• Published on Jun 1, 2015
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  • Mia Barry
    Mia Barry 10 minutes ago

    I just realized BTS listens to this and dances to it a lot

  • Anime Life
    Anime Life 38 minutes ago

    Who watch today???

  • Naranzul Baysgalan
    Naranzul Baysgalan 59 minutes ago

  • yasmin gacha games

    Musica viciante antes só zuava mais agora sei até a letra

  • Munaf Qusay
    Munaf Qusay Hour ago

    ، 🖕🖕

  • ilul thoifatus
    ilul thoifatus Hour ago +1

    i missed them so badly 😢

  • Tiên Cao
    Tiên Cao 2 hours ago


  • mar eliza
    mar eliza 3 hours ago


  • Don Don
    Don Don 3 hours ago +1

    **When the comment section turn to calendars**

  • Izzygrapes
    Izzygrapes 3 hours ago +1

    My little sis said they were bts smh

  • laraheart 0903
    laraheart 0903 4 hours ago


  • Галина Горохова

    so cool

  • nikandra76
    nikandra76 4 hours ago +1

    People stop streaming the dance practice. Let's concentrate in the mv

  • mar lia
    mar lia 4 hours ago

    Kereeen lagunya😍

  • Thanh Tuyền Cao
    Thanh Tuyền Cao 5 hours ago


  • Thanh Tuyền Cao
    Thanh Tuyền Cao 5 hours ago


  • Xandra Smith
    Xandra Smith 5 hours ago +3

    2019??? Get ready the true KINGS👑are coming!!! Hail to the Legend Boy Group of Kpop

  • Love Myself - Love Yourself

    Bang Bang Bang

  • Kim Nguyễn
    Kim Nguyễn 6 hours ago

    Đỉnh quá BIG BANG ui

  • Liam H
    Liam H 9 hours ago +2

    Me as a British person... ??????, chorus “Bang Bang Bang”

  • Rayanne Rodrigues
    Rayanne Rodrigues 10 hours ago +1


  • Daniel Monteiro 承
    Daniel Monteiro 承 11 hours ago +1

    Disacredito que essa musica tem 4 anos

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 4 hours ago

      ana no

    • Daniel Monteiro 承
      Daniel Monteiro 承 10 hours ago

      @ane ana
      Todo homem Coreano precisa servir ao exercito por pelomkns 2 anos de sua vida
      E chegou a hora dos meninos do BB servir,
      Apesar de que algums deles se envolveram em umas tretas bem pesadas a uns tempos, mas fora isso,o grupo ta marcado de voltar em 2021 pra 2022

    • ane ana
      ane ana 10 hours ago

      Me responde uma coisa Big Bang acabou

  • Shanae Urwin
    Shanae Urwin 11 hours ago +4

    I need Jesus after watching this

  • Mapy j
    Mapy j 11 hours ago +3

    I’m so turned on by Taeyang is hurting.

  • Mapy j
    Mapy j 11 hours ago

    T.o.p has a similar voice as RM from BTS. And that’s really impressive.

    (But T.o.p remains the best)

    • neli genova
      neli genova Hour ago

      I'm sick and tired of mentioning rat monster and others...

    • maria r
      maria r 2 hours ago

      Just some info. If it wasnt for TOP underground rappers would never even consider become idols .

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 4 hours ago +2

      RM has a similar voice. TOP was first and is the manual. After him came the others

  • ivanna leon
    ivanna leon 13 hours ago +5

    El mejor grupo de la historia del kpop

  • vip in the house fantastic baby

    *Kings of kpop*

  • Tui Phetsouda
    Tui Phetsouda 13 hours ago +3


  • cla
    cla 14 hours ago

    Squeezie a plus d'abo que BB voilà

  • Cleber 夢
    Cleber 夢 14 hours ago +4


  • Sabine
    Sabine 14 hours ago +1

    Was in 11 seconds and i felt like this feserved my sub and like ģgggggggreeeeeeeaaaaaaat

  • jose ribeiro
    jose ribeiro 14 hours ago +1

    legenda proibido para menores de 10

  • Muzic Style
    Muzic Style 14 hours ago

    Good song

  • Annabelle Kim
    Annabelle Kim 14 hours ago +2


  • PinkBlossomGamer
    PinkBlossomGamer 15 hours ago +5

    2019 anyone ?

  • Szabó Andrea
    Szabó Andrea 15 hours ago

    People, why are you still rooting for them while Seungri is being accused of arranging sexual services and drug distribution, all of them taken place in the nightclub he owns?

    • A. R. Susan
      A. R. Susan 11 hours ago +2

      BS is not his club. He was an investor, dj and promotional director. None of these positions would give anyone access to internal affair of any business. Management has that access and no manager in their sane mind will disclose club's internal affairs especially crimes to an outside party like investor. So whatever crime might happened in BS seungri will never be held responsible for those which is why police are not linking him to BS's crime. The only link he has to BS right now is the allegation of him embezzling BS fund.

    • White ZekHani
      White ZekHani 11 hours ago +1

      he didn't own the club. it was Lee seunghyun ( same name as seungri) he has been arrested as of now. regarding prostitution it is also cleared as of now after the prosecution

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 12 hours ago +1

      Szabó Andrea bitch, what drug distribution? Stop adding, there are no victims, those women are being charged too. Escorts are not victims.

    • nikandra76
      nikandra76 12 hours ago +1

      Lol VIP is not about views we are really fans. People like you “army” spreading the news without proofs first. You maybe just got into kpop and never heard about Seungri. So get out of bigbang videos. Yes we love these dorks.

  • Alperen Bulbul
    Alperen Bulbul 15 hours ago

    Büssürü şarkı yapın

  • Marcia Tarifa
    Marcia Tarifa 16 hours ago +2

    Son los lo máximo

  • Hương Trần
    Hương Trần 16 hours ago +2

    Big bang Kings

  • Hương Trần
    Hương Trần 16 hours ago +2


  • Liu liu
    Liu liu 17 hours ago +1

    394 319 386

  • Amanda Silva
    Amanda Silva 17 hours ago +2

    나는이 노래를 사랑한다.

  • Elena Lin
    Elena Lin 18 hours ago +2

    Miss ma kingsssss

  • Nicole Fernandez
    Nicole Fernandez 18 hours ago +1

    When the intro comes.

    It's YG

  • Zahra Rahoui
    Zahra Rahoui 18 hours ago +1


  • 楊澤坤
    楊澤坤 19 hours ago +2

    2019 bang bang bang

  • Mohamed Elmaimouni
    Mohamed Elmaimouni 19 hours ago +7

    Who is here to make this video 400M
    Let’s do it vips we are the best and we can do it

  • bass_ 48
    bass_ 48 19 hours ago


  • WLSRey Gamer
    WLSRey Gamer 19 hours ago +3

    I Dare You!!

    To like this comment

  • thatz gurl
    thatz gurl 19 hours ago +3

    t.o.p oppa is back now guys!! and later gd oppa too :)))

  • Mon Ú
    Mon Ú 20 hours ago +4

    2019 :)

  • Aaron Liew
    Aaron Liew 20 hours ago +1

    G dragon you are so sracy

  • Vexiy
    Vexiy 20 hours ago +1

    I still missed Seungri

  • Vy 18150408 Lê
    Vy 18150408 Lê 21 hour ago +2

    go go go 400M , we can do it

  • Miema GDstan
    Miema GDstan 22 hours ago +2

    (26/6/2019) 394,293,188 M

  • Hard Dragon
    Hard Dragon 22 hours ago +3

    Who need come back Bigbang?

  • jinpaca time
    jinpaca time 22 hours ago +3

    2019 anyone?

    • neli genova
      neli genova Hour ago

      @jinpaca time really?

    • jinpaca time
      jinpaca time 9 hours ago

      ​@neli genova It's 2019?

    • neli genova
      neli genova 15 hours ago

      What's wrong with you honestly? This is 2039 already and we are still here.

  • Chú cún mang tên Nasus
    Chú cún mang tên Nasus 22 hours ago +4

    Legend never die

  • Gia Huy Trần
    Gia Huy Trần 22 hours ago +3


  • Mamah Omih
    Mamah Omih 23 hours ago +2

    Buat Haters, kalian ngata2in tapi kalian nonton.. makasih buat nambah2 vi3ws yahhh.. Haters make them more more more famous 😊

  • yến nhi
    yến nhi 23 hours ago +2

    I love you Big Bang

  • Горгий Плэй

    Я один с just dance 2k19?

  • Adrian Rombesalu

    Ini mv apa tai

  • Eddie Ramos
    Eddie Ramos Day ago

    American pop could never

  • Otaku
    Otaku Day ago +3

    400M fighting💪💪💪

  • MinDetonator96
    MinDetonator96 Day ago

    Producer: So what's my budget for the music video?
    Studio Executives: Yes.

  • Sumidus Twinnys
    Sumidus Twinnys Day ago +1

    this song ohh no i want to go thhat era again with strong music vibes and full of swag

  • Gyazkuy Gaming
    Gyazkuy Gaming Day ago +3

    Bang bang bang!!

  • Youhee Cl
    Youhee Cl Day ago +3

    400M 👑 🎉🎉🎉

  • phạm phạm
    phạm phạm Day ago +1


  • Matheus Roza
    Matheus Roza Day ago


  • Exol Park
    Exol Park Day ago +2

    Por dios amo esta cancion🤤🤤

  • Tēxńg Teang
    Tēxńg Teang Day ago +2

    Who is still watching this?❤️

  • hardminder
    hardminder Day ago +1

    fuckin rapists

    • Sung K
      Sung K 6 hours ago +1

      There 👏is👏 not 👏even👏 a 👏single 👏rape 👏accusation 👏against👏 his 👏name👏 from 👏the 👏very 👏beginning👏.
      Do you mind read your own link?
      That bbc news said it clearly, what Seungri suspect is “procuring prostitutes for his business and had embezzled funds at Burning Sun”, NOT rape! And that fits the investigations he has been through according to official statement from Seoul Metropolitan Police.
      People involved rape are in second paragraph “Several of his celebrity K-pop friends”!!! They are JJY and CJH, Roy Kim and Eddie Kim... they are either be arrested or charged by prosecutors already. Check it, is seungri’s name in it? Those victims are not his victims.
      All these information you can find it easily in official statement of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on June 25 and Seoul Central District Court decision which rejected seungri’s arrest warrant on 14th May.
      Next time before you accuse someone a rapist, make sure you follow the case close and do enough research. Make a post like this simply because a news is not just irresponsible, it’s called cyber defamation. You might be criminal yourself.
      Btw, despise juridical system and blindly believe in media, is the beginning of modern witch hunt. If you are a fan of that, then wish you good luck and never be the center of it.

    • hardminder
      hardminder 16 hours ago

      White ZekHani And you tell me not to trust BBC but you blindly believe in the judicial system and in verdict given to millionaire contradictory of you to reason that way...

    • hardminder
      hardminder 17 hours ago

      White ZekHani i never said anything about recording. I wrote "rape" it autorrected to "tape"

    • rabin darya
      rabin darya 20 hours ago

      @White ZekHani when some stupid and retarded person doesnt want to read real and true news so let them stay forever in shit

  • Miracle GOT7
    Miracle GOT7 Day ago +1

    Me voy a llorar bye

  • PAPU and PAPO
    PAPU and PAPO Day ago +1

    Gays cacas

  • Lê Nguyễn
    Lê Nguyễn Day ago +1


  • シティターン
    シティターン Day ago +1


  • K1NG •
    K1NG • Day ago +2

    2019 anyone??

  • bar snack
    bar snack Day ago +1

    rot in hell

    • bar snack
      bar snack 23 hours ago

      @rabin darya you know what they did to girls you fuckwit?

    • rabin darya
      rabin darya Day ago +1

      OH I see you are roting in hell poor You 😓😓😨

  • Emma Khanzadyan
    Emma Khanzadyan Day ago +4

    it's time to make this video 400 million guys

  • Marco Liedorp
    Marco Liedorp Day ago

    why is bigbang dissbanded :(

    • Paulina gtz
      Paulina gtz 14 hours ago +1

      Marco Liedorp
      Only seungri left BIGBANG, is 4 now.

    • White ZekHani
      White ZekHani Day ago +2

      They are together but are on hiatus in military. They would be coming out this year. T.o.p in first week of July

    • lesley dupont
      lesley dupont Day ago +3

      Hello bigbang mot disbanded

  • Jennifer trilles
    Jennifer trilles Day ago +4

    This craft is timeless..💙❤💓💜💛💖

  • Multi Stan
    Multi Stan Day ago

    I watch the video except I skip seungri part

  • あごちんそむ


  • 許智皓
    許智皓 Day ago


  • 許智皓
    許智皓 Day ago


  • 許智皓
    許智皓 Day ago


  • khuongtoan nguyen

    Ai 2019 còn xem điểm danh 👉👉

  • Adilia get
    Adilia get Day ago +3

    I miss them.....😭😭😭😥

  • 최승현K
    최승현K Day ago +12

    came back here watching their videos because of the news that T.O.P will be discharged this coming summer😍 Fighting!!! VIP's

  • Neetu Gupta
    Neetu Gupta Day ago

    Idk why i hate when they say 'bang bang...'

    • White ZekHani
      White ZekHani Day ago +4

      Don't come here then? No one is asking you to listen to this

  • FXXK it
    FXXK it Day ago +2


  • Linh Nguyen
    Linh Nguyen Day ago +5

    Miss Bigbang 🥰🥰🥰

    BTS TUS PATRONES Day ago +4

    G DRAGON❤❤ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Duy Trần
    Duy Trần Day ago +1


  • Yu Ma
    Yu Ma Day ago +1


  • man kenji
    man kenji Day ago +5

    400M otw VIP!!