikołaj Frycz
    Mikołaj Frycz 13 days ago

    You can't even properly pronounce "koenigsegg"

  • Hunter Ohrn
    Hunter Ohrn 13 days ago

    I have AirPods this dude is so broke

  • Shifts All day
    Shifts All day 14 days ago

    If work hard enough maybe I can afford that shampoo..

  • Marcus
    Marcus 14 days ago +1

    This is real gold..
    Me checking how to detach a faucet

  • Kolikoasdpvp
    Kolikoasdpvp 14 days ago

    I dont know much about fashion but i know that its not good wearing spongebob t-shirt in a only 7 star hotel in the world

  • Ketchap
    Ketchap 14 days ago

    I can’t even afford that toilet

  • Kajetan Fober
    Kajetan Fober 15 days ago

    what’s wrong with a simple, Ford?

  • Wetdragonfly
    Wetdragonfly 15 days ago

    Cool cars, cool places. Annoying person...

  • Egoista TO
    Egoista TO 15 days ago

    Lol 1.5m subs and 1.5m views😁

  • Xenon
    Xenon 15 days ago

    I'd never want a supercar for daily get arounds. It'd suck to have to refill every 10-11 miles. 11mpg is decent, but things could definitely be better. Going 100 miles would mean ~10 refills. 300, ~30 refills
    That's not great. $2.50/gallon 2.5 × 30. $75 dollars in just gas for driving 300 miles in 1 day with this Koenigsegg. You probably don't care, because people with these kinds of cars are willing to shred 75 dollars for some gas. To us living slightly above the poverty line, 75 dollars for gas is fucking ridiculous

  • MuSik bt
    MuSik bt 15 days ago

    Koenigsegg one 1 was far better than agera r