Should you Buy THIS Monitor.. or a TV?

  • Published on Sep 27, 2017
  • This 43" monitor from LG is absolutely HUGE- but what's the difference between a big monitor and a TV? And what should you buy?
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Comments • 2 131

  • Mikko Rantalainen
    Mikko Rantalainen 2 days ago +1

    Does anybody *know* (not guess) if this monitor has RGB or BGR panel?

  • CottageHound
    CottageHound 23 days ago

    Searched for *40 inch monitor* just to see linuses reaction

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden 25 days ago

    I want to butt fuck u

    OG FILMS 29 days ago

    Can it play back 4k?

  • Duranarts
    Duranarts Month ago +2

    Thankfully this negative review drove the price down. Thanks Linus!

  • TheUnknownD
    TheUnknownD Month ago +1

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  • Darryl Dee
    Darryl Dee Month ago

    1:25 A 489-1 contrast ratio will make for very shitty black levels.

  • haroldpepete
    haroldpepete Month ago

    Monitor are completely different to tvs, they are fabricated to being on all day if you want, if you try to do same thing with tv, tv is not going to last neither 2 years, by the way current tvs are designed to endure short time, it is a complete error if you buy a tv thinking that it is a monitor

  • DerekSiems
    DerekSiems Month ago

    If you can't see everything with the clarity you want while comfortably leaning back, your monitor is too small. 55" is the minimum size for 4K IMO.

    • DerekSiems
      DerekSiems Month ago

      +Midknight1124 HDTVs. TCL S405 is under $400 and has super low latency and can be overclocked to 120hz (at 1080p, 120hz is too much for HDMI at 4K) in the Nvidia control panel with a custom resolution. I wouldn't go back to anything smaller again.

      Linus actually reviewed it and had pretty much nothing but good things to say about it especially for the price point. I've compared it to numerous other TVs at various retailers and I can't find a worthwhile difference in any of the more expensive TVs.

    • Midknight1124
      Midknight1124 Month ago

      Point me to all these 55" 4k monitors

  • douglas walker
    douglas walker Month ago +1


  • MrSonnyblu
    MrSonnyblu Month ago

    I sit about 5 to 6 feet away from my beautiful 1080p 38" Sharp AQUOS TV for everything... gaming, movies, TV. When I saw this monitor I thought it could be my entrance to 4K. Now I don't know what to think... Linus say's the pixel density sucks... :-( It must be better than a TV?

  • Kraven
    Kraven Month ago

    I'm still using a 55" Samsung 8 series TV from 2011. Great quality even with only 1080P. but Once you turn game mode ON everything Good about the TV is turned off.. so wtf is the point? Sitting here in 2019 trying to decide between a Decent monitor or go for a basic TV but you're getting a bigger screen.

  • Gerald Wilson
    Gerald Wilson Month ago

    All that talk and never said how much it cost.

  • Adrian Negreanu
    Adrian Negreanu 2 months ago

    my TV is 40 inch..

  • Andreas Weinzierl
    Andreas Weinzierl 2 months ago

    and which TV can now replace this monitor without disadvantages?

  • Paul Paturel
    Paul Paturel 2 months ago

    is the backround noi.. music so necessary ?

  • full blooded redneck
    full blooded redneck 3 months ago

    Anyone notice when linus does a review on something he's almost always days or even weeks behind other reviewing channels on youtube ? Just saying.

    INVIAM PSBOXTENDO 3 months ago +1

    Well it's a TV

  • Aleksandr Paniutin
    Aleksandr Paniutin 3 months ago

    I'm a bit late but the reason to get huge screen and push it back is to make your eyes focus on further distance comparing to 1 meter range for ALL monitors and laptops. Eventually your eyes will lose the ability to see far and having a screen further might delay this effect and... Eventually save quite a lot of $$$ for contacts and glasses. How often do you have screen breaks and eye exercises?

  • Harrison Crutcher
    Harrison Crutcher 3 months ago

    For the price, I think having a couch and having it in a good place (not super far away) for viewing a 27 inch monitor is good for computers, unless you want to pay a lot of money for an hd tv. I like having an HDMI and hdmi adapter for my macbook pro (newest one without the touch bar) so I can plug it into anyones tv if they let me if I wanted to. I also have a quieter keyboard (a flat apple one) because I think the built in one is trash. I recommend getting 2 usb port adapters, a high rated and reviewed one with an hdmi port slot, if you want to plug a newer MacBook pro into a monitor especially if you have lot's of things you want plugged in and also want to be able to charge it at the same time L0L. I don't recommend getting just a plain MacBook if you want to plug many things into it because if only has one usb c port. I don't usually bring my computer lot's of places I go so the setup and cable management table and setup I got going on works for me. I might take my computer to watch a movie or show somewhere other then on my computer, but that is usually all I do when I bring it somewhere.

  • Iron man
    Iron man 4 months ago

    The tv more harmfull for eye

    ZONKED BY TECH 4 months ago

    Does this monitor have TV remote to change inputs?

  • BoogieDownProduction
    BoogieDownProduction 4 months ago +2

    Ill take my 40MU6300 that I paid $300 for over this all day long. Bonus is it has smart features like netflix which is great when I want to kick back. As to Linus preference and how you have to move the mouse alot and move your eyes alot? I dont have either issue, my mouse can go from one corner to the other corner in about ~3-5 inches yet is still very controllable for finer details (for reference I am using a MX Master with higher sensitivity settings). I dont think they set it up correctly OR gave it a chance to get used to it. At first sure it feels different and you feel like you have to move your eyes mores than other monitors but after a few days it becomes normal and you wont even notice that. As to the pixel density? I think they should try a low end 4k samsung TV, I dont have that issue even if I sit closer to the screen. My screen is wall mounted like 3" above my desk, its about 3.5 feet from eyes this is where I naturally sit since my desk has a keyboard tray that slides out

  • André GM
    André GM 4 months ago

    Does it supports 1440p at 120hz ?

  • zero15388
    zero15388 4 months ago

    what are movies like on this?

  • John Michael McAwesome
    John Michael McAwesome 4 months ago

    thank you for saving me hundreds across all ur videos

  • Mahir Fredericks
    Mahir Fredericks 4 months ago

    life time warranty on ifixit tools you say... that's what Craftsman said lol

  • ap0lmc
    ap0lmc 5 months ago

    My Samsung Plasma HD is the best highest refresh rates and it has anti burn in technology to save your pixels plus it can turn any video or games into active 3D .

  • Raiden Dot
    Raiden Dot 5 months ago

    It has freesync, the screen is amazing, it did have some issues with PWM based backlighting, but a firmware update made the PWM much faster, so it's hardly discernable. And Chroma 4:4:4 is definitely a important feature often missed, and you claim "all modern TVs" have it. No, no they don't. The input lag is also really important, that you won't find on a TV. So overall, I feel like you did a huge disservice, do your research before presenting a review! :(

  • Benedetissimo
    Benedetissimo 5 months ago +1

    About moving it further back vs. buying a smaller monitor:
    The thing is, it's not that much expensive compared to a let's say 32", so I don't feel like you waste money if you move it further back. I don't have it *on* my desk but just behind it with a VESA tripod. Gives a nice workspace and clean setup

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. 5 months ago

    I wish I had known monitors we're better for gaming before I bought my 4k TCL HDR TVs this year. A 55 and a 43. They only have a 60 Hz refresh. I feel like I should have looked for 4k monitors

  • Ohad Marbach
    Ohad Marbach 5 months ago

    Can you give examples for tv's at this size that are good for video editting?

  • Isaac Holyk
    Isaac Holyk 5 months ago +1

    You can plug in 4 different 4k devices into this monitor, so by that reasoning couldn't you turn this into an 8k display? Just like you do with multiple PC's and monitors but without the bezel.

  • Mohan Mareedu
    Mohan Mareedu 5 months ago

    I am tired and blocking this channel

  • Keven Harvey
    Keven Harvey 6 months ago

    4x 1080p inputs would have been great for my space, too bad it doesn't have digital audio out.

  • ilovelifan
    ilovelifan 6 months ago

    1:41 holy $$$$$$h!t

  • jon henri
    jon henri 6 months ago

    what if i want to lay in my bed and play video games. cant do that with your tiny little..... screen, Ahem
    make it bigger and bigger please

  • denniszenanywhere
    denniszenanywhere 6 months ago

    Is this good to buy in 2018? Or are there better options?

  • DarthHater100
    DarthHater100 6 months ago

    I use a 43" 4k tv in the middle and two 27" monitors on either side. It's great! Lots of room to work.

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool 7 months ago

    4:45 ....I read a study a few years back that stated two twenty inch monitors were the most efficient set-up....nowadays, it could be an equivalent single widescreen..

  • Murphy deffa
    Murphy deffa 7 months ago

    Linus has superman vision. Sry man but i am not siting 15cm away. I have older 40" LG 4K TV, At 1 meeter it will fill my confort view and i can't see pixels. Next to that i have 21" HD monitor and can't see pixcells also. On both i will see pixels starting from 50cm close. Most desks are 80cm deep. So how the fuck manage to get monitor so close to you that you are able to see pixels??? Using 10USD ikkea computer table that is 40cm deep?? How your legs fit under that?? So yeah, BULL SHIT.

  • Zang Nightcore
    Zang Nightcore 8 months ago


  • Zang Nightcore
    Zang Nightcore 8 months ago


  • mpalin11
    mpalin11 8 months ago

    Good video but the music is really awful xD

  • Francis Srečko Fabian
    Francis Srečko Fabian 8 months ago

    I wonder if it can connect to a mid 2010 Mac Pro (at least until the hypothetical, mysterious, long foretold, even longer awaited, mythical, magical, prophesied Mac Pro promised by someone at Apple to be coming out in 2019!!!!!!!!) (believe it when I see it! Until then my 2010 tower has to keep working. Up to me??? Darn. I surf, watch youtube and make music with Logic pro X (rarely watch TV or video) I was hoping I'd get an answer. Oh well, keep researching then. And my name's not Jeff!

  • DalisYn
    DalisYn 8 months ago

    Ideal for console gamers

  • Racer Schmeckpeper
    Racer Schmeckpeper 8 months ago

    Grandma got a brand new tv and I have to put a coax into it.......

  • SlimeBoy
    SlimeBoy 8 months ago +1

    Linus Tech Tips i'm useing a TV as my monitor XD

  • Sterling Pilgrim
    Sterling Pilgrim 8 months ago

    No HDR?

  • mtssvnsn
    mtssvnsn 8 months ago

    1989: Sits in front of a 12" bulbous slow phosphor monitor, running 1024×1024 @ 15Hz in 4 colors.
    Sigh, maybe some day....
    2018: Watches some dude wine about how his 43" flicker-free 4096x2160 flat-screen , is "TOO BIG!!"
    Oh, go fuc...

  • Remedii
    Remedii 8 months ago

    I kinda want this, but admittedly its far less for the 4k and far more for the quad-screen split
    I hope that is a feature we see more of.

  • Roflan Ebalo
    Roflan Ebalo 9 months ago

    This channel is a gold mine

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 9 months ago

    Would the Phillips 43" 4K HDR MVA (436M6VBPAB) monitor be better than a 4K IPS monitor ( BDM4350UC )?
    Is the HDR more important, even though it is on the MVA panel?

  • Q
    Q 9 months ago

    I have this monitor. Am using it right now. Overall it's pretty good. I honestly prefer the picture on my old NEC Multisync LCD2490WUXi, but that's a professional monitor meant for editing, while this is more general use. But anyway the image on the LG seems a bit COOL to me (blue) compared to the warmer tone I'm used to (I calibrate to 6500k). I have not done any calibration on the LG in order to see if I can get a warmer tone though. The only thing I hate is that even with the huge size I sill can't run windows scaling at 100% because it's still too small. Instead I need to run at 125%, which does make some UI elements and test a bit more blurry than if it was at 100%. At 100% everything is super crisp, but again, just too small for me.

  • Alfs Awful
    Alfs Awful 9 months ago

    Had one for 6 months, great monitor.

  • Despacito Neighborino
    Despacito Neighborino 9 months ago

    4:06 pause video. i can't believe i was the only one who noticed this damn comment. i don't know if this was intentional or not but it was funny either way.

  • Hendra Akit
    Hendra Akit 9 months ago

    @linus why a TV always broken faster when connected to pc? They advertise the tv is compatible with pc, but the fact tv faster broke when connected to pc. :(

  • Klaus Cartesius
    Klaus Cartesius 9 months ago

    Not much explained about "retina-like sharpness" at 5:08...

  • SK Lim
    SK Lim 9 months ago

    Probably users can have dual-use for this monitor as a 43" (or a 38" Ultra-wide). When we don't need the 4-screens split (depend on the kind of work you're doing) ....Users can Increase the height of the Window's TaskBar on the bottom to reduce the vertical height of the monitor so that it looks like a Ultra-Wide 38". Plus, you get more taskbar area to display applications tabs. ( Go to 4:20 on this video and you know what I mean ). On the other hand, LG could have a built-in function to BLACK-OUT the TOP and BOTTOM (like movies) to create a more seamless conversion to Ultra-Wide.

  • THE AnimeFAN
    THE AnimeFAN 10 months ago

    Well this Giant monitor could be used for pc couch gaming. Also it has a huge advantage to normal Tv's. Input lag. It is only 5ms compared to the lowest for a tv (Currently) with 9ms

  • David
    David 10 months ago

    I use a Samsung 37" 1440P Monitor as my TV in my living room.

  • Chickenzzz
    Chickenzzz 10 months ago

    Confessionssss. But background music no

  • Gabriel Susas
    Gabriel Susas 10 months ago

    Please make a video for the (element fire TV)

  • J M N
    J M N 10 months ago +1

    It must be good for cockpitbuilders.
    Hey Linus, want to test cards and rigs?, why do you not test with prepared3 flight simulator and dense addons.

  • Dana Lawton
    Dana Lawton 10 months ago

    I bought this Monitor and love it.... I use it as both a TV and my workstation monitor.

  • T&K Playthroughs
    T&K Playthroughs 10 months ago +1

    bro i got this monitor its AMAZING i tell you for me it was not too big BUT it didnt had to be bigger

  • tim ovel
    tim ovel 10 months ago

    Do CAD with large Samsung 65” 4K UHD is a must for showing everything in large enough size to make sense.

  • TzzSmk
    TzzSmk 11 months ago

    how about the new HP Z43 ? they cost about same :)

  • Uter Ones
    Uter Ones 11 months ago

    i have a very good computer but i play on tv and problem is that i can't load a fucking 2k15 its just turn on and then game shut down i can play games for 4 years from now...Is it problem with tv or i need to buy new monitor

  • Anarchy Antz
    Anarchy Antz 11 months ago

    I picked up a Hisense 55 Inch 4k Ultra HD tv a couple of years ago from the really great company called Richer Sounds. It beautifully displays my gaming rig display and TV if I actually want to watch it but pretty much do everything even TV watching through my PC and this screen. I lounge on the sofa as im typing this via wireless keyboard. Been using LCD then LED TVs to do this for about 6 years now as the cost for monitors and their size has been terrible plus nothing worse than having to keep switching from one screen to another when i want to do something, plus its really comfy lol. The sound quality despite it coming from the stereo speakers on the TV is great but as i already had a Onkyo 414 i run the surround through that as well as my other devices straight into the back of the Hisense. Was so good my father then got a 50 inch version recently. If anyone hasnt got one yet or thinking of upgrading, i can highly recommend Hisense and this coming from a previous lover of LG.

  • Pollux Chung
    Pollux Chung 11 months ago

    The pixel size at 43" is what makes me go back to think of a 32" 4K monitor instead.

  • Rajat M
    Rajat M 11 months ago

    Some basic differences between TV and monitor which most experts never talk is Sound system in a TV. Also most TV now are smart. So although browsing Netflix via TV is a pain, the fact it can talk directly to Netflix w/o wires Chromecast apple tv is a big thing for many.

  • Mihály Fejér
    Mihály Fejér 11 months ago

    This monitor has Freesync so why does he say that it doesnt?

  • Alex Hergenreder
    Alex Hergenreder 11 months ago

    Could you use this as a monitor and tv?

  • RogueAgent GamingX

    LG SMART 4K HDR TV here =D

  • Con Man
    Con Man Year ago

    What's with the earrings?

  • relikvija2
    relikvija2 Year ago

    UD means dick in Serbian.
    just sayin'

  • Rafiullah Khattak

    i got one question. I bought samsung 32 inch 4k tv that said 800hz. i got alienware x51 r2 with nvidea gtx 730 4GB and 4GB AMD built in graphics. my ram is 8GB. processor intel i7 4949. SSD drive 250GB (ONLY ONE DRIVE, WINDOWS INSTALLED ON THE SAME DRIVE) nothing else installed only 2 games 1. life is feudal and THE forest survival. it lags as hell. i have to literally wait for 1s for that axe to hit the tree when i press the button. even at the lowest resolution it is not smooth. Please HELP. Please HELP.

  • PakiKid
    PakiKid Year ago

    Did u guys forget it has a 5 millisecond response time?

  • Tyrant
    Tyrant Year ago

    I don't understand all the hate for 4K tv's as gaming monitors. I use one all the time with my 1080Ti SLI setup in the living room for 4K junk. And hardly anybody is doing 4K 60hz+ with all the settings cranked at this time so a TV handles it just fine. There's no lag issues, I'm not sure what cuck made up that rumor. Its a giant display thats not as pretty as a monitor but works just like any other display would. When HDMI 2.1 comes out and TV's are capable of doing 4k@120hz along with Nvidias 2000 series cards, I'm sure those TV's will still look awesome as fuck. And hey you got a giant display.

  • Jon Boll
    Jon Boll Year ago

    Johnny Rotten hasn't aged much at all!

  • NothrAnimeAddict
    NothrAnimeAddict Year ago

    this monitor would be great for multitasking and couch gaming(like my lazy ass does all the time)

  • Daniel Dougan
    Daniel Dougan Year ago +1

    I have an antenna attached to my 1080p TV. It picks up my local channels in HD, which is an especially good companion for my Sling TV (in fact, Sling is actively encouraging people to get HD antennas). A lot of cord cutters are doing this.
    So how is that such an outdated idea? I guess you can always get a TV tuner card for your computer or buy a converter box with an HDMI port out as a workaround. But I would rather have a built-in tuner.

  • Jenson Jones
    Jenson Jones Year ago

    Decent late encounter hay German invite original light additional camera ride Irish

  • Dame Frances Yates Fan Club

    what is a 30"+ monitor with Retina quality display then?

  • PhilipB
    PhilipB Year ago

    Nice earings.....hahahhahahahahhahahahahahaha

  • Yves Custeau
    Yves Custeau Year ago +1

    Bought it, great monitor, I love it. Fast enough for space-type games (Elite, Stellaris). Windows still has some scaling issues that needs to be sorted out.

  • Rex Luminus
    Rex Luminus Year ago

    Funny guy & great videos. Thanks.

  • Chosen One
    Chosen One Year ago

    Thank you. I am buying it!

  • Sean Knowles
    Sean Knowles Year ago

    Would it be possible to use two of these with one computer, effectively having 8 split screens?

  • King Kelo
    King Kelo Year ago

    I don't know why I hate this guy

  • Ashish Tanwar
    Ashish Tanwar Year ago

    hi linus please check mi tv 4 launched today here in India , I'm considering it to buy and use it with pc sm time when i get hungry for big screen hehe... please check i really want to know your opinion on mi tv 4

  • 380stroker
    380stroker Year ago

    My cell phone is 60hz

  • Insultez Moi
    Insultez Moi Year ago

    That shit got a bigger ppi than my 24" Full HD Monitor. that's. crazy.

  • praveen
    praveen Year ago +1

    Sir I'm Mechanical Engineer, I don't have idea about gaming PC's or PC but after watching your videos i learnt about gaming pc's... thank you sir from India...

  • Dale Coffing
    Dale Coffing Year ago

    At the 5:04 mark, the comparisons of the two closeup screens displaying icons is not even close to being equitable; the size of the desktop icons clearly show you are much closer to the LG screen which of course displays more granularity. It would have been much better to have done a split screen video showing both screens at the same distance.

  • Esk8 Forum
    Esk8 Forum Year ago

    Been using a 47” 1080p Samsung TV as a monitor for the past 6 years and would not go back to a standard monitor. Will be upgrading to the new TCL 65” 6 series once they come out in 2018. Set it to game mode and you’re good to go. Best bang for your buck in my opinion unless you do a lot of competitive online gaming, but improvements are starting to blur the lines between monitors and TVs.

  • owin
    owin Year ago


  • YouTube Digest
    YouTube Digest Year ago

    Why does the music at the beginning have the find my iPhone ring in it? It's driving me crazy.

  • Blue_Tiez55
    Blue_Tiez55 Year ago

    I think Linus missed the point on console gaming... just me though 🤷