• Published on Apr 12, 2019
  • Can you use an iPad instead of a computer and drawing tablet? How doomed is Wacom rn? I'm testing the newest Cintiq against the newest iPad to settle this, once and for all!
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  • Mod World
    Mod World 16 minutes ago

    ive a Budget of 700-800$
    am confused nd need help choosing what should i buy
    Wacom cintiq 16 or iPad 2018
    I like both - i am more of a Graphic design lover ( logos etc) than doing art and drawing anime tuff
    I like animation nd Sketching too...but doing it on my pc with a mouse is just disappointing myself and stop doing it
    Ive a high specs pc which can easily run wacom cintiq drawing monitors
    Just need a final decision to buy a new gadget - i cant decide =(

  • EMilliliter
    EMilliliter 6 hours ago

    honestly getting a 2-in-1 windows laptop/tablet and whatever pen is compatible with it is both good for using the large programs (assuming you get a laptop that can turn into a tablet and not a tablet that can turn into a laptop, if that makes sense) and can be really affordable when you compare it to straight up drawing tablets or apple products, not to mention it will definitely last longer than an apple product.
    i personally use a lenovo yoga and a wacom pen (i originally bought the pair for school but then realized it even had pressure sensitivity and stuff, so i started drawing on it) and i have 0 complaints about it.

  • Sebastian Guerrero
    Sebastian Guerrero 15 hours ago

    the Catalina update lets you turn your iPad into a second screan dose this change your opinion?

  • Violetex.Official
    Violetex.Official 15 hours ago

    Wait are you left handed?!

  • Chandra Hillerich
    Chandra Hillerich 16 hours ago


  • Jayne Garman
    Jayne Garman 22 hours ago

    You know she's a good youtuber when your mom likes her

  • Cho
    Cho 23 hours ago

    Ipad vs wacom
    Me: Huion ;^

  • Rainy Day
    Rainy Day Day ago

    So... Do I have to own a computer setup if I want to work with Wacom? If yes is it just this Cintiq type is it like that with all tablets from Wacom?

  • Arco Playz
    Arco Playz Day ago


  • Gettriggered _Ian

    Wacom is overrated

  • Meicolors CZ
    Meicolors CZ 2 days ago

    When i watch your videos i draw because of all the motivation OMG(๑♡⌓♡๑)
    Your voice is so relaxing lol

  • sad_ie
    sad_ie 2 days ago +1

    U can double tap the Apple Pencil and it can erase.

  • whade62000
    whade62000 2 days ago

    Ipads are great, fully workable Cintiq killing machines, and portable, def. buy one. Downsides: life expectancy lower than a PC/Cintiq (mine lasted for 3 years until hardware issues, warranty may or may not help), IOS updates can also frick with pen responsiveness etc. and make it not work until next update, and lastly apps are still not as powerful as PC software so you should be prepared to have to export everything to a PC and finish work there when an option you need is missing. Oh and no hotkeys. (For me personally, it’s also bithersome that NONE of the art apps has color history which I use a lot on PC.)
    Programs I recommend:
    Procreate: No need to introduce since everybody knows it from the bundles. Has its own gallery, super useful for not taking or simpler inking. BUT it has a number of shortcomings, too:
    NO text editor, NO canvas resize, basically a bunch of useful art program stuff is outright missing. I like how you can jump right in and have a good time with very pro feeling brushes, but when you start doing serious work I think those missing options and non intuitive brush settings are gonna cause you dissatisfaction.
    ArtStudio: Borodante sold me on this. It really has pretty much everything, including maybe the easiest text editor among all of them?
    ibispaint: A very simple bit also very handy app that was made specifically to work with PC Clip Studio for thise who can’t afford the iPad version. I like that all the settings you regularly use are in obvious spots, and of course that it can manage .clip files, Clip Studio being my #1 go-to PC program. I also like how easy canvas resize is in this one.
    Paintstorm Studio: Best blending brushes of all, tons of custom brush settings, PC Photoshop-like interface ( if you’re already used to that and don’t want to learn to iPad). Downsides: no own gallery (got to make your own saves), more complex brushes lag (but that’s the same in Photoshop too tbh, or any program with no cap on brush complexity), and the PS interface is much slower to use on an iPad than a touch based solution obviously.
    Clip Studio: If I could I would only use this one, same as the PC program. Sadly it uses a monthly subscription model (unlike PC where it’s a one-time purchase), so it’s up to you if you can afford that...

  • Alli
    Alli 2 days ago

    Btw the Apple Pencil can change from pen to rubber with a double tap on you pen

  • Peppermint :P
    Peppermint :P 2 days ago +1

    Honestly, I don’t think the Apple Pencil was made for drawing.... or maybe it was!

  • Art_Katie/Kasia Jarecka

    I have iPad Pro and the thing that bothered me was the glass, but then i found paperlike with is great and if you want your iPad being more enjoable then you should buy it. They created new paperlike (don’t know if they sell it yet), but the old one i have is kinda matty, doesn’t kill colord but it is in 8% noticable

  • Uiki :3
    Uiki :3 2 days ago

    *Lavendertowne:* "It wasn't even close to how it feels to draw on smth like fire alpaca..."
    *Jazza:* Hold my beer

  • Lynda Quan
    Lynda Quan 3 days ago

    U can double tap on the Apple Pencil and it will change from a brush to the eraser

  • MiintyChų 보다 UwU

    Wtf stands for...

    W HERE'S
    T HE
    F OOD

  • Jude McHardie
    Jude McHardie 3 days ago

    Google iPadOS Sidecar

  • Blazing Patatas
    Blazing Patatas 3 days ago +1

    *Angry android animator noise*

  • Lily Robbins
    Lily Robbins 3 days ago

    I have a great solution to fix the smooth surface of the iPad. There’s a brand that I believe is called Paperlite, that produces these screen protectors for iPads that have the same feeling as paper. I’ve been told it’s a very great product to invest in 👍

  • Niya
    Niya 3 days ago

    All u have to do with the Apple Pencil is double tap on the side to switch to the eraser so u don’t have to actually switch by tapping on the screen.

  • The Kiddish Poppy Girls

    My Apple Pencil has been lost for three months now I’ve been sick tired and groggy I haven’t been able to draw my iPad I need help I don’t know where it went it’s dead I need it back I’ve literally cried and I need HELP

  • Helaxis
    Helaxis 3 days ago +3

    People that does digital art: *uses a tablet to draw*

    Also me: *Uses a mouse*

  • AninaxLol :p
    AninaxLol :p 4 days ago

    Actually apple pens do have an eraser, well, atleast the new ones do. All you have to do is double tap the side and it switches from drawing mode to eraser mode.

  • Victoria
    Victoria 4 days ago

    If you are using Mac, you can try Artstudio pro. It has Mac and iPad version. I think is good for comparison. Using the same app on different platforms. Ohhhh I almost forgot that clip studio can do this too.

  • Baylee Buzz
    Baylee Buzz 4 days ago


  • Faze_hyuga 7
    Faze_hyuga 7 4 days ago

    What’s ur pen that u use

  • Lava Woof
    Lava Woof 4 days ago

    Wacom:been trying for years to get better quality
    Apple:hold my iPhone 11

  • Sarah Mubareka
    Sarah Mubareka 5 days ago +1

    I have an 🍏pencil first generation

  • KoffeeBeann
    KoffeeBeann 5 days ago +1

    If you hate the glass feeling of the IPad Pro like I do than spend $20 on a paperlike screensaver. It's worth all the money and helped me draw way better because of the reason that glass texture and overall smooth surfaces really feel weird to me and it made me not draw as much and as good!

  • Nadya Draws
    Nadya Draws 5 days ago

    meanwhile me: trying to find out if wacom intuos pro dan be used in MacBook pro

  • Jamie The Fallen Fairy

    owo. she's a lefty too!!! yeay!

  • M e l t i n g _ P o p s I c l e _1 2 1

    My dad got me an IPad Air and I got myself Procreate and a Apple Pencil, I love it you don’t have to get a big screen. A IPad Air works just fine! 🥰

  • chuck lowe
    chuck lowe 5 days ago

    iPad and procreate all the way.

  • Sir Plex & C0
    Sir Plex & C0 6 days ago

    I kindα know that this comment is 4 months too late but, if you get a few more bits of software and hardware for it, iPad OS 13 is now out meaning that keyboards and mouse is available an all iPads that has the update. You can also get a mat screen protector/paper-like protected that makes the i pad feel more like pencil on paper. Along with that you can get Full photoshop in iPad Pro 2018. (The iPad You have)
    P.S. To the creators that are out there I hope this helps.

  • The Vader that is Darth

    Person#1: * buys a apple pen *
    Person#2: * buys a Wacom *
    An intellectual: *buys both*

  • William Jones
    William Jones 6 days ago

    Can’t wait for photoshop to come to iPad

  • Fatima Fardoun
    Fatima Fardoun 6 days ago

    Can I just ask how many tablets do u have cuz....umm idk what to say hhhhhhhh😂

  • Fruity Troll Roll
    Fruity Troll Roll 6 days ago

    i hope patreon user "blehblehbleh" never stops supporting you, because it obviously brings you joy to say their name at the end of all your videos

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra 7 days ago


  • Luke Harwood
    Luke Harwood 7 days ago

    But her reasonings are good thanks for this

  • Luke Harwood
    Luke Harwood 7 days ago

    She says that the apple pen didn’t have a araser but she says calibration is not as a problem🤔🤔

  • Potatoゲーマー
    Potatoゲーマー 7 days ago

    i enjoy drawing with the apple pencil. i draw on the notes app. its really smoother compared to drawing with the fingers. i personally think the sliperiness makes it easier

  • random meme
    random meme 7 days ago

    i prefer ipad because i can bring it mostly everywhere, and it’s not used just for drawing, i also use it for school n such

  • C J
    C J 7 days ago

    You can get a matte screen protector to make the iPad feel more natural when drawing

  • Kei Chan 센 파이
    Kei Chan 센 파이 8 days ago

    The Apple Pencil have a pencil is that you double tap for a eraser

  • Ayadam
    Ayadam 8 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this? I don’t even have a money to get one of this lol.

  • It's Stacie YT
    It's Stacie YT 8 days ago

    What app do you use to draw in iPad?

  • Viviana Schlueter
    Viviana Schlueter 9 days ago

    Procreate is probably the best priced paid for drawing app. Things like adobe photoshop or adobe fresco are SUPER expensive and need a subscription. Procreate is only $10 once!

  • Craig
    Craig 9 days ago

    *laughs in huion*

  • Prue Read
    Prue Read 9 days ago

    DRAW THE TOB HALF PLEASE ps your voice is cute

  • e r r o r
    e r r o r 10 days ago +2

    Hey I have a tip if you don’t like the shinny screen, you can get a matte screen protector :>

  • Claires Corner
    Claires Corner 10 days ago

    Wacom: we make high quality drawing tablets!
    Apple: I’m bouta end this mans whole career.😏

  • Team Menguin Penguin
    Team Menguin Penguin 10 days ago +2

    Meanwhile I’m using my diy digital pencil

  • 『 m i l k i i m o o n 』

    Solutions for ipad:
    Slippery screen? Matte or paper style screen protector.
    Dont wanna switch from eraser to pen? Double tap on the apple pen.
    Im using an ipad pro btw

    CRIST4L 10 days ago

    you rich?

  • Jean Yves Coffy
    Jean Yves Coffy 11 days ago

    I guess I must be weird. I absolutely don't get how can one compare those two. I'm using a 32 cintiq Pro and even if the surface is higher, for me Wacom absolutely destroys Apple's technology.
    Everything. The pressure sensivity, the precision the confort, the shortcuts, drivers. I won't even talk about the screen cause it's not the question.
    For me there is not discussion. Apple : for fun , Wacom for the true work. And yes, it's my daily work, I am drawer. Sorry for the awful English, not my native

  • Animaciones Peladas
    Animaciones Peladas 11 days ago +1

    wacom mobile studio: HAHA IM THE BEST
    *huion inspiroy ink h320m join the game*
    wacom mobile studio: ru-clip.com/video/fDth2aF4IeY/video.html