OnePlus 6T: 90-Day Review

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Our OnePlus 6T review is finally here, after spending 90 days with the phone. In our OnePlus 6T review we dive into the similarities and differences the phone shares with the original OnePlus 6 and also compare its features to the new Honor View 20 which is probably the best OnePlus contender we've seen in a long time.
    The OnePlus 6T is an incredible smartphone and offers the best bang for your buck if you're looking for a flagship Android device.
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Comments • 243

  • Mark Kowalski
    Mark Kowalski 2 months ago

    good review

  • nightcored ivan
    nightcored ivan 7 months ago

    I really want that phone but i cant afford it

  • Evan Mouradian
    Evan Mouradian 7 months ago

    Hope when the Oneplus 7 comes out, they'll bring the 6t to the Sprint network like they did with Verizon when 6t first came out.

  • Orange County Productions

    I used the note, iPhone and one plus. Note is by far the best but because of pricing one plus is my killer choice. Love it and not regretting it. iPhone in no offense is a piece of sh*t

  • Anthony Junk
    Anthony Junk 8 months ago +2

    Why buy a phone to get the launcher you want when you can just change to the Google launcher? Or Nova? Or any other number of options... this IS Android after all.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  8 months ago

      Having a clean Android experience is more than just having a clean launcher. There are quick settings, notification panel, lock screen, main setting app and many other features to consider.

  • Zain Anwar The Legend
    Zain Anwar The Legend 8 months ago

    Watching on my McLaren Edition 6T 😍

  • Nikos Diakos
    Nikos Diakos 8 months ago

    Does someone can answer me about the call quality on 6t is it good cause i hear in some reviews tha it isnt very good...

  • Bobby Ghost
    Bobby Ghost 8 months ago

    I think the one plus is water proof but they don't advertise it because they'd have to raise prices due to cost of certification

  • Szymon Zioltkowski
    Szymon Zioltkowski 8 months ago

    Im waiting for the oneplus 7

  • Overklock
    Overklock 8 months ago

    Installed a glass screen protector on my 6t and it basically killed the fingerprint scanner. Sad but luckily the face unlock works great.

    • Overklock
      Overklock 8 months ago

      @Harshini Nurs nope. Aftermarket Amazon screen protector.

    • Harshini Nurs
      Harshini Nurs 8 months ago

      The original oneplus screen protector??

  • /Abandoned|Planet
    /Abandoned|Planet 8 months ago

    Fucking ten minute video there's two ads. Flossy puts out 2 hours of content and I might see 2 ads.

  • Marko Kojic
    Marko Kojic 8 months ago

    My problem is that OP6T costs the same as S9+, and I still don't know which one to buy... I don't like S9+ because of the bad battery, but I'm not sure how much the 6T camera is competitive with S9+... Please help :)

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W 8 months ago +2

    Scan your primary finger again so that it has multiple points to recognize. The machine is a beast for half the price of any other samsung/apple product out there

  • roufdrapht
    roufdrapht 8 months ago

    >no headphone jack
    >no expandable storage
    >not waterproof
    I'll stick with the xa1 ultra for now, it costs like $180

  • Pretty Boy Flizzy
    Pretty Boy Flizzy 8 months ago

    I have the 6t I like the pop camera might sell it tbh

  • Anime_Malay_Studios
    Anime_Malay_Studios 8 months ago +3

    Let's hope OP7 gonna be beast fon . Sd855 , stereo speaker, weight below 190g, smaller notch, battery 4000mah😃💪👍👍

  • Caleb Greene
    Caleb Greene 8 months ago

    Now you're hollering. My finger print scanner is working like 98% of the time

    • Marielle Phares
      Marielle Phares 8 months ago

      My guess is it depends on the quality of your fingerprints. Some people (usually older) have very faint prints.

  • ICY 300
    ICY 300 8 months ago

    I like the dash board better Imo...

  • Horse Rider
    Horse Rider 8 months ago

    Watching on my new OnePlus 6T...
    It's awesome

  • tharey69
    tharey69 8 months ago

    Sorry but I looking into buying one 1+6t but I'm not sure if it is going to work with Verizon wireless or not can anyone tell me

    • tharey69
      tharey69 8 months ago

      @pugpuggle thank you because I have order it and I was starting to regret it I will let you know it's gonna work

    • pugpuggle
      pugpuggle 8 months ago

      It has Verizon support

    • megaleadjp
      megaleadjp 8 months ago

      Tmobile is selling it.

  • Pedro Ferreira
    Pedro Ferreira 8 months ago

    Did u have problems with battery life comparing to first days? In my first days i had like 7 or 8 hours with normal use like gaming and Instagram etc, and in think with the 9.0.11 version, i only get 5 hours with a lightier use xs
    ( Already rebooted the phone like the Brand said me to do but its the same ...)

  • Night Shed
    Night Shed 8 months ago

    When he says it'll die in a pool, he hasn't tested it. Mine dropped in and was fine just don't leave it too long.

  • Carlos Kirigaya
    Carlos Kirigaya 8 months ago +1

    I chose the OP 6t because of the bigger battery, smaller notch,smaller chin, and gorilla glass 6, but not gonna lie I do miss the headphone jack

  • Zeebra
    Zeebra 8 months ago +4

    the camera is no where neatr the quality of the xs ! when you zoom in on the pics they get very blurry

    • Sis Whats Tea
      Sis Whats Tea 7 months ago

      @Zeebra that the camera in XS is better than 6t's camera

    • Zeebra
      Zeebra 7 months ago

      @Sis Whats Tea duh what?

    • Sis Whats Tea
      Sis Whats Tea 7 months ago

      Well duh

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 8 months ago

    What's the storage like will you be able to install alot of apps as it has no sd card slot 🤔

  • Jordy
    Jordy 8 months ago

    Been using de 6t for a couple of months after many years of iPhone use and I Love IT!!. No more absurd expensive iPhones for me 👍 scanner works 99% for me so... great phone great price and slick and solid look.

  • Wesley M.
    Wesley M. 8 months ago

    I got an iphone xr and this phone is tempting me to go back to android 🤔

  • Ankit Khanna
    Ankit Khanna 8 months ago

    The Fingerprint Sensor works for me 90-95% of the time and it has even got faster with time. I use the right thumb most times and the left one a few times. The left one is still that tid bit slower however the right one over the 100 days has become as quick as the rear FP Sensor. I even managed to get the McLaren Edition animation and that for some weird reason has increased the unlocking speed even more.

  • Diego F
    Diego F 8 months ago

    you live in berkeley?

  • Gib Gob
    Gib Gob 9 months ago

    Is this better than LG g7?

  • Leonel Espinoza
    Leonel Espinoza 9 months ago

    Waching on my one plus 6 and I am satisfied

  • cntcht
    cntcht 9 months ago

    I've been rockin' my OnePlus 6 since it went on sale on the website back in May. I absolutely love this phone. I had Androids in the past (HTC and Samung Galaxy's), before I switched to an iPhone 5, then 6 plus. I researched constantly before narrowing it down to the Pixel 2 XL and the OnePlus 6. 300+ dollars just for a better camera? Nah. I love everything about my phone, and I'll probably buy another OnePlus product, unless Google's Pixel 4 makes me think otherwise.

    ØMÆŘ ŠÆßĘŘ 9 months ago

    I'm waiting for oneplus 7

  • Vishal Yadav
    Vishal Yadav 9 months ago

    6T owner here made the right decision

  • Sean Paul Alejandro
    Sean Paul Alejandro 9 months ago

    The 6 notch is too big

  • santiago Aldaco
    santiago Aldaco 9 months ago

    Did he said "a basic camera" and then "a very nice camera and video experience"???

    • santiago Aldaco
      santiago Aldaco 9 months ago

      @Phandroid thak you ,just have the Doud anyways I hope I get my hands on this phone soon ,would you recommend the bullet wireless too?

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago

      I sure did. There's a difference between basic components and good implementation. Compared to what Samsung, Huawei, LG and other OEMsbare doing, the camera hardware on the OnePlus 6T is pretty basic, but the results are not.

  • Abish Khadka
    Abish Khadka 9 months ago

    Can you explain me about os

  • Matic Mirt
    Matic Mirt 9 months ago

  • SAAD hussain
    SAAD hussain 9 months ago

    I don't know why but my PUBG gameplay lags alot😑 and if I use any screen recorders to save my gameplay my phone just hangs and becomes un responsive!

  • Lalnuntluanga Chhakchhuak

    6 is better than 6T

  • Heinzkitz Velvet
    Heinzkitz Velvet 9 months ago +42

    8:27 " Here's the thing, the Oneplus 6 isn't really an improvement over the original Oneplus 6"
    Makes sense to me.

    • Heinzkitz Velvet
      Heinzkitz Velvet 7 months ago

      You must be as retarded as you appear to be. Fail reading comprehension class much? Read it again, snapper head. 🙄🙄
      "You can't fix stupid" evidently I can't escape it either.

    • Joseph Capocci
      Joseph Capocci 7 months ago

      You must be your girls bitch, she gave you the inferior phone.

    • Heinzkitz Velvet
      Heinzkitz Velvet 7 months ago

      @Joseph Capocci Actually, I bought the 6t and instead of keeping it for myself, I gave it to my fiancé and kept my 6. LMFAO!!!!!
      You don't know nearly as much as you think you do, Einstein. But you stick with your theories, smart guy, they seem to be working for you.😂😂😂😂

    • Joseph Capocci
      Joseph Capocci 7 months ago

      The 6t is a larger screen, less chin at the bottom, more notifactions at the top, no notch and when you put them side by side looks much cleaner and more immersive. The battery life is much better on the 6t, alot better. Also the 6t starts at 128 gigs, there is no 64 gig version and its the same price for base version, this means anyone who bought the 6 with 64 gigs got ripped off because the 6t 128 gig model sold for same price. speaker is also louder. When you put both phones side by side they look nothing alike, 6t is much better looking. I could go on but no need to. I think your a little mad you bought the 6 and didnt wait. LOL

    • Zia rehman
      Zia rehman 8 months ago


  • Bernie Fen
    Bernie Fen 9 months ago

    Love my OP6T... this phone could literally last me for the next 2 - 3 years at the most.

  • Johnny B Man
    Johnny B Man 9 months ago

    I don't have any problems with the in screen finger print scanner, it scans right, 99% of the time, i just pay attention to how my finger should be placed, after a few weeks it became muscle memory and i don't think about it and get like i said 99% of the time, and that 1% is user error.

  • M.
    M. 9 months ago +10

    Oneplus 6t is the best phone available. Before price, the software alone makes it the best already.

  • Igor Verhovsky
    Igor Verhovsky 9 months ago

    1:05 may seem like old news ???? What the fuck is happening to this world?? :0

  • Joshua Daniel
    Joshua Daniel 9 months ago

    8:29 the OnePlus 6 isn’t an improvement over the 6?

  • A Y
    A Y 9 months ago +1

    Any body who got it
    Let us know how it is

    • Rice
      Rice 9 months ago

      Im smells like dog feert

  • Obi Aghamelu
    Obi Aghamelu 9 months ago +9

    Watching on a Oneplus One 😀

  • jeff
    jeff 9 months ago +2

    Idk if its just me but my 6t has gotten noticeibly slower

    • Robinho's Left Foot
      Robinho's Left Foot 8 months ago

      @Karuiko How would you check if your phone has bloatware slowing it down?

    • Karuiko
      Karuiko 9 months ago +1

      Perhaps you've installed some bloatware?

  • auriongray
    auriongray 9 months ago +3

    Hope they add dual speakers in the next phone

  • thezx
    thezx 9 months ago

    Idk which phone to get. Should I wait for oneplus 7? Or just buy oneplus 6t?

    • maen Alnjadat
      maen Alnjadat 6 months ago

      Is it better than iphone 8 plus??

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago +2

      If you need a phone now, just get the OnePlus 6 or 6T. You can always play the waiting game, but there is always something new coming up so you could be left waiting forever.

  • Oscar martin
    Oscar martin 9 months ago +5

    Registering twice each fingerprint and it works 100%. You're welcome.

    • jeff
      jeff 9 months ago

      @Phandroid it works well if you turn the face unlock off, trust me i tried

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago

      Yeah, did that. Still takes forever and doesn't always work. Things will get better with the next version.

  • Wayne Yingling
    Wayne Yingling 9 months ago +4

    Seems to me that the Oneplus covers alot more LTE bands than the View 20. IMO, using the View 20 in the U.S. is risky in terms of coverage.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago

      Correct. The View 20cdoes have LTE coverage on AT&T and tmobile, but not all bands. OnePlus 6T is better here in the US. Over in Europe, they are both about even.

  • Rero
    Rero 9 months ago +2

    Spreading misinformation with the IP rating. OnePlus doesnt have one cause its not worth it to pay for the rating. It is at least the equivalent of an IP67 with MANY youtubers showing it in action.

    • Rero
      Rero 9 months ago

      @Phandroid what are you even talking about? It shows the phone can clearly withstand water equivalent to a IP67. You cant just dismiss those tests when they clearly show it being resistant for a long period of time.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago

      I'm sorry, but just because a RU-clip puts the phone in water and it survives does not mean that it has equivalent IP rating. You can also find quite a few tests where people tried to put the phone in water and it did not survive. An official IP rating means that there have been testing to ensure that the phone will service within certain conditions. That testing was not done.

  • Avarosa
    Avarosa 9 months ago +6

    But you can get the Galaxy S9 for less than $500 now.

    • Boundless Atilier
      Boundless Atilier 8 months ago +1

      @E B worse battery life, and performance compared to the OnePlus 6T, but the camera, display are miles better in the s9

    • Ax El
      Ax El 8 months ago

      Not new from any carrier like tmobile

    • E B
      E B 8 months ago

      Guilherme Ferreira are you saying Galaxy S9 suck or outdated ??

    • Guilherme Ferreira
      Guilherme Ferreira 9 months ago +1

      That's antique.

  • John Carlyle
    John Carlyle 9 months ago

    90 days and you failed to notice the lack of notification led :-/

  • fnk8833
    fnk8833 9 months ago +1

    This device will survive a drop in water. Someone submerge the 6T plus in to a glass of water up to five minutes without any damage to the device.

    • Phandroid
      Phandroid  9 months ago

      The pressure inside a glass of water is dramatically different than being submerged up to 1 meter or more. The pressure from the water is what forces the liquid inside the cracks on the phone. This device should be fine if you get it wet in the rain or spill some water on it.

  • Tenzack YOGI
    Tenzack YOGI 9 months ago

    Screen brightness kinda messed when you're in the bed in dark up plus digital clock need customized colors.

  • Amrit Raj
    Amrit Raj 9 months ago +16

    Watching it on 6T

  • Talos 620
    Talos 620 9 months ago

    Are you kidding me!? This phone is a huge improvement over the original 6.....I can use on the Verizon network!!! Enough said.