Let's talk about my new camera

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
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  • Peter McKinnon
    Peter McKinnon  6 months ago +1688

    Last weeks 2 minute Tuesday was 2 minutes. This week, we corrected that ;)

    • Triple A Ministry's
      Triple A Ministry's 4 months ago

      Do more q&a videos please they’re awesome! You should do one like every other month or so. (Give or take.) lol

    • Adam Broga
      Adam Broga 4 months ago

      yes to the coffee :)

    • Michael A. Castaneda
      Michael A. Castaneda 5 months ago

      I would love to see a video of you making coffee, but also explaining the different unique shots that you use to film you making coffee. I can't remember the video, but I recall you did one and you used your GoPro and put it on the bottom of a cup or something to show the coffee coming down into the cup. I thought that was cool and I would love to see more stuff like that.

    • Boyer Outdoors
      Boyer Outdoors 5 months ago

      Why would somebody hire a photographer to take simple pictures that they can take themselves on a phone. Amateur photographer vs phone?? For example a business wanting pictures of there products.

    • Stuart Yeats
      Stuart Yeats 5 months ago

      22 minute Tuesday

  • Dillon Johnson
    Dillon Johnson 11 minutes ago

    Did anyone catch the intro ? "TWO-wenty minute Tuesday here we go!" at the bottom of the slide

  • Jeremy Bork
    Jeremy Bork 12 hours ago

    Dude, you are one of THE most prolific vloggers on the tube!

  • Anonymous Forever
    Anonymous Forever 19 hours ago

    Are any of you guys on myspace?

  • You Dunn Know TV
    You Dunn Know TV 21 hour ago

    OMG 1000% we want to see you break down RED and how you prepare coffee, man we want to see all of those juicy topics, all of them!!

  • Omar Hernandez
    Omar Hernandez 2 days ago

    Obusly you need to talk about the Red camera

  • Chris Styles
    Chris Styles 3 days ago

    Why not blend a tutorial on making coffee with interesting and helpful tips on the shooting techniques and editing that go on with it? A little sum sum for everyone!

  • Sello Ernest Raselalome

    Down in South Africa, i need the breakdown and cost specs of the Red Cam!! Can you please do a piece on it???

  • Nathan Grey
    Nathan Grey 6 days ago

    yo i like this so don't stop making them. Deal?

  • Russ Bus
    Russ Bus 8 days ago

    Pls tell us more about RED
    Coming from a super beginner ;)

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks 12 days ago

    Welcome back to 22 Minute Tuesday.

  • Ankur Bagai
    Ankur Bagai 12 days ago


  • Inner Production Films

    RED Breakdown PLEASE! 🥺

  • politica attacco
    politica attacco 13 days ago

    great investment ... the best way to approach that camera is keep on thinking about still photography....
    helium sensor is winner if you play with colours... just nail the exposure and you going to make the best pictures ever...then lots of tricks while you'll learn... but if you come from photography you did the best move you could... congrats

  • Ramon Cito
    Ramon Cito 14 days ago

    Make a video about your fashion style, from fave jeans to fave caps, rings and tattoos too 😉👍

  • Miguel Murteira
    Miguel Murteira 15 days ago

    Pete I want to see the full review of the RED camera, like you suggested!

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel 15 days ago

    So Pete did a (Twenty)-2-minute Tuesday 😅

  • Yogi Brian Buturla
    Yogi Brian Buturla 18 days ago +2

    I can rehab that injury with yoga and Corrective Exercise. If you are ever in CT please stop into my Private Studio! I know you will like it and owe you one for being so AWESOME and INSPIRING to everyones creative photography and video skills. Check me out on the Gram! How about a 2MT comparing 5 D Mark IV video to Red Video samples? Would like to know more about both cameras and how you like them! Energy and Blessings!

  • Abraham Wondafrash
    Abraham Wondafrash 19 days ago

    great lesson ...making a to-do list and doing it.

  • Go Pro HERO
    Go Pro HERO 19 days ago +1

    Please, make videos about this fantastic camera. I love Red cameras!!!!!!!

  • Mr T
    Mr T 19 days ago

    I would like a coffee video and do i hear a Linus collab?

  • Addison True
    Addison True 19 days ago


  • RevMeTurk
    RevMeTurk 21 day ago

    You should extend these videos out to 4 minutes, then you'd have a good hour to answer questions.

    AIR 1 IMAGING 21 day ago

    Yes, absolutely do a coffee video. Then do a behind the scenes on how you did some of the cinamatic shots. I would love to see that.

  • Benjamyn
    Benjamyn 23 days ago

    Yes, more Q&As

  • António Manuel Fidalgo


  • Juan Ranninger
    Juan Ranninger 24 days ago

    yea you should do a coffee tutorial 100%

  • The Jeep Man
    The Jeep Man 28 days ago +3

    Yes! Make the coffee video 100%

  • Beach Nails
    Beach Nails 28 days ago

    ...after 5 minutes of rambling I had to leave to watch something else...

  • Rastinfilm
    Rastinfilm 29 days ago

    concerning the RED topic, would you think earlier, older reds are still worth buying? lots of people could afford only old editions but might think they are outdated and dont worth spending 1 cents on them, like the fs700..:)

  • Rastinfilm
    Rastinfilm 29 days ago

    I am tempted for a while to go with a RED. I am still shooting with fs700 and I like being bulky sometimes as my shots are more steady, so after fs, red wont be too big either. Once I used red footage and was blown away for the same reason you mentioned on postprod. AMAZING experience to colorgrade! Even my gimbal carries the sony, so red could fit on too..So YES, breakdown would be supercool! Which RED is it? And what windows based computer setup you would suggest to deal with its raw? Cheers from Hungary :)

  • Sarka Vlkova
    Sarka Vlkova 29 days ago

    18:44 just saw this... so how come 5 months later you have cut your hair?

  • Santiago Smith
    Santiago Smith Month ago

    P-roll (Peter rolling) xD

  • Joe Zahaitis
    Joe Zahaitis Month ago

    Sled Ted . . . he likes working on sleds, riding sleds, and talking about sleds . . . . he just really likes Sleds. (for those of you who know) . . . . ;-)

  • robb
    robb Month ago

    "Really ruined the colour orange for me.." - I was just admiring ur insta and felt a real orange theme going on tbh. Looks good and wondered if u achieve that - all post, filter or lux ? - I have no idea what Im talking about but maybe you or someone gets the gist.

  • Bear Bishop
    Bear Bishop Month ago

    yup 2:30 "Have I already gone over 2 min"

  • Holly Johnson
    Holly Johnson Month ago

    love your Q&As also i would love to see a video of how you make your coffee.

    CYPHERC VP Month ago

    i do wanna see a full break down of the RED camera please... ... and the coffee video too, listen to your left side...

  • Burnningsoul
    Burnningsoul Month ago

    Reds are ok but they can have problems, surprised you didn't get an Arri they are a bit more but people tend to think the Arri Alexa is a better.

  • jorge ossa
    jorge ossa Month ago

    let's do it! we need coffee video!!!

  • Luis Preto
    Luis Preto Month ago +18

    Hey Pete! Where is the in-depth video about the RED??? Its July and we want it!!!

  • Professor RiXteR
    Professor RiXteR Month ago

    2 minute Tuesday more like 21:05 minute Tuesday

  • Jay _ Reacts
    Jay _ Reacts Month ago


  • Kima_nico Renthlei
    Kima_nico Renthlei Month ago +6

    I would love to see making coffee , With RED

  • bartolome delaporte

    Do the tutorial!

  • Emily Berkowitz
    Emily Berkowitz Month ago

    please do another Q & A

  • Bobby Flaspohler
    Bobby Flaspohler Month ago

    Haha! I have my own sled story. I was riding it, then I was in the air, and then I opened my eyes and everything was white. Ha, I had so much snow up under my helmet! Hit a hidden mound going full tilt. I know the feeling! Keep up the awesome videos!!!

  • Bellucci Studioz
    Bellucci Studioz Month ago

    would luv to see a breakdown of the RED

  • Daniel Huang
    Daniel Huang Month ago

    The q&a is good. U can make more.

  • Eric Winik
    Eric Winik Month ago

    So where are the next episodes of the bucket shot?

  • Michael Chukwudi
    Michael Chukwudi Month ago

    i think its one of the tutorials i watch a lot please do more

  • Saro Touloughian
    Saro Touloughian 2 months ago

    Make COFFEE! It's your passion and obsession therefore a part of who you are and we tune in to see you explain stuff. Do it man and work in how to shoot it to, you know, make it legit about photography as well. Not complicated...

  • Mikuo Hatsune
    Mikuo Hatsune 2 months ago +1

    So, uhhh I'm kinda new here. But using my knowledge of college graduate, 21 minute's not 2 minute is it? It's 1 minute more!

    Jokes aside, was it that it was initially 2 minutes, but it gradually has gotten longer? Love your videos though!

  • Krazy Pinoy
    Krazy Pinoy 2 months ago +1

    I will block you on everything if you say cut your hair....couple of months later he cuts his hair lol

  • Michael Marquard Otzen
    Michael Marquard Otzen 2 months ago

    Loved that Q & A :-) For us, who are new to your channel, it's a great way of knowing the artist in front AND behind the camera :-) get better soon :-) okay, I'm just about four months LATE with this comment...

  • George Rady
    George Rady 2 months ago

    Good lesson... if you use a single topic thumbnail... I’ll remember to get to that with the first 10 seconds... I lasted 2 minutes... true fans stay longer, but it takes a LONG to get that dedicated fan base.

  • Marie-Eve Gingras
    Marie-Eve Gingras 2 months ago

    Would love to know more about RED for sure!

  • Edgar Vargas
    Edgar Vargas 2 months ago

    Talks about camera 9:11

  • Grant Taylor
    Grant Taylor 2 months ago

    Yes make a video on coffee making!! I'd like to see what you use exactly. I enjoy a birasta but don't own a machine, yet!!

  • Amber K
    Amber K 2 months ago

    Do another Q&A again please!

  • Chris Colbjornsen
    Chris Colbjornsen 2 months ago

    Ford F-150 hellz yeah. I just stumbled on your channel today. I fly a Mavic2 and was looking for help in post. Your awesome man. Up beat not put me to sleep type. And your a Ford man lol.

  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith 2 months ago

    I would be interested in a Red breakdown!

  • sadeem athil
    sadeem athil 2 months ago

    Tutorial on coffee : 💯 positive

  • admanajw
    admanajw 2 months ago

    soo.. have you made the coffee tutorial yet??

  • Nick Hoa
    Nick Hoa 2 months ago

    Anyone told Pete that he looks like Christian Bale?

  • Ken Geraths
    Ken Geraths 2 months ago

    Yes do the coffee!

  • Jonas Martin Lopez-Izquierdo

    Yes please! That camera is a heaven delight! It would be amazing if you could approach it in a video man! Sick channel btw keep on it please! Jeje

  • Nico Drummond
    Nico Drummond 2 months ago

    Yo Pete! Drums is where music is the best! I just found my new idol!

  • Jason Litson
    Jason Litson 2 months ago

    Hell Ya! Make the coffee video 100%

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 months ago

    DUDE I would love to see you on Hot Ones

  • Apex Gaming
    Apex Gaming 3 months ago

    I had 4 year old Dreadlocks and cut them and instantly regretted it. I'm on my road to recovery.

  • Crazy Carper
    Crazy Carper 3 months ago +1

    Coffee video

  • Sinead Chaos
    Sinead Chaos 3 months ago

    I'd say if you have time make a second channel dedicated to coffee. But failing that (I'm sure you're busy enough with one channel) make that video/series about coffee please :D

  • Daffyaka Maka
    Daffyaka Maka 3 months ago

    Coffe video pls thank you