A ride in a Waymo driverless car

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • TechCrunch contributor Ed Niedemeyer gets a ride in Waymo's driverless Chrysler Pacifica minivan in the Phoenix suburb of Chandler. The company is starting to match members of its early rider program with driverless rides as it starts scaling up its robotaxi service.
    For more on Waymo's driverless car: tcrn.ch/2NvKpaf
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Comments • 202

  • Harry Solomon
    Harry Solomon 4 days ago

    Will they work on the edge of a cliff?

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson 11 days ago

    Considering Waymo recorded the killing of a woman crossing the street. It wouldn't surprise me if this was a front for Big Brother. Mass surveillance is their main priority.

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M 12 days ago

    Or, from another perspective, no more driving the car how you want it, where you want it and with nobody tot know that. It will be :Zzzap!! And your car îs switched off or even more scary, take you to Court without you wanting that.

  • viraltaco
    viraltaco Month ago +2

    Ok… Got it. Their product isn't cars. It's taxis.

  • Jeannine Coventon
    Jeannine Coventon Month ago +3

    It seems really creepy...driverless scares me

    • Josh Thompson
      Josh Thompson 11 days ago

      It has constant video data of it's surroundings and there is always someone behind the wheel. I am sure mass surveillance has nothing to do with it.

  • Victoria Loss
    Victoria Loss Month ago

    I don't think you're telling the truth about how long testing has been going on. Until now nobody believed me. I lived in Phoenix in 2001. A vehicle pulled up next to me at a stop light and there was nobody in it. If you would have said any other place in the world I never would have put the 2 together(this video+my experience). Regardless it's still a really neat concept and I would definitely take a cruise in one

  • tae kim
    tae kim Month ago

    bad, the car arrived in 1 min $2000 a month unlimited
    arrived in 5 to 10 min $1700 a month unlimited
    have to wait between 20 mn to 30 min $1200 a month unlimited or limited
    no time guaranty in an hour 900 a month

    car upgrade 400(feature luxury package wine computer whatever)
    speed up upgrade 600 dollars.
    they are going to control the road. let people pay more go faster.

  • marta pauvre
    marta pauvre Month ago

    3:11 what happened to this guy’s forehead

  • Justin Dunaway
    Justin Dunaway Month ago +1

    So...what if the car is hacked while in route to school with a car load of kids. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a real, live, breathing human behind the wheel to take over in case of an emergency. I know I wouldn't let my kids in a autonomous driverless vehicle. Dont fuel yourself people, these machines will make you lose your entrepreneurial freedom some day soon. Take action or dont take action.

    • Paul Byatt
      Paul Byatt Month ago

      Totally agree. Future generations will have nothing to do & no jobs. Technology is how goverments will control every aspect of our lives.

  • King Mener
    King Mener 2 months ago

    I can't wait to drink and not get paranoid about getting a DUI ....

  • King Mener
    King Mener 2 months ago

    Aleins taking jobs from Americans

  • c c
    c c 2 months ago

    ...Psyop Staged By the United Terrorist Snakes (War Criminal)& the World Elite

  • Amanda G
    Amanda G 2 months ago +1

    Idk if I would feel comfortable riding in a driverless car

  • Santo Deportes
    Santo Deportes 2 months ago

    1:42 ..hum good question lmao

  • meowmeow
    meowmeow 2 months ago +1

    I want the
    "I'm on meth....on the verge of blacking out" experience.
    Or the
    "I'm running from the police and have nothing to lose" experience.

    • Josh Thompson
      Josh Thompson 11 days ago +1

      If GTA 5 can add a mod for the Pacifica, I would greatly appreciate that.

  • Mateo San
    Mateo San 2 months ago

    One issue they haven't commented on is safety from robbers on the road, any person will be able to stop your car with an stop sign or whatever, and then proceed to do its 'business'. Right now you have the option to accelerate and not stop, but its based on a judgement call that the car can't make right now by itself. I hope they address this soon.

  • Zi-Yen Chew
    Zi-Yen Chew 2 months ago +3

    Wonder if I will ever see the day where every vehicle is self driven. I'm honestly not sure what to think about that but if every vehicle is centrally controlled vehicle to vehicle accidents should be near impossible to happen

  • RJ 8U
    RJ 8U 2 months ago +1

    Didn't Waymo let go about 100 employees just last month 😕😕. These cars are pretty expensive..you guys should have ask how much each car cost with all of those self driving parts 👍

  • Ten Slider
    Ten Slider 2 months ago +1

    these things on the road with new york drivers is a sight to see, I can't wait.

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 2 months ago +3

    Can it drive in rain or snow?

    • Josh Thompson
      Josh Thompson 11 days ago

      I used to love the Pacifica when it first came out. I now have nightmares about them.

    • Adam Smith
      Adam Smith Month ago +1


  • modomodo4891
    modomodo4891 2 months ago +20

    I want to see them driving on Indian roads 😂

  • Mickiii P
    Mickiii P 2 months ago


  • Heaven Seeker
    Heaven Seeker 2 months ago +1

    No volume on the roads or inclement weather factors taken seen on this video. Please bring ‘driverless’ technology to highway 401 in Toronto or Gardiner Expressway and see how well it does here.

    • Andrew F
      Andrew F 2 months ago +1

      During a snowstorm

  • Coyotexer
    Coyotexer 2 months ago +1

    I'm just gonna wait until it can drive during bad weather.

    • Ten Slider
      Ten Slider 2 months ago

      hence why they're only doing test pilot only on the west cost.

  • Anony mous
    Anony mous 2 months ago +1

    people shit on Uber's stock, once this stuff is mastered it's gonna be worth so much, it'll just take years

    • Samuele Saini
      Samuele Saini 2 months ago

      Oh wait they already have 2, google maps and waze. They just need to add a button “book a ride”

    • Samuele Saini
      Samuele Saini 2 months ago

      Anony mous once waymo has master head the self driving car, couldn’t they just launch a ride hailing app and put Uber out of business for good?

  • Mark Plott
    Mark Plott 2 months ago

    Tech Crunch - Waymo is Decades behind what Tesla can do Today.

    • Sweden EVguru
      Sweden EVguru 23 days ago

      Haha Tesla are level 2 Today waymo are Level 4-5 but Google done this since 2009 so ofcourse they lead in autonomous vehicles

    • jan simonides
      jan simonides 27 days ago

      No, it is not.

    • Corey
      Corey 2 months ago

      @Mark Plott Ya, ok 🤣

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      @Corey - Tesla Summon works well for a BETA product, the Point is to get People interested in it and let them try it out.
      TESLA FSD will be Feature complete by end of 2019.

    • Corey
      Corey 2 months ago

      If you bothered to watch the video Tesla can't even do what you just watched. How's that auto summon working atm 🤣

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott 2 months ago +1

    It seems they are seriously improving with this technology/software.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago +1

      ONLY Tesla is improving.

  • Benjamin Feddersen
    Benjamin Feddersen 2 months ago +25

    You, an expert: Self driving cars will never happen.

    Google: Uh, they're literally on the road right now.

    You: Never....happen...

  • krish
    krish 2 months ago +9

    I think Tesla will be first. They have shit loads of data more than Waymo and their approach is very AI and human intervention learning based. Soon there's going to be a million Teslas out there mapping and learning everything. It'll be hard to catch up.

    • Sweden EVguru
      Sweden EVguru 24 days ago +1

      Google was first i think atleast in USA but China have had self driving busses, trucks, tractors all electric in traffic for atleast 2 years.
      Sweden also have small electric busses in Stockholm in traffic for travelers thats self driving with No stearing wheel

    • ForestNinjaZero
      ForestNinjaZero 2 months ago

      With AI, accuracy = reliability. The algorithm either recognizes the pattern, or it doesn't. Misdetection causes death of passenger, and the volume of data is irrelevant, if the AI can't differentiate road tiles of varying texture/color from sidewalk, which is a major problem for Tesla.

    • krish
      krish 2 months ago

      @ForestNinjaZero yes more accurate but more reliable? Reliability comes with training under many many circumstances. I see only Tesla doing that at scale.

    • ForestNinjaZero
      ForestNinjaZero 2 months ago

      Their data is Waymo accurate than Tesla's, which is why they can actually train the vehicle for detection of surfaces, lines, and boundaries, without killing anyone.

    • Mark Brand
      Mark Brand 2 months ago

      Teslas don't create and upload maps.

  • Dogbertforpresident
    Dogbertforpresident 2 months ago +2

    Between Waymo and Tesla we should be seeing a majority of autos driverless, and hopefully electric.

    • Bruno Malek
      Bruno Malek 2 months ago

      Mark Plott You must be the only guy in the world who’s Tesla AP doesn’t ever disengage. Or you don’t even have a Tesla at all and are making shit up. In any case, Waymo’s autopilot is way ahead, and valued at over $100b, is worth more than all of Tesla.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      @Bruno Malek - NOPE, as long as you are on the Highway the FSD stays engaged, I can use Lemons to keep FSD from Disengaging and by keeping aware I wont crash into anything.
      there are NOT that many Firetrucks on the Highway.
      when I get Tired, I can have Nav on Autopilot select a Rest location with a Destination charger near Lodging, usually they are FREE to use for Hotel guests.
      or I can Take advantage of a Nearby Supercharger and CAMP in my Tesla with my Dreamcase.

    • Bruno Malek
      Bruno Malek 2 months ago

      Mark Plott The Tesla will disengage hundreds of times on such a long drive. You also have to keep your hand on the wheel the whole time. Sometimes they crash into barriers or fire trucks or tractor trailers and kill you. It’s not even comparable.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      @Bruno Malek - lets see what happens when you transport a WAYMO to a NON Geofenced area, the Waymo cant do anything, you can Drive a Tesla from California to New York all by using FSD and it wont get lost and it can even Priotorize Supercharging based on your needs.

    • Bruno Malek
      Bruno Malek 2 months ago

      @Mark Plott we just saw a driverless Waymo drive around a city, so no need to talk about "feature-complete FSD" where you still have to have your hand on the wheel

  • Suhail M Ahmed
    Suhail M Ahmed 2 months ago +1

    Have you seen Drone Taxi in Dubai ?

  • tallll70
    tallll70 2 months ago +1

    Technology improvements are exciting for me , absolutely, but just a few months ago this same system could not do a left turn through oncoming traffic without being too hesitant and uncertain, so until I see tests and prove that this thing is not Hazard on a public roads, I'm not gonna trust it... technology like this doesn't Leap Forward fast, 10 years ago sounds cool, about 10 years ago we barely had any Electronics assistance in a cars... well hey, we invented wheel centuries ago, we still making failing and seizing bearings for them

  • Rowan Broekman
    Rowan Broekman 2 months ago

    Will they ever come to Amsterdam?

    • Rowan Broekman
      Rowan Broekman 2 months ago +1

      @Mark Plott Tesla is already there

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      Amsterdam will be Islands before Tesla comes there.

  • Edward Cox
    Edward Cox 2 months ago +11

    Waymo should use electric fleet, set good example

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      @Freddy Bell n less than 3 years Chrysler will be NO More , along with FAC & PSA.
      Because TESLA is so Advanced.

    • Freddy Bell
      Freddy Bell 2 months ago +1

      Chrysler is developing an electronic minivan called the portal they'll probably use that in the future.

    • Mickiii P
      Mickiii P 2 months ago

      @Mark Plott yeah you're right, its cabbage.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago +1

      @Mickiii P - A Hybrid vehicle is just an ICE vehicle , but with Really Crappy battery range.
      A BEV is FACTUALLY a superior vehicle.

    • Mickiii P
      Mickiii P 2 months ago

      Those Chrysler Pacifica are hybird btw, you get longer range and no need to recharge

  • Harry White
    Harry White 2 months ago

    Excellent. I'm looking forward to trying it out when it's available in Florida.

    • Paul Byatt
      Paul Byatt Month ago

      @Ean Erickson For some it is. Millions & millions love iove it. People have different likes.

    • Ean Erickson
      Ean Erickson Month ago

      @Paul Byatt Driving is easy. It is just a waste of time.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      Harry - Tesla robotaxi will enter Operation before Waymo will.
      and Tesla will be Nationwide.

    • Paul Byatt
      Paul Byatt 2 months ago

      @Emil Emilio Buddy I agree with what you are saying. But you can't punish everyone. Punish the guilty ones. Everything in life has an element of risk. How many women die from domestic violence. Should we stop people forming relationships & falling in love. They way we're going humans will not be doing anything in the future for fear of risk. Pretty boring existence. Look I truly understand your view. I hate bad & dangerous drivers, believe me. But there are millions & millions of motor enthusiasts who love their cars & driving & who are extremely great drivers. Anyway I'm getting on in yrs, in my 50's. I will probably be dead or incapable of driving due to age when these cars become the norm. Good chat, take care from Australia.

    • Emil Emilio
      Emil Emilio 2 months ago +2

      @Paul Byatt what can you say to the families who lost a loved one from a car accident? Statistics say 1.25 million die from car accident world wide 3k plus per day. Imagine a cruise ship full of passengers dying every single day. In the US alone some 30 thousand plus die every year and that's not even counting the one's who are injured. Will this new technology stop people from dying in a car accident? That's a resounding NO, but it can easily reduce that number to at least half. That's half a million lives saved every year. How do people justify their so called "Freedom"? Don't people often say "Freedom is paid with blood".. on this issue, do we have to?

  • D B
    D B 2 months ago +1

    Elon can learn a little something from the use of LIDAR. Cameras are not a substitute.

    • Hacking Modern Life
      Hacking Modern Life 2 months ago +1

      @Edward Cox It's not about versatility, it's more about the cost. A LIDAR used to cost around $80k, and now it's still around $7.8k for the car manufacturer. When you're trying to sell a car for $35k, that's a major part of the cost of manufacturing.

    • D B
      D B 2 months ago +1

      @Edward Cox No doubt that he is a visionary, but just like every visionary before him, they eventually lose sight of reality. Even Nikola Tesla lost his way. The AC/DC story is similar to the camera/LIDAR issue. AC won out just like LIDAR is. 22 Auto manufacturers are working with LIDAR systems now. Waymo owns critical LIDAR patents that Tesla doesn't and that's probably the real story.

    • Edward Cox
      Edward Cox 2 months ago +1

      @D B i dont know, his strategy for the company and his manner of speaking (notice the long pauses?) seems very deliberate. People have been doubting every one of Elon's enterprises and now look where they are.

    • D B
      D B 2 months ago +2

      @Edward Cox Except the evidence for LIDAR is literally clear. This is why Waymo is a whole autonomy level above Tesla, and Tesla is still hitting walls and stopped vehicles. Tesla's camera algorithms rely heavily on the data of moving objects and road lines because the cameras can't measure distance without it, and the radar isn't fast enough. This becomes very obvious when you watch a Tesla try to summon in a parking lot. Nothing is moving, yet the technology struggles. There no better technology for navigation or measuring distance than laser. Mark my words, Tesla will be adding some sort of LIDAR system to their cars. Remember Elon didn't start Tesla, he just bought it and forced the real engineers out. He had no previous experience in EVs. Others have been doing it for decades before him. Elon tends to speak before he thinks, and he is not the brains behind Tesla's engineering.

    • Edward Cox
      Edward Cox 2 months ago +1

      Elon said he led development of Lidar on Crew Dragon for supply missions to International Space Station. So he does know the benefits of Lidar, but think it is not versatile enough for driving environments

  • Karl Joda
    Karl Joda 2 months ago +8

    This cars are driving on very quiet roads, nice weather, no rain and snow... Want to see they are performing in real traffic of a town.

    • sDdnDSiduAe4b -
      sDdnDSiduAe4b - 7 days ago

      ru-clip.com/video/Bx08yRsR9ow/video.html very old video about yandex self-driving car in snow Moscow

    • sDdnDSiduAe4b -
      sDdnDSiduAe4b - 7 days ago

      @Mark Plott ru-clip.com/video/NAbTAqxrLjE/video.html (i don't want to be pedestrian near tesla with some stupid driver would trust autopilot) ru-clip.com/video/ozf5SFjWkbA/video.html and both video at a time when Musk promised (year ago) feature complete FSD, or may be he means that each (sub) feature has 50% probability to work?

    • jan simonides
      jan simonides 27 days ago

      @Mark Plott tesla is garbage

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago +1

      @Eric Henn - show me just ONE Commerically available car Autopilot in a Production vehicle that can do ANY Better, they don't Exist, TESLA has the most Advanced FSD on the planet, and IF you are too stupid NOT to take over FSD in SNOW or Heavy Rain then you Disserve to be Dead. besides Tesla has Proven itself in helping Rescuing people from Fleeing natural Dissasters such as Forest Fires and Bad Weather events, the Legacy car makers CANT even do that.

    • Eric Henn
      Eric Henn 2 months ago +3

      @Mark Plott Tesla autopilot has failed multiple times during heavy rain and snow fall. Also Tesla's like to drive into the back of fire trucks on the side of highways And underneath semis that it thinks are bridges

  • Azmol Hossain
    Azmol Hossain 2 months ago

    Please don't bring this car to NYC. It will be hello for Google and for drivers.

  • aribbonatatime
    aribbonatatime 2 months ago +2

    If they were really close to driverless cars going mainstream they wouldn't have to do a puff piece on how close they are. Real technology is hardly ever broadcast. It just happens and blidsides everybody.

    • Alexander Thurber
      Alexander Thurber 2 months ago +1

      Can confirm. I am close to tech like this. It will not happen for decades. Electric cars tho, thats happening and fast.

  • Jeroen De Cloe
    Jeroen De Cloe 2 months ago +1

    Looks like they are way ahead of Tesla

  • News that matter
    News that matter 2 months ago +5

    You really expect this to work in ghetto areas?

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott Month ago

      @Paul Byatt - NOPE, nice try.
      you can order FSD for just $7,000 (for now) on all Tesla vehicles.
      the model 3 starts at $40,000 and $47,000 is a Bargain when compared to ALL current model ICEV , many of the ICEV only have Safety systems and FSD across the Industry IS way less Advanced than what TESLA can do TODAY.
      Besides, as TIME goes on FSD will become MORE Expensive.
      the BEST thing is you can use FSD for Commutes or Long Road Trips, reducing Stress on the Driver, and keeping them safe.
      even the Cadillac PRO pilot System frequently ENDS on the Highway , making the vehicles LESS safe.
      BONUS, on the Weekend you can use the car Without FSD but still with the TESLA safety systems.

    • Paul Byatt
      Paul Byatt Month ago +1

      That's the thing. Only the rich will afford driverless cars. Middle class will become poorer & won't be able to afford them, & be forced onto public transport. You will lose your freedom & choices.

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago +1

      Tesla mobile Hooker fleet.

  • Kyle Clark
    Kyle Clark 2 months ago +9

    Vote for andrew yang.

  • Vince Ngo
    Vince Ngo 2 months ago +19

    Andrew Yang is totally right

    • Vince Ngo
      Vince Ngo 2 months ago

      @U HU it's called establishment politicians

    • U HU
      U HU 2 months ago

      Yeah, but when he talks about it, people think he's spewing dystopian nonsense.

  • Ultra Mega
    Ultra Mega 2 months ago +1

    Lady needs to learn to enunciate the "p" when saying "help" button....

  • Andrew Wilken
    Andrew Wilken 2 months ago

    I’ll keep my 20 year old, 5 speed manual, 8,000 rpm, 93 octane burning, fun mode of transportation over one of these douche mobiles. Don’t forget some people actually ENJOY driving.

  • Tay Reid
    Tay Reid 2 months ago

    Better than robotic taxis that cost too much to rent.

  • nobody important
    nobody important 2 months ago

    “Hi, I would like to go to the climate change rally”
    .oO( omg we should have seen this coming )

  • Dovydas
    Dovydas 2 months ago

    I'd use this over my gas guzzling old car. Too bad I live in Illinois suburbs so we don't see new tech. You have to be in San Francisco.

    • Dovydas
      Dovydas 2 months ago +1

      @Gana Ramesh A well formulated response there, thank you Gana.

    • Gana Ramesh
      Gana Ramesh 2 months ago

      Dovydas idiot

  • eswyatt
    eswyatt 2 months ago

    This is an ad posing as journalism. Very dishonest!

  • In4cer in4cer
    In4cer in4cer 2 months ago

    Scalable driverless vehicles are only doable with smart roads.

  • Raghavendr G
    Raghavendr G 2 months ago +3

    My man straight up talking off of a dictionary

  • Hacking Modern Life
    Hacking Modern Life 2 months ago +3

    Looking forward to the dashcam footage from driverless cars in Russia, with all the crazy drivers over there 😂

    • P3G4SUS
      P3G4SUS 2 months ago

      @Mode Liukas Im sure these companies will work with cities to make it possible for them to make it happen, just matter of time.

    • Hacking Modern Life
      Hacking Modern Life 2 months ago

      @Mode Liukas watch my video about the Yandex self driving taxi on my channel, Moscow already has self driving cars, tested in snow, ice and with Russian drivers...

    • Mode Liukas
      Mode Liukas 2 months ago

      Not all regions will be able to have such luxury of self driving cars. The city has to be modern with good infrastructure and visible lines. There's no way countries like Russia, India and so on will be able to have it not even some cities in the US .

  • michele vitarelli
    michele vitarelli 2 months ago +3

    Bye bye jobs! Hello safer roads.

    • Paul Byatt
      Paul Byatt 2 months ago

      @jan simonides That"s right. Don't need them.

    • jan simonides
      jan simonides 2 months ago

      @Kyle Clark they are idiots

    • Kyle Clark
      Kyle Clark 2 months ago

      @jan simonides you don't think the smartest engineers and tech guys in the world can deal with dirt? Hmm.

    • jan simonides
      jan simonides 2 months ago

      @J Gray 7 trillion driven miles

    • J Gray
      J Gray 2 months ago

      @jan simonides humans have 40000 wrecks / day in the US alone.

  • Zoya Spencer
    Zoya Spencer 2 months ago

    Ain't this the same people that hit a pedestrian that was jay walking across the road?

    • Sweden EVguru
      Sweden EVguru 23 days ago +1

      That was Uber and this are Google own company Waymo that have self driving cars since 2009.
      They have taken this really slow and have trucks also in testing in smaller scale.
      In Europe and China busses are self driving in test in commercial traffic with passengers.

    • Ron Pedersen
      Ron Pedersen 2 months ago +2

      No that was Uber. Uber is an irresponsible crap company and can't be compared to Waymo (google). Waymo is doing it right, slow, steady and safe.

  • Armando Oliveira
    Armando Oliveira 2 months ago +2

    This is just google trying to stay ahead of tesla which will release a feature complete fullt trained neural net battle tested for way more scenarios than waymo...they wanna be pioneers but are way behind...

  • Amanuel Temesgen
    Amanuel Temesgen 2 months ago +9

    So so happy self driving cars waymo congratulations so excited. Finally. Way way safer than any other driving ride.

  • Stuttgart
    Stuttgart 2 months ago +20

    Who will be first on P*rnHub?

    • Brandon Knoblauch
      Brandon Knoblauch 2 months ago

      Tesla...it's already out there. I know this from...research.

    • Joe Tooly
      Joe Tooly 2 months ago

      Riley Reid

    • Henny Roggy
      Henny Roggy 2 months ago +1

      Asking the important question! 🤔

  • Andrei
    Andrei 2 months ago +3

    The guy who filmed this was the cameraman for the Bourne movies?

  • Badmus Kaybee
    Badmus Kaybee 2 months ago +6

    More power to big tech. Less employment to people

    • Ron Pedersen
      Ron Pedersen 2 months ago

      Ya, driving is the number one job in the US but still, there is a shortage of drivers.

  • Kanting Tsai
    Kanting Tsai 2 months ago +4

    Which is better, 10 billion miles of simulation in real world with the owners and the public, or in computer?

    • Mark Plott
      Mark Plott 2 months ago

      Kanting - Bad Real Sex is Better than 100% simulated sex.

    • Kevin
      Kevin 2 months ago

      @Ron Pedersen He's a Tesla fanboy who thinks Tesla Robo Taxis will be the first autonomous vehicles on the road so he has to trash Waymo. That's my guess.

    • Ron Pedersen
      Ron Pedersen 2 months ago

      @Armando Oliveira Why exactly?

    • Kanting Tsai
      Kanting Tsai 2 months ago +3

      I want to make it clear, that Waymo's 10 billion miles of simulation in computer are full of edge cases and more legit than those 1 billion Autopilot miles which merely serve as a validation (and we the owners are average testers). Besides, Autopilot miles do not equate to fully autonomous miles.

    • Armando Oliveira
      Armando Oliveira 2 months ago +2

      Waymo is bullshit