This Xbox Controller has TWENTY Headphone Jacks?!

  • Published on Feb 20, 2019
  • Xbox has released a new adaptive controller for gamers with limited mobility. It works with computers AND Xbox systems. Check it out here: (this video is not sponsored) Playing video games has brought people together, and brought countless hours of entertainment to many people. With this new adaptive controller from Xbox for people with limited motion, even more people can join in. If you use one of the adaptive Xbox controllers in your own set up, I want to see! Send me a tweet!
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  • Lost in the vault
    Lost in the vault 2 days ago

    *apple has left the chat*

  • PlayerUnknown Gaming

    Yes, and iShit X has none

  • King Rodgers
    King Rodgers 3 days ago

    Why would any single human being need 20 headphone jacks?
    **EDIT** JUST READ THE COMMENTS NVM... It's a pretty nice thing for Microsoft to to do although why 20??

    • lagger01
      lagger01 Day ago

      one for each button on an xbox controller

  • Peyton WDYM
    Peyton WDYM 4 days ago

    I love how he says headphone jacks lol!

  • YeBoiCrumchyy YT
    YeBoiCrumchyy YT 4 days ago +1

    Dude i love listening to JerryRigEverything with my 19 headphone jacks

  • Jack The Starch Dealer

    Am I the only one who uses 20 headphones at a time
    I don’t buy any products without 20

  • Avery Kuo
    Avery Kuo 5 days ago

    Ohh so Microsoft snagged all of Apple’s headphone jacks.

  • sWooshArts
    sWooshArts 5 days ago

    One for every new Apple product.

  • V Sauce
    V Sauce 6 days ago

    A new challenger approaches Microsoft Apple oh no

  • Look Behind You
    Look Behind You 6 days ago

    'Xbox sucks it's so bad'
    'PS4 is so much better'
    PS4: Has ugly GUI, makes games exclusive, doesn't help disabled people
    Microsoft: Has superior GUI, No games are exclusive, Specific controllers for disabled people, better specs

  • Gabriel Williams
    Gabriel Williams 6 days ago +1

    Proprietary "security" screws are evil and should not exist.

  • Gangsta Man
    Gangsta Man 6 days ago

    WhY aM i DoInG tHiS?

  • AV kicks
    AV kicks 6 days ago

    Apple HAs LeFT ThE ChaT

  • Dat Boi Dom
    Dat Boi Dom 6 days ago

    Unlike Playstation, Xbox really cares for their consumers.

  • IntenseVLT
    IntenseVLT 6 days ago

    This guys voice; he could be cutting me open and I would still be calm af.

  • William-Albert Suiogan

    these are the headphone jacks from the newer iphones

  • Lord of Death YT
    Lord of Death YT 7 days ago

    It's for disabled people... You know that right?

  • Alec Petsche
    Alec Petsche 8 days ago

    Xbox makes a donkey Conga and everyone loses their shit smh

  • Ben K.
    Ben K. 8 days ago

    Me: *only has two ears* : (

  • Mr Corndog
    Mr Corndog 9 days ago

    whilst the galaxy fold, the worlds biggest smartphone, has none...

  • Rockport1911
    Rockport1911 9 days ago

    That company that used to sell alot of Headphone jacks in the past looked and found new business :)
    Seriously this is nice kit, well thought out for people who actually need it.

  • paper mario
    paper mario 10 days ago +1

    I'm glad Microsoft is making controllers for disabled people. Now if only they didn't price them so absolutely absurdly. $65 for a peripheral that's literally just a large button that plugs into a $100 controller?
    Profiting off the disabled and getting good publicity on top of it. At least they're putting accessability in gaming into the public dialogue.

    • paper mario
      paper mario 7 days ago

      +Bishop Toci I think you misunderstand. The controller is $100. What's $65 is an accessory that's just *a single button with a cable.* The manufacturing costs are a fraction of $65. Disabled people already overpay for literally everything they use in their lives and don't have very much leftover money to spend, this is highway robbery because Microsoft knows they can charge whatever they want because they have no competition and disabled gamers can't just go elsewhere.

    • Bishop Toci
      Bishop Toci 7 days ago

      paper mario I personally think $65 is a rather reasonable price for something so specialized. They are a company at the end of the day and company’s main objective is to make money so it’s not like they can just give them away just because people are disabled.

  • Ràpido Gaming
    Ràpido Gaming 12 days ago

    X Box Nintendo PS I love them all

  • Carson does Stuff
    Carson does Stuff 14 days ago +1

    Xbox still trash tho

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs 14 days ago

    The real reason they used rechargeables is because people asked for it as an accesablity feature. Some found it too hard to change batteries.

  • Pelleg Shani
    Pelleg Shani 16 days ago

    1:50 anyone see the bear on the “massive black thingy”

  • First Name, Surname
    First Name, Surname 17 days ago +1

    Well at least we know who Apple is donating all the headphone jacks to
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • NicolasPlayz
    NicolasPlayz 19 days ago

    title: 20 headphone jacks

    video: 19 headphone jacks

  • mrbadass88
    mrbadass88 21 day ago


  • Andrei Savin
    Andrei Savin 21 day ago

    Your quiet voice almost made me fall asleep :)

  • ashwanth rathod
    ashwanth rathod 22 days ago


  • Labored
    Labored 24 days ago

    apple should be taking notes.

  • Arkulous
    Arkulous 24 days ago

    Except the original Xbox One Controller can’t even have 1 jack.

  • Hendrik Beelen
    Hendrik Beelen 25 days ago +1

    This controller is awesome

  • THE_REAL ChickenNuggets

    It’s so nice what Microsoft did!

  • yo boi
    yo boi 26 days ago

    I bet apple cant relate

  • YeetyBoi
    YeetyBoi 26 days ago

    Apple Has Left The Chat

  • Melon! The Gamer
    Melon! The Gamer 27 days ago

    They were saying hold my beer

  • Magamer Has a halo
    Magamer Has a halo 28 days ago

    iPhone has left the chat

  • Benjamas Tesla
    Benjamas Tesla 28 days ago

    At 0:58 I thought he said FU€K

  • Taha Garraui Vlogs
    Taha Garraui Vlogs 28 days ago

    apple has left the chat hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Gurjot Gill
    Gurjot Gill 29 days ago

    Why does it have so many headphone jacks? Can someone tell me?

  • Kajus Jasas
    Kajus Jasas 29 days ago

    Forza horizon 4

  • RapiD_
    RapiD_ Month ago

    Wait, it got away with NO SCRATCHES AAANNNDDD STILL FUNCTIONS?? Somethings wrong... very wrong.

  • BUBUZ Rufus
    BUBUZ Rufus Month ago

    Apple enters the server
    Microsoft enters the server
    Apple leaves the server

  • DESI Raj
    DESI Raj Month ago

    Apple has left the chat😂

  • DESI Raj
    DESI Raj Month ago

    Apple have left the chat😂

  • Daniyal Ekram
    Daniyal Ekram Month ago

    Funniest thing I've heard today

  • Siddharth Vlogs
    Siddharth Vlogs Month ago +1

    Apple joined the chat
    Microsoft joined the chat
    Apple left the world

  • ToxicViper107
    ToxicViper107 Month ago +4


  • New Bulgarian Mapper

    **Apple has left the world**

  • Shayde
    Shayde Month ago

    Apple: you all have to use Bluetooth headphones with our newer models
    Microsoft: Heh, yeah ok sure.

  • Angus Lee
    Angus Lee Month ago

    *Apple has left the chat boi*

  • Sea- Moose
    Sea- Moose Month ago

    Now all we need is an Xbox phone with at least one head phone jack.
    Hey it's better than every phone today

  • Moskito10
    Moskito10 Month ago +1

    btw you can buy rechargeable AA batteries.

  • Bryan D.
    Bryan D. Month ago

    *ps4 has left the chat*

  • F.B.I
    F.B.I Month ago


  • Alex_da_ drax
    Alex_da_ drax Month ago +1

    No Legos here

  • Le Thanonator
    Le Thanonator Month ago

    Iphone X?

    BINARYGOD Month ago

    I'm sorry, did you just try to argue that a built-in battery is better?Y
    You can buy, very easily I might add, rechargeable AA's if that matters to you. I very much hope that future Xbox controllers stick with this and do not go the Sony route.

  • HTakara82
    HTakara82 Month ago

    I... don't get it... how does a headphone jack substitute for buttons?

  • Flames Tornado
    Flames Tornado Month ago

    I just came here for apple joke

    HELLFIRE Month ago

    Microsoft stole all apple's headphones.

  • Grant Long
    Grant Long Month ago

    "Apple has left the chat"

  • D twist Rewind
    D twist Rewind Month ago

    All those headphone sockets and not one for a pair of headphones

  • hammy games
    hammy games Month ago

    My favorite video game of all time is borderlands 2

  • hammy games
    hammy games Month ago

    Apple: few at least there’s only 19
    Xbox: I forgot about this one on the side
    *Apple has left the chat*

  • Dieulyne Cenatus
    Dieulyne Cenatus Month ago

    apple is triggered

  • Papa Jon
    Papa Jon Month ago +1

    This was made to flex on apple

  • Nivdy
    Nivdy Month ago +33

    for disabled people, I'm sure this is quite a treat. I'm happy to see controllers for them coming out.

  • Lucas B
    Lucas B Month ago

    The headphone jacks unclip like little legos and they scratch at a level 6 with deeper grooves at a level 7.

  • JoeStuffz
    JoeStuffz Month ago

    There's been a few times where I would have liked to make my own buttons. If all you have to do is jumper a few wires, then the maker community can have a lot of fun with this

  • Jason Hatt
    Jason Hatt Month ago

    Be honest, you clicked on this because of apple didn't you?

  • Jason Hatt
    Jason Hatt Month ago


  • Xnerdz
    Xnerdz Month ago

    For people with 40 hears.

  • Skye
    Skye Month ago

    So they're not actually headphone jacks, they just use the same connector.

  • skimfreak92
    skimfreak92 Month ago

    Most of these are not headphone jacks as they are designed for peripherial controllers, not headphones.
    Unless it is used for audio, it is a 3.5 mm jack, not a headphone jack.

    • intoxxau
      intoxxau Month ago

      The output from the peripheral controllers is usually audio

  • St0ner1995
    St0ner1995 Month ago

    but can i use it for guitar hero?

  • Aidan Donohue
    Aidan Donohue Month ago


  • DUC
    DUC Month ago

    Is it just me or is the vast Tech community just taking Swings at Apple in each and every Video??

  • MrAlex3461
    MrAlex3461 Month ago

    Difficult to believe this was actually a Microsoft product. Perhaps if they made some of there higher profile products this well designed they'd have a better rep. But would they have as much money? are bad design choices driven by profit expenses?

  • Zephen IGuess
    Zephen IGuess Month ago

    I hope we see people with disabilities go into something like e sports

  • FaderCloudYT
    FaderCloudYT Month ago

    Title: "This Xbox Controller has TWENTY Headphone Jacks?!"

    "To the 19 headphone jacks along the top"

    jerry.exe has stopped working

    • FaderCloudYT
      FaderCloudYT Month ago

      +Eldritch Ohh okay, thanks for telling me.

    • Eldritch
      Eldritch Month ago

      The 20th headphone jack is the one on the side, for actual headphones.

  • DewdGaming
    DewdGaming Month ago

    excuse me, they are not headphone jacks, they are auxiliary ports. REEEEEEEEEE

    • KrullMeizter
      KrullMeizter Month ago

      Excuse me, they are not auxiliary ports, they are phone connectors. Get your shit straight smh

  • Peter S.
    Peter S. Month ago

    this is just taking the piss at apple

  • Jenn May
    Jenn May Month ago

    those aren't headphone jacks, they are 3.5mm ac jacks

    • littlesnowflakepunk
      littlesnowflakepunk Month ago

      Not AC, they're digital, so they're essentially the same as a headphone jack.

  • Nikki Rennardo
    Nikki Rennardo Month ago

    Making it work with PlayStation would have been a fucking power move

  • Can Madran
    Can Madran Month ago

    Guitar Hero 2019

  • Krzysztof Zielinski

    AA batteries are actually better in the long run. You can use rechargeable ones - charge then and swap when needed. With fixed battery, even rechargeable, you have to put up with some often proprietary charging cable and deal with decreasing capacity.

  • UltraFilms
    UltraFilms Month ago

    *Finally a controller that suits their customers*

  • ruatsanga white
    ruatsanga white Month ago

    You sound like korg from thor ragnarok

  • Ryytikki
    Ryytikki Month ago

    why are you calling thetm headphone jacks when they're used for exactly nothing to do with headphones?

  • RunningShovel
    RunningShovel Month ago

    Microsoft also used the plastic spiral spring style button for the 360 power button.

  • Farty Person
    Farty Person Month ago

    Nice clickbait

  • Marc Roy
    Marc Roy Month ago

    what the fuck lmao

  • Indian Scam Association ISA

    I can see this being used for VR, if Microsoft does VR.

  • Gamer Gunk
    Gamer Gunk Month ago

    Got 20 headphone jacks but my iPhone has none.

  • affan ahmed
    affan ahmed Month ago

    "Apple has left the chat" :D

  • Petreu
    Petreu Month ago

    Bill gates be like: i have more money than i can use, no need to be a shitty stupid greedy dumbfuck *COUGH* apple

  • Ramees Fathima
    Ramees Fathima Month ago

    Apple has left the chat