Top 5 Antique Engine Startups - Good Feels

  • Published on Jun 18, 2018
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    There's something so wholesome about watching these antique engines starting up. Many of these machines were built over a hundred years ago. Hope everyone enjoys the video today.

    Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC)
    Machinery Fanboys (CC), Powerland Heritage Park (CC)
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Comments • 736

  • Journeyman
    Journeyman 15 hours ago

    Great old engines - thank you!

  • Derunga
    Derunga Day ago

    Even better Feels without the loud music, please remake the video with that in mind next time

  • flowering passions

    great videos, we'd rather listen to the "music" of the engines though ....

  • Meat Beat Elite
    Meat Beat Elite 2 days ago

    Every. single. comment. is. about. the. music....

  • Marlee Elgis
    Marlee Elgis 3 days ago +1

    We want to hear the engines , not stupid music.

  • Steve Jeffries
    Steve Jeffries 4 days ago

    i hate youtube ads

  • george waite
    george waite 5 days ago

    The flywheel on the Benz car engine has provision for a starting cord.

  • Greg Pavlakis
    Greg Pavlakis 7 days ago

    imagine any of these having catastrofic engine failure and xploding

  • fanobennemsi
    fanobennemsi 13 days ago

    Love these machines.

  • Antonio Perez
    Antonio Perez 20 days ago

    My favorites were No 2-it sounded kind of like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang's cantankerous granddad...look at the brass speed governors spinning-very Steampunk and something out of a Monty Python animation...and No 1-looks like you could fire it up with used cooking its noises, sounds like a Looney Tunes machine, like the ones Wil E. Coyote built using Acme products!!!

  • Sathir -
    Sathir - 21 day ago

    we can't even hear the voice.

  • Göran Forsberg
    Göran Forsberg 21 day ago

    It is a pity to have to turn off the sound to get rid of that idiotic music, for us whole love engines and mechanics, the sound of the engines is music to our ears.

  • mark ewings
    mark ewings 26 days ago

    Music drove me away

  • nachtjager77
    nachtjager77 26 days ago

    Kill the stupid music - nobody tuned in to listen to violins, we wanted to HEAR the engines!

  • Андрей Миллер

    Писдец нахуй блядь.

  • Richard Kight
    Richard Kight Month ago

    Music sucks

  • David Ayala
    David Ayala Month ago

    Remove the midget porn music background please. It is annoying and gives me flashbacks.

  • LIN CAR4000
    LIN CAR4000 Month ago +2


  • Drover Moore
    Drover Moore Month ago

    Put a LOAD on that engine.......Lets hear it bark

  • gerald okland
    gerald okland Month ago


  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold Month ago

    Fake! None of these engines had any computers, electronics, sensors, or plastic parts. Everyone knows engines can not run without computers, electronics, sensors, or plastic parts.

  • gerald okland
    gerald okland Month ago

    NO I don't like it and cut completely the dumb ass music . This isn't a travel log

  • Nishant Singh
    Nishant Singh Month ago

    Please remove that background sound that's disgusting

  • Jman 1987
    Jman 1987 Month ago

    Funny how we used to rely solely on mechanics-no electrical components.

  • Rich Walker
    Rich Walker Month ago

    Do it again but without the stupid music, please!

  • amal kattanam
    amal kattanam Month ago

    Engineers will only see the combustion,stroke,pistol and inlet,exhaust 🗽

    4THOSEnotEFFECTED Month ago


  • Duke Plays
    Duke Plays Month ago


  • Bob Grassl
    Bob Grassl Month ago

    why do people add stupid music to there vids ??

  • Jim A
    Jim A Month ago


  • Ric Kaser
    Ric Kaser 2 months ago

    dump the music

  • John T
    John T 2 months ago

    Good video but what possessed you to put that effing music to it

  • kevinraven -klarson19
    kevinraven -klarson19 2 months ago

    Way too many annoying ads and it is always the same ad

  • Mr. Noneyabidness
    Mr. Noneyabidness 2 months ago +1

    How did people survive around these engines? I am certain a sign would have to be posted today because common sense is gone.
    Then: Oh a big spinning wheel, perhaps I shall avoid it.
    Now: oh look a big spinning wheel, I'm going to put my hand in it for a lawsuit.
    Great video.

    • Mr. Noneyabidness
      Mr. Noneyabidness Month ago

      @Scott Smith lol, right.

    • Scott Smith
      Scott Smith Month ago +1 thoughts exactly, but I wonder just how many inquisitive little kids were tossed a city block while distracted by their box of Cracker Jack.

  • Greg Benwell
    Greg Benwell 2 months ago

    The music sucks!!!!!

  • Steve Baker
    Steve Baker 2 months ago

    you ruined a good video with the music

  • ConArtist
    ConArtist 2 months ago

    Music is terrible

  • Antonio Carlos Barbi
    Antonio Carlos Barbi 2 months ago

    Eu amo esse tipo de máquina, principalmente as mais antigas. Porém, sem a música, eu daria nota MIL, mas com esse som eu nota 30. Eu acho que faltou um pouco de bom senso.

  • saturn0660
    saturn0660 2 months ago

    An ad 1 min in... No thanks... I don't need to see the rest..

  • Вячеслав Безелюк

    Мне понравился намбер 4

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore 2 months ago

    Kill the music.


    1% of the comments section: wow great vid love these engines


  • Narendra Modi
    Narendra Modi 2 months ago

    Dumb creator with crap BG music

  • Gobi G
    Gobi G 2 months ago

    BGM irritating

  • Paolo Bertoli
    Paolo Bertoli 2 months ago

    La musica la fanno i motori, evitate di mettere sottofondi che rovinano tutto.

  • We The People Fred
    We The People Fred 2 months ago +1, ,,,,,,, STOP THE DAMN MUSIC, ,,,,,,, WE WANT TO HEAR THE SOUND OF THE ENGINE'S RUNNING PERIOOOD, ,,,,,,, Acworth Georgia USA, ,,,,,,,

  • Gregory Sotir
    Gregory Sotir 2 months ago

    Bad music not enough comefcials see you later.

  • South West Florida Aerial

    background music way to loud, why in Gods name would you put that ridiculous music track , did you not hear this when you were editing this,,, ??? whats wrong with you??

  • joseph gamez
    joseph gamez 2 months ago

    Give me 1$

  • Joseph Dissident
    Joseph Dissident 2 months ago

    You should stop the music so that we can listen to the sound of the mechanics 👎

  • Leighton Bestmann
    Leighton Bestmann 2 months ago

    Is the background music an attempt at humour?

  • Jim Williams
    Jim Williams 2 months ago

    The charm of these old engine vids is listening to the engine! This ridiculous background music ruins that experience.

  • Sam pol
    Sam pol 2 months ago

    i love that the music wont let me appreciate the engine sound. thanks for ruin it

  • Ivar
    Ivar 3 months ago

    Shut up already 😂

  • Chris I
    Chris I 3 months ago

    Great engines, grating music! Why? It spoils the video.

  • Abra kadabra
    Abra kadabra 3 months ago

    RU-cliprs stop with your stupid background music.

  • Xavier Dania
    Xavier Dania 3 months ago

    Dislike just for the Stupid Music

  • Ed Frulla
    Ed Frulla 3 months ago

    Great subjects. Terrible presentation. Dump the background music next time

  • Everton Schumann
    Everton Schumann 3 months ago

    I inherited from my grandfather, a stationary Benz & cie engine and I am restoring

  • MrShoeguy
    MrShoeguy 3 months ago

    It is beyond belief that somebody could believe we would rather hear that crap music.

  • MrShoeguy
    MrShoeguy 3 months ago

    Really? Please get rid of the music.

  • stripy1984
    stripy1984 3 months ago

    retardet music

  • Vucumprá
    Vucumprá 3 months ago

    To all those complaining about the music, just go on settings and the music can be turned off.

  • Александр Тауенис

    Do not watch 03:00 in loudspeakers when mother is at home. Sounds put in&took out at bed...very sexy. She may though not about a diesel motor. :)
    У движка на 3 минуте звук как от соседей сверху по ночам.)))

  • jbelme1
    jbelme1 3 months ago

    Thanks for a neat video. These are the machines our great-great grandparents might have relied on and it's great to see how far we've come. The music is much needed, especially for the engine @ 8:20. My wife demanded to know what I was watching.

  • Cammi Rosanov
    Cammi Rosanov 3 months ago

    Wonderful old engines. A true testament to mechanical quality that is gone from modern manufacturing. Nice compilation and explainations of each engine. But please... Never EVER put music on an antique engines video. Us gearheads want to hear the engines, not the doctors' office "muzak".
    Edit: After reading through the comments, I think you get the point by now...

  • Jack Curtis
    Jack Curtis 3 months ago

    great video .but the music ruins it.we want to hear the engines !! duuua.not a

  • Franz Kohler
    Franz Kohler 3 months ago

    I quit watching after 2 minutes because of the ennerving background music.

  • electronics help care
    electronics help care 3 months ago

    wow, that calls old is gold. thanks for your video.

  • bigmike2000mb
    bigmike2000mb 3 months ago

    Fascinating. I love the sound of the engines running.

    PLAY4FUN 3 months ago

    99% of the comments are about the background music!

  • Henry Maude
    Henry Maude 3 months ago

    only 10 hp, but enough torque to pull a house down.

  • redrider92able
    redrider92able 3 months ago

    Disliked because i came for the engines, not for the shitty music

  • sed8181
    sed8181 3 months ago

    I can imagine some rich guy sending his butler out at dawn to start up that first engine. If the butler couldn't do it he would make him get the carriage.

  • Zomby Woof
    Zomby Woof 3 months ago

    'Kin music???