Jungkook's habits reaction (UWU THE POUT) // ItsGeorginaOkay

  • Published on Oct 29, 2018
  • In this video I react to Jungkook's habits
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Comments • 108

  • Herzie Santos
    Herzie Santos 2 months ago

    so adorable! 😍😍😍😍😍

  • anabel martinez
    anabel martinez 6 months ago

    3 years older!? How old are you??? He’s four years older than me and we don’t look the same age

  • bak j
    bak j 8 months ago +2

    I'm thinking you love JUNGKOOK

  • Mohammad Shoeb
    Mohammad Shoeb 9 months ago

    Milim flipu

  • Novie Ganela
    Novie Ganela 10 months ago

    Jungkook is my bias i like everything to him

  • Amanda faith
    Amanda faith 11 months ago +1

    Jungkook only does his head tilts when he feels challenged. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen and it makes me tear up.

  • Amanda faith
    Amanda faith 11 months ago

    I noticed that when Jungkook zones out, his eyes go super huge. It’s super adorable. I love it.

  • Raven -Chan
    Raven -Chan 11 months ago

    You said his name wrong. Using UwU you weeb!

  • Day6 Lauren
    Day6 Lauren 11 months ago

    Can u do yoongi!

  • Kookie Rosie
    Kookie Rosie Year ago

    V’s version pleasee

  • dorkyleaf
    dorkyleaf Year ago

    Jin's habits! my bias!

  • Min Holly Water
    Min Holly Water Year ago

    I zone out sooo much sometimes if someone calls me they have to repeat themselves like 3 times for me to hear them bc I’ll just be in my own world or focused on one thing that no one else sees

  • urom alwro
    urom alwro Year ago

    I'm gona react to you instead 😍😍😍😍

  • kezy koala
    kezy koala Year ago

    Aye my bias ♥

  • thriller potato
    thriller potato Year ago

    My Habits:
    Licking Lips
    Biting Inner cheek
    Letting my head fall back - in stress
    Slap thigh/Clap/Wheeze when laughing
    Biting my lip
    putting my hands under my chin when bored (it looms like i’m doing aegyo)

  • Dani Helps
    Dani Helps Year ago

    i have the same habits as jungkook and when im embarrest i have the same habit as jimin xD (MY ENGLSIH IS BAD) btw my mom has some of rms habits and same about my dad xDD

  • Kelsey Hardman
    Kelsey Hardman Year ago

    Georgina your four years older than me😮

  • Ms. Violet
    Ms. Violet Year ago

    Georgina Unnie!! Please react to Bts x Charlie Puth at GMA! Borahae💜
    Also unnie! I followed you on twitter🌈

  • RienQue Moi
    RienQue Moi Year ago +1

    Please react to more of taeyeon !!!

  • rita costa
    rita costa Year ago

    Please react a new cameback of Exo

  • Taeangel xoxo
    Taeangel xoxo Year ago +5

    Awww!😍 Junkook is ma bias wrecker!😘

  • 이혜민
    이혜민 Year ago


  • kidung jeung
    kidung jeung Year ago


  • fiyona monaban
    fiyona monaban Year ago


  • I’m obsessed With friends ehehehhe

    I once zoned out, we were in music class and I looked out the window, it was so sunny in Scotland so I was happy. I didn't listen to anything and the teacher kept saying "Hello? Hello! Sophie!!!" And I came back to reality. I really can't be placed where I can look out into the sky lol

  • Vanvan Ordas
    Vanvan Ordas Year ago +1

    please react to namjoons habit

    • Amanda faith
      Amanda faith 11 months ago

      Vanvan Ordas She did! You should go and check it out if you haven’t already.

  • Vixikie
    Vixikie Year ago

    Noise scrunch almost seem like a common korean thing to do idk why.

  • tawa pa
    tawa pa Year ago

    please react to BLACKPINK & BTS - DDU-DU DDU-DU X FAKE LOVE (MASHUP) video


  • Jazzmine xo
    Jazzmine xo Year ago

    React to Exo Tempo please

  • Gossen
    Gossen Year ago


  • Gossen
    Gossen Year ago


  • Gossen
    Gossen Year ago

    Hello Georgina, please react this video.
    ( Mic Drop - V Focus )

  • Keun Ho Ryu
    Keun Ho Ryu Year ago


  • Keun Ho Ryu
    Keun Ho Ryu Year ago

    movie "classic"

  • Keun Ho Ryu
    Keun Ho Ryu Year ago


  • The Clumsy Artist
    The Clumsy Artist Year ago +1

    The background music during the intro and outro reminds me of Kasey Golden.

  • Leyetelle Blue
    Leyetelle Blue Year ago +6

    "When I do nose scrunches I look like I’ve been sat on" this killed me😂

  • Army&monbebe &igot7&revel up

    love this reaction please react to got7 vines this certain video it’s so funnyyy the link is just below

  • eatjimin_
    eatjimin_ Year ago

    I got my head tilts habits from him because i keep seeing his video :I

  • 松尾泉
    松尾泉 Year ago

    please could you react to this? ♥♥♥ -> ru-clip.com/video/9Q9bfQ5Ep8s/video.html
    it's 20 minutes video of BTS's growth broadcasted by one of Korea's most famous broadcasting station, and I'm sure it's worth watching. The reporter speaks in English, and there are eng subs!

  • étoile_ filante
    étoile_ filante Year ago

    Kookie ❤❤

  • Isica Xoxo
    Isica Xoxo Year ago +2

    You should react to waste it on me it has BTS on it (it is a BTS song they all sing in English)

  • 사랑해 BTS kookie

    사랑해 Bunny kookie

  • zie mon
    zie mon Year ago

    Please react IKON group...

  • oh! c'mon! shit down, shit down!

    Can you please react on Steve Aoki & BTS's new song "Waste It On Me" . It's whole bop.

  • Min Iatis
    Min Iatis Year ago

    I still zone out

  • El Jaz Min
    El Jaz Min Year ago

    I stutter all the time and its so annoying, i stutter a lot nore when im excited or talking to much i can get the words out! 😂

  • Bryan Vargas
    Bryan Vargas Year ago

    I love your reactions,you are the best girl

  • lunar._covers
    lunar._covers Year ago

    4:28 he mostly does that when he feels challenged

  • V sora
    V sora Year ago

    Love you

  • Meriem Army_panda
    Meriem Army_panda Year ago +1

    *Jimin ssi =Mr. Jimin*

  • Gabriel Bondad
    Gabriel Bondad Year ago

    y is koya so c u t e in the background lol (seriously it be cuter than me)

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi Year ago

    Your nose is cute, your nose scrunches are fine, my nose is big, this makes it a mess

  • Azalea 14
    Azalea 14 Year ago +32

    Yes, Jungkook picks the hair on his face, I've noticed it aswell and he has a lot more habits like covering his nose instead of his mouth when he yawns, he squeezes his bottle when he drinks, he bites his nails and sniffles a lot ect. 😂

    • i purple you
      i purple you 9 months ago

      and he raises his shoulders when he giggles🤩

    • Amanda faith
      Amanda faith 10 months ago

      Azalea 14 I bite my nails too. But I do it to the point that I bleed.

    • J A
      J A Year ago +1

      Yeah this habits supposed included in the list

  • Toothfairy
    Toothfairy Year ago +58

    ”When they do nose scrunches they look really cute but when I do it I just look like I’ve been sat on” I literally screamed!! Girl same here!!


    my 👄 and 👀 are dry all the time too.

  • cantsleep zz
    cantsleep zz Year ago +1

    Would you ever date an asian boi?

    • Amanda faith
      Amanda faith 11 months ago

      cantsleep zz I would. Especially if it’s a BTS member


    You should react to another k-pop groups not only bts

  • Demi Snyder
    Demi Snyder Year ago

    I'm pretty sure that the ssi part is like another way to address some one formally and if they are older than u

    • XrayLiz
      XrayLiz Year ago

      Demi Snyder not older younger which Jimin is not and why he gets flustered when JK says it.

  • Bangtan kookie
    Bangtan kookie Year ago +11

    Jimin-ssi basically means Mr. Jimin