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  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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    You made it all the way to the bottom of my description box so, hello there.
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  • Lightmagician60
    Lightmagician60 Day ago

    I got a fancy woed for these people

  • KrikaGamerLog
    KrikaGamerLog 3 days ago

    TBH I have a friend who is always given like 1000 word essay or like 3-page essay and genuinely writes up like 10 pages - 20 pages... She is smart in IT (Which is the field she studies) and also tends to go uber crazy on technical terms and loves doing random research.... yeah and now that I say that she literally sounds like r/iamverysmart... Except its true coz I've seen her writing all that shit. And yes, teachers would give her a cut in her grade for not staying within limits, same like my other friend who goes overboard (She's an ex-journalistics student + English Filology/Norwegian language bachelor sooo with that background wordiness makes sense), and she has a penchant for research medical stuff and psychology (She intends to take a pedagogy field in her masters, so the psychology makes sense + her own physical and mental health is kinda shit which prompts her doing researching this sorta thing to understand better what her doctors told her, the meds she takes and the possible complications, issues, symptoms and side-effects which again makes sense)
    aaaand... then there's me - older than them both, just being a frigging lazy ass with essay's, and prefferably just writes fictional stories with characters and draws all day... no I don't feel inferior to my friends and none of the above isn't affecting my self-esteem, I don't know what you guys are talking about //sighs in sarcasm killmeplzthanku//
    Edit: I know there are many spelling - it's 4AM and my brain is flipping me the bird, you all get what I mean anyway.

  • Nix the Doge
    Nix the Doge 3 days ago

    Me an intellectual: bread is mashed wheat

  • Gull
    Gull 6 days ago

    all those long words are perfectly cromulent wym

  • Pol Mak
    Pol Mak 10 days ago

    Some of these don’t even seem pretentious tbh. Parts of the video felt kinda nitpicky

  • PrinceAcidKitten
    PrinceAcidKitten 11 days ago

    The fucking nickleback post reminded me of some guys trying to defend their music to me and it took me a while to realize they were serious

  • Franchesca Mia
    Franchesca Mia 11 days ago

    Student in the first post clearly hasn't heard of the MCU

  • Hills Onpills
    Hills Onpills 13 days ago

    lol, I saw + a cos too and thats what i thought (cuz the T is f**ked) but it just made me feel dumb 😭🤷‍♀️

  • FeyScribe
    FeyScribe 17 days ago

    2:05 looks like it says Thac0s to me...

    • FeyScribe
      FeyScribe 17 days ago

      13:20 #robotshavefeelingstoo

    • FeyScribe
      FeyScribe 17 days ago

      I got nothing to stand on, i listen to limp bizket

    • FeyScribe
      FeyScribe 17 days ago

      Way to hold the line against authority Yoko.

  • Bryn Jackson
    Bryn Jackson 25 days ago +1

    Lol, when I was in maybe 9th grade I had a drama class assignment to make a short 'soap opera' style video, and my group chose a 'drama' where a doctor with hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) diagnosed a patient with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (not a real clinical word but a made up term for lung disease caused by inhaling fine particulate like ash, asbestos dust, etc) and the whole scene was a comedy of errors kinda dealio coz the doctor was afraid to pronounce either word) - We literally came up with the idea then just googled 'longest English words' and they were the very first two that popped up so we built our story around that. Bet that thesaurus using pompous dumbarse did exactly the same thing hoping to find 'big words' to 'impress' people with lmao. That doesn't tell me anything about your vocabulary, it tells me that you lack the google-fu to not be the most obvious piece of narcissistic shit around xD

  • Jarrett Warren
    Jarrett Warren 26 days ago

    Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? If so, please call 1-800-763-866-668-587-264-276-726-742-745-426-865-226-626-646-747 or go to our website: www.r/iamverysmart.com for your free information booklet.

  • Kat Murphy
    Kat Murphy 26 days ago

    "patriotism is derived from trees"? No one thinks that. What did that last person even mean?

  • Kyo / Kazuto
    Kyo / Kazuto 26 days ago

    Why do ppl think it's smart to make everything unnecessarily complicated, you're trying to have a normal conversation. You aren't talking to a scientist after you've done some experiments or whatever.

  • Ori Haber
    Ori Haber 27 days ago

    I spent a minute and a half writing pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Dat stuff takes commitment. (also it's a lung disease.)

  • Dendrox den
    Dendrox den 27 days ago

    The website that these people love to overuse

  • The RetroAlpaca 725
    The RetroAlpaca 725 28 days ago

    I love the 🌸 emoji uwu

  • Some Frickface
    Some Frickface Month ago

    My favorite emoji is 🤔 because I am very smart and it shows how thoughtful I am

  • Mio
    Mio Month ago


  • Lissa Brooks
    Lissa Brooks Month ago

    what the FUCK did he say about the mars rover?

  • Zoe Walker
    Zoe Walker Month ago

    Sorry, I live under a rock. Could someone please explain to me what is Nickelback and what’s the whole deal with them?

  • Flower Destroyer
    Flower Destroyer Month ago


  • Tony Kubetz
    Tony Kubetz Month ago +1

    This is why people make fun of nerds.

  • - Mokerly -
    - Mokerly - Month ago

    The +acos thing I kind of get. When you do enough math over a short period of time, you become kind of paranoid and try to use integrals for simple equations as you forget math can also be not sadistic.
    To me this mostly happens during exams. I'm not of superior intelligence though, just foolish enough to have chosen the more hellish edition of Finnish high school math. Don't be me. Save your mental health.

  • InTheCellar_
    InTheCellar_ Month ago

    7:31 really? I thought it was spanish

  • Ian Kuhn
    Ian Kuhn Month ago +1


  • JohnnyExP
    JohnnyExP Month ago

    6:30 as a musicology student i can confirm this dude is talking shit. Genres don't work like that. If I take a Jazz piece and add some heavy, chunky guitar in the background, it's not progressive metal by definition.
    Also, music theory has literally nothing to do with this, as that solely describes how notes and rhythms interact with each other. Which is why music theory works the same way in every single genre. Certain genres emphasize on certain aspects of music theory, true. But music theory alone will never actually describe a genre in an adequate way. Except MAYBE some avant garde shit but noone actually listens to that anyway cause it usually sounds like pigs being run over by a truck.

  • Mike Fulgoni
    Mike Fulgoni Month ago

    The only time being smart sucks is if you get bullied. Other than that, it’s fine (not saying I’m smart).

  • Skweepa
    Skweepa Month ago

    I don't get why some of these are offensive. 12:37 is funny! I want someone to talk to me like that. As long as they're joking, I think it's attractive.

  • Ethan Bush
    Ethan Bush Month ago

    No homo, but the most attractive guys I know are named Zack/Zach

  • Annaliese Talmon
    Annaliese Talmon Month ago

    2:33.In all actuality, 20 pages is nothing to brag about or feel good about if it's not good content. My teacher (one of which was my design and modeling, U.S. History, and some other class i can't remember)(love her btw) kept telling us "QUALITY NOT QUANTITY" all the time. she kept beating the saying into our heads. You can write twenty pages but it depends on the quality of what you wrote. You can easily fail if you wrote 20 pages and the quality of it was awful. My honors English teacher had us write short stories with the minimum being three pages. I wrote twelve and people were shocked. In all reality it was because I had to explain things and it wasn't because I was aiming for that number. Pages dont really matter is what I'm saying.

  • Kelsey Armstrong
    Kelsey Armstrong Month ago

    Honestly tho i kinda related to those guys who say “teacher said 5 pages so I made 20” last week when my marketing professor asked for a marketing plan in max 4 slides when it takes like 12 steps

  • Elizabeth Marco
    Elizabeth Marco Month ago

    You get that disease from volcanic ash in your lungs, hmm very specific

  • Caleb Sheppard
    Caleb Sheppard Month ago

    5:05 something i find funny is that big fancy word he says is actually referencing the very scientific term for silicosis, a lung disease caused by breathing in ash and dust. It's just the confusing, Latin term. It's kind of like saying the 190,000 character chemical compound of titin instead of saying " the chemical compound for titin"

  • Nathan O'Brien
    Nathan O'Brien Month ago

    b-but I'm Nathan

  • J Larry Brewer
    J Larry Brewer Month ago

    The Nickleback comment has to be satire. NO ONE would seriously consider them prog

  • E-Hero Stratos
    E-Hero Stratos Month ago

    Thing about Nickelback:
    They're mediocre hard rock

  • mestariperuna
    mestariperuna Month ago

    Nicleback is far from metal or even progressive music

  • Hover pig Comic
    Hover pig Comic Month ago

    Can animals play fucking Minecraft no I class a fucking human can dogs go one RU-clip didn’t think so the person who made that post is a subhuman sucking dickasourus Rex unvaccinated essential oil using oxygen theif

  • Hover pig Comic
    Hover pig Comic Month ago

    Wait people are hating on ToP

  • Cyrus Lupercal
    Cyrus Lupercal Month ago

    1:12 When peope think information/knowledge is intelligence... It's not. You can be highly intelligent and ignorant.

  • Theodor P
    Theodor P Month ago

    'HCO2 is a negative ion hur di dur hurdur'. The fuck is HCO2?? Do you even chemistry?

  • short_fish_freak
    short_fish_freak Month ago

    If you hand a 26 page paper in college the prof is burning it and saying "verbose" in multiple languages so you understand them

  • Rae Is Gay
    Rae Is Gay Month ago


  • Timeshark
    Timeshark Month ago

    Its telling when most of the posts have "be the first person to like this" under them

  • Bela Rupanagudi
    Bela Rupanagudi Month ago

    I've never wanted to punch several people at fucking once

  • Bela Rupanagudi
    Bela Rupanagudi Month ago

    7:33 bitch, we got taught that in compulsory Latin class when I was 10 and at this point, because of the internet and people not being fucking dumb, everyone who is fluent in English knows this. Fucking God you know two words in another language and think that you're a genius holy fuck.

  • Bela Rupanagudi
    Bela Rupanagudi Month ago

    5:06 that dude obviously fucked a thesaurus before he typed this

  • Sonarcha
    Sonarcha Month ago

    This video is sponsored by Thesaurus.com.

  • Goku x Sephiroth
    Goku x Sephiroth Month ago

    Alright, let's say this loudly and maybe it'll get through to some people:
    That means 20 pages for a 5 page essay is a fail.
    Using long words as alternatives for more concise words makes you look like an asshat, not a genius- ESPECIALLY by others who know what all those long words mean.
    A truly smart person can talk to ANYONE and be able to explain themselves.

  • troubless sake
    troubless sake Month ago

    5:26 Maybe short for pneumonia? I had pneumonia when I was five and im still mfing scared

  • Sean Keller
    Sean Keller Month ago

    never forget the dumbest person in any room is the first person to say how smart they are. Truly smart people need no verification, plus its a paradox the smarter you are the more you realize there is so much you don't know which causes you to feel stupid. Stupid people think they know the answer to everything just because they can count to 20 with out using their fingers and toes and thus have an inflated ego.

  • A.J. Reaper De Nieva

    Atleast the mars rover contributed to society

  • Detective Spy
    Detective Spy Month ago

    Yo who’s straw man’s is this

  • Shatugi - Sama
    Shatugi - Sama Month ago

    Person: my uncle has pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    Me: do I look like I care that your uncle has inhaled sand

  • Dalaila Rose
    Dalaila Rose Month ago

    What genre is "extreme metal"? Never heard of that one 😂

  • BigLBA1
    BigLBA1 Month ago

    Dunning Kruger at full display here.

  • Charles Imel
    Charles Imel Month ago

    These people piss me off.

  • JCArules13
    JCArules13 Month ago

    I hate people that brag about doing long essays. It's EASY to write a long essay, but writing every point you need to as concisely as possible is way more difficult and impressive. Brevity is the soul of wit!

  • mr razngab
    mr razngab Month ago

    This is incredibly stupid. You are below the average IQ, even an animal can solve linear equations in seconds and perfect English grammar. Instead of wasting your time you can work on calculus

    • mr razngab
      mr razngab Month ago

      Time to see who is going to get woooooooooooshed

  • explosive animator
    explosive animator Month ago

    5:14 by the sounds of it he is not sesquipadalian at all. I'm quessing his words are compensating for something which hasn't grown since birth. His brain hasn't grown eighter, his less intelligent than my cat

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson Month ago

    1:00 I refuse to accept that anyone is named Zack, Tony or Nathan, those are abbreviations of Zachary, Anthony and Nathaniel

  • Dana W
    Dana W Month ago

    Nickleback isn’t progressive anything. It’s utter crap.

  • Sam Spurgeon
    Sam Spurgeon Month ago

    Illuminaughti: "I've never read an article that made me want to punch the author in the face." Me: hands over copy of Mein Kampf

  • TheColdZephyr
    TheColdZephyr Month ago

    2:11 so Blair doesn't know she's Matilda?

  • Sir Nesbit
    Sir Nesbit Month ago

    0:52 Well good to know as I’m allergic to self-obsessed “geniuses.”

  • Tania Gutierrez
    Tania Gutierrez Month ago

    7:05 excuse me, w h a t?

  • Sable Moreno
    Sable Moreno Month ago

    The rover one pissed me off. Person, seriously. That rover was alive and functioning for as long as I remember (it launched when I was still a small child.) Its about a freaking end of an era, and things changing

    Though it dying was sad too.

  • •Ring Around the Rosie A Spoopy Weeaboo is Cozy•

    IQ of 168? According to google they’re as smart as Albert Einstein

  • Live Solhaug
    Live Solhaug Month ago

    Corbon dioxide 😂

  • Ima Eraser
    Ima Eraser Month ago

    My old teacher said if you went over the limit of how many pages to write, he’ll throw the rest away. Girl who writes 20 pages, only 6 of them are being read, rest of your work goes in the trash can.

  • Joy Yagoda
    Joy Yagoda Month ago

    they are not that smart in all forms of intelligents

  • Mario Miletty
    Mario Miletty Month ago

    If they are so smart why aren’t they doing something with their lives? “ I just woke up and started to do is this long and complicatedFormula by hand just for fun.” “ Dude all you do is push carts at Walmart. We won’t let you even touch the register.”

  • Ana Ionescu
    Ana Ionescu Month ago

    The guy with "mama" and "papa" just looks a lot dumber saying that shit, I felt my pancreas trying to run away from me

  • Thanos Dione
    Thanos Dione Month ago

    My name is Nathan irl so first girl a bitch

  • Lizzy Martinez
    Lizzy Martinez Month ago

    158 is almost impossible. It’s over 4 standard deviations. Like that just doesn’t happen. 🙄🙄🙄 “smart” sure

  • Amayawolf
    Amayawolf Month ago

    Honestly I'd be more impressed to see someone convey the same point in 100 words as well as it might take someone else to do in 10,000. That's genius. Adding more words to the project that the teacher didn't want? Just proves you're either rambling or bullshitting.

  • Melpaca
    Melpaca Month ago

    You know i think these post ar super annoying... Where im from, its actually really common for people who go to university to mark others who "only" have an vacational trainig as stupid... But u can actually learn from everyone...

  • Superdameonglitchy4 Denovchek

    hey if im hearing words in laungages i dont know'specifically russian german a something called zulu should i be worried?

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin Month ago +1

    People do realise that 'low class' and 'high class' literaly only means what family youre born into?
    It has nothing to do with intelligence.

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin Month ago +1

    Excuse me?
    Being smart you actually would see the reasoning in compleatimg any objective.
    Youre not smart. Your just pretencious.

  • Ethribin
    Ethribin Month ago +1

    I love this. Cause you see how dumb some people are.
    Mostly because they belive knowing something others dont equals being more intelligent.
    No you spastic. Theres a difference between being more knowlegeable and more intelligent.
    One is the posession of information.
    The other is the capability to understand or use said information.
    A third thing is combining the previous two into actions btw. So even well informed and intelligent people can do the dumbest shit ever.

  • DraconicRain
    DraconicRain Month ago

    Green lives matter

  • DraconicRain
    DraconicRain Month ago


  • elliot wood
    elliot wood Month ago

    4:40 You... are the one who graduates? Graduate means to complete a degree??? This dude dumb as hell.
    And even if that wasn’t the case, if a sentence is clear enough and uses common phrasing then there is no reason to correct it unless it is in an academic paper.

  • The Traffic jam Podcast

    *’I’m a huge fucking word.’*
    -Illuminaughti 2019

  • Sara Autio
    Sara Autio Month ago

    This first "I am very smart" person said that they're physically allergic to anyone named Tony when one of the smartest people I know is named Tony Stark.

  • Nadia Wallar
    Nadia Wallar Month ago

    unpopular opinion: I like nickelback

  • Even though my dick is small

    My mom:
    Me trying to convince her that losing all her hope in me wasnt the right decision:

  • F Huber
    F Huber Month ago

    Once you learn how the IQ test works the test has no value.
    You get a good score by filling out your name and leaving the rest blank.

  • Bill Lowery
    Bill Lowery Month ago

    Smack IT with THEM?
    So you are gonna pick up the plaques owner and hit the plaque with them. Metal af...

  • Who's Whovian UK
    Who's Whovian UK Month ago

    The one with 'why do you use long words', the "disease" that the OP stated that their uncle had doesn't exist, it was made up for a british comedy show specifically making fun of the use of long medical words. i don't know about you but I smell irony

  • Jojo Lecroy
    Jojo Lecroy Month ago

    *i HaVe An Iq Of 420 FuCkInG fIgHt Me*

  • Mia Ewe
    Mia Ewe Month ago

    Ok, so I used to spend a week of every school break at a mensa camp in germany. Just to explain, the mensa society is kind of like a high iq club. So these holiday camps for kids between 12 and 17 were stuffed with gifted kiddos.
    There were some people like those in the video there, but oh boy nobody liked them. Your iq was like your penis length: nobody mentioned any numbers and if they did, they just got a few eyerolls. I hate people like the ones in the video because they kind of create a negative stigma around the generally nice and normal kids at those camps and such.
    Sorry for grammar, english isn't my first language.

  • Cale
    Cale Month ago

    Funny thing about being smart. Smart people don't have to tell people they're smart.

  • cassie mac
    cassie mac Month ago

    Big words post is r/thathappened
    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is black lung and to get it you must ignore basic safety rules that would get you fired from any mine.

    • cassie mac
      cassie mac Month ago

      Also is a great vocal warm up for theater majors!

  • Torax Malu
    Torax Malu Month ago

    my fav-smiley: 💩
    So simple, so smart, so wonderful - it expresses the whole 💩 of feelings and … … …
    Oh, I am so smart, aren't I‽ 🤣 Cheers and thanks for the vid @iilluminaughtii and welcome to the landy of the normals :D

  • monus782
    monus782 Month ago

    11:15 if that's more r/thathappened, allow me to paraphrase The Great Gatsby by saying yeah, he went to Oxford, New Mexico.

  • Xepharos
    Xepharos Month ago

    How the hell can me and Illuminaughtii can be best friends cause this sarcasm and commentary is right up my alley!

  • ImaginaryCupcake
    ImaginaryCupcake Month ago

    2:10 damn, Matilda tryinna get on miss honey's good side too hard

  • Daniela Viera
    Daniela Viera Month ago

    3:27 he should have said "it is, because it's so big it's unreal"