Super Mario 64 Online Multiplayer Versus - Part 14

  • Published on Feb 23, 2018
  • It's like the more we play.... the worse we get.
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    Graphic Design by Josh Jepson -
    Intro/Outro Song:
    ⚠️ INFO
    Super Mario 64 Online Release:
    What is Versus?
    JoshJepson and AttackingTucans challenge each other to a race to the finish in Super Mario 64. Each side gets 20 minutes per video to collect as many stars, in a predetermined order, as possible. The first to collect all 120 stars and defeat Bowser at the end of the game wins.
    Here's the logistics:
    100 Coin Stars and Red Coin stars CAN be collected at the same time.
    1-4: Bomb-omb Battlefield
    5-10: Thwomp's Fortress
    11: Thwomp's Fortess 100 Coins
    12: Wing Cap Star
    13-14: Bomb-omb Battlefield
    15: Bomb-omb Battlefield 100 Coins
    16-20: Cool, Cool Mountain
    21: Cool, Cool Mountain 100 Coins
    22-27: Jolly Roger's Bay
    28: Jolly Roger's Bay 100 Coins
    29: Secret Aquarium
    30-31: Peach's Secret Slide
    32: 1st Bowser Stage
    33-37: Big Boo's Haunt
    38: Big Boo's Haunt 100 Coins
    39: Metal Cap Star
    40-45: Hazy Maze Cave
    46: Hazy Maze Cave 100 Coins
    47-52: Lethal Lava Land
    53: Lethal Lava Land 100 Coins
    54: Vanish Cap Star
    55-60: Shifting Sand Land
    61: Shifting Sand Land 100 Coins
    62: Jolly Roger's Bay 6th Star
    63: Golden Bunny #1
    64: Big Boo's Haunt 6th Star
    65: Golden Bunny #2
    66: Toad Star
    67: Dire, Dire Docks First Mission
    68: 2nd Bowser Stage
    69-73: Dire, Dire Docks
    74: Dire, Dire Docks 100 Coins
    75-80: Snowman's Land
    81: Snowman's Land 100 Coins
    82-87: Wet Dry World
    88: Wet Dry World 100 Coins
    89-94: Tall, Tall Mountain
    95: Tall, Tall Mountain 100 Coins
    96-101: Tiny-Huge Island
    102: Tiny-Huge Island 100 Coins
    103-104: 2 Toad Stars
    105-110: Tick Tock Clock
    111: Tick Tock Clock 100 Coins
    112-117: Rainbow Ride
    118: Rainbow Ride 100 Coins
    119: Upstairs Flying Course
    120: Final Bowser Level
    Who do you think will win? The Tuclan or The Jepsquad?
    Voice your opinions below!
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Comments • 140

  • Para
    Para 3 months ago +1

    wait did this versus never end!?

  • Ultra _
    Ultra _ 3 months ago

    Anyone in 2019 waiting hoping one day they bring back this versus tyler needs revenge for losing last sm64 versus

  • Marquis Yarosh
    Marquis Yarosh 8 months ago

    How come they don't do the thing where the one ahead gets the sound?

    • Smash
      Smash 6 months ago

      They were, but then a few episodes ago Tyler's audio broke, and so Josh's audio was used for the next few episodes.

  • TheBlackKnight
    TheBlackKnight 10 months ago +1

    It's been almost a year! D:

  • Jeren Claxton
    Jeren Claxton 11 months ago +1

    when are you going to start the series again

    • jtjt
      jtjt 9 months ago

      I wish they would make more

  • DriedPaintTM
    DriedPaintTM 11 months ago

    holy shit i havent realized how long it's been since the previous episode of this i miss this ):

  • Smug Leaf & Boss Garchomp

    It's been 3000 years...

  • Trevor Ransford
    Trevor Ransford Year ago

    20:26 I guess we'll never know...

  • Camilo Benitez
    Camilo Benitez Year ago

    Why did they never finish this

  • David Stinnett
    David Stinnett Year ago +8

    Hey guys. This mod is back up. You should play more.

  • Yes I know. I'm Gay. Thanks for noticing

    My hobby as a kid was avoiding my parents rage. I'm disabled and haven't seen them in over two years. I'M WINNING

  • Ayaan Nazir
    Ayaan Nazir Year ago

    When does the next episode come out?

  • sasukuto
    sasukuto Year ago +1

    I really miss this channel. I don't have enough money for a Switch yet and I don't want to spoil Odyssey for myself, so this is the last video I've seen from you guys since this was uploaded. I would love to see you guys come back.

  • Dj Rush
    Dj Rush Year ago

    Would love to see this series continued with the new characters

  • Golden Tongue
    Golden Tongue Year ago +6

    bring this versus back!!

  • Cameron Thomas
    Cameron Thomas Year ago +2

    Is this versus dead? again?

  • John S. Harris
    John S. Harris Year ago +7

    When is this series coming back?

  • Peter Townsend
    Peter Townsend Year ago

    So was this series cancelled? The 2.0 version just came out with new characters and is a great excuse to get back into it.

  • The Night Jackal
    The Night Jackal Year ago

    It's been 3 months, c'mon

  • Joshua Steinke
    Joshua Steinke Year ago

    Ooor you can be in an extended class all through high school

  • SweetWheatsy
    SweetWheatsy Year ago +4

    To be honest, my view on IQ has grown a bit skewed as I've grown, especially how the tests are conducted and what it represents. IQ, as evident by the old-school of academics, generally tends to focus on just one form of intelligence, being the logic-based ones; though nowadays it is acknowledged that there exists multiple forms of intelligence, like social-based, creative, physical, linguistic, holistic, and so forth. I realise IQ encompasses a good amount of these, as it is largely based on the recognition of patterns, but I still find it can be lacking - and if you depend on it too much, as a general meassure of your intellect (and, going further, your self-worth), it can be very detrimental.

    • David Stinnett
      David Stinnett Year ago

      SweetWheatsy you can attach a number to the ability to climb trees. And this will tell you SOMETHING about the subject’s strength, dexterity and other physical skills but it isn’t logical to say “your TQ is only 100 so you must be weak”

  • Squid Wizard
    Squid Wizard Year ago

    Locking classes behind a minimum iq score sounds really bad to me :/. Considering iq test are for the most part socioeconomically tilted in favor of those who have had access to a better education, and the fact that iq test only measure one type of intelligence when there are many different types of intelligence.

  • Tristories
    Tristories Year ago

    Wow versus is actually convincing me to do more than the minimum which is funny because even my parents failed. They failed at convincing me.

  • TheBlueArmageddon

    17:03 wow that's an old versus refrence

  • Adam Cook
    Adam Cook Year ago

    16:07 there is a glitch similar to that in the DS version of Mario 64 as well, and also, that’s really funny... NOT suicide. Just the ice bully.

  • spencer
    spencer Year ago

    11:04-11:14 A heads up about a possible versus delay??!! Who are you people and what have you done with Josh and Tyler?!

  • Celalec
    Celalec Year ago

    hey remember when tyler wanted to learn speedrunning for mario 64? yeah, me neither.

  • Tabantha
    Tabantha Year ago

    Wait, neither of you guys have your hat on. That's going to be... interesting. :|

  • Rosè Denatre
    Rosè Denatre Year ago

    Tyler I will comment on every versus video until you start referencing Demi Lovato more

  • Zackary Stoudt
    Zackary Stoudt Year ago

    y is there no odessey versus

  • Pooja Pathak
    Pooja Pathak Year ago

    You guys make a great commentating team so I hope you keep up with versus~!!! I always love watching~!!!

  • It's _ Slyme
    It's _ Slyme Year ago

    Does anyone remember how Tyler missed dire dire docks 100 coins?

    • Travoz
      Travoz Year ago

      He got so caught up in talking that he just collected the 8 red coin star and skipped the 100 coin after getting 88

  • DigimonBoy40
    DigimonBoy40 Year ago

    you guys are my all star's.

  • Kazuichi Souda
    Kazuichi Souda Year ago

    7:49 I did that in 5th grade, then my BITCH of a teacher yelled at me for it.

  • Sam Buttons
    Sam Buttons Year ago

    I think that Moose would be really cool with the game. One person picks the level, the other picks the character and back and forth.

  • Miwer1000
    Miwer1000 Year ago

    3:48 lol i was thinking the same thing

  • James W
    James W Year ago

    Oh God high school IQ tests...
    The only reason I ended up taking it was because my parents kept saying I was mentally retarded and the only testing the high school offered me was the fucking IQ test.

  • The Luigi Lightning

    19:52 Josh, you started talking with a gay lisp there.

  • The Luigi Lightning

    Actually, Luigi established his basic physics EVEN before that, if you can believe that. He was jumping high and slip sliding away as early as the Japanese Mario 2.

  • purple Boy
    purple Boy Year ago


    MZAAO Year ago

    awesome episode

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank Year ago

    When Josh talked about the game shitting on his chest, he sounded eerily like Arin Hanson. Is Versus turning into Game Grumps?

  • Ashwin Karnik
    Ashwin Karnik Year ago

    Lol I started typing this comment right before Tyler said he wouldn't be surprised if people stopped watching this series:
    I think I might stop watching this series.

  • marjosonic
    marjosonic Year ago

    Josh, you got lucky. If this was Mario 64 proper, that situation is the way you can permanently lose your hat if you were to save after losing it. Things like that are why the DS version allow you to reclaim your hat after a while by talking to the Toad in the first floor. Seems like Kaze also made it so that you always get your hat back after leaving the stage, cause the standard animation plays.

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez Year ago

    You play video games for a living how the fuck aren’t you “nerdy”

  • SharkXOmega
    SharkXOmega Year ago +5

    No you don't get your hat back when you leave the level. It get's stuck on a snowman, Klepto has it, or a monkey has it and you have to get it back from them.

    • WimpyWater
      WimpyWater Year ago

      Zeniphierial I think that's just the ds version

    • tgguitarguy
      tgguitarguy Year ago

      Also I think Tyler also lost his hat, but didn't see it cause he was toad. But I thought I saw it in the background when he fell one of the times.

    • Chronstell
      Chronstell Year ago +1

      I think there's also a toad that can give you your hat back, but I wouldn't know which one or if it's true since it's only something I've heard of recently but never seen.

  • Aiden Everton
    Aiden Everton Year ago

    I love that song

  • Seahawks Fan9000
    Seahawks Fan9000 Year ago

    Do a Madden NFL versus!

  • Vercusgames
    Vercusgames Year ago +2

    I'm curious what Josh and Tyler's IQs are.

  • Bradley Schotanus


  • CatalyticPepper
    CatalyticPepper Year ago

    Good life advice, Tyler. I used to challenge myself as a kid by writing essays supporting points I initially disagreed with. I was also among what felt like the few people who actually read all the books assigned to them. But then I got cocky and tried to be a chemical engineering major and take too many credits at a time, and I put myself in a severe depressive episode. Now I can hardly do the bare minimum to keep myself alive and reasonably comfortable. Still, I'm old enough now to have a little perspective, and hopefully I'll be able to challenge myself again while keeping some balance and cutting myself a little more slack than in the past.

  • DriedPaintTM
    DriedPaintTM Year ago

    my first popular video is a video that is very bad and i recommend that no1 watches it or i will cry :'(

  • commanderkool868
    commanderkool868 Year ago

    You guys gotta stop talking over each other so much

  • ilovevirtualconsole

    Toad looks like a pretty frustrating character to play as.

  • CAN28ful
    CAN28ful Year ago

    Josh check the snowman. I believe it spawns on it.

  • Reighnvhasta
    Reighnvhasta Year ago

    IQ test versus? DO IT!!!

  • TsundereFandomer
    TsundereFandomer Year ago

    Kaze should've made a way for Toad to be headless when the hat is removed. Just a suggestion.

    • TsundereFandomer
      TsundereFandomer Year ago

      Exactly, I said that Toad's head should fall off when the cap gets removed.

    • Play Doe
      Play Doe Year ago

      TsundereFandomer Didn’t Nintendo come out recently and say that it’s Toad’s head not a hat? I’m pretty positive that happened

  • Emm Bee Sea
    Emm Bee Sea Year ago +37

    "I can't remember what I've told you and what I haven't told you."
    No one can Tyler. You've said many things on the internet.

    • MadroxMonoxide777
      MadroxMonoxide777 Year ago +2

      I can come up with several things that he's said at least 5 times on Versus
      1. He things it's crazy that a TV show can be filmed in one year while some movies take several
      2. He once wrote a letter to Nintendo asking for permission to use images of their characters, and they responded
      3. One time in elementary school, a girl got him sent to the principal's office because he was putting Cheetos on a PB&J sandwich
      4. He likes female rappers because for some reason an engineer autotuning their hooks for them is more impressive than when they do it for male rappers
      5. Ratchet means crazy, it formerly referred to a type of wrench
      6. Someone should make a rude goldberg machine
      7. One time his dad broke an n64 controller
      8. Donkey Kong Country is his first game
      9. He dislikes people bringing up his height in conversation
      10. He played a lot of "insert game here" at church for the first time

  • SnoiperCrusher
    SnoiperCrusher Year ago +4

    I subbed because I laugh every time one of guys say something funny XD

  • JaMaMaa1
    JaMaMaa1 Year ago

    Tyler must've watched rick and morty in 7th grade