Okay, Google… What happened? - Google Pixel Slate

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
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    Google is taking another swing at a premium Chrome OS device with the Pixel Slate, a tablet that CAN replace your laptop. Wait... this sounds familiar...
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  • Jeff Pauley
    Jeff Pauley 6 hours ago

    I am a Technology Coordinator at K12 school and I use my Google Pixel Slate as my daily driver and love it and I have found many ways to make it work for me to the point to not need a Windows or Mac PC to do my job.

  • gamergod8778
    gamergod8778 16 hours ago

    what 128GB on laptop for $1000 is bad Jesus maybe i should of not bought my laptop for $2500 that is probably weaker then that Pixel slate

  • Happy Pineapple
    Happy Pineapple Day ago

    Run Android on it.

  • Timi Oluwatayo
    Timi Oluwatayo 3 days ago

    You have the dopest intro

  • captainskidmarks
    captainskidmarks 3 days ago

    I'll stick with Samsung Galaxy Tab s6

  • Sriraam P - Architect

    Now iPad Pro is waaaaaayyyy better!

  • Bebek
    Bebek 6 days ago

    Sir why your voice like duck?

  • Linked Devices
    Linked Devices 8 days ago

    what about DeX? you can straight up use your s tab as a Wacom with tilt control on a screen. you can even use a note as a little Wacom.
    and literally all Google products are just excuses to use their users a Guinea pigs for broken betas. that's why you guys tout "fast and frequent updates!" as if anyone actually likes or wants that--as if every time windows pops up an update notification I'm like yipee! I can't wait to get back to using my computer! and maybe they fixed the bug the last update caused!

  • function
    function 11 days ago

    So, portable movie player?

  • xan page-brown
    xan page-brown 19 days ago

    you know there was a chromebook pixel 2?

  • NoThisIsPratickStar
    NoThisIsPratickStar 20 days ago

    I can flash a custom Bios onto it, then install Windows, and then BAM I have an over priced POS Windows laptop

  • Spy ___ Lock
    Spy ___ Lock 21 day ago


  • Aidan Guile
    Aidan Guile 25 days ago

    I mean but it’s still Chrome OS

  • Bear Mcleod
    Bear Mcleod 25 days ago

    That was a really good Jason Lee impression in the ad.

  • Adam Rhine
    Adam Rhine 29 days ago

    Laughs in $150 chromebook.

  • Mr BonBon
    Mr BonBon Month ago

    Can I download draw apps??

  • Jeffrey Sabo
    Jeffrey Sabo Month ago

    can't say i really disagree with the points about the costs and the views about the pen and the keyboard, but i can say it is a pretty awesome device when you get it for $450 with the pen and keyboard included like they had it for cyber monday. the slate is a pretty nice tablet and chromeOS is very capable for most things... and with stadia, its actually been really good for gaming too.

  • Рауль Каримов

    Linus saying that an Apple product is a better deal for money? The world has changed...

  • Fernando Mendoza
    Fernando Mendoza Month ago

    May I know what's the rounded object behind in 8:30? Thanks

  • daNiferTV
    daNiferTV Month ago +1

    i bought the M3 version and they included the keyboard and pen for $450!!! I would say that the amount of improvements they made in software since release has made this an INCREDIBLE purchase for black friday! amazing deal imo :)

  • Goblinlight104
    Goblinlight104 Month ago

    The chromebook sucks

  • T ekkendero
    T ekkendero Month ago

    9:29 I'm dying LOL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 It reminds me when I visit the comic book store back in the day... people having argues that Batman or Wolverine can beat Superman without using a kryptonite 🤣😂🤣😂and now we got google docs vs Microsoft word LOL 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ian Shone
    Ian Shone Month ago

    Look Closlier. Don't think I didn't see that pun in the title Linus

  • George Sandoval
    George Sandoval Month ago

    Using a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga running Windows 10, quad core Core i5 9th gen, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD active digitizer and stylus pen. Installed Bluestacks and can run pretty much any Android software (faster than any ARM device).and have the best of both worlds (Windows, Android).

  • Carl Parrish
    Carl Parrish Month ago

    Who would pay for this? Well Me. I'll admit I'm a special use case but not the one most people seem to be assuming. I've been developing web applications for over 20 years. Today I mostly do front end web development (Angular) . As I hate Windows, for many years I got a Macbook Pro, after my third one though I got tired of shelling out ~$2K every 2-3 years for my work laptop where the first thing I always did was setup a Linux Container to do real work. Then in 2015 I got Google's Pixel (the 2nd gen one) today it's still my primary work computer it's awesome but honestly, it took time to find the right mix of software to meet my needs, I'm probably more motivated to do so than most. But with the recent announcement of Visual Studio Code Online the reality is *most* developers could probably get away with using a Chromebook. ChromeOS is built on *top* of Linux so if you can work on a Linux laptop (a lot of developers do) you can work on a Pixel Go but you also get amazing build quality in a laptop without the Microsoft tax, Android apps, instance on etc.... So I'm super excited for this Chromebook might even pay for the "super expensive" (that's still almost $1000 less than I'd have to pay for an equivalent MBP) top-line version (though the $1K version would likely meet most of my needs). Just to remind them that professionals want to use ChromeOS as well.

  • JD Diggy
    JD Diggy Month ago

    If your considering this for half the price you can get the surface go for same specs, but windows 10 and the surface pen makes it worth that alone

  • Timotej Krajčovič

    Missed opportunity for having “OK Google” in the title ;)

  • Joseph Poe
    Joseph Poe 2 months ago


  • krishna Chaitanya Cheerladinne

    microsoft took some notes from here and made the surface pro x look cooler .....................

  • Özberk Akbaş
    Özberk Akbaş 2 months ago +1

    He has a point here. For example my iPad Air is really good at document editing and I'm not using it for anything rather than basic gaming, document editing and really really basic video editing or surf the web. But the Office 365 on my iPad (which is a paid service) and it couldn't handle the simple office xml format. For example I can't see the report that I downloaded from my facebook brand page which is awful.

  • Jim R
    Jim R 2 months ago

    I seriously cannot focus on what you are saying with that miserable bass drone going over your voice Linus - perhaps its because I have an audiophile setup and not listening through a cheap ass set of phone or tablet speakers - some of your listeners do use higher end audio eq and your background audio track is killing your voice - does help to remove some bass but is that what you really intended?

  • Jim R
    Jim R 2 months ago

    Cannot emphasize enough how bad the music is in the background - horrible decision

  • Jim R
    Jim R 2 months ago

    OK wtf is up with the distracting music you are playing while talking? Someone tell you that was a good idea? Its not - makes it harder to understand what you are saying and is unnecessarily distracting.

  • Alex Hitlario
    Alex Hitlario 2 months ago

    Tech Story > Toy Story.

  • Cadamban Kannan
    Cadamban Kannan 2 months ago

    I think the problem is mostly on the OS side.

  • minisurvior 101
    minisurvior 101 2 months ago

    fuck you linus your a fucking mentaky handicapped piece of shit

  • Otonashi Yuzuru
    Otonashi Yuzuru 2 months ago

    Thumbnail was cute >_

  • asd ajsh
    asd ajsh 2 months ago

    the Microsoft onenote, word, powerpoint are too shitty that I give up all android tablet, even samsung S6 ......... the funny thing is that, its not the fault of google, but microsoft that make google loses money

  • asd ajsh
    asd ajsh 2 months ago

    after seeing the pixel book, can google stop doing expansive chromebook product..... or can they stop doing notebook or tablet

  • Jeremy Hervieux
    Jeremy Hervieux 2 months ago

    I got one for around 800 with the keyboard included (m3 model 64 gb) it's pretty great. It's definitely not a "laptop replacement" but it's pretty good for watching movies and word processing. Also imo I find the keyboard better than the ipad pro keyboard.

  • XenixSX
    XenixSX 2 months ago

    loved the switch to the sponsor ad it was super smooth press F to pay respects

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar 2 months ago

    7:59. Well Microsoft took notes from you and in the new surface pro x you can keep the pen on that area which charges magnetically.
    But it does snap like regular surface pro 8:15. That's some great shit.

  • An Idiot With Internet
    An Idiot With Internet 3 months ago

    Most of the exclusive features of the Slate are now irreverent due to IPad OS adding things like mouse support, external storage support, has a better stylus, ACTUALLY better software, and a legitimately better keyboard. Also the AAAA battery is a pain to find, compared to the Ap. Pencil or the S-pen.

  • Veature_iTech Guy
    Veature_iTech Guy 3 months ago

    How do we make them well? The speakers.

  • Anthony Foxclaw
    Anthony Foxclaw 3 months ago

    There is a possibility Google will get the last laugh with WebAssembly. It's basically everything they wanted out of Native Client.

  • Sumanth Sriramoju
    Sumanth Sriramoju 3 months ago

    I would like to buy a Pixelbook Go. It looks so good but I know I won’t be able to do any thing on it. So I won’t.

  • Name Unidentified
    Name Unidentified 3 months ago +3

    Not the best way to introduce your sponsor. Having their product in the bin

  • lorderik237
    lorderik237 3 months ago

    Can you plug in two type-c chargers to charge it faster?

  • uwu what
    uwu what 3 months ago

    *laughs in iOS 13*

  • wildwolf
    wildwolf 3 months ago

    All the things this did better than the iPad Pro got fixed by iPadOS 😂

  • Li-Fi
    Li-Fi 3 months ago

    my god that segway

  • Joshua Ommen
    Joshua Ommen 3 months ago

    Still using my pixel slate, but wish I had a MacBook air.
    The pixel slate is something you just can compare to a laptop cause the screen needs more support and the keypad is too flimsy omg google please do better next time around.

  • smartbutt10
    smartbutt10 3 months ago

    I think the Chromebook X2 by HP might've been the proper realization of what this product tried to do, with pretty much the exact same featureset only better and only costing $600 out of the gate, including everything needed to get it going. I just picked one up used to take notes in class, and it really seems like a solid product. Sucks none of the big reviewers picked it up when it came out, since it got discontinued only a couple months into production since most people didn't really know about it

  • IceCreamJunkie
    IceCreamJunkie 3 months ago

    That ad transition though...

  • mingtsuw
    mingtsuw 3 months ago

    Lol you put your sponsored item in the trash

  • Du Dao
    Du Dao 3 months ago

    how much money

  • Emmett Boudreau
    Emmett Boudreau 3 months ago

    If i'm being honest, I think that the exclusion of debian capabilities is a serious oversight in a review of a Pixel device.
    Thus, if I can wget, or if we could find a way to use apt, I could install any application for Linux, INCLUDING wine, and playonlinux.
    What is your most missed software from Windows?
    For me, I'm a Data-Scientist, I typically need my Python, C, Julia, Scala, R, Jupyter Notebook, and atom, which are all available on Debian.
    However, I also need photoshop and illustrator etc from time to time, for which I just use PlayOnLinux to emulate windows on my device hassle free, without wine prefixes, in about as much time as it takes to install on windows.
    So to conclude, I feel like if Google targeted an audience more like me, it might do it for me. I think the Pixel book at least is fantastic. I don't have a use for the pen, so it doesn't bother me (because if I did it would probably be a no-go.) and all in all, it's pretty much Linux, which works for me. However, crouton is a significant dis-advantage, and the whole terminal thing makes development impossible for me, with crosh instead of a real terminal (hence why I say they should target developers, linux people.) The ability to run android apps would be a pretty big leg up for me in my linux environment. Of course, another significant disadvantage could be the wm itself. I personally use Gnome, which a lot of people do hate, but I love because it's workspace view really feels seamless compared to other wms, and I like how small the activities bar is, giving me full real estate for my screen... I've tried switching it up, as most linux users do, even trying Elementary's version of Gnome, and I just can't stand not having that workspace view anymore. It brings everything out of your way, and puts it into tiles that make the OS super functional, especially with the ease of dragging windows to new workspaces, etc. Where I can have a workspace with all my notebooks, stuff like that, another one with a module, a terminal open debugging it, and nautilis, and then another workspace doing something like photoshop, and switch between them when I need them. Honestly I can't talk enough about just how much that workspace view does for me. I actually love it.
    So abandoning that, and not being able to put a new OS on my system in the bios would be absolutely an enormous downside for me. Linux for me is often a backup plan, as much as I don't like to admit it. Although all of my computers I've originally put Windows onto, I eventually get frustrated with it, it feels cluttered and in my way all of the time, and IMPOSSIBLE to multitask. Honestly thinking about just how much the taskbar popping up over the window instead of bringing it into a title is making me think I might have some hybrid computer-OCD or something.

  • Jared Janhsen
    Jared Janhsen 3 months ago

    I like the comparisons to iPad pro, but it seems like it can't even hold up to a Surface Go.

  • Mister gaming XD
    Mister gaming XD 3 months ago

    2.50 haha Linus iPadOS 13 mouse support Apple listened

  • ThatRandomTesla
    ThatRandomTesla 3 months ago +418

    There is no way I'm paying $1000 for a Chromebook
    I'm saving up for an iMac stand

    • TheVarad13Show
      TheVarad13Show 4 days ago

      That's bery smort

    • pronix plays
      pronix plays 23 days ago

      Hahaha 🤣😂😂😂

    • NoContentHereByTheWay
      NoContentHereByTheWay Month ago +1

      Press Play yeah I know but I thought that was the stand this guy was on about since they are both the same price

    • Press Play
      Press Play Month ago +1

      NoContentHereByTheWay Nope, the stand is $170
      The Pro Display XDR stand is $999 though, but is aimed at big companies who are willing to pay the price, that’s why the price is so high. Yes, of course the stand isn’t worth $999, Apple knows it too, but they increased the price cause, their customers who are going to buy it (AKA big companies and professionals) are willing to pay the price.

    • Press Play
      Press Play Month ago

      The iMac stand is only about $170 though