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  • Published on May 23, 2019
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    While responding to a shoplifting call at Shoe Carnival, an officer questions a group of young women who started fleeing from him when he entered the store in this clip from "4.19.19". #LivePD
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  • A&E
    A&E  Month ago +12

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  • IKeepBadCompany
    IKeepBadCompany 18 hours ago +1

    Talk about black privilege. They steal a bunch of stuff from multiple stores, they run from the police, and nothing happens to them.

  • M Dee
    M Dee 3 days ago

    They don’t know how lucky they got

  • Dachdog
    Dachdog 3 days ago

    Sheesh. Prosecute them.

  • Peter Piper
    Peter Piper 4 days ago

    Black thieves? That’s weird.

  • InnaDeep
    InnaDeep 4 days ago

    From Shoe Carnival 😭😂😂😂

  • BayArea William
    BayArea William 5 days ago

    They gotta split up tf😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • sailingsolar
    sailingsolar 9 days ago

    They think it's a big joke because it is.

  • Blondie
    Blondie 9 days ago

    Kids being kids.

    • Jef. E
      Jef. E 4 days ago

      Yeah I don't remember stealing from like 5 stores in a row but hey man I guess in certain communities thats acceptable

  • Daniela Artiaga
    Daniela Artiaga 10 days ago

    Okay but are we not gonna talk about how the police officer and camera man are lowkey track stars

  • kevin ubaldo
    kevin ubaldo 10 days ago

    Looks like prison Slides

  • Air Destroyers
    Air Destroyers 10 days ago

    Why you think I'm here? Cuz you chasing us!.... And why do you think that is lol

  • Dylan Bandhu
    Dylan Bandhu 10 days ago

    we gonna ignore that they went to steal crocs

  • Saif Khalifa
    Saif Khalifa 10 days ago

    She got the crocs in sport mode

  • Сhris Hansen
    Сhris Hansen 12 days ago +2

    They really thought they were gonna outrun a grown police officer

  • Jonathan Merino
    Jonathan Merino 12 days ago

    Notice how they are all black......smh

  • Maggie & Dylan
    Maggie & Dylan 12 days ago

    Thier stealing vsco shoes ahaha

  • A Simpson
    A Simpson 13 days ago

    Where is this town that you can do whatever you want and still catch a break??? Wtf

  • str8husler
    str8husler 14 days ago

    Give them the chair!

  • Laura Jaramillo
    Laura Jaramillo 14 days ago +1

    They were stealing vsco stuff 😂

    DJNAZZZZTY 14 days ago +1

    Dang, they stole "chower chews"

  • Im ninja king Brawl stars

    I wish that was the cop that arrested me before, i would have gone home instead of wasting 5 years from my life... Locked away from 13yrs old till i was 18 turning 19

  • Matt Man Productions
    Matt Man Productions 15 days ago

    Ok come on now...Crocs? What about the girl in those nice white brand new shoes with the grey socks? Everyone else be wearing those ugly sandals and this girl be wearing shoes? Hmmm🤔

  • kirk mcclean
    kirk mcclean 17 days ago

    I'd have shot em

  • Danny Jacobs
    Danny Jacobs 17 days ago

    If they would of been black, this would have went a whole different direction..... with the way racism is now.......oh wait...

  • Sarah Khorshidian
    Sarah Khorshidian 17 days ago

    Let one of my kids be caught stealing. They’ll wish they were taken to juvy!

  • Emø Queen
    Emø Queen 17 days ago

    So uh my family shoplifts ti survive but these kids, they had the things they need

  • tampajohn
    tampajohn 19 days ago +1

    Why do you think I’m here? Cuz you chasin us! Future welfare recipient and mother of 9 kids with 9 different baby daddies.

  • Alan LaPlante
    Alan LaPlante 19 days ago +3

    "Why you think I'm here?"
    "Cause you chasing us"

  • Gainz Cartel
    Gainz Cartel 20 days ago

    There were no repercussions for these thieves.

  • Ryan Dzikoski
    Ryan Dzikoski 20 days ago

    maybe they like nike's I mean they didnt kill anybody, my thoughts are maybe its like crack I dont understand so I dont judge

  • Tyler Sheehy
    Tyler Sheehy 20 days ago

    Running from 5o should be a insent jaill term at Any age

  • Tyler Sheehy
    Tyler Sheehy 20 days ago

    Kids should be charged like adult 12 years of age

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 21 day ago

    Lol y’all in the comments are dumb af. I’ve worked for 5+ retail companies and it’s pretty common to not press charges for less than $500. Not bc they don’t wanna be racist, but bc it’s not worth their time.

  • Sebas Johns
    Sebas Johns 21 day ago

    Am i the only one that thinks the officer sounds like Logic?

  • Libra Liz
    Libra Liz 21 day ago

    I wonder if I went to school with some of those girls last year 😂😂😂 Northeast Columbia be wild

  • MusicInspire
    MusicInspire 22 days ago

    It is a joke to them. It's so typical.

  • MusicInspire
    MusicInspire 22 days ago

    The n's love to start early in life, living out the examples of their parents, friends and siblings.

  • K9
    K9 23 days ago

    The reason why those girls were laughing and making a joke of it was because the cop was making a joke of it.

  • Mice Elf
    Mice Elf 23 days ago

    Eeeeeeeeit cau we black.

  • My Leg
    My Leg 24 days ago

    Of course it's blacks

  • Elvis TheKing
    Elvis TheKing 25 days ago

    Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  • Sir S-Spec
    Sir S-Spec 25 days ago

    I miss the good old days...

  • Spacemaster
    Spacemaster 25 days ago

    Fkin stupid little biowaste

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 26 days ago

    Runs from the cops as soon as they make eye contact.
    *Get caught.*
    "We didn't do nothing."

    WTF?! Who does that?

  • Michael Kinest
    Michael Kinest 26 days ago

    No need for programs if parents raised their heathens right

  • Rocket Number 9
    Rocket Number 9 28 days ago

    Why would the stores not press charges?? That makes no sense. That teaches no lessons. It doesn’t “cut them a break.” It’s worse for them to let them get away with petty crime.

  • Ant John
    Ant John 29 days ago +1

    black Privilege right there

  • Hoodie_ Herb
    Hoodie_ Herb 29 days ago +1

    She ain’t run fast because her crocs weren’t in sport mode duhh😭‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Luis F Gutierrez Morales
    Luis F Gutierrez Morales 29 days ago +1

    Police: " why you think I'm here"
    Bandits: "cuz your chasing us"

  • Carolyn Peercy
    Carolyn Peercy Month ago

    Yep figured it out quick. Bunch THIEVES. Stores should pressed charges

  • Amanda B
    Amanda B Month ago

    Crocs?!?! They stole crocs?!

  • Geebop Baluba
    Geebop Baluba Month ago +1

    I bet there parents probably taught them how to do thieving.

  • Aiden Hall
    Aiden Hall Month ago

    Cop-What did you steal
    Girl 1-The slides?
    Girl 2-No we ain’t got no slides

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Samsung Galaxy Month ago

    They start at an early age

  • Mike R.
    Mike R. Month ago

    I don't understand... If you not gonna press charges, why waste police's time by calling them?

    • Collin Hennessy
      Collin Hennessy 29 days ago

      To get your stuff back and have them trespassed.

  • TJ's films
    TJ's films Month ago

    Who TF steals Crocks😂

  • Jay B
    Jay B Month ago

    To steal shoes you must have a bad soul.

  • Guan Yu
    Guan Yu Month ago

    They wearing crocs, clearly they need those shoes lmao.

  • John Silverman
    John Silverman Month ago

    13% do 50%