KC Streets - DUAL Cash Days Feature!

  • Published on Feb 18, 2019
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    It seems that nearly every time we're in KC, we don't have to look far for some badass street racing! Joining two separate cash day events into one video feature, we bring you the action of Small Tire Cash Days and a Mini Big Tire Cash Days all at once! KC racers know how to get down and get out to stay off the radar, making these Cash Days events quick and efficient. From turbo station wagons, to twin turbo big blocks, to even hodgepodge twin turbo lenco monsters, KC delivered on action packed content. Check out this badass street car action and let us know what cars you liked most in the comments below!
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Comments • 441

  • TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N
    TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N 6 days ago

    Not a fucking street car, it’s a god damn promod

  • Brandon Canatella
    Brandon Canatella 7 days ago

    So for all you guys complaining about the firebird and the fact that it shouldn't be aloud in the races. Well beater bomb is ALOT faster then him and has beat him everytime. So jUst because his car is in that condition doesn't add up to all the shit your making it out to be because I'm damn sure NOBODY WOULD COMPLAIN ABOUT BEATER JOINING......

  • anonymous
    anonymous 12 days ago

    Stockholm OPEN is last real TRUE STREET CAR RACES on the planet!

  • -Kyoichi-
    -Kyoichi- Month ago

    We gotta blue Turbo mach here in Phx Az now 😤👌🏼 Shits nasty , you needed come back for another cash days here

  • T T
    T T Month ago +2

    Clark Griswold and the family would've made it to Wally World long before Aunt Edna died if he bought that "family truckster."

    ISEE YOU Month ago

    Damn.. someone needs to show that guy who owns the wagon how to wire more cleanly... Looks like an issue waiting to happen..

  • Tanner Cox
    Tanner Cox Month ago

    If everyone wasn’t from kc maxx they’d never let that pro mod in this race😂

  • macpumperkinz
    macpumperkinz 2 months ago

    Thought this was Cash days not Track days

  • Terence Brashear
    Terence Brashear 2 months ago

    Firebird has no place in this race

  • SXS4L
    SXS4L 2 months ago +1

    I quit watching because of the firebird......
    Does anyone else think ford flat planes are slow, lots of noise no go.....

  • RyTrapp0
    RyTrapp0 2 months ago

    To everyone crying like bitches about the WINNER - the very first car(Fox body) featured is ON THE RECORD running on METHANOL - "street car"
    The second car featured has a Funny car cage - "street car"
    Also, in NUMEROUS shots, the Firebird still has the FACTORY DOOR OPENING, complete with the stock plastic vents and everything - AKA steel roof & quarters, AKA "street raced racing street race car", as told by "duh fur ohh fav"
    Get a clue, jackasses. What the fuck do you think is supposed to happen, everyone is invited to the race, and then they cherry pick the most mediocre cars ONLY to race - in spite of everyone like the Firebird fitting within their 'rules' - so that the morons on RU-clip can get the "close street car racing" that they're OBVIOUSLY entitled to, and the most incredible, well built, REGULARLY STREET RACED car that shows up doesn't get to destroy everyone else that brought a half-assed knife to a limited rule gun fight like it should? Or, should everyone walk around asking each other what engines they have, so that the faster guys can just go ahead and leave(even if they drove multiple hours to a race that they were INVITED to) in the sake of appeasing the crybabies on youtube?
    Pro-tip: don't get into racing if you're one of the crybaby chumps in the comments below. Clearly, you can't handle not getting your "due" participation trophies for just showing up with your shit show ride. You know, the one that you tell all your buddies is a "race car", but you post on these videos is a "street car" - excuse me, I mean "street raced racing street race car"...

  • Al McCameron
    Al McCameron 2 months ago

    "cars you wouldn't expect to be turbo'd like this mach 1" (80's GM woody wagon sits on a trailer in the background hahaha

  • HairBandDan
    HairBandDan 2 months ago +3

    Legendary spot is a block over where it was a full 1/4 mile, this street race spot only 1/8th mile......

    • 379ex69
      379ex69 7 days ago

      where and when and what is cash days kc?

  • Traci Rawlette
    Traci Rawlette 2 months ago

    Last time I checked when you street race you drive your car on the street to the race.. nobody knows what true street racing is anymore! Sad..

  • Brenden Campuzano
    Brenden Campuzano 2 months ago

    anyone notice the bottle of piss in the truck?

  • Big Mossin
    Big Mossin 3 months ago

    Buddies rat was easily the best car ive seen this month

    Jared THISDELLE 3 months ago

    Oh the 1936 paint scheme 😎😎😎😎

  • Ryan Watson
    Ryan Watson 3 months ago

    Promods shouldn't be allowed......

  • Mikey's Garage
    Mikey's Garage 3 months ago

    you guys are bugging out, speed limit is 30 for Christ's sake

  • Camaro_LT1
    Camaro_LT1 3 months ago

    @13:08 that’s what that Mustang gets for running a REAL GM car! Keep the LS out of your Ford crap cars! Stick with your home team..

  • Rob Hawk
    Rob Hawk 3 months ago

    It definitely takes talent to run no prep , but what's wrong with matching up with someone closer to what you have and actually tuning your car to go as fast as possible ?

  • Arlen Burton
    Arlen Burton 3 months ago

    I'm so surprised that the car with the legit drag setup won... If you show up to a street race with a parachute everyone will respect your big dick energy

  • Glockspecific
    Glockspecific 4 months ago +1

    If it looks like a pro mod smells like a pro mod its not a ______ ___? I have no idea why they allowed that?

  • Keith Thompson
    Keith Thompson 4 months ago +1


  • Gbody Cutlass
    Gbody Cutlass 4 months ago +5

    Cutlass was the real winner.
    That Pontiac isn't a street car at all.👎


    Heinz will never hook on the street. Not with how those guys have it setup.

  • yo momma
    yo momma 5 months ago

    I wanna know what cars YOU guys drive

  • IKEA Catalogue
    IKEA Catalogue 5 months ago

    That mach 1 gave me a rock solid boner

  • buixrule
    buixrule 5 months ago

    How much do they have to pay the cops to stay away?

  • cspek88
    cspek88 5 months ago

    Is that a bottle of piss @ 3:52

  • dagma mariana
    dagma mariana 5 months ago

    Não tem tradução para Português pena😥

  • Chris Gardner
    Chris Gardner 6 months ago

    Your "fender" must be as big as half a car! That Mach 1 is all show and no go. Not impressed with KC, at all!

  • Eeee
    Eeee 6 months ago +1

    That fire bird is NOT a pro mod, it’s still steel stock wheelbase, stock body dimension. FAR from a pro mod. It’s just really fuggin fast. It’s on a small tire so it’s still legal. Just cause it had a tube chassis front end doesn’t make it a pro mod. Lots of street legal drift cars have tube chassis up front.

    TIREKILLERZ 6 months ago +1

    That 3rd shouldn’t be racing street cars. He’s out there with a twin turbo built big block making 2000 Rwhp inna tube chassis race car racing 700whp SBE junkyard 5.3’s in Stock full weight Cutlass’s and Wagons and shit.

  • DRS8AN 0911
    DRS8AN 0911 6 months ago +1

    Ok, who let the Tube Chassis car in? Smh

  • William Thollander
    William Thollander 6 months ago

    Does anyone know what song that is in the beginning?

    RACE DOJO 6 months ago +3

    the guy who raced and just left should not be invited back. thats disrespectful.

  • bigchillinsmith 392allday
    bigchillinsmith 392allday 6 months ago +2

    If that promod wasnt there. I think that Cutlass would be crowned King

  • Mr. Mix
    Mr. Mix 6 months ago

    Bunch of clueless people calling anything with a cage a fucking promod. He's been fucking the streets up since that thing had a SBE 5.3 in it.

  • JFul07
    JFul07 6 months ago +3

    I see street cars then I see a promod unloading. Pretty gay

  • Michael Ghost
    Michael Ghost 6 months ago +1

    👎 dislike because the firebird isn’t a street car

  • Brian Henkel
    Brian Henkel 6 months ago

    They aren’t nice cars or fast cars but at least they are real street cars on a real street.

  • KillSwitchNY
    KillSwitchNY 6 months ago +1

    Get that promod out of here. What a friggin joke. Beautiful car but not up against these other guys in legit street cars.

    • RyTrapp0
      RyTrapp0 6 months ago

      Yes, a bunch of cars with full cages are "street cars", and the fucking stock body, stock front suspension, back half, steel(16:40 - it has the stock plastic vents in the stock steel door openings) F-body is a "PROH MAWD"...
      Yea, OK...
      Just say it - anyone who wins ANY drag race with a gap is defacto driving a "PROH MAWD". That'll just be easier than pretending like there's some 'real' definition of a phrase that only exists because a bunch of fake TV 'heros' needed an excuse for why they "OMG!" lost a drag race(you know, because they had to pretend like they've never lost before and all)

  • Sam klien
    Sam klien 6 months ago +1

    Bring back real Street racing, where there's not guys leaf blower the roads. Guys that will also drive their car to the race. Who cares if it's a little slower race.

  • ZouL FaLie
    ZouL FaLie 6 months ago


  • Taylor Larson
    Taylor Larson 6 months ago

    Haha! That mach one is my neighbors car

    • anonymous
      anonymous 12 days ago

      Tell LARRY we said hello

  • Grants Dad
    Grants Dad 6 months ago +1

    The promod may have won but I’m still more impressed with the N/A foxbody

  • NSCA12
    NSCA12 6 months ago +1

    Baby Pro-Mod at a streetcar race = load of shit.

  • Adam Dawson
    Adam Dawson 6 months ago +1

    Cam in block, pushrod, 2v, inline valve, wedge head LS is only one step above a flathead engine.

  • Nicholas Woods
    Nicholas Woods 6 months ago

    Mach 1 didn’t tach up quick enough

  • John stafford
    John stafford 6 months ago

    Nice racing and cars are very nice 👍

  • Mustang Brah
    Mustang Brah 6 months ago

    I'm going to bet that the guy with the "pro Charged" stang has really white teeth :)

  • eat all the freakin chips Kip

    That bigtire ratrod must be one of the coolest cars ive ever seen, god damn!

  • GTR 38
    GTR 38 6 months ago +1

    It’s much better in the day time .

  • Nick Froehlich
    Nick Froehlich 6 months ago

    that truck had a piss bottle in it

  • Russ Coffell
    Russ Coffell 6 months ago

    Real street /strip car my ass. We are startng a claimer rule where 2nd place can buy 1st place motor for $2500. Thats how we get down, keeping miderably tuned pos BBC's that have 2 turbo and can barely win against as real street car, besides the million other non street legal things on that Fcar. Take it home and tune it correctly and it would run better on engine.. All cast bottom end, Vortec head 125hit driven 80 miles to track. Yanked both fronts at 15ft. then I drove it home later,. See video @ www.diabolicalracing.com

  • TexasGTO
    TexasGTO 6 months ago +1

    Don't want to fight the dude bigger and stronger than you? Don't line up.

  • Initial Racing
    Initial Racing 6 months ago +1

    Not gonna lie, if the Firebird owner wasn't a "DICK"...... nah... he was still puppy kicking

  • Don Barzini
    Don Barzini 6 months ago

    Not bad

  • VCres1000
    VCres1000 6 months ago +1

    Stop calling it a promod. Big tire car yeah , but definitely not a promod lol

    • Savvy P Q
      Savvy P Q 4 months ago

      Thought it was a small tire shootout