Real Doctor Reacts to "Adam Ruins the Hospital"

  • Published on Apr 28, 2019
  • Follow up video to watch after this one:

    This isn't a medical drama but based on your requests I had to critique the hospital episode of Adam ruins everything. I am a big fan of his show and have watched many episodes in the past but somehow missed this one. In this episode, I explore his position on antibiotics, hospital finances, and Mammograms!
    Please do check out "Adam Ruins Everything" here:
    I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Adam Ruins Everything / Real Doctor Reacts to Adam Ruins Everything. If you want me to continue making this doctor reaction video series please give it a like and leave me a comment on which tv show or show you'd like for me to review next. Love you all!
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  • poopystackz inc
    poopystackz inc 3 hours ago

    This is why Canada is awesome instead of this one costs 1000 this one costs 2000000 in canada its this is a 4 minute walk this one is 3 minute drive

  • Mister E
    Mister E 3 hours ago

    Adam Conover is a left-wing wacko idiot. Just saying...

  • pee20pee
    pee20pee 3 hours ago

    USA health care is a travesty. The poor and vulnerable suffer because they can’t afford it. Soooo Doctor .... if you treat patients in a community hospital the. Hats off to you ...... if not ... screw you!

  • The destroyer of worlds


    Dr.mike: BuT NuRSes ARe ThE bEst!

  • Weebrahim
    Weebrahim 10 hours ago

    Adam is thiccest of soy boys

  • Na Cl
    Na Cl 21 hour ago

    fear mongerer thats exactly what adam is

  • Ry22futbol
    Ry22futbol 22 hours ago

    I know we can’t paint hospitals as being all evil. But can we condemn the drug companies that jack up prices for insulin and other drugs (and basically hold people’s lives hostage)?

  • Sylvie Butt
    Sylvie Butt Day ago +1

    lol your country looks like a joke with healthcare costs. mine's free.

  • Christina Honeycutt

    Are u really a doctor. I'd like to visit ur hospital.

  • Mysterious Star
    Mysterious Star Day ago

    You should react to letters to God. It’s a movie about a boy named Tyler who has cancer.

  • Umbral
    Umbral Day ago

    Adam is the type of person who is going to say that there are more than two genders even if actual doctors say otherwise.

  • Michael DeNunzio

    Adam is such a tool

  • Despiser Despised

    Modern ctrl-left illiberalism is truly a mental disorder suffered by all tyrants throughout history.
    Hospitals today are the result of Govt interference in the free market. Democrat Socialists: "We need more govt in the free market."

  • Rainne Devlin
    Rainne Devlin Day ago

    There are several countries that have free medical care, obviously our taxes pay for it. But I'll take my country any day over yours. A country that can actually vote in an idiot like trump, needs help. Wish you the best.

  • Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho

    fuck doctors I'm a legal eagle bitch

  • Art He
    Art He 2 days ago +7

    As a Scandinavian this video feels like watching alien culture

  • Michigan Pride
    Michigan Pride 2 days ago

    The only thing youre completely wrong about is saying "adam is attempting to just help get information out there correctly..." No... He isn't... While i personally actually enjoy the show and do watch it, and statistics and information they give are 100 percent of the time ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS going to be spun to PERFECTLY support a very far leaning (almost to the point of communism,not the standard american leftist) way of thinking and viewing things.. They have never tried to give am unbiased and completely factual point of view... And like I said ,I even enjoy some episodes and watch them myself... But I have to watch it kbowing I must do my own research becahse anything that could possibly have a politicalized spin on it.. Does

  • Mr. Satan_Nexus
    Mr. Satan_Nexus 2 days ago +1

    Adam is a liberal joke

  • Johnny York
    Johnny York 3 days ago

    Anyone who thinks Adam from Adam Ruins Everything is remotely intelligent needs to see his episode on Joe Rogan Experience podcast. Dude is an idiot.

  • Hayden Rodriguez
    Hayden Rodriguez 3 days ago

    "You pay much more without insurance!"
    Isn't that the point of insurance, that you put money in now so you pay less later?

  • ThisisKyle
    ThisisKyle 3 days ago

    Adam Ruins Everything is generally wrong on all subjects

  • Not Cody Animations
    Not Cody Animations 3 days ago

    Adam ruimed my last brain cells

  • Calvinski
    Calvinski 3 days ago

    All these people in comments saying healthcare is a right, LOL I can only imagine how that would go.

    Doctor: There you go, good as new. Now about the bill.

    Patient: No way, healthcare is a right!

    Doctor: Okay then, here's a mop, come back everyday at 6 AM for the next fifteen years.

    Patient: But my philosophy professor told me healthcare was a right!

    Doctor: Should've taken economics instead.

  • Noob Sandwich
    Noob Sandwich 3 days ago

    Adam cherry picking data and omitting details that counter his narrative... I can't believe this. He's NEVER done that before.

  • Toddin Vancouver
    Toddin Vancouver 3 days ago

    My chemo is 1/4 the cost in Canada then in the USA. And I won’t even get into my insulin.

  • UnfunnyPerson 711
    UnfunnyPerson 711 3 days ago

    Lmao he probably saw this on trutv and got salty defending the hospital he works at

  • Dominique Thomas
    Dominique Thomas 4 days ago

    I would loved if you also commented the part about the abuse of antibiotics!!!

  • Bubbletrouble428
    Bubbletrouble428 4 days ago

    5:42 umm Britain have FREE healthcare and its through taxes what are CHEAP!!!!

  • I like Cats
    I like Cats 4 days ago +4

    “Handing out free care...”
    ...u mean the NHS?

  • ultimateranger213
    ultimateranger213 4 days ago

    I’d love to see a day in the life with you practicing medicine! Let’s make it happen Doc. Mike!

  • MandalaBunny
    MandalaBunny 5 days ago

    I remember when I didn’t have insurance and I called a bunch of gyn’s to see how much it would be for a Pap smear out of pocket, it was a nightmare getting a straight answer.

  • Tina Jackson
    Tina Jackson 5 days ago

    Yes, I agree but we have two major hospitals here in Fort Wayne, IN and you would think they are continually trying to “out build” each other. It’s ridiculous how much both hospitals have expanded. Oh, there is St. Joesph Hospital who has been in the background silently taking care of people and just NOW is remodeling and expanding their property. I would go to St. Joseph but it’s not “in network”. Again, ridiculous!
    I have been dealing with hospitals and doctors for the past decade for a chronic illness.
    Doctors have pushed pain meds on me and I finally have gotten off of those high dose opiates after 7 years and it was HELL and I feel better mentally and emotionally now even though I am still dealing with pain. I’d rather have pain than be miserable and still be in some pain.

  • Ezekiel Dominguez
    Ezekiel Dominguez 5 days ago

    soooo Adam was right :)

  • Riko Lime
    Riko Lime 5 days ago

    Healthcare price transparency is what, apparently, Trump wants from the Healthcase System, because right now, like you said, we have no idea of the costs. Thats why, although espensive, places like Neighbors Urgent have my respect, because when I was super sick and thought I had strep from a coworker, I called Neighbors (after my doctor started requiring 2-week ahead appointments only), and asked them for a price check, IF I did indeed have strep. The lady was so nice, and said it would be about 400$, and said really, I should try to go to a Walgreens Clinic where the price would be about 200 instead. She even recommended a few (I called but they never answered). It was really nice to have someone really say "We will overcharge you honestly for some petty antibiotics, let me tell you where to go instead).

  • xydoit
    xydoit 5 days ago

    We have several stories in Israel were they tell to people they have cancer and they were healthy.

  • xydoit
    xydoit 5 days ago +1

    He said that in every hospital they decided for themselves how much money to charge.

  • hector roche
    hector roche 6 days ago

    Awesome channel

  • Indy Chick
    Indy Chick 6 days ago

    The thought of hospitals running as a profit machine in so scary, speaking as someone who's not from America of course.

  • Esmay
    Esmay 7 days ago

    Sometimes i am so happy that i live in the Netherlands and you have to get insurence if you are 18. And if you have a low income you can get money from the government to help you pay the insurence based on your income, so you don't have to pay everything out of your own pocket (amergency care is alway coverd, the rest depents on your insurence)

  • Dr LMAO
    Dr LMAO 7 days ago

    Adam seems like a dude who appeals to idiots, anyone who knows close to something about the fields he talks about will see through the bullshit.

  • Kenji
    Kenji 7 days ago

    This doctor should be in Adam ruins everything

  • Natalia Alfonso
    Natalia Alfonso 8 days ago


    Every hospital in America could stay open with just s fraction of the subsidies given to banks. Or amazon. Or soybean farmers.
    Medicine for profit is the most disgusting thing in the world.
    We literally look down MORE on people who charge for sex work than we do on people with the skills to save lives...
    But only do so FOR PROFIT.
    Should doctors be very well paid? YES.
    Kinda like disgusting politicians. Or a federal agent.

  • Michael Morgan
    Michael Morgan 8 days ago

    Insurance companies decided to get together and decide what they would pay and what they wouldn't. That's why if you have insurance and get a bill there will be certain items that are not allowed by insurance but not charged to you. Therefore, since the insurance companies only pay for what they want, the hospital has to overcharge to make up the difference. The insurance companies hold the hospitals hostage because it would cost more to sue the insurance companies than agree to their terms.

  • Aimeee Dimaapi
    Aimeee Dimaapi 8 days ago

    A better way to say this is hospitals are businesses too

  • Ipsita Biswas
    Ipsita Biswas 8 days ago +1

    Only one thing can fix the system .

    *chest compressions*
    *chest compressions*
    *chest compressions*

  • lyght01
    lyght01 8 days ago +1

    Great video... But I'm happy to continue enjoying my free universal high quality health Care in Australia

  • Luxaly
    Luxaly 9 days ago

    the problem with US healthcare is that there is no universal one they all work on their own... let say patient A is in a healthcare with 10.000.000 ppls patient B is in one with 50.000.000 patient A will get higher bills cause his healthcare doesnt have that much power to negotiate better prices while the other with 50mil have that power^^ in germany/austria we too have seperate healthcare but they formed a universal healthcare board... so they all have the same bills not 1 patient get 10k while the other has 20k cause of the healthcare^^ and yeah its also overpriced by waaay too much... EMS transport costs like 3k $ here where i am its billed arround 300$ a hip replacement cost i think 40k$ in the us here its arround 13k$ (wich is billed to healthcare u pay 0$ yourself... thats why even there is a cure of cancer that cures without OR and chemotherapy a US citizen might rather take the old go cause in the US this will likely cost a fortune...

  • Caitlin Lucke
    Caitlin Lucke 9 days ago

    I dont know if this counts as a medical drama but could you react to call the mid wife?

  • bad bad mc bad
    bad bad mc bad 9 days ago

    Taxes, regulations and lawsuits have raised the prices of healthcare, on top of the fact that people are completely ignorant of medicine.

  • Willy McNeal
    Willy McNeal 9 days ago

    I noticed at the beginning of the video, he didn't even mention the part where Adam says "out of pocket cost are sometimes more expensive than insurance" Adam said a ChargeMaster will sometimes have two different prices. I remember reading two stories in one, a hospital charged $629 for a band-aid on a kids finger. The other story, a woman was charged $5,751 for an ice pack and a band-aid!

  • Matthew Laird
    Matthew Laird 9 days ago

    I used to watch Adam ruins everything. I watched it for a while and I did enjoy it. Then I started to do research and well, I stopped watching that show after that point. This show is terrible at delivering information and is made to scare people.

  • Lauren Shank
    Lauren Shank 10 days ago

    We need to find an alternative to mammograms. There HAS to be a MUCH, MUCH less painful way to finding breast cancer than smashing tits flatter than a pancake.

  • marise saura
    marise saura 10 days ago

    Woooow. This is what i wished dr. Will comment to.

  • Aye Chan
    Aye Chan 10 days ago

    Can you do a comparison on foreign health vs ours and get back to us

  • susan aiken
    susan aiken 10 days ago

    What if u brought ur own alcohol swabs..? :)

  • pianoten
    pianoten 11 days ago

    should I get a mammogram as a guy sometimes in my life?

  • mercsoul1
    mercsoul1 11 days ago

    If you disagree with Adam, you are knowledgeable on the subject.
    If you agree with him, you aren’t knowledgeable on the subject.

  • Usednapkin
    Usednapkin 11 days ago +1

    Bad heart? Here’s even more stress in the form of expensive bills.

    Your dead. Byebye
    Good luck to your family to pay off all your debt

  • tuck295q
    tuck295q 11 days ago

    Actually, Adam is right. If I were to check the price of health care and insulin, it’s wayy above inflation rate from 1923.
    Thailand for example has the US private healthcare insurance companies, which private hospitals CLEARLY JACKED UP THE PRICE of any treatment.
    For example, clearing ear gunk out cost me either free or 10$ that was 1995-2000s.
    Guess how much is it now? 40-80$ depending on whether doctors want to prescribe unnecessary drug or not.
    So don’t even.

  • Jasper Kraaijeveld
    Jasper Kraaijeveld 11 days ago +1

    But if hospitals are runned by the government, they don't have profit.

  • TheHedgehogPlays
    TheHedgehogPlays 11 days ago

    I’m so lucky we have the NHS

  • Ulises Cabrera
    Ulises Cabrera 11 days ago

    U can't believe anything no more even you

  • Allan Gidomaliza
    Allan Gidomaliza 11 days ago

    Coz people need hospital it's okay for them to overcharge! That's horrible!

  • iCodyonline
    iCodyonline 11 days ago

    If hospitals are willing to charge $400 for an $8 bag of saline solution... there’s no telling what else they are willing to price gouge on.

  • Niklejs
    Niklejs 11 days ago

    People are stupid...

  • kamdaddypurp
    kamdaddypurp 12 days ago

    If I needed insulin I’d just die lol

  • Emma Åkerman
    Emma Åkerman 12 days ago

    America: “You need to pay for healthcare so you don’t die”
    Me: laughs in Swedish

    • TheHedgehogPlays
      TheHedgehogPlays 11 days ago

      Emma Åkerman me: laughs whilst eating biscuits and drinking tea.

  • Absolute King of anime

    I mean i don't think it's trying to villafy hospitals it's more of it just showing that hospitals are way more complicated then you think just like how insurance companies make hospitals leak so much money not the hospitals fault

  • abudabisas
    abudabisas 12 days ago

    doctor mike u r pure cancer of medicine, no shit u defend ur fkin hospital, u get paid from... and moron like you, who claims flossing is necessary even there is no evidence or take some random shit study results as evidence, should not get paid, you should get minimal wage for your shit job u doing u pure subhuman trash

  • Sean Barrera
    Sean Barrera 12 days ago

    He's so intelligent it's extremely attractive haha

  • Awesome Sauce_35
    Awesome Sauce_35 13 days ago

    Woohoo!! I love the NHS. Free healthcare for Britain

  • Falulu Bokerdole
    Falulu Bokerdole 13 days ago

    Adam Ruins Everything does fuel a lot of fear, but it's not wrong. I was charged over 2k for a stretcher and consistent blood pressure checks. The hospital industry needs a drastic overhaul.

  • Jacquelynn Tahmasian
    Jacquelynn Tahmasian 13 days ago

    You should react to license to kill please!!

  • The Dragon
    The Dragon 13 days ago +2

    "Hospitals need to turn a profit TO exist, if they start handing out free care then they'll disappear" Canada is on the floor laughing its ass off

  • Génesis Gonzalez
    Génesis Gonzalez 14 days ago +1

    You should be my conscience, you explain everything perfectly