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  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
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    You made it all the way to the bottom of my description box so, hello there.
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  • Mokona127
    Mokona127 4 days ago

    Smart people don't brag. Think of anyone *you think* should be in mensa, yknow, the smart person's club.
    Chances are they are not. Bill Gates isn't, Neil Degrasse Tyson isn't, Warren Buffet isn't. People who want to show off that they are in that 98th percentile are.

  • Mandy B
    Mandy B 6 days ago

    First one's "so smart" she doesn't know which "whose" to use...
    And "straw man’s"!? Can't use plurals. Oh brother.

  • Glow Stick Queen
    Glow Stick Queen 18 days ago

    He should've gotten 169, so annoying.

  • Aidan Makes Things
    Aidan Makes Things 20 days ago +1

    Actually it’s spelled Illuminati
    I would know because if my
    M A S S I V E B R A I N

  • Prowler Bc
    Prowler Bc 22 days ago

    That super long word that guy's uncle was diagnosed with?
    That literally just means a lung disease caused by volcanic ash.

  • Jorge Brunacci
    Jorge Brunacci Month ago

    I always thought IQ=potential not inteligence
    Lets say IQ its the amount of pokeballs you have if you have 168 pokeballs and you use them to capture 168 lvl 100 magicarps you're still going to get wrecked by one guy with 6 lvl 100 grass pokemon

  • Skyrat
    Skyrat Month ago

    The point where the pyramid threatens to punch someone in the face. If that person is that smart then they should move to another country. Even then they may not be safe and have to leave the planet.

  • Ren Meadowspring
    Ren Meadowspring Month ago


  • AgentPedestrian
    AgentPedestrian Month ago

    Oh that mamas and the papas got me good! Congratulations, you just discovered etymology for absolutely the first time!! 🤣 I... I can't. Oh they think they're so smart. Latin.. sure. Bet we couldn't dig deeper on that. Oh I'm sorry Indo European languages whom? Language families anyone? I'm fucking crying

  • Fernando Miranda
    Fernando Miranda Month ago +1


  • Brandyn Elliott
    Brandyn Elliott 2 months ago

    Blair: "If I really saw that on someone's desk, I would probably that off the desk and fucking smack it with them."
    I mean if you can smack a sign with a literal person, then remind me to never get on your bad side.

  • MrSpinachguy
    MrSpinachguy 2 months ago

    Plus "arc cosine," thankyouverymuch :P
    who even combines math and grammar smh

  • K220s YT
    K220s YT 2 months ago


  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah 2 months ago +1

    Solve this equation to find my IQ! ---> 432284438448474755844757-77887765432009086×0

  • Nora M
    Nora M 3 months ago

    I teach English to university students. If you can't respect length requirements, it just means that you can't pick and choose ideas. You're a dumbass.

  • Elizabeth Canon
    Elizabeth Canon 3 months ago

    Imagine having to explain Nickelback everyday to people lol

  • Dani Bananni
    Dani Bananni 3 months ago

    "the glutes of the bird do not cleanse me of my sorrows" is funny as hell on its own tbh

  • Ordinary Girl Trying to be Fabulous

    People who are really smart. Don't have to tell people that they are really smart.

  • Imaran
    Imaran 4 months ago

    Actually, stuff like that did happen, like, I was good at math and english, no I do not think myself as one of these: OMG! I AM SO SMART! No, I was just good at math and english, because I was raise bilingual and new two languages (german school). Anyhow, I pissed off my teacher enough because I used the word scuba-diving in a essay on what I did for vacation in my english class, the teacher wanted to mark me down because she had no clue what scuba-diving was. We argued, she kept that mark, because she didn't think it necessary to check up on it. (Mind you, this was back when flip-phones were the hottest new shit. So googling things on your phone to show her what a dunce she was being, not a possibility. I come home, tell my mom, she goes to the school, huge shit-storm. End of story, my teacher hated me and my class and would give us hell, I got off free from my classmates since I was the dude to do english homeword for 50 cents. So, she pretty much helped me make my business boom. Thank you, Fr. Hoffer! Anyhow, math was a entirely different thing, I was the type of person who immediately got formulas, like, I had no problems memorizing them and applying them. To the point, that my teacher allowed me to do anything I wanted. Which was mostly sleep. So, this is what happened:
    Another one of my classmate tried sleeping and was chewed out by the teacher, classmate complains about me having my head on my desk, not really asleep but trying to. So my teacher writes a complex equation onto the blackboard along with a few given variables. He tells my classmate that if he can solve it, he can sleep as well. He couldn't, so he calls my name, I look up and already know what he wants, I write down, take my calculator, put in the equations and give him the answer. And then he told me that I can go back to sleep. One of my most favorite stories of my school time.

    By the way, here is something for your r/iamverysmart, AHEM!
    You said that wrong, basic grammar, like did you even finish High School? It isn't 'I would smack it with them' but 'I would smack THEM with IT', the other way would imply that you would use the human and smack the sign with that human. God! Get educated!

  • Ironically Pineapple
    Ironically Pineapple 4 months ago

    I don’t want to be one of these people but I get good grades and work hard, so I’d say I’m pretty smart, but god damn I do not want to be associated with this

  • Serah Olivia
    Serah Olivia 4 months ago

    Im a huge ass Nickelback fan, and still love them and buy their music. They are NOT a progressive metal band in any form. 😂🤣🤣😂

  • CoreSanity101
    CoreSanity101 4 months ago

    Um... That one about CO2 dropping the pH of water didn't say "Carbon Dioxide". It actually said "corbon dioxide"

  • Flufferwings
    Flufferwings 4 months ago

    4:50 the word they use to describe themselves, and explain why they speak how they do, translates to, as far as I understand, "one who is similar to someone with the property of having one and a half feet".

  • ihatetacocasa
    ihatetacocasa 4 months ago

    i actually like nickleback but calling it metal is offensive to my very core

  • Rishoo
    Rishoo 5 months ago

    But a 162 IQ is the max :/ I understood the joke btw

  • Sir Guinea Pig
    Sir Guinea Pig 5 months ago

    Ah yes i have such big brain i break the big brain meter

  • Kerosin
    Kerosin 5 months ago

    Why don’t we cast these bitches off to mars and see how long they last tryin to build an infrastructure in that shithole of a radiated desert

  • HauntedShadowsLegacy
    HauntedShadowsLegacy 5 months ago

    Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis is essentially a lung condition caused by inhaling volcanic ash. If his uncle really was diagnosed with such a specific condition, I'd suggest first getting him far away from that volcano. That said, it's actually highly unlikely the uncle actually has it. Pneumonia, COPD, bronchitis... There's a whole host of other way more likely things he could've been diagnosed with. Boi was just showing off how long the word is.

  • Otaku Ditto
    Otaku Ditto 5 months ago +1

    most smart people dont brag, stupid people do.

  • Matthew C.
    Matthew C. 5 months ago

    Quora is basically r/iamverysmart: the website. I was on there because I wanted to learn and answer questions, but then I learned that everyone there is obsessed with IQ and loves to brag about how much of genius they are.

  • Matthew C.
    Matthew C. 5 months ago

    That tweet by Mara Wilson tho... don't get me wrong, she was a cute as shit child actor, but I've realized based on her social media posts she's a fucking dolt. Especially if part of your Twitter name is "Get Rid of the Nazis". It might as well be "Rape is Bad, You Guys!"

  • Skyler Gray
    Skyler Gray 5 months ago

    5:10 Nuumen-ultra-microscopic-si-li-cul-volcano-con-iosis.
    Now anyone can say it- there’s the only semi useful thing my dad ever taught me lmao, don’t get too carried away with all of the smarty though.

  • Mr Waffles
    Mr Waffles 5 months ago

    I subscribed when blair does a voice then just nopes out for a few seconds or go "nickleback, heh heh"

  • Walter Lawrence
    Walter Lawrence 5 months ago

    My decision to NOT have Twitter account was clearly the correct choice.

  • Tommy Gun
    Tommy Gun 6 months ago


  • darkspectar
    darkspectar 6 months ago

    People who brag about IQ have no idea what IQ represents. It's sad.
    ...I apologize if that comes off as pretentious.

  • SocietalSky 10
    SocietalSky 10 6 months ago

    The mfer at 8:40 was gate keeping being human

  • Tabatha AlShalhoub
    Tabatha AlShalhoub 6 months ago

    The “I’m sesquipedalianistic” one was a wooosh for you. It was a joke, making fun of the r/IAmVerySmart people. I’m surprised you didn’t catch that. I mean, if you read what the uncle was diagnosed with, maybe you’d have gotten it. 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • No Bozos
    No Bozos 6 months ago

    Pseudo intellectuals piss people off.

  • Yuuki
    Yuuki 6 months ago

    I'm I musician and I thought nickelback was soft rock that's me told I suppose

  • Lauren Adkins
    Lauren Adkins 6 months ago

    "I'm a huge fucking word" is my new favorite sentence

  • GamingMunkee
    GamingMunkee 7 months ago

    When you take an IQ test and score a 60, D is still passing. Boom, I'm a smart boy.

  • Hannah Lee
    Hannah Lee 7 months ago

    2:02-2:10 was pleasing to me for some reason lmao

  • Lunestia Crescent
    Lunestia Crescent 7 months ago

    The only thing I got from @2:30 is that neither bitch can follow directions. It is easy to extend a thought for pages but to whittle it down to something clear and concise without losing your evidence or sounding too blunt/clinical is far more difficult.

  • Praxina TheVitta
    Praxina TheVitta 7 months ago

    Someone needs to tell these people...


  • Praxina TheVitta
    Praxina TheVitta 7 months ago

    3:26 Dick jokes usually are unfunny, but this one is just... 😂

  • Lotus
    Lotus 7 months ago

    The Samuel L Jackon movie referenced is absolutely going to be Pulp Fiction.

  • GrandStrategos
    GrandStrategos 7 months ago

    2:03 “Plus a cosine”
    God give strength to that person. You can’t add a cosine, by itself, it must have an argument.
    Also, mathematicians don’t put articles in their equations.
    Additionally, the letters are too close to be “a cos.” It would be acos, or the arccosine (?) which would be the inverse cosine.

  • crybaby gacha
    crybaby gacha 7 months ago

    Corbon dioxide
    CORBON dioxide
    *c o r b o n*

  • crybaby gacha
    crybaby gacha 7 months ago

    For the first one:
    1. What if I know every language in the world?
    2. Wow you`re so quirky

  • Just one Man
    Just one Man 7 months ago

    You know what though? Every single day, somewhere there is in fact sunshine and roses. Just wait your turn.

  • Dylan LeeR
    Dylan LeeR 7 months ago

    Okay great, I'm a human. I'm an artist. Good to know.

  • Mandy B
    Mandy B 7 months ago

    Man, there are a huge bunch of creatures out there who need to get laid. Trouble is, they're so bloody awful, they don't get to the parties they disparage.
    Hell, I'm a gen-X kid, and _I_ was teary over the Mars rover! Brave little thing (and all credit due to the boffins and engineers who built and ran Spirit and Opportunity.)
    Though on a personal note, I wasn't quite as sad as when we lost Beagle 2. It was my uni which was behind it, and my prof at the time (RIP Prof! You are sorely missed) was the brilliant, if slightly eccentric bloke behind it. Absolutely top gent, made fun of by the ignorant press, but we all loved him. What's saddest is was I was on the last presentation of the course bec Beagle landed during it. Over Xmas! It wrecked my Xmas (I had to work at being happy for the kids, genuinely. I actually took myself off to my room and sobbed!) I knew that a lot of people at the top end of the various sci/tech depts and even an inventive dentist(! He made a drill lol) had put their hearts and souls, and even their *lives* into our little pup for a number of years. What's sadder is that one of the Mars Orbiters found him, but only after Prof Pillinger died 😫 It's thought that something prevented the solar panels from opening - I think, the memory isn't what it was... Sigh - but in every other way he was probably perfect. When we eventually get to Mars, I want there to be at least one Brit on board, tasked with getting the little pupper back to life and doing all the cool things it was supposed to do, like play a piece of music composed by Damien(? Damon? I'm too old for this sh!t) Albarn which was the "hello" call sign, and a painted series of dots by the modern artist who pickled a shark. It was to be used to calibrate the camera. A cheaper, easier way than the tech-filled way it usually happened. That was the prof's way - get everyone on board.
    Oh god, and I mostly studied arts but I can't remember the shark-pickler's name! It'll come when I forget which video this is.
    Folks, enjoy your braincells while you still have them. Work hard at whatever you are into, but remember to take time to play, too. It's just as important! Don't go straight from school to parenthood, I've seen how hard that is. I am *so* glad I didn't meet hubby till I was 20! And we had over 2 years to party 😁🍾 30+ years later and it gets better and better. Probably because nobody else would want either of us, so we're stuck together 😂
    And Blair(am I getting the spelling right? Mega apologies if not!), I'm so with you on calling bullsh!t on that word count post. I had a hard time keeping my *stories* down to a set and absolutely tight limit in both my year 2 and final year creative writing classes.
    I'm only glad that I did _some_ science at uni: never did any after 14 at school. I was expected to follow my sisters and do languages... I wanted to do physics, but I'm shi!t at maths beyond the arithmetical type, or a few other related things (%, graphs, stats, etc). I never got my head round trig, let alone calculus. My uni was epic though, no previous experience necessary. I got a certificate in maths. I'm still sh!t at trig and calculus lol. I did pass the short astrophysics module though, which thrilled me - level 1, natch 🤣 It helped me proofread my son's doctoral thesis on biochemistry because it involved FTIR spectroscopy, and I'd used that for learning about stars. He's using it to learn about icky bodily stuff. Still, he's a doctor and when he talks, I should end up on a r/science-whoosh, because it goes waaay over my head!
    I loved this one, mainly because I know people like that. I worked in a uni amongst other places, and there was always "the one". The "I'm far too smart to be here working with such lowly, highly qualified engineers" - I was only a supervising clerk, natch. But I loved the engineering.
    There I go again. Sorry, like I said, I was crap at sticking to word counts. I go off on so many tangents I could get lost for a week!

  • TanithsWorld 444
    TanithsWorld 444 7 months ago

    Lol the violin one is funny, I play violin for school and lemme tell you most of the people who do it with me honestly don't care how smart they are.

  • Oceananswer
    Oceananswer 7 months ago

    The smartest people I've ever met never had to tell me they were smart, I just knew they were because of the things they did or were capable of.

  • Ai Enma
    Ai Enma 8 months ago +1

    I looked it up, so you dont have to.
    Sesquipedalianists, someone who uses sesquipedalian words
    Sesquipedalian, someone who uses long winded words
    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust

  • Lightmagician60
    Lightmagician60 8 months ago

    I got a fancy woed for these people

  • TheLurker
    TheLurker 8 months ago +1

    TBH I have a friend who is always given like 1000 word essay or like 3-page essay and genuinely writes up like 10 pages - 20 pages... She is smart in IT (Which is the field she studies) and also tends to go uber crazy on technical terms and loves doing random research.... yeah and now that I say that she literally sounds like r/iamverysmart... Except its true coz I've seen her writing all that shit. And yes, teachers would give her a cut in her grade for not staying within limits, same like my other friend who goes overboard (She's an ex-journalistics student + English Filology/Norwegian language bachelor sooo with that background wordiness makes sense), and she has a penchant for research medical stuff and psychology (She intends to take a pedagogy field in her masters, so the psychology makes sense + her own physical and mental health is kinda shit which prompts her doing researching this sorta thing to understand better what her doctors told her, the meds she takes and the possible complications, issues, symptoms and side-effects which again makes sense)
    aaaand... then there's me - older than them both, just being a frigging lazy ass with essay's, and prefferably just writes fictional stories with characters and draws all day... no I don't feel inferior to my friends and none of the above isn't affecting my self-esteem, I don't know what you guys are talking about //sighs in sarcasm killmeplzthanku//
    Edit: I know there are many spelling - it's 4AM and my brain is flipping me the bird, you all get what I mean anyway.

  • Nix the Doge
    Nix the Doge 8 months ago

    Me an intellectual: bread is mashed wheat

  • Gull
    Gull 8 months ago

    all those long words are perfectly cromulent wym